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Found 8 results

  1. LoveBote


    confirmed. halloween prototyping initially, but development has been underway for a very long time. I would hope we have no more derailing of sub threads and suggestions, and that submarine topics will recieve greater respect from a number of very vocal sub haters. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships it will be interesting to compare official development with past suggestions for submarines. (if we can dig up locked threads) summary (in progress, regular updates) : halloween is being used to test the concept of submarines if it works, tech trees will be produced and historical subs modelled. depth charges for destroyers submarines, submerged or surfaced, can be hit by torpedos. but initial development is focussed on submarine gameplay, counters to submarines, by player commanded surface ships, will follow later. submarines will not have horns. submarines will have an oxygen consumeable, to limit their time completely submerged. submarines will have three modes of operation, surfaced, snorkel, dived. torps can be launched from snorkel (periscope) and surfaced modes. normal dmg mechanics apply to submarines, including fire and floods. Deep water torps will not affect subs. cv rework is priority When will we see subs in random battles? 2019 maybe. underwater content/obstacles are already modelled Submarine speeds are artificially accelerated for the game Submarines will be able to cap, somehow periscope depth will be optimal for torpedo attacks submarines will be detectable by hydroacoustic equipped ships submarines will have a guaranteed acquisition distance, like all surface ships. MrConway, (EU), says "Don't be mad. it will be fun" Flamu (well known CC youtube ranter) "What in WG's name am I watching?" no UnterSeeZeppelin tier 8 premium with control alt sink ability has been confirmed, yet. Reddit summary here : non exhaustive list of past Submarine suggestions/discussions to be added here (if you find one that is missing from this list, please do add a link in comments) : Compilation of CC reactions : 1. Flamu 2. Aetam 3. iChase : 4. NoZoupForYou : 5. The Mighty Jingles : official and/or other reliable sources of info : devblog interview gameplay
  2. For those of us who are naval history buffs, and have been trying to identify which IRL submarines the Halloween Event subs are based on, I believe I've identified which one the Gerfalcon is based on. It's a German Type XXVI. 4 of them were under construction at the end of the war. They were designed to use the Walther closed-cycle hydrogen peroxide propulsion system, to give a sustained submerged speed of 25 knots - which would explain why WG gave them a 31 knot speed in game. Looking at the design drawings on Google Images, the hull, conning tower, mast arrangement, and torpedo tube arrangement of the Type XXVI, all match the Gerfalcon. You can simply Google "German Type XXVI", and you can get all the images and an article giving a short synopsis of the class.
  3. proof the RN dds are already ready for the submarine invasion. (and what else is there on the stern are they anti sub mortars?) (see @HMS_Formidable's reply for the answer)
  4. I know Subs in the main game are a long way off, but I'm curious. Which nations do you think will get subs first? Maybe USN and IJN to start with, as the first two factions in the game. Or perhaps German U-boats because of their immense popularity. Personally I like USN and KMS subs, I find their histories and designs to be the most interesting. What nations do you guys want to see? Are you excited for subs? -Orrin
  5. I'm going to put this plainly as possible - if submarines are introduced to the game, will you keep playing or not? ------------------ Personally I will leave the game. In the past I've made my position on this quite strongly. Introducing submarines is a bad idea all around. Thoughts? Vote and let your opinion be known.
  6. People are going nuts about the Halloween addition of submarines. Maybe we are reading into it too much, maybe not. I think it is definitely a test bed. Sasha (WG NA) in an interview with gamesbeat said that player feedback will be very important and they are running out of content. I still think there are huge development hurdles including submarines, and there use in warfare is not really conducive to warships. Slow, vulnerable and limited. Every map would need an underwater rework and we don't even have the carrier rework yet. Do you even want submarines in game?
  7. Submarines in WOWS--It is an interesting concept. A few points to consider: 1. NEW Game engine--Macwrapper from Code Weavers will have to do a new wrapper for subs. They already are probably working on one for the new CV play. I wonder if the WOWs Halloween game will even play in October 2018 ? 2. Subs of WW2 vintage did around 25 knots on the surface. WW1 did 18 knots on the surface. Speed will drop to 8 knots or so submerged (this may not be an issue with the Oxygen meter). Depending on how long you are underwater, a sub may have to fire quickly before surfacing. There will be no Irwin Allen Seaviews or 1990s vintage SeaQuest DSV subs in the game doing 30 or more knots underwater. The vessels will be SLOW 3. DDs are getting overtaxed as the main sub hunter. CAs had provisions for subs. You can see the equipment on the Tier 3 Aurora. So does (yes) the Tier 1 sloops. Note that they have depth charge deployment devices on them. While any of these ships have a role in sub chasing ? 4. CV aircraft did a fair amount of sub chasing (as well as the Zeppelins of WW2 US Navy). What role would they have ? 5. While the German U-Boats fired fore and aft torpedoes, the American "O" and "S" classes, if memory serves correct, fired only from the BOW in WW1 and later. I will give WOWS credit for thinking of all the Gamers who have asked for submarines. It will be the hardest ship class to put in if they proceed. It would be a programmer's nightmare given all the changes needed to get submarines to work right. Astrosaint
  8. The great submarine debate I think we finally had a breakthrough on this subject in my last thread. But first attempts to shout the discussion down or insult ideas on either side will result in my ignoring you. The arguments against submarines currently being debated. They are impossible to balance! Subs have many facets that allow balance, underwater time surface time, sight distance,etc. They are invincible underwater! Nope, they are invisible only guns and bombs won’t effect them. Depth charges and torpedoes still will as well as ramming. Battleships can’t attack them! While they are under this is true underwater they will surface and become an easy kill for your secondaries also Battleships have deep hulls which means ramming a submerged sub is possible. They will be boring! This is opinion I find B.B. and CVs boring most of the time. They won’t add anything to the game! They will help with the current meta issue of ship staying static and not moving. They aren’t realistic! Nothing in this game is truly realistic. They will win by survival causing me to lose! Back the day when ties were possible yes ties aren’t possible.