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Found 54 results

  1. I see they FINALLY decided to add Submarines to WoW but I see (from the looks) it's only available in PC play? Is it available for the Console access of the game?? From the looks of it, Subs are basically the snipers of the seas??
  2. Reposting here for more feedback and noise On Submarine's Armament: The current armament scheme is very disappointing, as it is limited to very low alpha torpedoes. This limits gameplay opportunities and for all practical purposes fixes the best tactical use of subs into a mid range continuous spam of torps and pings, which becomes boring really fast. The lack of a powerful alpha and functional "dumbfire" negates the possibility of doing short range sneak attacks (high risk/high reward), which would be the more enthralling and exciting part of playing a submarine. Currently dealing damage is more oriented to maintain a steady stream of torpedoes/pings from outside of your max detection range, equalizing the role of this class more like a light sniper than into a scout/stalker/assassin role. We already have plenty of sniper roles in the game, there's no need for more but we lack a stalker/backstabbing assassin. As long as the ping mechanic gives incredible powerful advantages (guidance, more damage, critical damage) over "dumbfire" armament, it would remain as the preferred option and will dictate the meta over a more open and flexible play style, reliance on the ping mechanic makes the play style rigid, stale. As long as the ping provides homing for the torpedoes, landing hits would be either trivial or very difficult accordingly to to the player's ability to land pings, this looks like an unnecessary skill check that will preclude anyone not able to consistently land pings (pure mechanical skill) from enjoying and using submarines. As a consequence of this disparity in innate player skill, balancing torpedo damage to an acceptable average would prove difficult, with extreme positive or negative results being harder to normalize. The ping mechanic is not an effective normalization mechanic, it engenders a core skill gap on players and there not exist a functional work around to pings. IMO, the ping mechanics works against long term engagement and difficult balancing damage. As an alternative to Ping/Home mechanic, a functional "dumbfire" option should be provided in the form of a varied torpedo selection with different values on range, speed, damage and detection, more suited to different types of targets. A functional and significant alpha damage option must be provided to encourage high risk, close range engagement. Different firing options could be provided to give some flexibility and depth to armament management, I suggest options for single tube fire, normal "regular" spreads (2-4 tubes at once), full salvo (all tubes at once), and a special "trick" shot. The "trick shot" would be a curved trajectory for the torpedoes instead of the usual straight line, this would enable subs to disguise their position and possibly create their own "broadside shot" on targets going bow in/out in relation to the sub, this will help to work around the limited firing arcs for torpedoes and the inability to engage targets while moving on parallel trajectories. With some tweaks, sonar pings could be maintained as a target acquisition mechanic for underwater operation, in order to "illuminate" the target and calculate a firing solution (torpedoes adjust depth). Suitable submarines should have some sort of working AA, even if the DPS is fairly low. There must be an option to "fight it out" on the surface vs going underwater and spending Dive capacity. There's a case to be considered for giving manual control over the secondary gun, if the sub runs out of dive capacity would improve the fighting chances a bit. Most importantly, could be really fun. Also consider manual AA for the same reasons.
  3. Highly recommended, while not a specialist on naval issues, said channel picks excellent, lesser known topics. In this case detailing the events that led to a line of accidents in a single night, with 5 collisions involving 8 ships and the death of 104 mean. For anyone who doens't want/can't watch: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_May_Island
  4. Live test scheduled to start tomorrow! Yes, rewards are meh but this is a public service! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Link for the new Dev Blog on Sub changes: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/160 I'm really liking most of the proposed changes and glad the Devs have listened to feedback and common sense, kudos to you guys. Let's see: Dive capacity: Big yes! this was sorely need both in terms of gameplay and "flavor" Depth control: Big yes! ... I know some guys will miss the more "dynamic" experience of free diving but it was a mess and it would always require an arbitrary "line" between submerged and surfaced. That "line" would always be subject to exploitation. Detectability: Big yes! Finally some clear rules, it descales linearly with depth. Clear and simple is good. Periscope depth: Big yes! ... now please tell me it comes with a cool and particular "periscope sight" Torpedoes no longer ignore Belt protection: Big yes! ... it was a silly proposition from inception RPF indicator when ping'd: Cool, it was needed Pings increase detectability: Cool, it was just logic Secondary guns! ... Cool, yes we all know it is pretty useless but nice addition for "flavor" and memes My only remaining disagreement is the ping/homing mechanic, but in the light of all the other changes I'm OK on riding with it for the next test. I just hope a functional alternative to use ping/home is offered, in the form of viable "dumb" drops. Offering some torpedo type selection (at least 2 variants) and option to single fire tubes would be imo the final important modification needed. Very happy with the announced changes, keep up the good work guys.
  5. Soooo, uhhh... What's the deal with submarines? Is that still happening? If so, when? It's been a long time since the last testing.
  6. IFHE submarines are lighting my BBs on fire more and more with deadeye torps. WG sucks, REMOVE SUBMARINES LEONE AND FUSHUN
  7. Count_of_Kaloki

    Subs need Guns!

