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Found 2 results

  1. World of Warships Ship Comparison Test Number 2: Tier 7 Gunship Destroyer Brawl: Maass, Mahan, Minsk, and Jervis versus Vauquelin JOJO INTENSIFIES Destroyer brawls are intense, and not just for the people who get involved in them, but also those people who are spectating it, wondering who will come out on top, and who will get sunk, or who will get smashed by the Venezia that popped out from nowhere. Still, there’s no Venezia at Tier 7, so it’s easier to evaluate these five gunship destroyers. The oldest of the quintet, Mahan is easily one of the most maligned ships at her tier, as she begins to promote the torpedo-centric playstyle of Japanese torpedo boats with her upgraded fish, rather than the gunboat tactics of the Nicholas and Farragut. Regardless, with 5 American 127mm/38 guns, she boasts a hybridization that few can match effectively. The Leberecht Maass, otherwise known as KMS Z1, is the German answer to the Mahan. While she cannot boast the torpedo armament of the Mahan, she makes up for it with a powerful AP punch from her 128mm guns, while also having better stealth and durability than Mahan and faster moving, more effective and more dangerous waterborne warheads. The Minsk is the embodiment of the true gunship style of destroyers. Her stealth is quite poor, but she boasts 5 Russian 130mm guns that make hiding largely a nonissue, thanks to their flat ballistics and massive damage, as well as her incredible speed of 43 knots, the fastest for her tier, as well as a good chunk of HP. The Jervis, the only Brit in the test, has the best stealth in this test, as well as a powerful broadside of 6 120mm guns, as well as fairly good torpedo armament. The Vauquelin, the Frenchman, is the newest of these ships. She’s largely gimmick-laden, like most French ships, but she boasts several unique quirks, such as unusual HP distribution that allows her to last longer, 5 French 139mm guns, the largest in the test, a reload booster, and an enhanced speed boost with greater boost power and longer duration over all other ships in this test. So then, I know what you’re thinking: Where are the Japanese, the Gadjah Mada, and the Z-39, Leningrad, Haida, Błyskawica, and the Sims? The Japanese are still largely torpedo focused with the Akatsuki and the Shiratsuyu at this tier, the Gadjah Mada’s Deepwater torpedo armament means it cannot one-shot destroyers with a surprise torpedo strike at all, and the last five are all premiums ( you know the drill with Premiums ). Well, what are you standing around for? Let’s go! 5th place: The Minsk ( 17 / 25 ) Pros: Actually fast, pretty decent stealth for a Russian DD, god-tier shell arcs Cons: Huge, sluggish, sluggish turrets, pathetic torpedoes When we think about Russian DDs, we generally think flat ballistics, high speed, and huge ships. Case in point, the last place finisher in this test, the Minsk. The big reason here, as I stated, is her huge size. She’s almost comparable to the Vauquelin in this comparison, but the Frenchman has an unusual HP pool distribution that allows it to take more damage than usual. The Minsk also has another issue in it’s handling. Now, the Minsk is by no means slow, at 43 knots, but has extremely sluggish handling thanks to a large turning radius. It has one of the fastest rudders at her tier, beaten only by the Leningrad, but a 690 meter turning circle, which is only 20 meters shorter than the Akizuki, makes her vulnerable when trying to turn full circle. Another issue is her turrets. Now, she has some pretty excellent guns. The 5 130mm B-13 guns boast excellent range, excellent arcs, and fast reload. However, her turret traverse of 9.7 degrees per second is far behind all of the other DDs in this test, with the only one similar being the Vauquelin, and the only one worse being the Maass. This would put her on the good side of things, but there’s another issue in terms of dueling other DDs: her torpedoes. This is not an uncommon issue among Soviet DDs, but with just 4 kilometers of range and pretty low damage, she has the worst torpedoes in the test. Remember, a gunship like the Minsk must also have good back-up torpedoes to complement her guns, and unfortunately, it doesn’t have those back-ups, like the next four finishers in this test. Fourth Place: The Jervis ( 18/25 ) Pros: Defensive Hydro, best stealth in test, powerful broadside, great torpedoes, very smol bote, lots of smokes. Cons: Radar cruisers, British 120mm guns, second worst torpedo range in test, no access to engine boost, lots of smokes means that the smokes are terrible, second worst HP pool in test I thought Jervis was good, wasn’t it? So did I, until I actually tested this thing. She has her merits, such as her 3km ranged defensive Hydro and best-in-test stealth, but she does have downsides. Let’s start with that