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Found 6 results

  1. I get a 7 day premium time from a SC exactly a week before the spring break where I can actually be active..... Well 7 days premium is the best thing Ive gotten out of an SC so far, so might as well enjoy it
  2. Hi all, Well just got my 18 super containers and feel most upset as not a single one gave me any DET flags...... what does WG think its doing giving out rewards that you can use. I mean look at this, this was what I got from my containers: 1. 1000 dubs 2. 25 x Dragon Flags 3. 100 x india delta 4. 25 x Dragon Flags 5. 30 days Premium Time 6.50 x Revolutionary Camo 7. 14 days Premium Time 8. 100 x Zulu Hotel 9. 15k Coal 10. 1000 Dubs 11.50 x Blue Lagoon Camo 12. 50 x Pi Camo 13. 7 days Premium Time 14. 15k Coal 15. 7 days Premium Time 16. 15k Coal 17. 15k Coal 18. 50k Free EXP I mean really where are the useless camo's and the DET flags, just what is the world coming to when you get rewards like this. I have to say thank you WG for making the Start of the Anniversary really great and very happy with the rewards. I hope everyone gets as lucky as me. Happy sailing
  3. A quick background I registered in 2015 but didn't really start playing until Dec 2018, so how this works is new to me. I get the containers when I pass 2000xp, 12500xp and 35000xp. Given those: Is there a chance to get a supercontainer without choosing the Try Your Luck option? What are the chances if this is so? If you can only get a supercontainer by the Try Your Luck option, what are the odds? When purchasing containers do your chances go up for supercontainers or is it the same as above? What are the odds?
  4. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Complaint about supercontainers

    I don't deserve this (I wish there was a way to give unwanted gifts away, to more needful/worthy players) : Advice is welcome, most sincerely. edit : (update) I think the Supercontainer came from a WG code, H2K0WGFEST18 that I borrowed off somebody's discord today.
  5. It's been literally months since I received a Super Container. The last two I have received were modules I did not want. But this... this one has got to be the worst super container of all time. Honest question: How is this a super container at all - 750 gold stars and a collection item?