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Found 104 results

  1. Crucify me all you want but I enjoy subs, and I think periscope depth as executed in the game doesnt make a lot of sense. So I can detect things at periscope depth but only when they're within range to autodetect me?This makes sense from a balance area I guess, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having a periscope depth. No one's going to use it if you're just going to get autodetected every time. Most of the time it's a destroyer, meaning you have no hope at that point and are going to get sent back to port within the next minute because he jumped on you from this magic wall where you cant see anything until they see you.It shouldn't be as far as normal detection range for sure, but a small buffer of .5 to 1km outside your detection range would be a good balance of actually being able to spot things with the scope and still be close enough for a ship to close the distance quickly if they know you're there. A better system would be a higher detection range the faster you are moving at periscope depth, as the wake left by the scope at high speeds was the primary way that subs were detected by surface vessels.
  2. Ralph_Vargr

    Should AA Pip Subs?

    If a sub surfaces within AA range, wouldn't the AA gunners fire on it? One or 2 points per hit?
  3. How it is possible that ALL Subs (Tier VI and VIII) have a winrate ABOVE 50%? Numbers from https://na.wows-numbers.com/
  4. Is there any video or something explaining ASW in detail? Why Hydro doesn't detect subs? How detection works on subs? Depth charge mechanics. I had several games where I hit subs with more than 10 depth charges+he shells and they simply don't die. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I've seen the oil leak left by subs but. I don't understand its effect. Is the sub damaged or slower like that? TY
  5. I was thinking that a new charateristic of stealth and concealment could be added to ALL ships to make game play a little more fun. That would be tuning off your engine which would stop your heat signature so that your enemy would be harder to detect you. Of course being more concealed is a plus but remember your not moving and dead in the water so to speak for the time being. But it could give you some chance for more time to survive as long as the enemy is not within absolute detection distance. That engine shut off concealment all depends on the proportional size of the ship ofcourse. All comments are welcome.
  6. I came back after nearly a year's absence and want to learn subs. The playstyle appeals to me. I currently suck with them, as whenever I get close enough to shoot some torps, I get detected and have to dive and run. I sure do not feel "overpowered" ! Is it best to stay with your team, or hunt off in a corner and try to ambush? Is it worth it to try to get around the other team and shoot from behind them? I seem too slow. I am going to play in T6 for now. It is a simpler game there.
  7. CallingElvis

    Subs ruin the game

    They can show up right next to you, fire off 6 torps, and sink the full health CL next to me. Then dive for 20 sec, resurface, and drop me the same way. We're a few minutes into the game. WG has lost its mind with this design. Just awful. Here's a link to a video of the event.
  8. As simply put, Can the Wolf Pack scenario be scheduled to run for a week, every 4-6 weeks? With the release of multiple lines of subs, and a preference for NON-randoms, can the Wolf pack scenario be placed in a rotation, if only every 4-6 weeks, so that players can partake in it without having to find 4-6 div mates? Currently, I don't believe that operation gets much run time, due to the extreme limitation of creating a Div in order to run it. Kindest Regards, Yank
  9. 6fingeredman

    Sub and CV Spotting

    The recent dev blog has me thinking about spotting mechanics again so here are two ideas I have for subs and cvs. Idea for submarines. Subs should be required to maintain "radio silence" and therefore not report to their teammates positions of the enemy team. If they break radio silence, the red team can intercept and view their position. This could be done through the use of a consumable or command like AA sectoring. Similarly cv planes shouldn't be able to spot unless they "radio in" the position of an enemy ship. In order to "radio in" the planes must maintain visual contact with the enemy. "Radioing" in the position requires the planes to hold a bearing in order to pinpoint it's location thereby lowering it's evasiveness and making it easier to shoot down. Again this could be done through a consumable or command. Limitless spotting is a frustrating and oftentimes one-sided engagement. These ideas are perhaps a nice middle ground.
  10. RumRunner_Jobu