Hydro. While it lasts an absurd 3 minutes long, it lacks the power of the Leberecht Maass’ German Hydro, which has a 4 kilometer ship spotting range and a torpedo spotting range of over 3 kilometers, which gives the Maass ample warning time to react properly, compared to the Jervis’ 3 kilometer range on both torpedoes and ships. There are no issues about stealth, however. With CE, she can reach a minimum detection range of just 6.3 kilometers, which works both in theory and in practice. The only issue here is either when she gets radared when she gets spotted and ends up fighting her counterparts. She has 6 120mm guns in 3 twin turrets, which gives her the most convenient layout of all the DDs in the test, but these guns have a rather long reload of 5 seconds, lower damage, and poorer ballistics than the American in this test, the Mahan. Also, she has the most middle of the pack torpedo armament of all the destroyers in this test. She might have 10 of them, which can be single launched, and do massive damage, but they are let down by a rather slow speed of 59 knots, and, despite having a longer range than those of the Minsk, it’s still just 7 kilometers, compared to the Vauquelin’s 8 kilometer, 68 knot fish, Maass’ 8.5km, 65 knot fish, and Mahan’s 9.2km, 55 knot speed torps. Yes, the Mahan might have just 55 knot speed torps that do just 12k a pop, but they have 2 kilometers greater range and better detectability, so there’s that. Lastly, it’s her durability under fire that put her here. At just 14,300 HP, she’s only 200 HP better than the Mahan, and she also lacks Engine Boost to get herself out of a tricky situation, with the only save being the improved British DD acceleration boost. The one ace up here sleeve her is the fast cooldown smoke generator, of which she has 5 charges base, but they only have a 10 second deploy time and a 40 second duration, and when an Atlanta pokes with radar around the corner, you're toast. Not so much with the next three, however. Third Place: The Mahan ( 19 / 25 ) ( TIE ) Pros: American 127mm guns, 12 torpedoes with a 9.2km range, turns tight, American smoke, excellent stealth, DFAA, god-tier rudder shift. Cons: Pathetic torpedo damage, American 127mm guns, tight turning only helps around islands, lacks utility thanks to the fact that DFAA is useless these days, Radar cruisers As the oldest ship in this test ( literally was out during Closed Beta ), the Mahan has grown quite long in the tooth. The fact that she pulled a third place victory is something I hadn’t really expected out of the old girl. Let’s start with her good points. For starters, she boasts 5 American 127mm/38 guns, with the best in test 3.3 second reload and fairly decent range and quickest in test turret traverse of 15 degrees per second. Unfortunately, these guns are also a bit of a double edged sword, as the third turret has somewhat poor firing angles, and the ballistics of the guns is poor beyond 6 kilometers, something that the last place Minsk wouldn’t mind boasting about. The Mahan also has torpedoes, mind you. The torpedoes have a range of 9.2 kilometers when fully upgraded, and she has 12 of them in 4 Triple launchers, one on each side and one down the center. However, these torpedoes are slow and deal pathetic damage to targets, using the same warheads from the Tier 6 Farragut. She also boasts the best AA in the test, but that’s something I also didn’t mention with the other DDs, for one reason. She’s the only one with access to DFAA , boosting her AA on her top hull, but she has to sacrifice one main battery turret to make the most out of it. This isn’t worthwhile, as DFAA is useless these days, and all other ships will out DPM you this way. She does boast the second best stealth and best smoke generator and maneuverability in this test, but there’s no point in using it when every American Cruiser, Russian Cruiser, and British Light Cruiser and their mother’s got Radar. Not to mention, she has the smallest HP pool in the whole test, at just 14,100 HP. She does have the best agility in the test however, with a 560 meter turning circle and 2.7 second rudder shift only let down by 35 knots of speed. However, she’s still in the middle of the pack, and the reason why she was able to eke out a third place finish was because she boasts better capacity than the Minsk and Jervis, but not so much as to win, not as much as the next two on this list. Second Place: The Vauquelin ( 19 / 25 ) ( TIE ) Pros: Reload Booster, French Engine Boost, Titanic HP pool, brutal torpedo armament, unusual HP Distribution, guns are no joke, reload booster gives massive burst damage potential Cons: NO Smoke, jokingly slow without engine boost active, huge detection range, torpedoes are only 8 kilometer range, sluggish turrets The Vauquelin could have made first place, but there are several things that are holding her back, including that