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Found 5 results

  1. As per the title http://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/NEWRANKIS2-NA?fukey=91197b139db7efa3a3743a1846943c39 In my response I highlighted the lack of separation between tiers, the lack of progressively more rewards and..... "The lack of the presence of the old flag reward with economic advantages.I very much miss that. The presence of that ,for example for reaching Rank 1 and having it for the remainder of the Sprint....hmm.. that would be great. It even could be varied what that flag would offer based on....your favourite mechanic..... RNG. Not to mention that it would incentivize players (wink)" I also urged them to rework the....... rework
  2. As per the title https://checkbox.wargaming.net/update_0.10.0.survey
  3. As per the title, players who tried PTS, please leave your feedback.
  4. CaptHarlock_222

    New survey from WG

    Well I just got an in game invitation to partake in a rather long WG survey. I went ahead and filled it all out and there were some rather interesting questions. Stuff about the current dockyard event, the Italian cruisers and maybe a few other odds and ends. I decided to be honest and reasonably polite, but that still required some brutal honesty, especially where the dockyard event (and Luigi Sansonetti's tracers) was concerned. They wanted my feed back, I gave it to them. Mainly I praised the creativity of the basic dockyard principle while criticizing the flawed execution and downright poor response to the community. I also criticized the whole 'it doesn't fit our theme for the game' thing that they cited for changing Sansonetti's tracers colors, pointing out the myriad crazy camos and odd captains that are in game and apparently do 'fit the game's theme' while some trippy multi-color tracers are considered a step too far. I even had some criticism left over spare for many of the worst points of the Italian cruiser line (largely related to the T5 cruiser and some general SAP problems). Hopefully, they actually do read their surveys, because I did take my time to fill it out as honestly and politely as I could. That said, I'm curious if anyone else has gotten this one yet and how you responded to some of those juicy questions.
  5. Bambam710_

    Santa Container Survey

    Ok, so I have made a google survey so that we can kind of get a feel for the odds of what you mish get in these containers. Here is the link please no troll answers this took me a bit to make. After getting a few answers I will make a new post and a response here of the results of which I will be updating every few days after that. (Note: it will do ask each type of container separately ex: you got 5 of each it will take you 1 at a time. after you answer what type then you put the number and it will then ask if you got any other type.) Do not select any of the nations as awnser they are there to help u find the ships you got faster. ONLY select what you got please. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CRdiZEfd5AA_wdVs5Lhrq7mCuHquaW3NdohUongn1IM/edit Thanks to all of you who answer, please do try and spread this around so we get better results.