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Found 1 result

  1. Since I'm one of those "bring back RTS CVs" types (and yes, I have quite a few battles in RTS CVs), feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've spoilered each segment to shorten it. Although I first started using CVs in the RTS days only because of my belief that the best way to counter any class in WoWs is to use it myself, I did come to enjoy RTS CVs quite a bit, advancing up to Taiho and Midway by the time the rework came around. Although I was not unicum level, I did become good enough with them that I could keep up with the likes of KotS CV commanders. After the rework, I tried the new CVs out but quickly found that it was simply not my cup of tea. Nowadays I mainly use the class in co-op to quickly rack up plane kills or spotting damage, and spend much more time on the wrong side of CVs than not. To me, the main problems with RTS CVs were: On the other hand, there were mitigating factors to limit the effect of RTS CVs, namely imo the presence of reliable counters: Although I ultimately stopped using CVs (at least in PvP) when the rework came, I do frequently follow discussions and watch videos about CVs post rework. From what I can observe, the rework did increase CV numbers and lessen the effect a skill gap could have on the less competent CV commander. However, I also notice the following problems. These are my suggested solutions, in no particular order of importance. I suppose it could be construed as combining RTS CVs with reworked CVs. I also threw in a suggestion for when submarines come out: Edit: removed strafe