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Found 15 results

  1. Well its begun already by the looks of it, just played a Coop game and noticed the bot captains on my team, one of them caught my eye and some interest. For all those Anti Submarine players looks like your out of luck as WG is starting to train there bots for the future Sub tech tree lines and it seems we are getting U - Boats first Check out the name of the captain of the Mutsuki on the bottom of the page on my team. Any one that has watched Das Boot knows this name all to well Finally might get my premium U -96 soon
  2. What if Wargaming were to introduce submarines to the game, kind of like the French BB and the American cruiser arc, with the end reward being Grand Admiral Donitz, the man who got the whole u-boat scene underway? The possibilities would be endless. They wouldn't be overpowered, as they would be prone to hydroacoustic search and radar (when surfaced), and their speed would make them the slowest vehicle in the game at higher tiers. There could be a limited dive time, as well as a very small aerial spotting range. A simple strategy could be sailing into a cap, where a dd could lay a smoke screen when the sub has to surface. The wolf pack divisions would be hilariously cool.
  3. LoveBote


    confirmed. halloween prototyping initially, but development has been underway for a very long time. I would hope we have no more derailing of sub threads and suggestions, and that submarine topics will recieve greater respect from a number of very vocal sub haters. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships it will be interesting to compare official development with past suggestions for submarines. (if we can dig up locked threads) summary (in progress, regular updates) : halloween is being used to test the concept of submarines if it works, tech trees will be produced and historical subs modelled. depth charges for destroyers submarines, submerged or surfaced, can be hit by torpedos. but initial development is focussed on submarine gameplay, counters to submarines, by player commanded surface ships, will follow later. submarines will not have horns. submarines will have an oxygen consumeable, to limit their time completely submerged. submarines will have three modes of operation, surfaced, snorkel, dived. torps can be launched from snorkel (periscope) and surfaced modes. normal dmg mechanics apply to submarines, including fire and floods. Deep water torps will not affect subs. cv rework is priority When will we see subs in random battles? 2019 maybe. underwater content/obstacles are already modelled Submarine speeds are artificially accelerated for the game Submarines will be able to cap, somehow periscope depth will be optimal for torpedo attacks submarines will be detectable by hydroacoustic equipped ships submarines will have a guaranteed acquisition distance, like all surface ships. MrConway, (EU), says "Don't be mad. it will be fun" Flamu (well known CC youtube ranter) "What in WG's name am I watching?" no UnterSeeZeppelin tier 8 premium with control alt sink ability has been confirmed, yet. Reddit summary here : non exhaustive list of past Submarine suggestions/discussions to be added here (if you find one that is missing from this list, please do add a link in comments) : Compilation of CC reactions : 1. Flamu 2. Aetam 3. iChase : 4. NoZoupForYou : 5. The Mighty Jingles : official and/or other reliable sources of info : devblog interview gameplay
  4. Updated the game and saw every submarine disappear from the port. I'm sad to see them go. Say what you will about Submarines but gameplay was new with them, and for my part I found it more fun and engaging than even my best DD games. I can see why they'd be overpowered, but I also know why they wouldn't be. It was fun running the Killer Whale to the last, really hope we can see some z-axis submarine attacks in the near future. WoWS is gonna feel a little less interesting without the promise of this class in the game. Anyone else going to miss subs? I feel we needed that PvP test to really give them the run they needed to prove their worth or their unsuitability for the game. Was/Am looking forward to trying them out in this mode.