    Why is ASW NOT fixed

    Why is ASW against the subs not been fixed yet? wg is not going to fix the subs SPEED nor Maneuverability since they way they did subs renders ship-based depth charges useless except in the most remote situations or against unskilled sub players. Why don't they do something like this to fix the ASW on ships, since it's such a hodepodge joke for the last year or two. Just standardize the depth charge air strikes as every ship has a radio, so even below makes not much sense with distance, but it's better than what wg put in. DD's Get the 4km range depth charge air strike. Light Cruisers get 6km range depth charge air strike. Heavy Cruisers get the 8km depth charge air strike. Battleships and Battle cruisers, get the 10km depth charge strike. Carriers...Are auto depth charge strike, although they should have planes with depth charges anyway. 10km depth charge strike. So simple.... Now cruisers. Can't go by the size of the guns for distinguishing light and Heavy cruisers. Got to go by hull size. A Nurnberg vs a Yorck for example, is where that class of cruiser start splitting from light to heavy cruisers. Other lines have better splits like the Dallas vs Pensocola lines of cruisers. Anyway, the fantasy wg subs really unbalance gameplay and need fixing (where have we heard that before....oh all the other articles on subs...). Enjoy.
  11. In most of my recent co-op matches, i've been playing either subs, or lower tier destroyers on the grind for the sub lines. A thing that has been blatantly obvious to me is that the AI enemies are tracking and attacking players (usually myself) while undetected, often without having been detected at all up to that point in the match. It is most often by the opposing CV, but can often be opposing DD and CA ships.. CV behaviours often take the form of an attacking run by rocket planes, first turning on a direct intercept course, and even beginning diving attacks, while still undetected. DD and CA behaviours take the form of ships obviously following an exact path that I am taking in order to use their depth charge attacks, again while undetected. Frequently they will head directly to my location, which is not a direct forward path from the starting location, and use their hydro ability once they are less than 1km away. There is no reason for that ship to even suspect that I might be there at that point as I have not used my sonar, nor have I been detected. I am aware that the AI by necessity are always aware of everything because the AI opponent is the same system that we are playing the game on, but i would think it an obvious thing that AI opponents should effectively ignore any undetected ship, boat, torpedo, for as long as they remain undetected... It is reasonable that some simulacrum of prediction should occur as that is human player behaviour, but the actions shown by the AI opponents are not simple prediction, but are reactionary. I should not be followed by a ship while undetected where if I make a turn, it also makes a turn, and then when I turn in the opposite direction, it ALSO adjusts course to follow. It entirely negates the detection system as it makes it obvious that the AI opponents can always detect you no matter what.
  12. This was just released. For the history, you WoWS sub commanders may be interested in this subject
  13. Introduction: Detonations (Quick and Easy): Carriers (This will be long): Subs (You knew this was coming): Superships (Yeah, I hate every new class released in the past year, bite me): Destoryers (Weren't expecting this one?) Border Riding (Addendum 1): Permanently Destroyed Modules: (Addendum 2): Closing Statement:
  14. So, today on youtube, most of the WOWS channels are pointing out the problems with CVs and Subs. These videos were dropped hours apart from two different youtubers on two different continents. When the people who do this for a living are saying the game isn't fun anymore maybe something is wrong. We all know the player base is has taken a hit since the introduction of subs, yeah, WG puts out propaganda charts to show everything is fine comrades, but steam shows a different story over the last two months. https://steamcharts.com/app/552990 So, maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board with subs? Maybe CV's as well? Bah who am I kidding, this post will be deleted and I'll be banned from forums, but hey, I did point out what's going on.
  15. I'm in my smolensk. In order to win we must sink every ship. I start chasing a subs last known. Get within 10 km... Here it comes... Ping.....1 torp....ping...nose on try to dodge. Nope. Ping....2 torps....ping use dcp.... 1 still hits me. Ping....1 Torp....hits me. Ping, I'm still roughly 6 km....hits me... Ping....3 torps....use dcp..... Ping....1 torp....ping, now double pinged....causes flood. Use heal.... Ping....he is on surface 1.2 km away.... 2 torps kill me as I click to shoot him..... ..... So @Ahskance what can a light cruiser do in a must kill situation? I didn't even get close enough to depth charge him.. If it had been a t10 syb, he would have out run me.... ENOUGH WITH HISTORICAL [edited]....EITHER SUBS ONLY CAN GO 6KTS UNDER WATER OR GIVE LIGHT CRUISERS THE SAME ARAMENT BBS AND CV HAVE TO COUNTER THEM.... BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW BATTLESHIPS IN WW2 HAD AIR DROPPED DEPTH CHARGES....
  16. Im sick and tired of having NO COUNTER to subs. Worst then average players playing tier 10 subs. Owning their side of the map. Players not working together to deal with the subs, or they are too busy dealing with other ships. You cant play as a single player in Randoms anymore. So now that my Rant is over. When playing as a single in Randoms, what are the best ships to hunt Subs (if they can).
  17. Playing the new IJN tier 6 cruiser has brought me to a point in wich WG refuses to do anything about. I DARE EVERY WG EMPLOYEE TO PLAY 10 TIER 6 MATCHES TODAY IN THE NEW IJN LIGHT CRUISER GOKASE. The cruiser is a blast to play, until... You have 2 carriers targeting you with 2 subs pinging you and 2 battleships shooting at you... At Tier 6, one cv and 1 sub are op to deal with. Why? No AA, no matter how you group up. Subs able to burn your dcp as they ping you to death. You just cannot handle multiple carrier drops and dodge subs torps. The carrier players understand how to gang up on a ship 1 by 1 until dead... Last match I was 10 km from a warspite and Bayern. Multiple carrier drops and 2 subs pinging me.... A glorious 4 min of HELL.... AND THIS WAS THE 3RD IN A ROW.... ..... FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME 1 CARRIER 1 SUB .... AS YOUR BATTLE LOADING SCREEN SAYS. SWITCH TIERS OR SHIP TYPES IF YOU EXPERIENCE LONG WAITING TIMES... STOP CODDELLING THE SELECT FEW.
  18. michael_zahnle

