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Found 1 result

  1. Jitta77

    The Paolo Emilio

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/48 In the new test iteration, we radically changed the concept of Paolo Emilio. Now it is a destroyer whose goal in battle is to conduct rapid torpedo attacks at close range. An "Exhaust Smoke Generator", an "Engine Boost" which increases the maximum speed by 25%, and torpedoes that have high damage and quick reload, but a short range, will help her in her role. To play effectively, it's important to choose a target, plan an attack route, engage, and retreat. It is worth noting that the Smoke Generator will only allow you to get closer to the enemy, but the action time is not enough to hide from the enemy ship when retreating. The main-caliber guns still have a high salvo weight, but due to the long reload time, they are more of an auxiliary weapon. So this concept has a fast T9 DD with 67 kt Torps that hit for 23K max but 4 km range. How is this concept supposed to work at T9? Is it radar proof or something? Detection under 5.5km? 7 second reload guns with 11km range. She sounds like a mix between german and russian DDs but focused on the worst DD game scenario (suicide torping). I don't get this boat at all.