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Found 3 results

  1. DarkFireWolfe57


    Small thing I've noticed with the Super Containers that I thought I might mention. With all the events and missions that have been happening and with the availability of flags through the Arsenal the Super Containers no longer feel worth their rarity. I understand having to have something more common in them but only receiving 100 flags that can be obtained with relative ease counteracts the purpose of having a rare and special container.
  2. A surprise Super Container from taking Try Your Luck. Its not the Best Premium you could get from a Box. But than the best premium is the Free Premium. Super Containers can be a bit disappointing most of the time. This Ship is my second Premium from a TYL Super Container, the first being the Anshan several years ago. Good luck and my RNG Favor you with those Containers.
  3. Airwarrior_Kny

    super containers Lack OF

    Well have about 90 Reg containers saved up so far.. Have Not seen a Super container for over 100.. I use the space port. think there might be some glitch.. Or has WOW stopped given them out, cept for those select few