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Found 14 results

  1. *Summer Sale* Gib monies plz (you can earn one free container via missions) Summer sale has a 1 in 12 chance of getting a permanent camouflage from a "Distant Voyages" lootcrate! To throw some cold water on you, it's an 11 in 12 chance you won't get a camouflage. In the details, the kind of camouflage you might get is stated to vary by the group the camouflage belongs to. TLDR; You have a lot of conditions to fill There are three groups, Unique, Rare, and Special. It will first try to give you all the common (Unique) camouflages. If it lands on a camouflage you own, it will cough up an uncommon (Rare) camouflage. If you own that uncommon (Rare) camouflage, it will then deliver a Unique camouflage. Mutltiple hoops to jump through to get to the actual desirable camouflages. You can buy probably half of these camouflages in the ship tab in port, so only limited event and reward camouflages are truly unobtainable any other way. There's 11 other possible drops besides the permanent camouflage: AKA, what you will actually be getting. Are 14 dragon flags worth $3? In my opinion yes. If you only play coop, or don't win very often, they won't pay out. You can make make 20K xp and FXP per game, but you need full dragon flags. Pay to progress, not pay to win (for now). 140 dragon flags for $29 is not bad, but also not the best. The camo, it does nothing: value? The first group is full of low tier cosmetic camouflages for ships no one wants to play. You have to wade through all of these, before it starts giving up the rare camouflages. How many people are frothing at the mouth for a Genova camouflage? You are basically spending christmas crate levels of money to get only camouflages. No ships, only a camo. At least for Christmas they removed the low tier premiums like emden and albany from the list. Not here. Here you have to wade through all these low tier camouflages. The insulting bonus: you might not have the ship nor ever have the ship. The camouflage you won is useless to you, and not sellable either. You would have to spend christmas crate levels of money ($500+) to get to some of the more "rare" camouflages. Value: For a new player, pretty dubious. You may get a permanent camouflage for a ship you don't yet own, or worse, may never own. If you want dragon flags, this might be the actual goal. Take the free crate, and be happy. For a player with almost all the ships and all the camouflages, it offers an interesting chance to gamble $60 on 20 crates and get multiple 5000-7000 doubloon camouflages. If you are like myself, and have almost every single camouflage on this list, it can ONLY give you the expensive 5-7k camouflages like the Kobayashi ones. Of course odds are you might only get 280 dragon flags. This is gambling on getting what you want. Dragon flags and camos are not bad and are worth $3 (750 dubs) imho. Unlike a casino, where you get nothing when you lose, here you still get something useful. Recommendation: For new players, or those without a lot of ships, the black friday sale always offers a superior value, where spending $70 or so may net you 2-3 premium ships and nice shadow lurker camouflages. Keep those diamond hands shiny and wait. 👏💎Diamond Hands💎👏 For the whale, this is an interesting opportunity to farm out all the 7000 doubloon camouflages. The hidden danger is all of the "rust" looking master of the waterworld camouflages. Do you want ten camouflages? You could mount that camouflage to one ship, but now they are listing them as already bound versions. If they were unbound, they would offer a lot more value for use on future ships. Imagine spending $500 so all of your tier 10 ships can look rusty. Not the most appealing. I would say for an established player, spend $30 , the equivalent of one 7000 dub camo and let it ride and see what you get. TLDR; ITS A FORMIDABLE WALL OF TRASH TO CLIMB, AT HIGH COST, FOR NO SHIPS.
  2. To show, i didnt win "good" things everyday on the Summer Sale 2020:
  3. Pessoal, Ja que não viram os outros videos, estou postando os outros 3 aqui num único tópico:
  4. I had a dream today i would get my Black Massachusetts! My most wanted Black Friday ship as i love Massachusetts gameplay and she came out on the last container: Also got 70.000 FXP, 20 black camos and 10 streamer camos. video:
  5. Given, I would rather prefer WG to do the Summer Sale with a more layered offering of ships, such as some low tiers, mid tiers, and high tiers (because some players don't play Tier 3). However, I just realized that the cost of a Token Stock (50 tokens) would buy exactly 2,500 doubloons, which will get you 50 Type-6 camos (+100% xp). Considering the Summer camo, costing 1 token each, gives you +100% xp, +50% commander xp, and +100% free xp, this is actually a good deal. For those players who like buying a lot of Type-6 camos for grinding something, the daily Token Stock (50 tokens) would truly be a (smol?) sale.
  6. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! 5 lunar containers and 2 ships! The desired Bajie and Wukong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was Enterprise, today: Bajie and Wukong, 2 ships i was willing to have!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Looks like today's patch did two things: Removed ranked battles Started the new season for resetting your Research Bureau ships Was that it? When is the anniversary event? I was expecting that today, and I'm not going to reset a line and lose all the bonuses I would've gotten for playing that line whenever the anniversary event starts. Also, what's the ETA on the US BB line split? Also, is there any info on a Summer Sale? Still no word that I'm seeing on it. Anyone know the specifics on this... got links?
  8. UraraShiraishi