    Submarines have there AA and secondary guns turned off because they do not a have a High enough caliber. But thats not true they have the same caliber of destroyers of there tier and its better to do some damage then no damage. Carrier will be another major threat to surfaced submarines and most submarines have 2 AA guns, they are not ment to shoot down the hole squad they are met to do some damage, to deter the plane from flying over the submarines. If you agree leave a message Thanks you!
  8. So I normally don't complain (publicly) but this is just a little over the top. Took the trouble to download ANOTHER instance of WoWs to try and help with the sub test. All good so far...except after trying about 10-15 times I got this same message every single time. So WG has a separate server, and even limits time frames for sub testing and people who want to play can't because "server overloaded"? Potato quality WG.
  9. Herr_Reitz

    W H E N D O T H E Y A R R I V E

    Not only when will they arrive, but what new countermeasures will arrive as well? When they do arrive, will they terrify the warships and cargo ships of Allies wherever they appear?
  10. Played about 20 sub games so far......most in a Budy or Gaede....was fun. Tried the Warspite and realized how utterly defenseless I was against subs. I watched the red subs just wander around early and mid game. Got down to my team with two BBs and a CV and they had 2 subs. One sub disappeared....the other one sank all three of us. It appears at first glance that most BBs will be worthless late game against subs. Is that the intention? And if it is....why on earth would anyone play a BB regularly in games that feature CVs and subs?
  11. Count_of_Kaloki

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    I think there should be a battle of the Atlantic Game mode. Where 4 Destroyers will have to protect 9-12 supply Ships and there will be 4-5 subs ( maybe less). To win the Destroyers will have to bring 1/2 of the supply ships to the other side of the map. For the submarines to win the have to kill more than 1/2 of the ships (Destroyers don't count), If the subs kill more than 1/2 of the fleet the game does not end they can keep sinking more ships until they get killed or the remaining ships make it to the other side of the map. The subs will spawn ahead of the convoy, and they will get 2 chances to attack the convoy. I am thinking that the convoy will be quick so that the subs will need to surface to keep up but if they do they will get shot at by the supply ships and Destroyers. The convoy will go around a very large island and the small subs will take a short cut through little islands and end up in front of the convoy and deal 1 more major strike. The subs can still follow the convoy but they will need to surface. I am thinking it will be with tier IV ships because the first subs come in at tier IV. Perhaps every supply ship you sink or successfully sink or protect you have a chance to win coal,steel,and oil. This is just a suggestion and nothing is set in stone all the numbers and maps and all the details are subject to change. If you like the idea or have any suggestions for the game mode leave a comment,Thank You!
  12. The Yuriy Dolgorukiy, a Russian Borei Class SSBN, launches 4 nuclear-able Bulava missiles. The Borei Class is Russia's newest class of ballistic missile submarines. With each Bulava missile carrying up to 10 independent nuclear warheads, that is a lot of potential death being displayed in this one exercise. (You can watch the video here)
  13. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine

    New Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine. If it builds upon the technologies of the Swedish Gotland Class Submarine, this will be a very amazing non-nuclear submarine for countries to purchase. (More info here) http://www.hisutton.com/A26.html
  14. Wondering if anyone else notice upon loading the game today that their subs are all gone? They appear to have been removed from my dockyard, and the commanders oddly enough are in my reserve right now as if I get to keep them? Just curious, I realize I probably need to send in a ticket but guessing I wouldn't be the only person.. the event isn't actually over yet?
  15. khestergk

