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Found 9 results

  1. Pretty_Rkless


    Never played it. Bought it on a recommend from a clan mate.... OMG.... First 2 bursts, 2 dev strikes..... If I can get my potato into a flank, awesome... Kiting and deleting. First match all AP. How WG didn't nerf this thing I don't know, but I'll take it...
  2. So since the superships have released for the tech tree, I noticed that the game permits me to purchase Zorkiy even though I don't have Delny as I had reset the Soviet DD line in the past when the top tier was Khaba, but I cant buy Hannover even though I completed the German BB line when GK was top tier because I've not researched Preussen. This sounds like an oversight. I would've submitted a ticket but the website for that doesn't seem to work
  3. Snargfargle


    Another high-tier player Queues up for the game now Cries of anguish break the silence We are all forsaken! Must I go play Tier III? It's not my game, you see Superships, superships They are frighting! With their burst rate and their range And their jets, it's no fun All the Tier Xs, all the Tier Xs They are crying We are dead, we are dead! Wee-Gee, Wee-Gee, We-Gee-ie-ie What's in your head, in your head? Wee-Gee, Wee-Gee, We-Gee-ie-ie, oh No, no, no, no No, no, no, no No, no, no, no No, no, no, no Another forum thread decries Chaos taking over We the pious urge compliance Changes revocation! It's the same old theme Since 2015 It's all change, it's all change We are fighting Bad enough, planes and subs Superships, final straw! What's in your head, in your head? They are crying In your head, in your head Wee-Gee, Wee-Gee, We-Gee-ie-ie What's in your head, in your head? Wee-Gee, Wee-Gee, We-Gee-ie-ie Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, ay, oh, ya ya!
  4. Just thinking out loud here... My Asashio seems to be a good counter to super BBs currently. When they are made T11, I won't be up against them anymore. Would WOWS consider a change to Asashio and modify her for T9 ? Your thoughts and comments always appreciated. Happy Hunting!
  5. Honest question WG.....the writing on the wall is obvious for everyone to see. Superships are here, aren't going anywhere, and are soon to be added in breadth as part of the live server (in due time). So, considering they outperform their T10 brethren in most metrics, why are we calling them "superships" as opposed to just calling what they are as T11s? This isn't a hate on superships rant, but you're not fooling anybody as to what they really are. It was said in the past there would "never" be ships past T10, but considering every other "never" promise has been broken by now, why even hide the real intent here?
  6. Took a week to render all this together but finally, here it is.
  7. So i just played my first supership game in Ranked. And i got 0 credits for the game? After spending creds for equipment. So what's the point if you cant grind some credits?
  8. So as we are all painfully aware, both subs AND superships are being "tested" in random battles during 0.11.0 and the foreseeable future... Now sidestepping the whole "Are these ships good for the game?" question (they aren't), the reason we have been given for why they are being tested in this way is "It's important to test these ships in a 12v12 environment that accurately reflects the normal game." Now that is a fair enough reason, but why that doesn't explain why they are being given to everyone. First, doing so basically just acts like a full release, which should never happen for things in testing. Second, testing both subs and superships at the same time will compound the negative effects each have on the game, which should never happen for things in testing. Third, as already proven by WG, they have rather long update cycles which can leave the game in shambles for an entire month or more, which should never happen for things in testing. So you have a dilemma, you need to test these ships in their final environment, but you can't just let them loose into the game (like they are doing) because that could cause issues so severe that it could kill the game... If only WG had a group of screened volunteers they could give these ships to for the purpose of testing... So here is my real question, why the f*** were both subs and superships added for everyone to test, when there is already a group that handles this sort of thing? This option would keep major issues with these new ships limited to a fraction of the battles in the game while also having the benefit of a sizeable test pool to gather WG's "data" on. You know, like all other testships... Or is it that WG is introducing so many other premiums and tech tree lines, the supertesters already have far too much to test?
  9. While I wasn't thrilled with running Tier 10 "special ships" (I don't think there are any Prem T10s) in COOP in order to get the tokens to try out super ships for 1 day, it wasn't the worst grind ever in order to test out the new ships. However, the new mission requirements kind of make me think WG doesn't want us to test them so much. Running 40 COOP games averaging 350 BXP each in order to get 1 day's worth of super tokens (which might end up being 100 coal) seems like over kill. Likewise, 4-ish random games in T10s also is a much higher commitment but compared to COOP doesn't seem so bad. So last week, it was 4-5 COOP games in a T10 to get 4 tokens. This week it is 4-5 random games in T10 OR 40 COOP games at T10 to get 4 tokens. Also, you can only get 1 day's worth of tokens in the massive COOP grind before having to do the grind in randoms. I'm not THAT interested in testing these ships.