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Found 8 results

  1. WSL Season Five Playoffs start this weekend and here is a video I made to get you hyped up! Check the description for the times and streamers who will covering it. It has been another successful regular season for NA comp and we will see who comes out on top in the three different divisions! -TheSneakySnake
  2. Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Fellow captains We are the Rage Quitting Losers (RQL), and we are looking to expand our community. with some more competitive players for the upcoming season. We are willing to give anybody a chance to play a few games, so at least we can get a feel if your a good mix for our line up or so we know how to place you, that includes both people who want to find a permanent community or just want to get in on some competitive matches. If you are interested please post a line up of your ships below or follow the discord link below and message me. -Requirements (1) 18+ with a some what open minded attitude (2) At least 1,000 battles preferable (may be waived) (3) Must have at least 1 competitive tier 8 ship (4) Be able to play at least 2 times a week (5) A mic (we can work around it if you dont) (6) Discord (download it.... ITS FREE) Contacts (please don't hesitate) -Redavenger6 (Fearless leader) -aditya510 (4Trident4 on twitch) - (Fearless Streamer) -Goliath654 (Daily dose of motivation) -Roachgod (name says it all) If you have any further questions feel free to hit up the comments below, or our discord we are very approachable.
  3. Hello i'm SantaKlaws, I played last season with the team MIA-A. We took second place in the Silver League and has moved up to the Gold League. Bismark (19), Tirpitz (19), North Carolina (19), Amagi (19) Chapayev (19), Kutusov (19), Atago (19) Charles Martel (17) ,Hipper (19), Benson AA(19), Akizuki (19) ("(X)" Indicates Captain Points) I learned a lot from playing DD last season but i'm comfortable in any class other than CV. I am able to purchase any ships that my team finds necessary.
  4. Gentleman, The time has come to begin marshaling your fleets to once again prove your Supremacy to all! Season 5 Supremacy League sign ups are going live! For returning teams we'll offer the same level of competition that we have in previous seasons in a slightly different format and on a shorter time line. For first time teams we offer you the chance to take your team game to the next level by playing in an organized competitive league to allow you to build team work and hone your player skills. Season 5 Timeline: Finial Rule Set Release - 19 Aug/17 Sign Up Deadline - 2 Sept/17 Qualifiers - 9/10 Sept/17 and 16/17 Sept/17 (second weekend on call if required due to team numbers) Final Season Schedule Release - 23 Sept/17 Regular Season Start - 30 Sept/17 Regular Season End - 4 Nov/17 Playoff Start - 11 Nov/17 Playoff End - 18 Nov/17 New teams will take part in our qualifier to ensure that we place them in the bracket that best suits their level of play at season start. As with previous seasons returning teams are not required to partake in the qualifier. All divisions and brackets will be based on the number of teams signed up for the season. Our rules are in for review by WG, as parts of the rules pertaining to team members have the potential to affect the level of prizing that we will be given. We should still expect to see a team size between 15 and 20 players based on approval of the rules. Basic team composition will remain the same as previous seasons; 1 CV Max and 3 BB Max, we are currently testing several ideas to improve overall game play for season 5 and once we have it finalized we'll release it to allow teams appropriate lead time to practice with the new composition. As well we will be adding various features to the league dashboard to make team management more streamlined. I look forward to another successful Supremacy season and encourage all teams to come play a season with us. Team Registration: Any questions can be directed at league admins on the league Discord found here; League Website: Good luck to all teams.
  5. The next round of competitive World of Warships is on the way with Supremacy League Season 5! 40 teams will compete in three divisions to determine who is the best team NA! Timeline: September 9 and 10- Qualifiers September 16 and 17- Qualifiers (If Necessary) September 30- Season Starts 6 Weeks of Regular Season 2 Weeks of Playoffs Games will be streamed on Twitch via multiple different casters
  6. Gentleman, We are now ready to start accepting registrations for Season 4 of Supremacy. For those of you returning welcome back and for those teams whose first exposure this is to Supremacy welcome. Season 4 will be a milestone for Supremacy as we will be celebrating our one year anniversary during the season, a year ago we saw a need within the WarShips community for an outlet for competitive play and this has lead us here. Supremacy is the oldest player run competitive league on the NA server and one of the oldest in all the hubs, isn't it time that you joined us to test yourself and your team? For those of you returning the rules will look very similar to previous iterations of the league; 9 vs 9 Domination Mode 1 CV Max 3 Premiums Max 3 Battleships Max 4 ships of a nation (Lo Yang is a US ship) We will be looking to start the season Mid February and the regular season will run for 10 weeks with an expected three week playoffs, this will have the season ending by late May or early June. Teams will play two best of three matches a week on a structured yet negotiated schedule so expect to dedicate around 3 hours a week as a team as a minimum to playing Supremacy if you sign up. You can register here; CLOSED! You can find the admins on the Supremacy Discord here; The sign up dead line is Feb 1. The complete rule set will be released for team review by the end of January. Good luck to all teams old and new lets make this season the best so far. Vas79
  7. Qualifying League 1st 2nd 3rd Participation Gold 50k Gold 1st Commemorative Flag 40k 30k Silver 30k Silver 1st Commemorative Flag 25k 20k Bronze 20k Bronze 1st Commemorative Flag 15k 10k (Everyone) Participation Flag Pack: · 30x Zulu Hotel – Comm Exp boost · 30x Zulu – Credit Boost · 30x Sierra Mike – Speed boost · 30x Juliet Charlie – Det reductions · 30x Victor Lima – Fire and Flooding increase Participation Commemorative Flag Prizes will be paid by WarGaming at the end of the season.
  8. Hey everyone! There is a semi-final match tonight between BWC and KNTAI. It is a best of 5. Sir Venom IK will be streaming the festivities. The match starts at 9pm EST. Here is a link to the twitch stream : Enjoy and good luck to both teams!