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Found 1 result

  1. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    I got Enterprise!!

    So before I begin, understand your mileage may vary. The Summer Sale began today, and as I was looking through what was being offered, I noticed the "Air Supply Premium Container" for 20 Summer Tokens. These containers have a chance to drop Kaga, Saipan, Graf Zeppelin, or Enterprise (and 10 pt. commander); along with chances of dropping camos and premium flags. At the bottom, it states: "If a container drops a ship you already have in your port, you will receive another ship from the list and a 10 pt. commander, and port slot." Considering I had every ship on that list except Enterprise, I decided to give it a shot. First container, 20 Sci-Fi camos, no luck. Second container, I got Enterprise! Absolutely thrilled with the drop!! So if you are like me, and you have every T8 premium CV except for Enterprise, who knows you might luck out like I did! Played one match so far & it is a dream to play.