    Tech Tree Beef

    I was just checking my fleet to earn a few SHPs on my non-elite ships and discovered that Farragut had returned to the roster just because a sub was added to the tech tree. This is [edited]. Anyone care to explain the reasoning behind this?
  19. I just got the Cachalot this morning. I am noticing that EVERY match that 2 of the Bow Trop tubes get knocked out 100%. I put Main Armament Mod 1 one on it and took the captain skill Preventive maintenance. This is a big issue because it knocks the DPS down by 50%. Why are the Bow tubes still be knocked out very match?
  20. They are too much of a Rogue like class. Almost all pvp games have to nerf stealth classes ( This game had to nerf invisible fire early in its existence.) Just as getting burned down by unseen destroyers nearly killed the game early on. The idea of invisible unnaturally difficult to target ships dumping loads of homing torpedoes into targets busy dealing with angling, DD torpedo avoidance, and attack by CV removes any hope of offensive action. Submarine's scouting and objective capturing ability are both poor making their role pretty much torpedo dispensers.
  21. anonym_uO7eEzhrDxsi

    There has to be a reason

    Since I’ve been back playing again I’ve noticed that carrier planes are much more invulnerable to AA now. It used to be we could at least half way defend against them. It seems like subs are just getting shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. I’ve been trying to figure out why Wargaming made such changes and made carriers such an overpowered and protected ship. They seem so overbalanced as they are now. It’d be nice if Wargaming would give us a hint as to why and what the future holds. All I’ve seen so far is Wargaming creating an in-game environment where anyone who plays carrier or sub is constantly maligned and cussed by everyone else. Wargaming says this shouldn’t be happening but they’re the ones that have caused to happen. So I guess my question is this, Wargaming what are you going to do to take the pressure off and fix it so all ship types can be enjoyed and feel balanced? Or do you as a company even give a ....
  22. WES_HoundDog

    The Money Poll

    Hey everyone. So I read on the "Comments on the Sub Poll" thread that the only poll that matters to WeGe is "The Money Poll". So I figured to get the poll of uno importante out there, well somebody had to do it. So without further ado.
  23. commo81

    3 subs per side

    During a battle each team had 3 subs per side. A lot of players in the battle including myself were confused as we thought the matchmaker limited the subs to 2 per side which is still too many. exactly how many subs per side does matchmaker allow? Attached a screenshot of after battle report to show nobody was platooned with a sub, they were all individually entered by matchmaker into the battle.