  5. _RC1138

    Submarine Trees

    So with most people seemingly embracing subs as fun, and, while of course tweaks would be needed (I mean in general, do any of the ships in the Halloween Ops work 1:1 the way normal ships in normal modes work?) I think it can be safe to say that Wargaming has proven that, within the established mechanics, subs can work. The rest, aka the most difficult part, is balancing between each other/other classes/broader rebalancing around them. But let's pretend, for a moment, such a thing is 'easy' and rectified; what do you see the tech trees looking like? When you stop and consider it, there are actually an abnormally high amount of sub classes and members of those classes, to say nothing of famous outliers like the Surcouf. And yes, there are MORE than enough subs for a few nations (US and RN especially) to have more than 1 line (how they would differentiate them, perhaps with different torp types or things of that nature, is anyones' guess). The beautiful thing about subs is, baring a few cases, almost NO paper ships are required, more than can be said of almost ANY surface ship line. Now the trees I propose, obviously take with a grain of salt, are predicated on one common idea: that *historical* submarine speeds will not be adhered to and instead artificial speeds will be chosen on the basis of balance; so for example a Gato couldn't go at 27 knots on the surface, but for balance purposes, if it's at T8/9, it probably should. My justification for this change? If DD's can get unlimited torps (as would subs), and DD's get stealth field generators, and BB's get (mostly) the unique ability to heal, and (soon) CV's will have unlimited planes, and it's HE, not AP, that starts fires, and the million or so OTHER things ignored for balance purposes, I feel giving subs a little kick in the [edited]for surface speeds is NOT a huge ask. So to start, because I know this is where WGing would, my proposed RU Sub tree is as follows: Tier III: Osetr Class; a good semi-mini Sub with 3 tubes, 2 fore, 1 aft, typical of what I assume a TIII sub would have to be (much like how TIII DD's are). Tier IV: My gut says the Akula, but they may want that for a Premium, so failing that the Kaiman class could fit at T4, although it's still more of a mini-sub than a full patrol sub. Tier V: Bars Class; about as big of a WWI sub as you'd expect to see and slow diving will make her interesting at T5 Tier VI: Dekabrist Class; very likely the T6 (in fact the one I am most sure of) as this is kinda exactly what a Post WWI RU Sub would be expected to be like; for reference, it's very close to an S-Boat in capability, and was fairly modern in design for the time. Tier VII: Shchuka Class; solid Tier VII; very much a pre-War boat, not flashy, but fairly modern layout for the year of launch Tier VIII: S-Class; basically a German Type IX. This isn't supposition either; these boats were developed alongside Germany and really were basically a Soviet made Type IX. Likely a solid T8 based on the size of the torp armament and the assumed jump in underwater ability/range Tier IX: K-Class; honestly this is a tough one; they were great boats, but at TIX might be a bit too far for them. It's not hard to expect Russian subs to get some fantasy upgrades beyond that of their peers, but the K-Class is tough to place; either a strong T8 or a weak T9. The Whiskey, although much newer, could fit here with the Zulu after but that might require some downgrading. Tier X: Zulu Class; I imagine most of the Tier X's would be soon-ish post war designs, and most, if not all, of them will CLOSELY resemble the Type XXI's, because of how influential these were, and the Zulu's are basically the Soviet version of the Type XXI. If the Zulu's are too large/too many tubes, then a Whiskey Class can fit in snugly for largely the same reasons. Royal Navy Tier III: D-Class; heavier than most Tier 3's but it can be balanced with so-so torps Tier IV: E-Class; stereotypical WWI era RN Boat Tier V: L-Class; On par with other Tier V's, especially by having the RN Mk II 21" Torp Tier VI: S-Class; one of the most work-horse like subs in the world Tier VII: T-Class; a hard to maneuver but hard hitting Alpha strike capable sub Tier VIII: V-Class; what else would be the RN T8? Tier IX: Amphion Class; about as heavy of a WWII sub as you're going to find outside an Axis Nation Tier X: Again, as usual, it's a Type XXI derivative, the Porpoise Class KM Tier III: Has to be U1. A bit underpowered for Tier III? Yep, but the first German boat HAS to be the U1. Tier IV: Type 19; ironically a bit more powerful perhaps than the other Tier 4's (and more flexiable with equal aft and fore tubes) Tier V: Type UBIII; heavy for a Tier V with a big old deck gun, but this is the stereotypical WWI era U-Boat. Tier VI: Type IA; although newer than most T6 boats, she was basically a rebuild of WWI era boats Tier VII: This is the tough spot. Do you make it the Type VIIC? Is a Type VIIC op for Tier 7? It might be, but here it goes Tier VIII: If the Type VIIC is too strong for T7, then it goes here (with the Type IID at T7); otherwise, this might be the only Paper sub needed; either a Type VIII or Type IX with some kind of downgrade for balance Tier IX: Type IXC; similar to, but far