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Found 3 results

  1. Sup. Remember when I used to ask you folks for Community stuff? Well, the Scoop rides again! From now until Aug. 24, 10:00 PT (13:00 ET), I'm accepting submissions of your fantastic T-61 content! Here's the kinda stuff I like to see in Community Scoops Spicy memes (still images or GIFs) Humorous videos Serious reviews and write-ups of the ship Upgrade/Commander build recommendations Cool/funny anecdotes of you winning/sucking with T-61 in battle Just some things to keep in mind: Make sure your submissions still adhere to Community standards Keep your use of copyrighted/licensed content to a minimum -- a brief reaction shot, GIF, or sound byte from something is probably fine, but an entire scene from a movie will get me clawed by our legal eagles (yes, they're literal eagles). Share Your Submissions Below!
  2. Hi YAY USS Massachusetts is here its all happening another BB one that was voted in reddit not so long ago by the majority as not a high priority premium (except for the diehards ). Well there is only 2 more SD's left WG better get cracking on getting them in game with some weird and wonderful gimmick. But I digress where are my manners, in all seriousness Massachusetts fans congrats you have your ship. Just think now all you have to do is fight your way through the torpedo spam (my Asashio is waiting for you ) survive radar mounted fire breathing dragons (cruisers ) or smoke hiding machine gun wielding Minotaur's and CO all for the pleasure of being blown away by KMS death ships and other types because you needed to get up close and personal to them, unfortunately you have no secondaries left to fight with, so sad. But as John McLane says "Welcome to the party" Meanwhile T-61sits idly by tied to some dockside wharf growing moss on its hull, possible one the few ships that is a real threat to CL/CA's and BB's and to its own kind while we get USS Monaghan that probable couldn't beat USS Erie in straight stand up fight. And of course a weaker version of Alabama that costs more but hay its another Battleship. guess ill just have to close my wallet again for this weekend and hope Haida turns up SOON regards
  3. I like when WG offers ships with 10pt captains, it really saves on the grind. The Azur Lane ship captains are for sale and I'm in the market for one, maybe two. Will there be more Ship/Captain combos in the future I should wait for? Will there be a Commonwealth captain for sale soon? (I'd hate to start with a 1 or 3pt captain on the Perth if the Haida turns out to be Mehbote) Will the Special Captains be available for sale again in the future? We all know what happens when you grind a ship with low point captains..