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Found 2 results

  1. Vader_Sama

    Patrie in co op

    I gotta say, I think I found my favorite supership or rather it lived up to the hopes and dreams although it's a pity that the combat instructions were tossed away. hell I even made credits in half of these games. Compared to the other super BBs, Patrie is very flexible and while the secondaries are not like Hannover's, they just spit fire and are equally as fun
  2. With "superships" being based on the premise a post-WW2 warship development that didn't include missiles, I tried to come up with a non-missile version of Britain's next destroyer after the Daring class, the County class. The problem was I wanted to keep as much of the Counties' appearance as possible. Once I added aft gun turrets instead of the Seaslug missile launcher and helipad, there wasn't much room for torpedoes. But then I realized there was a place I'd been overlooking. The Counties' magazine for their missile launchers was enormous and ran more than half the ship's length. So I could make use of that space by putting torps on the centerline inside the hull with sliding doors to cover them when not in use. Unconventional but it allows the County superstructure to remain unchanged and thus keep the silhouette similar to the real ship. Or alternately she could just have 4x4 torps along the sides. Less interesting but perhaps more practical. The other thing to bear in mind is that HMS Glamorgan is herself enormous. She's bigger than Elbing (at least by displacement; Elbing is still slightly longer) and thus would be the largest DD in the game. She'll have a ton of HP but she'll also be an enormous target with no armor whatsoever. Just 19mm plating, 13mm superstructure and 6mm turrets, same as the much smaller Daring. Given the gigantic HP pool I'm not sure if she should get the same repair party as Daring but provisionally I'm keeping it there. I'm also adding DFAA since her AA would be kinda unimpressive for a T11 DD otherwise. As for the alternative firing mode gimmick, I have no idea what she'd get. Probably burst fire for the guns I guess.