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Found 7 results

  1. King of the Seas V Announcement Trailer

    Warships Supremacy League is going international, together with King of The Sea we will be hosting the tournament on NA and on EU on the same days. The top 3 teams of each server will be playing each other on Sunday February 4th! Signups open from the 10th of January at 12:00 EST to 23:59 EST 14th of January. Group stage on the 21st of January starting at 15:00 EST, 3 matches per team. Round of 32 to semifinal on 27th and 28th of January, max 2 matches per day starting at 15:00 EST NA-Final and NA-3rd place on the 3th of February starting at 15:00 EST Super Sunday, best 3 teams from EU and NA fighting each other on the 4th of February at 12:00 EST. Supremacy League Discord- https://discord.gg/uyKMw9f
  2. [APOC] Task Force Apocalypse

    Who are we? We are the Apocalypse Lancers, an established group of men and women who have been active in World of Warships since Closed Beta. APOC has had a strong presence in the Supremacy League right from its inception and our main focus is competitive play. We are active members of the Warships community and have proudly represented NA in Cross-Server events. We are an inclusive and diverse clan with members from multiple countries, of all ages and backgrounds. We are also a veteran friendly clan with a large portion of our membership comprised of Military Veterans, Active Duty Servicemembers and Law Enforcement Officers. Our Goal While our primary goal is to have fun and enjoy the game, we are most interested in the competitive side of World of Warships. We currently field 3 competitive teams in Supremacy League, one in each division. Our foremost goal is to maintain and grow these teams and work towards strengthening the competitive scene in World of Warships. What can we offer you? A group of skilled and friendly players to play with. An opportunity to improve yourself as a player and a chance to prove yourself in competitive play, not only against the top teams on the NA server but also against EU. A discord to talk about all things World of Warships and more. Who are we looking for? Players with a high level of skill, knowledge and understanding of the game. Willing to play as a team and be open to constructive criticism. While we are a very diverse clan with members ranging from North America to South Asia, we do require fluency in English and a working mic. Must have Discord. 18yrs or Older. Mature individuals, respectful of their fellow players. Active participants in the clan and on discord. Minimum Stat Requirements: 57% Overall Win Rate ~1300 WTR with at least a 1000 battles played At least 2 Tier 10 Ships. *meeting these requirements solely does not guarantee your acceptance Contact Us If you’re interested in joining us or just want to know more about APOC, drop by our discord server or send a private message in-game or through the forums to any one of our recruiters: Professor_Clio DasBootCamp superkshatriya You can find the link to our Discord Server on our Website below: APOC HQ
  3. Gold Finals: Cast by SchomDaDoggo and Cruiser_TakoKai Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/schomdog Silver Finals: Cast by: DasBoot and CptTyreall Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/mrgreatergood Bronze Finals: Cast by: HMS_Thunderwolf and MisoSovp Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/hms_thunderwolf Gold Division Bronze Medal: Cast by: Warlord78 and Quadrilus Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/quadrilus Time: 9pm Eastern
  4. Supremacy Week 1 match stream. https://www.twitch.tv/schomdog
  5. Bronze Division

    I have a couple teams still looking to play Supremacy that didn't make the registration for the Qualifier. If your still interested in playing Supremacy but you missed the sign up I'm willing to run a shortened Bronze Division Season. This would be a good way to get a taste of competitive play if your clan has been thinking about it. If your interested post your team here, if we get 5 teams I'll run Bronze Division.
  6. Gentleman, Here is the rule set for Season Three of Supremacy and for the pre season qualifying tournament. These rules will also shortly be posted to the Supremacy website, there will be a spot on the forums shortly for feedback and questions on the rules for season three. Season Three Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ul3IYvB2IgEAXPWdQK_Fk6hwGwI9AKIZ77-y9htfiss/edit?usp=sharing
  7. http://www.warshipsupremacyleague.com The Season 3 Qualifier tournament is coming! Slated for Sept 9! What is it? Supremacy is a community run league, partnered with Wargaming. This tourney's your team’s chance to earn a slot in the premier or silver leagues of Supremacy Season 3! In order for teams who haven’t previously played a Supremacy regular season, the Qualifier will allow them to potentially be placed in the premier or silver divisions, they must either win a qualifier weekend tournament or battle their way up, winning one league at a time. Now’s your chance to directly enter an upper league! All teams are heavily encouraged to participate in qualifier events. Teams that are already ranked WILL NOT receive a demotion based off of a qualifier event. Qualifier event results will only factor into consideration of direct placement into a league for new teams, or a successful qualifier tournament run can be used as to help justify a league rank up for established teams. Qualifier Tournament Format: 9v9, Tier 8 max, 1 CV max, 3 BB max, 3 ships of a nation max (Lo Yang = USN DD), 3 premiums max Three point domination Match consists of best of 3 battles Single elimination tournament Fri Sept 9th Season 3 Format Sneak Peek: Standard round robin play, 2 self-scheduled matches a week for 7 weeks of play, followed by 2-3 weeks of playoffs Ruleset similar to the qualifier weekend. Gamemode will change per week and will be provided at the start of the season with the map rotation list. 20 man roster max, roster substitutions allowed. Current Schedule: Sept 5: Season 3 qualifier / regular season registration ends Sept 9-10: Qualifier WeekendSept 12: Pre-season meetings for all 3 leagues Sept 13: Season 3 Start More details and a full ruleset to follow! This is all of the information the league has to release at this time. We will release more information as it becomes available. League administrators will only release information via the official channels (SL Forum, WG Forum, Twitter). Register for the Season 3 and the qualifier tourney here: https://goo.gl/forms/VqVVWCHm4aYa8JQz2If you intend to play S3 but not play in the qualifier register here: https://goo.gl/forms/xOUsQgxiiZtr9xnr2 Please address any questions or roster changes to the email: admin@warshipsupremacyleague.com