    Subs good and bad

    Subs are balanced around Destroyers and cruisers with strong attacks against BB's and CV's. While cruisers are equal to subs in most matters a destroyer is exceptionally strong against subs as they can dodge your torpedos and provide almost an inexhaustible amount of depth chargers against you. I foresee DD's with hydrophone being the new radar. The Bad: There are some definite problems with destroyers against submarines if you are caught by a destroyer your chances of survival are extremely low at close to 2%. What's worse is that destroyer depth charges don't affect friendly subs which a little weird considering that all other weapons affect allies' depth charges should be no different. Destroyers and cruisers seem to have a never-ending reload of depth charges will no cooldown making it impossible to escape a DD which quite literally destroys your sub if the player is half decent. Further, damage of the depth charges shows up on their hits even when a sub is hidden so they can go around dropping depth charges and see what pops up for the damage and drop them again. The depth of the sub seems to have little to no effect at tier 6, with what I want to say is a 15% damage reduction. Smokescreen works underwater: yeah its weird but smoke screen shields subs from seeing targets even if you're submerged. Really Bad: Playing a battleship is even worse now than before, the game is completely unbalanced against them as a single sub salvo as with a DD salvo can destroy even the hardiest of BB's. I fear many players will resign to the fact that the BB is dead.
  16. Can subs not be hit with AP shells? I understand that I can't hit a sub when it goes to maximum depth and the warning text pops up to say "Target cannot be hit" - but I don't actually know where to aim when the submarine is at a depth it can be hit. Do I put the little crosshair icon directly on the indicator bar? High? Low? I tried playing Graf Spee and was totally reliant on my secondaries to hit subs.
  17. I just got back from playing my first sub battle and, suffice to say, I had fun. I didn't kill a sub, but I did have an 84k damage victory in my Perth which I was very proud of. That, however, is beside the point. The point is the ships that I saw some people bringing out. On both sides, I saw people going out in cruisers that can't use depth charges, such as the Aoba, Devonshire, Pensacola, La Galissonniere, and Trento, as well as BBs like the Fuso and Bayern and CVs like the Ranger and Ryujo. LIkewise, while I do have a decent selection of ships that can use depth charges (Anshan, Perth, T-61, Aigle), I have far more tier 6 ships that can't (Arizona, Warspite, Furious, Molotov, Graf Spee, Dunkerque, Huanghe, Duca D'aosta) and I can't help but wonder what the point of using any of them are. Without depth charges, or even Hydro in some cases, it seems like those ships would just be sitting ducks for subs, dependent on ever-undependable teammates to protect them. Of course, that's just my observation, so I now turn the mic over to you guys: Do you know what the point is to playing a ship in Sub Battles that can't use depth charges? I look forward to seeing what you all have to say. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  18. After a 219 day break, I loaded the game cause I wanted to try subs. Le sigh... gather junk before you can go play with the new toys... so to pass time, I have taken the Graf Spee out to battle. Thing is, she's kinda unable to fight them directly. Oh sure, I got one on the surface, obliterated it with HE. But in one match, there was only one red sub left. I got the tag "... impossible to target ..." Ain't that the donkey's rear? I tried searching the net, but cannot find if she (irl) carried depth charges. Which got me to wondering, the point of my post: You know of any ships in-game which do not have depth charges even though in real life they did? tia!
  19. So WG has released some documentary stuff on IJN aircraft carrier submarines before and I have seen a few threads on giving the old odd tier CVs ASW capabilities, so I thought why not combine the two? When they inevitably add IJN subs, just give their scout plane the ability to drop depth charges. Everyone can clearly see that a single scout plane for a submarine would be either useless or simply give away a subs position in WOWS' current submarine game mode, but you know WG will try and shoe horn the historical gimmick anyway. With this, not only do they get their gimmick, but it also gives a class of submarines a more effective way of ASW than the current option which has been noted to be ... difficult. Surface players will have nothing to complain about other than the limited spotting capabilities of a single scout plane that should be easily shot down if it gets too close for any extended period of time. Submarines would have to be spotted for the ASW scout plane to be able to attack it anyway. The planes would be a consumable, meaning they would be very clearly limited in number and would have a cool down period between launches and duration. The only other conceivable consumable gimmick for IJN submarines would be manned torpedoes, which seems unlikely due to the decision to not include Kamikazes on IJN CVs as well as the redundancy of already having ping guided torpedoes.
  20. Seeing the ASW Tab now present in game I started to wonder about what effect Subs will have in battle for my game play as a predominantly Cruiser captain..In some ways it sounds fun to depth charge a sub and another line of thinking tells me oh great so another role I have to play as a Cruiser captain while trying not to get deleted by a battleship....Just wondering how others Captains felt about this subject...
  21. subs delayed ? so much hype nobody will spend time or money on Russian ships early release ?
  22. The hunt of HMS Splendid and HMS Spartan, both nuclear-powered submarines on Argentine aircraft carrier ARA Veinticinco de Mayo during the Falklands War. (Fun Fact: ARA Veinticinco de Mayo is formerly HMS Venerable, a Colossus-class WW2 carrier) After seeing this latest video from Mark Felton, I feel more excited for submarines to come to WoWS.
  23. Well its just over two weeks to that certain day of the year and lets hope WG puts on something fun. Just before the new year came round I wrote a post about a lost opportunity WG had over the Christmas holidays . I feel it would be a great laugh even for the Anti crowd specially for those who don't visit the forum and find themselves believing there facing Submarines in battle. All WG has to do is write a routine program for Subs diving and surfacing at certain times and places to put the wind up people at the most unexpected moments and even firing DUD torpedoes at you while your in battle. Time will tell I guess, anyway LESTA you got about 2 weeks to design a MINI PATCH so get working.