over-reliance on gimmicks, such as that boosted Engine Boost and Main Battery Reload Booster. She does have lots of good points, though, so we’ll start with that. She boasts the largest HP pool in the test, at 18,100 HP fully upgraded. She also has the French DD gimmick in that she has an unusual HP pool distribution, which means that some areas can be saturated with damage and she will take less damage in return. She also has powerful guns that make whittling down that HP pool a bit of a chore for other DDs. She packs 5 139mm guns in single gun mounts, with a 5 second base reload, 13km range, and Main Battery Reload booster, which compensates for the longer than average reload and middle of the pack shell arcs by cutting her reload time in half for 15 seconds or so. However, she also has a pretty slow turret traverse that makes turning duels a hassle, making run-and-gun attacks much better than wagon-wheel fights. Her torpedo armament is also similarly interesting in this regard. She has 9 torpedo tubes on her top hull in three triple tubes, with a layout similar to Mahan’s. The torpedoes have an 8km range, 68 knots of speed, and rather powerful warheads, though they are towards the middle of the pack on damage. To get into effective range to use this, she boasts a French engine boost that increases her speed by 20% for up to 3 minutes, which gives her a top speed of over 43 knots. However, without the boost active, the speed is a fairly pedestrian 35 knots, which is among the slowest of all the DDs in the test, with only Jervis being worse. Her worst problem of all, however, is her concealment. Her massive surface detection of 7.7 kilometers is the worst in the test, and while she can stealth torpedo like all the other DDs in this test (save the Minsk), the buffer isn’t that great without CE, and while Jervis can’t even stealth torpedo without CE, she can at least hide and do it thanks to the fact that she actually has a smoke screen, as opposed to Vauquelin, who doesn’t even have smoke to work with, let alone even the terrible smoke of the first place finisher in this test. First Place: The Leberecht Maass ( 20 / 25 ) Pros: German Hydro, best torpedoes in this test, excellent ballistics on a fast reload for her guns, brutal in close quarters engagements with AP, huge HP pool Cons: Guns don’t reload as fast as Mahan’s, Middle of the pack concealment, forgettable HE performance, AP only works against broadsides, horridly slow turret traverse, meh smoke How the heck did a German DD make first place against a Russian and American DD? Sit back and read, this is a LOT simpler than it looks. For starters, Maass also boasts a huge HP pool, though she lacks that unique HP distribution that makes the Frenchman so durable under fire. However, she also has some serious capacity to make that French HP pool look silly as anything. Her 128mm guns reload a whole second faster than all the others in this test, save the Mahan. She also has much better ballistics than the Mahan, to say nothing of the ammunition she uses to complement that, with the best AP ammunition in the test, as per standard for German DDs, though the HE performance is uninspiring, as per usual with German DDs, as is the horribly long turret traverse of 22.5 seconds for a full 180 (!). When it comes to torpedoes,I initially considered her fish to be utter turds compared to the others ( except Minsk), lacking the range and stealth of the American or the raw alpha of the Brit. However, they have the fastest reload in the test, at 90 seconds, and with 8.5km of range 65 knots of speed, and 14,400 damage a pop, they are also some of the best torpedoes in her matchmaking for gunship DDs in general, so ignore the fact that I even considered them to be turds. I mean, Mahan does reload 3 seconds faster, but with TAE the reload speed is pretty much the same, so it hardly matters. The Maass is also pretty agile, with 37 knots of speed and a 640 meter turning circle only hampered by a 4.2 second rudder shift, which is the worst in this test by a long shot. However, it’s her two other things that make her stand out, her concealment and her hydro. She can get down to a detection range of just 6.7 kilometers, which is tied for dead last of the pack for detection, with only the Minsk being as bad. That being said, she’s nipping hard on the heels of the Mahan and Vauquelin, being just 100 meters worse, and that 100 meters means that you already know that they’re there and ready to pounce, even when the three with a smokescreen try and hide. The reason for that statement, and what gave her the 1st place medal, is her Hydroacoustic search. This is all down to judicious usage of smoke cover and smoke firing penalties. With Jervis’ hydro, you can only see them at three kilometers, by which time you're already within smoke firing detection range. The Maass, on the other hand, can spot targets