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Found 6 results

  1. Can we get some more goodies in the super containers please? Pretty please with sugar on top. I know WoW is able to add to the mix of goodies in these baby's and I realize you guys are very busy but dang....enough with the worthless...stuff....mix it some...how about throw camos in there I do not think I have ever seen camos as a reward for pulling the handle. Anyone else pull the handle for a chance on super containers? If there is already a "Wide" selection then by all means disregard this post. Anyone else agree these need to be sweetened up?
  2. I had forgotten that I had bypassed this challenge... and got back to it... the rewards for this challenge were great.... who doesn't like Super Containers!?
  3. I was hoping for 30 days premium or a new ship - been a long time since I've seen a ship in one of my SC's... here's what I got: I'm okay with that...
  4. I finally got a ship in the super container. It is a OP ship too the kamikaze, I own the Kamikaze R but nice to have a sister ship.
  5. It seems to me that WG programmed this game to go through your inventory, find what crappy flag or camouflage you have the most of (and don't use) and put that into your super container. The last four of my five super containers have been pure crap. I just got 50 "restless fire" camo, one of the most gaudy and ugly camo in the game. That bumped me up to over 500 of that crappy camo. Before that was 250 "zulu" flags (gives you +20% credits per battle) and I know have over 1100 of those. Before that it was 250 "zulu hotel" (+50% commander XP), I now have over 1200 of those. It seems WG just gives me what I need the least of....conspiracy? Have I been singled out by WG? Do I need to wear a tin foil hat? On the bright side one of those super containers weren't so bad.....250 doubloons....meh. Why can't I get the flags (battle flags) that I actually use and can't buy? It seems super containers are rare, but it is even rarer to get something good out of the super containers. And yes, I do sell off excess stuff I don't use. Time to do it again.
  6. Karma. I set a "goal" when they introduced it to get mine to 300. Seemed like a good number to strive for. So now that I have gotten there I only have satisfaction from achieving the goal. You get karma for good play and good manners. It is a point system that recognizes desirable effort. Still no indication from WG on what the plans are for karma but a few things I would like to see tied to it. 1. Coal, or better yet, steel. From what I have read this "commodity" will come from clan achievements, some missions, crates. Why not as a reward for good behavior. 2. Doubloons would also be nice. 3. Even (real) supercontainers with a higher chance for ship drop, doubloons, high credit amounts or high elite/free XP amounts. Set any of these rewards on reaching target numbers. Maybe at 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 karma. Make the rewards larger at each stage. And if you implement something like this make sure those who have passed one or more of the reward levels get the cumulative rewards! Still having fun and going on three years of play. Keep it up WG!