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Found 3 results

  1. I have seen a lot of people complaining about the lack of survivability skills available to cruisers in the upcoming skill rework's initial design. Basically, it would mean that cruisers would be unable to take things like fire prevention or basics of survivability. It severely nerfs ships like Stalingrad, Puerto Rico, and Petro. The light cruisers are also affected do to lack of advantageous skill choices. I believe this is actually good for the game, as long as WG sticks to their guns and doesn't give anything here, especially for the super cruisers. Think about how much super cruisers are overwhelmingly preferred in clan battles. With a powerful universal nerf to them like this, it may make other cruisers usable again. As for light cruisers, they are largely the source of one of the more complained about elements of the game right now: HE spam. This may be a way to decrease that spam from happening. Let the flaming now begin...
  2. What is taking so long for the Seigfried , the Agir to come out not to mention the Odin it seems like wargaming hates the Germans they take some of the most accurate ships known to make them suck at accuracy they give us a ton of Russian paper ships that quite frankly are over powered and some of the hysterically over powered , and we still have not seen these ships yet why not and last I checked they have nerfed them to the point where they are not good at all but buff Russian ships that were already overpowered wth is going on wargaming ohh and don't get me started on Italian battle ships where the hell are they why are we getting more Russian paper ships when there was a whole Italian fleet that was real and it is not in the game really come on , am I the only one who thinks this is messed up I love the game but come on even a blind man with one good ear can understand what they are doing so why do they hate the Germans and pretend that there navy was so awesome that it doesn't deserve the same treatment that every other navy is getting?
  3. Lately with influx of " Super Cruisers " high tier coal , steel and or FREE XP ships and that WG is gravitating to why are they even keeping tech tree lines anymore. Let me be clear I'm 100 % for tech tree ships including low tier ships but the last 3 lines have been lacklustre until you get to the high ships of course. WG last decent low tier premiums of worth to my mind were HMS Vampire and USS Charleston and maybe 1 or 2 other, there reluctant to to create tier 5 to 7 premiums of quality in any great numbers its seems to be a hit miss ratio here. However they seem to pull out all the stops when it comes to tier 8 and and above apart from a small few, you only have to look at a tier 8 to 10 matches and there are many occasions where premiums are in greater numbers than regular ships. In game on the forums in clan discord a lot talk is about grinding to get coal and steel to get the premiums. WG tinkers with tech lines regularly but there still way behind, there is not a day goes by where there is a thread or post discussing Power creep and its not getting better i believe there testing a Italian clone and Russian one now. WG are resisting tooth and nail to bring out BattleCruiser lines and ships that should part of those lines are being turned into abomination " Super Cruisers ". There are hundreds of if not thousands of ships from tier 3 to 7 that could be part of split lines or even quality premiums but WG just keeps on pumping out those tier 8 and above. The should be comps or events for players that enjoy low to mid tier ships and people will BUY ships below tier 7. Don't get wrong I like high tier ships including premiums, i have a lot of them but there not " be all end all " for me I"m certain tech tree's lines will still be here but they could just do away with low tiers and just start at tier 5 which opens the gate to the coal / steel and FREE XP ships. Again I'm not advocating this in any way shape or form, far from it, just my views on how the game is turning. Anyway I'm certain there will be disagreeing with just about everything i have written. regards