at 4 kilometers, which gives her ample time to react and mow them down before they can react and strike back. The only thing that really lets her down here is her worse than average smokescreen, with a 20 second deploy time and 77 second uptime. Overall, she’s the best of these 5 ships. A true German Jaeger who fights to the last drop of blood and shred of steel. If you thought German DDs were mediocre, middle of the pack, or any worse, think again. The Leberecht Maass just won a Comparo Test, and it doesn’t look as if it will lose one for a while to come ( of course, we’ll have to see about that new-fangled Pan-Euro DD, the Skane, looks quite good to fight against it) Final Tally 5th Place: Minsk Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 2 / 5 Maneuverability: 5 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Total: 17 / 25 Verdict: Russia builds a Russian DD, again 4th Place: Jervis Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 2 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Total: 18 / 25 Verdict: Meh party with a slight taste of goodness 3rd Place: Mahan Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 4 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 4 /5 Total: 19 / 25 Verdict: America doesn’t always come first 2nd Place: Vauquelin Armor: 5 / 5 Armaments: 5 / 5 AA: 2 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Total: 19 / 25 Verdict: Slightly undercooked Turbo Escargot 1st Place: Leberecht Maass Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 5 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 3 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Total: 20 / 25 (Hydro gives a 1 point bonus thanks to it’s utility ) Verdict: Who says Germany is underpowered in this game? As one final note, I would like to thank my younger brother for suggesting this comparison test for you guys. I received some pretty good feedback on the last comparo test, so I used that for this one. Thank you all so much. Like I said in the Richelieu Review, the Roma will be coming up as the next reviewed ship, courtesy of Clammboy’s suggestion ( do give him a +1 if you get the chance ) And the next comparo test? DOUBLE BRAWLER BATTLESHIP HIGH SEA SMACKDOWN TIER 10 GRO𝜷ER KURFÜRST VERSUS TIER 10 OHIO Which one of these brawling BBs comes out alive in a death battle? Find out on March 7, 2020, Right here, on SUPER SMACKDOWN Also, the next ship review will be announced on February 25, 2020, once polling closes. I can’t say what it will be, but all i’ll say is that it will be a Russian Battleship, either a tech line ship, or a premium. You can vote on the poll found in general game discussion Peace!
  2. Super Smackdown Season 1, Vol.1 Tier: V Class: Cruiser Ships: The Frenchie Rat Rod Roadster versus Wilhelmshaven's Omaha Smasher. *Takes Breath*. OK This is the first ever article that I am writing on this forum. Feel free to comment on this after you have read it through ( assuming the people here have any patience to begin with...). So then. Allow me to set the stage. One night, I was fast ( read - half ) asleep in a rather awkwardly situated bed, in an awkwardly situated room, in an awkwardly situated apartment, in a building that vaguely reminded me of an upside down cheese grater. Before I had gone to my musings, I had spent some time, browsing the various articles on this very forum. As it had happened, I stumbled upon @LittleWhiteMouse and her ( his? ) articles detailing the various premium ships that had found a place in this wondrous game. As I thought to myself, I wondered... could I perhaps achieve greatness? Then it hit me, like a bolt from the great blue ocean ( or one of Bismarck's stray secondary shells - you know how tempermental those things can be ). I could do such a thing, and so, this great idea of having Super Smackdown as a forum page came to life... in this first Volume. I hope you all enjoy, please do leave a comment if you so desire. AND NOW, THE MOMENT YOU"VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.... IT'S SUPER SMACKDOWN!!! (applause) Allow me to introduce to you, our two contenders in tonight's smackdown In the Blue corner... What's that... Its a bird, it's a plane, NO!, It's France's very own Tier 5 Rat Rod Roadster, Monsieur Cruisin' in for a Bruisin' ! Ladies and Gents, please welcome... Emile Bertin!!! And in the Red corner She's a nasty little cruiser that can smash an Omaha with a single volley, and has enough torpedoes to sink a Kremlin, please welcome, Wilhelmshaven's lil' Juggernaut.... Konigsberg!!! Now then, the rules are simple ( or not so simple ( and they will only be explained once, so PAY ATTENTION)) There will be two separate categories: The Objective category ( statistics, etc. ) and the Subjective category ( how they actually feel ). All statistics are courtesy of the wonderful folks down at the World of Warships Wikipedia - The