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Found 4 results

  1. I don't deserve this (I wish there was a way to give unwanted gifts away, to more needful/worthy players) : Advice is welcome, most sincerely. edit : (update) I think the Supercontainer came from a WG code, H2K0WGFEST18 that I borrowed off somebody's discord today.
  2. It's been literally months since I received a Super Container. The last two I have received were modules I did not want. But this... this one has got to be the worst super container of all time. Honest question: How is this a super container at all - 750 gold stars and a collection item?
  3. This is what I got 50 wyvern 25 dragon 50 ocean soul Spotter plane mod Anniversary camo 50 ocean soul Damage control party mod Spotter plane mod To be honest I cried a little inside nothing really super about any of this, but you can’t win a ship if you don’t take your chances! Spotter planes are on my Yammy and Monty. Damage party is on the Mo. Special flags will be used up. Camo is useless since I have 2750 and will be sold off.