more flexible than, the Gato class. Tier X: Obviously, the Type XXI; it keeps coming up for a reason USN Tier III: C-Class; oh how I want the Holland to be in the game, but the sad fact is she would struggle at T2, much less T3; the C-Class is the earliest USN Sub class that resembles a WWI era sub Tier IV: L-Class; rare Tier IV with a deck gun (which I think will be the US 'thing') Tier V: S-Class; these were great boats, serving all the way into WWII. Could be OP for T5 depending on how they are implemented (otherwise it would be an R at T5 and the S at T6). Tier VI: Salmon Class: This is when the US started designing boats as 'Fleet Boats' and were comparatively heavier armed than most other nations. Tier VII: Tambor Class; very heavy torp armament for a T6 and super long ranged, probably one of the most successful interwar Subs Tier VIII: Gato; yeah this one's tough too, as a Gato can be tuned to be very powerful at T8 or T9, but I think of T8 as when the 'real' ships show up and future USN Subs followed the Gato (with a Guppy upgrade) example for many decades to follow Tier IX: Balao w/ Guppy IIA upgrade; while technically post war, compared to other T9's this sub will be trading any chance of AA/surface fighting ability for longer undersea time w/ the USN standard of very heavy armaments Tier X: Part of me really thinks it should be the Nautilus, although balancing an SSN at even TX would be hard due to 'unlimited' dive time (but for fairness, light for T10 torp armaments to say nothing of being oversized and an easier target). There might be a way to do it but that's up to WGing, the Tang-Class is the most appropriate probably because, you guessed it, it's basically an americanized Type XXI. IJN Tier III: You *maybe* could do a Type I, with some futzing with torps/spotting to make it fair, otherwise it's a bit underpowered at T3; it's basically a Holland (spoiler alert: until ~WWII, almost all IJN subs are basically 1:1 copies of foreign made subs) Tier IV: Ha-3 Class; a C-Class (Royal Navy) sub. Very much what I would expect a Tier 4 Tier V: Ha-7 Class; Basically a home-made Ha-3; give it better torps Tier VI: S7 Type; kinda small, but it gets Type 93's so it's hard to complain Tier VII: Kaidai Type II, very heavy deck gun and torp armament, as the IJN Subs start to transfer into being oversized Tier VIII: J1; the IJN would never look back from basically building undersea cruisers Tier IX: I-400; oversized? Yes. TX material? Maybe. Should it be a Tier 9 though? Yep Tier X: I-201, although not STRICTLY a Type XXI it was basically developed on a parallel course and might as well just be a Type XXI; a speed demon in her own right, this is a *solid* TX boat, even compared to post war entries. French Tier III: Tier IV: Tier V: Tier VI: Tier VII: Tier VIII: Tier IX: Tier X:
  6. World of Warships developer interview with Sub_Octavian. Talking Free XP and Economy, Carriers and Submarines.
  7. This is a real question to what in my opinion, yes opinion, is a real headscratcher. Lots of threads now about when we are going to get subs, mmm subs, in the game trees. If subs are added to the game permanently why should I play anything else? It seems to me this will change the game's Dynamics immensely. If I can use total stealth why should I suffer the current meta as a cruiser? I would really enjoy some discussion on the topic. I love this game and I am I'd like to say a cruiser captain, though I love my Cesare. Thanks m8s good hunting to all.
  8. Murasame92

    *sigh* Submarines...

    So after playing submarines for a little bit I can say i had some fun about it. However i think they should either be their own game mode, or just for holiday missions only. As its currently way to easy to play them. Yes i get that we are facing bots but out of most of the games i have played i never took any damage and i abused the hell out of the system. Never understood why the teammates around me would sink and die. All you have to do is abuse the stupidly close Detection range, sail on the surface until your detected, once you are wait till you get aimed at, or fired at whichever comes first and dive once into the water. You get undetected again and just fire your torps at point blank range, dive as deep as your sub can go under the ships and sail away as far as you can before surfacing. Surface get your air up and repeat. If your super close to the enemy like 4k or closer or running low on oxygen all you gotta do is dive once, get undetected, fire another volley and surface for a couple seconds and dive deep down and repeat this process and you can abuse the system a lot. Ive never had an issue with low oxygen cause i always dive and surface in quick succession to get my torps off. Granted this is beta and much can change. But idk i think there needs to be a different system. Cause right now i feel like its easily exploited. Idk, if subs are ever a thing in this game, ill make it my lifes mission to destroy each and every one of them in game!! xD (freaking tin can cheaters) We shall see what happens i guess. Just knowing People, they will abuse the system like i have found and everyone would be doing it until its patched or changed. Anyway this is just my humble opinion and observations based on the Halloween event.