    wows summer sale

    apparently wot summer sale just started (https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/summer-sales-first-offers/) and seeing how there was one last year for wows (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/103520-summer-sale-2018-finished/) when do you expect the summer sale this year for wows to begin? and what are you expecting/hoping for? i think i just want some cheap doubs and maybe an arizona 50% off
  9. Yet another heads-up. Your ship for sale is the Kii. Yes, it's another battleship. No, it's not a joke (the ship itself is though). Live on the EU and Asia Servers. SHIP OF THE DAY: KII NA Price: $39.47 USD (30% OFF) BUNDLE CONTENT VIII KII PORT SLOT DETAILS Today only: Battleship Kii at a 30% discount! Kii is a Japanese battleship that comes with everything fans of Imperial Japanese Navy ships will love: from a powerful main battery of numerous 410 mm guns, to a good health pool and torpedoes. This ship is equipped with an impressive AA armament to counter aircraft carriers by effectively fending off their air strikes. Advantages: Ten 410 mm main battery guns with a range of 19.38 km. Torpedoes with a range of 6 km that pack a punch up close. AA defenses that are powerful enough to make hostile air squadrons think twice before getting too close. A formidable 68,200 HP and reliable armor good enough for confident "bow-tanking". Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage. If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 9,030 Doubloons as compensation. See the Wiki for the performance parameters of Kii.
  10. Another heads-up; Summer Sale Day 10's ship is Tirpitz. She's already live on the EU and Asia servers. SHIP OF THE DAY: TIRPITZ NA Price: TBA (30% Off) BUNDLE CONTENT VIII Tirpitz Port Slot DETAILS Today only: Battleship Tirpitz with a 30% discount! One of the most famous German ships—the legendary Tirpitz! Historically and in the game, this ship is distinguished for survivability. She combines excellent armor protection, formidable main guns, fantastic secondary gun battery complement, and torpedo launchers. If battleships are your ship of choice, Tirpitz will give you everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable sortie. Advantages: Perfect survivability and armor protection—a defining feature of German battleships. Awesome 380 mm main battery guns that can pack a real punch. This ship wields guns of a smaller caliber compared to that of other same-tier battleships, but her main battery has a faster reload. Heavy secondary battery complement with an excellent 7 km range. "Catapult Fighter" or "Spotting Aircraft" consumables. Torpedoes—a type of armament not typically found on battleships. Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage. If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 8,750 Doubloons as compensation. See the Wiki for the performance parameters of Tirpitz. (Or read LWM's review.)
  11. Just a heads up, but Alabama is next on the Summer Day Sale. She is already live on the EU and Asia servers. LIVE NOW. SHIP OF THE DAY: ALABAMA NA PRICE: $37.58 (30% OFF) BUNDLE CONTENT VIII ALABAMA PORT SLOT DETAILS Today only: Battleship Alabama with a 30% discount! Alabama will take her rightful place in the collection of any admirer of U.S. battleships or fan of naval history. This ship boasts a combination of maneuverability that is quite good for a battleship with accurate and efficient main battery guns. Discover new tactical solutions and playstyles! Advantages: Nine accurate and reliable 406 mm main guns. Excellent anti-aircraft firepower. Good anti-torpedo protection, a priceless advantage in any close encounters with hostile light ships. Impressive maneuverability for a battleship. Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage. If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 8,540 Doubloons as compensation. See the Wiki for the performance parameters of Alabama. (Or just Read LWM's Review)
  12. According to WoWs Asia server, next ship for the daily sale on July 23rd is... Prinz Eugen! Personally, I think she was a gud bote even before the buff that gave her Repair Party. Now, she seems like an even bettah bote. I highly recommend. Git her nao, lel. No wait, I heard the NA server updates around... 4:30 am? So I guess we still have several hours left with Atago... but git her when it's her turn, lul. For more info, please refer to Miss Maus' wonderful review, right here.