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Found 1 result

  1. Chaos_EN2

    How many Table-Top Gamers on here?

    On a different Thread the old game Jutland by Avalon Hill came up, and instead taken that thread any further off course I thought I would start this thread. So out of curiosity I was wondering how many of you played or had played some of the old table top games and what were they? I starting Table Top/Pen and Paper Games with the "white box" version of Dungeons and Dragons back in 1976, I have played and/or Game Master AD&D, Champions, Gurps, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Middle-earth Role Playing, Justifiers RPG, and many others. As far as Wargames - Jutland, Blue Max, etc. I but the two I played the most was Battletech (FASA) - Had a very large Merc Mech Force, and Warhammer 40K at one time I had three large Tackle Boxes Full of Chaos Space Marines. Now all I have left is my copy WH40K Rogue Trader - signed by Andy Chambers.