one true source for ALL WoWs Knowledge. So then, lets get started. First... the NUMBERS ( All Values are for FULLY UPGRADED SHIPS, with NO MODULES INSTALLED OR COMMANDER SKILLS APPLIED) Stats Konigsberg Difference Emile Bertin Winner HP Pool Armor/Overmatch Resistance 24,300 100 mm armor +1800 Hitpoints (Emile Bertin ) +70mm ( Konigsberg ) 26,100 30mm armor Konigsberg Primary Armament Damage/Reload Range 3 x 3 150 mm L/60 Drh Tr C/25 HE: 1700 AP: 3900 Reload: 8 seconds Range: 16.5 KM Flat Arcs A-XY Configuration +500 HE ( Emile Bertin ) +700 AP ( Konigsberg ) -5 seconds ( Konigsberg ) +1.6KM ( Konigsberg ) = Equal Arcs + Turret config ( Emile Bertin ) 3 x 3 152 mm/55 Mle 1930 HE: 2200 AP: 3200 Reload: 13 seconds Range: 14.9 KM Flat Arcs AB-X Configuration Konigsberg Torpedo Armament Range/Speed/Reload Alpha Strike 4 x 3 533mm Drilling - G7 a T1 6.0 KM Range 64 Knots 68 second reload 13,700 Alpha Meh arcs x2 Torpedoes ( Konigsberg ) = Range + 7 Knots ( Konigsberg ) + 1,467 Alpha ( Konigsberg ) +Better Arcs ( Emile Bertin ) 2 x 3 550mm Lance-Torpilles - 550mm 19D 6.0 KM Range 57 Knots 84 second reload 12,233 Fantastic arcs Konigsberg AA Short Range Medium Range Long Range 4 x 1 Flak 38 ( 2km / 12 dps) 4 x 2 Flakzwilling 30 ( 3.51km / 10 dps ) 3 x 2 88mm L/76 Dop. L. C/32 ( 3.99km / 24 dps) = Range =Access to Fighter + 38 S.R DPS ( Emile Bertin ) + 45 M.R DPS ( Emile Bertin ) + 18 L.R DPS ( Konigsberg ) 14 x 1 20mm/70 Mk.4 (2 KM / 50 dps ) 2 x 4 40mm/56 Bofors Mk.2 ( 3.5km / 32 dps ) 2 x 2 40mm/56 Bofors Mk.1 ( 3.5km / 23 dps) 2 x 1 90mm / 50 Mle 1926 ( 4 km / 6 dps ) Emile Bertin Manueverability Speed Rudder Shift Radius 32.5 Knots Top Speed 6.9 Seconds 680 Meters + 6.5 Knots ( Emile Bertin ) - 0.5 Rudder ( Konigsberg ) -10 Meters ( Emile Bertin ) 39 Knots 7.4 seconds 670 Meters Emile Bertin Concealment Detectability Citadel Vunerability 12.4 Km Surface / 5.2 Air Waterline - 0.2 Km Surface ( Konigsberg ) -0.1 Km Aerial ( Konigsberg ) + Agility factor to avoid deletions ( Emile Bertin ) 12.6 Km Surface / 5.3 Air Waterline Emile Bertin Now for the Subjective Part ( just kidding, I ran out of charge on my laptop ) This was the HARD PART I love both ships for their fantastic armaments, their good speed and wonderful handling, and excellent vision control, though (admittedly) Emerald is better in terms of that last one, and Kirov has a higher chance to smash apart anything in its way. So then, which of these two cruisers has what it takes to win this smackdown? For starters, both ships each took three categories. Konigsberg took the first three categories with her superior armor boasting up to 100mm in some places , faster rate of fire on her main battery, with an 8 second reload, and having not only more torpedoes ( 12 versus 6), but also having superior torpedoes in the form of the vaunted G7 a T1 Torpedo, the same fish that are found all the way in the latter half of the tree. Yes, all the way up to the MIGHTY Hindenburg. On the other hand, Emile Bertin's AA, while not as fantastic as other ships at this tier ( Omaha, *cough cough* ), makes Konigsberg's AA look like fireworks, thanks to her Bofors. Her agility, however, is another story,as it can make some destroyers look pathetic in this regard ( except the French and Russian DDs at this tier, with all the Vodka - powered engines and such ). As for concealment, 0.2 Km isn't going to make much of a difference, but the agility of Emile Bertin gives her an edge, as the ship can dodge an incoming BB salvo with relative ease, so I give that to Bertin. So, who wins? It's close. Just kidding, it's Konigsberg, by a HUGE margin. While Emile Bertin may be more agile, harder to smash, and have better AA defenses, in reality, Bertin is just an Oversized DD, with a citadel, and her slow loading armament and slower fish only compound these issues, as opponents have better time to get to their senses and deliver a fatal blow to poor old Emile. Konigsberg, on the other hand, is just better. Yes, she does have that strange A-XY turret Configuration, and she has shorter ranged fish compared to her Japanese counterpart, Furutaka, but she does have faster loading guns, more fish, and has higher survivability potential thanks to her thicker armor, which means she's effective at an angle, as opposed to Emile, who can get citadeled by any gun larger than 203mm in caliber from ANY angle, even bow on. So, that's that. I hope you all enjoyed this little posting of mine. If you have any complaints or questions, you can leave them in the comments and I will answer as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the NEXT Volume of Super Smackdown. Season 1 Volume 2: TIER X TRIPLE SMASH: Mad Montana and Cowabunga Conqueror versus Krazy Karl Kurfurst. WHO can claim the throne as the best of the twelve-gun Tier Ten Battleships. Find out next week ( or sometime soon ) on SUPER SMACKDOWN Shrayes, out.