  9. I played the Gerfalcon my first time and enjoyed the new "toys" so much. I really hope WG can find a way to merge into normal gameplay its a lot of fun and would be a nice addition, in my opinion, if it can be done fairly and not disrupt gameplay.
  10. So I was taking out the Barracuda, rotating the subs per match for maximium fun, when I stumbled upon a strat. The Barracuda's secondaries open up and/or continue firing while the sub is surfacing or diving. mashing the F and C keys appropriately to get the depth indicator hovering basically exactly halway between surfaced and periscope depth gives me the surface detectability of a submerged sub while having a 6km secondary range, alowing me to farm damage and torp with impunity. I've posted this image elsewhere but I'll include it because I think the stats speak for themselves, its a very nifty strategy (or exploit, you choose). Mayhaps we'll see the rise of the arty!divison of Barracudas?
  11. For those of us who are naval history buffs, and have been trying to identify which IRL submarines the Halloween Event subs are based on, I believe I've identified which one the Gerfalcon is based on. It's a German Type XXVI. 4 of them were under construction at the end of the war. They were designed to use the Walther closed-cycle hydrogen peroxide propulsion system, to give a sustained submerged speed of 25 knots - which would explain why WG gave them a 31 knot speed in game. Looking at the design drawings on Google Images, the hull, conning tower, mast arrangement, and torpedo tube arrangement of the Type XXVI, all match the Gerfalcon. You can simply Google "German Type XXVI", and you can get all the images and an article giving a short synopsis of the class.
  12. I know Subs in the main game are a long way off, but I'm curious. Which nations do you think will get subs first? Maybe USN and IJN to start with, as the first two factions in the game. Or perhaps German U-boats because of their immense popularity. Personally I like USN and KMS subs, I find their histories and designs to be the most interesting. What nations do you guys want to see? Are you excited for subs? -Orrin
  13. I'm going to put this plainly as possible - if submarines are introduced to the game, will you keep playing or not? ------------------ Personally I will leave the game. In the past I've made my position on this quite strongly. Introducing submarines is a bad idea all around. Thoughts? Vote and let your opinion be known.
  14. Submarines in WOWS--It is an interesting concept. A few points to consider: 1. NEW Game engine--Macwrapper from Code Weavers will have to do a new wrapper for subs. They already are probably working on one for the new CV play. I wonder if the WOWs Halloween game will even play in October 2018 ? 2. Subs of WW2 vintage did around 25 knots on the surface. WW1 did 18 knots on the surface. Speed will drop to 8 knots or so submerged (this may not be an issue with the Oxygen meter). Depending on how long you are underwater, a sub may have to fire quickly before surfacing. There will be no Irwin Allen Seaviews or 1990s vintage SeaQuest DSV subs in the game doing 30 or more knots underwater. The vessels will be SLOW 3. DDs are getting overtaxed as the main sub hunter. CAs had provisions for subs. You can see the equipment on the Tier 3 Aurora. So does (yes) the Tier 1 sloops. Note that they have depth charge deployment devices on them. While any of these ships have a role in sub chasing ? 4. CV aircraft did a fair amount of sub chasing (as well as the Zeppelins of WW2 US Navy). What role would they have ? 5. While the German U-Boats fired fore and aft torpedoes, the American "O" and "S" classes, if memory serves correct, fired only from the BOW in WW1 and later. I will give WOWS credit for thinking of all the Gamers who have asked for submarines. It will be the hardest ship class to put in if they proceed. It would be a programmer's nightmare given all the changes needed to get submarines to work right. Astrosaint
  15. The great submarine debate I think we finally had a breakthrough on this subject in my last thread. But first attempts to shout the discussion down or insult ideas on either side will result in my ignoring you. The arguments against submarines currently being debated. They are impossible to balance! Subs have many facets that allow balance, underwater time surface time, sight distance,etc. They are invincible underwater! Nope, they are invisible only guns and bombs won’t effect them. Depth charges and torpedoes still will as well as ramming. Battleships can’t attack them! While they are under this is true underwater they will surface and become an easy kill for your secondaries also Battleships have deep hulls which means ramming a submerged sub is possible. They will be boring! This is opinion I find B.B. and CVs boring most of the time. They won’t add anything to the game! They will help with the current meta issue of ship staying static and not moving. They aren’t realistic! Nothing in this game is truly realistic. They will win by survival causing me to lose! Back the day when ties were possible yes ties aren’t possible.