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Found 8 results

  1. Etec25

    Azur Lane after event

    Hi guys, is it possible to get the Azur Lane commanders after the event? I've just started replaying WoW and saw that the event ended in august.
  2. While the CV rework is fine and all, the real big problem with the game still remains: No one contests objectives and no one is aggressive enough. There's a reason why the amount of time I spend playing is almost nonexistent right now, and that's because whenever I play, I am the only one who actually knows how to PTFO and who actually wants to push forward. The problem is that even though this is how the game should be played, literally no one else on my teams seem to get that. They all just run away and hide while I get slaughtered by half the enemy team for playing the game correctly. This is essentially the polar opposite of fun for me and I don't think anyone else would find it fun either. Therefore, I pose this question: What would you do to encourage/force people to play more aggressively and focus on capturing objectives? Personally, I would provide massive, Missouri-esque credit and XP rewards for killing ships at ranges under 10 km, for killing ships inside a capture point, and for killing ships while you yourself are within a capture point. I would also introduce similarly large XP and credit penalties for running away from a capture point towards the side of the map that your team spawned and for killing ships at long range. These solutions, I believe, would lead to much more aggressive play and would make sure that both teams are solely focused on pushing forward, killing the enemy, and capturing the objectives. What do the rest of you think? What should be done to make sure that people play more aggressively? Who knows, maybe one of the mods or devs will see this and take it into consideration.
  3. Howdy sailors! So I just won a "ship bundle" coupon that gives me a 10% discount in the premium shop. as I was hovering over the info on how to use it this popped up This coupon gives a one-time 10% discount on selected World of Warships packages over $30 (converted into your local currency). This coupon is not applicable to containers, doubloons, special offers, discounted items and limited-time offers. Problem is all there is are specials, discounted and or limited offers in the shop! How can I be expected to use a coupon and buy any bundles when all the current bundles in the premium shop are specials, discounted and or limited offers?
  4. Ahoy Fleet! World of Warships North America Support Team is glad to inform you that we recently updated our restoration policy! Check out the following links regarding this notification! Commander Restoration (Link) Premium Ship Restoration(Link) Legendary Upgrade Restoration (Link) Thanks again and see you soon on the high seas! #anchorsaweigh
  5. y_vonne

    Double D's

    lol~what did u think i meant? destroyer's are commonly known as DD's, no? Anyhoo, thank u for lavishing me with battle support of late Those of u that have will remain nameless as i don't use the "full interface" thing or generally pay attention to who's on what team. ty though from this DD ►
  6. Could you guys please fix the bug which keeps the NEW tag on the Cossack announcement in the upper left hand corner of the game. I know Cossack is out, and I don't need the constant reminder after I've clicked on it half a dozen times thinking something that was actually news had been posted. Yeah, I get it; you want to sell ships, but constantly rubbing players faces in it only serves to aggravate people who think there might be some actual news. How about actually fixing the broken parts of the game before you add new broken crap.
  7. I sent this ticket to WG Support: I got this response: Any ideas on how I can select the Personal Special Mission? Update: The game had 15 minutes left. There is plenty of time to capture a cap point and then defend it. The Special Task was reported as failed the instance the enemy team captured all 3 capture points. A replay while nice - is not necessary for a dev to look at the failed condition for the 3 Defended Special task. In any event, a special task should be reported as failed only if: time has expired OR the player is dead AND the player has no more ordinance in "flight" AND the player has no more fire/flood damage being inflicted on the enemy. Fancy determinations around a special mission task just result in bugs like this.
  8. polarcanada

    replays not being record

    I had just finished a match which I considered to be amazing by my standard. so as many people I took screen shots and went to grab the replay file to send to the Gnome Overlord Jingles. When I got to the replay files I noticed that no new replays had been stored there since May 5th. If anyone knows why this would be happening please let me know.