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Found 1 result

  1. Other threads are discussing these ships. Just wanted to start a list for short attention span people (like me ...ooo shiny). These are my choices but not everyone's cup-of-tea so please feel free to chime in with your list to help out players making T5 Ranked choices: BB Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya - Decent guns, unique damage control party, ok AA. Small health pool Giulio Cesare - Decent guns and traverse but dispersion is wonky, stealthy, AA is limited. Texas - decent guns, awesome AA (but HE vulnerable), slow Kongo - Good guns and speed, poor AA and can be seen from orbit CA Furutaka - Big guns with short range/long reload (shell arcs take getting used to), good torps. Kirov - Good guns and range. Gets spotting aircraft, fast but poor camo (concealment) DD Kamikaze (and varients) - Better in every way to any other torpedo boat at its tier. 19pt captains will make this DD a serious threat Gremyashchy - Pretty much the gun boat at this tier. Many people have them from purchase/crates. 19 pt captains skills can help the traverse issues IMHO there isn't a lot of good choices for cruisers. Although desperately needed as a counter to DD's, these players will need to be good or get deleted early (which will lead to people not playing them). I do not consider myself a CV player, I do have them, just don't consider myself a good judge to give a recommendation to others. I'll leave that to better CV drivers.