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Found 1 result

  1. I recently noticed an idea from my friends: Can we add more map element to the game? such as CLOUD. I really wish Development Team can check or test this idea, which is more realistic and easy to do. We know that some ships in WW2 will try to hide them in cloud to avoid air strike, may be we can use this in the game. Just like island can block the view of ship, cloud can block the view from sky. we can see it as another kind of smoke, which last forever, not on the surface of sea, but in the sky, I think this could be easily implemented by current smoke code, at least not that hard for test. Well used cloud allow ships hide under it and avoid air attack, if ship not be spotted. the aircraft fly in cloud area (actually hide above cloud) also can avoid AA fire power. For those ship already spotted under cloud, it could give CV chance to attack without loss plane, (receive no damage above cloud, and receive normal damage under cloud). The cloud does not effect the view between ship to ship, just between ship and aircraft. by Adding a new interaction element for map could provide some new game style, or create safe house for some type of ship, and this could also change game play style, make game more interesting. For the CV and surface ship balance, I don't have many good idea, but I believe add interaction like cloud will give some ship and aircraft opportunities and different game play. I know developing team is working on rebalance AA system, and it is important. thanks all your working, at least I have confidence to play CV now. Plus: I am open for any suggestion or question, and I believe this new element could improve game experience and have infinite possibility for play style.