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Found 65 results

  1. x_Quinn_x

    Suggestions for Submarines

    The submarines, as they are currently on the TST server, are still a very below average experience on all sides of the interaction. The battery length is good, the no limit to the ping is good, the ability for ships to target and fire at submarines with main guns is reasonable. But there are several things that could be done to help the situation. The battery length is good, but it should recharge while on the surface very slowly. So, say if you were surfaced for the entire game, the amount it recharged would be enough to fill the battery anywhere from a 1/2 to 2/3 of the full amount. This gives it a bit of flexibility to be managed without making it so hard line that it can ruin the experience. The Alpha damage of depth charges is far too high, resulting in easy skill less free kills for ships that have them and with areal strikes also being able to be used at long range both need their alpha damaged reduced significantly. Lastly Ping. This system of ping does not reflect what ping was actually for, and the homing torpedoes are far too much for this type of game. The ping mechanic needs to be changed from using it for homing torpedoes to using it for target acquisition. The submarine at periscope depth should be unable to see ships further away than 8 to 10 km (or maybe 5 to 6 km at lower tiers). To spot and render those targets in, the submarine should have to use its ping in the direction of a possible targets location which shows up as a directional marker similar to Radio Position Finding except this would be a hydrophone located contact which gives only a general direction. The submarine has 2 options, wide and narrow directed pings, the wide one will be wide enough to cover the area the marker shows and will show the target, but this is a short range ping that will only show the target if it is in the range, and it will only do so for a very short time. The narrow ping shows the target for much longer and also has a longer range due to its focus, but it does not cover the entire width of the location marker. If a surface friendly ship is also spotting the same target then either the direction marker narrows to the same width as the narrow ping, so you still need to use the ping, or if you are at periscope depth the target renders without the ping, but at greater depths you would still need to ping. This spotting system would also change depending on depth with maximum depth reducing the ability to see to only 500 m away, so you are not left completely blind to make decisions and making things still look awesome. Homing torpedoes should be reduced to only a small change in direction to the target since torpedoes are the only weapon a submarine has (they should still be able to be dodged by nimble targets), but they should not manoeuvre as far as they do atm and taking away battleship torpedo defences is just silly as tanking damage and hitting back hard is what battleships were built for. Changing ping might be more involved, but it needs to be done. ATM the system is far too broken.
  2. Live test scheduled to start tomorrow! Yes, rewards are meh but this is a public service! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Link for the new Dev Blog on Sub changes: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/160 I'm really liking most of the proposed changes and glad the Devs have listened to feedback and common sense, kudos to you guys. Let's see: Dive capacity: Big yes! this was sorely need both in terms of gameplay and "flavor" Depth control: Big yes! ... I know some guys will miss the more "dynamic" experience of free diving but it was a mess and it would always require an arbitrary "line" between submerged and surfaced. That "line" would always be subject to exploitation. Detectability: Big yes! Finally some clear rules, it descales linearly with depth. Clear and simple is good. Periscope depth: Big yes! ... now please tell me it comes with a cool and particular "periscope sight" Torpedoes no longer ignore Belt protection: Big yes! ... it was a silly proposition from inception RPF indicator when ping'd: Cool, it was needed Pings increase detectability: Cool, it was just logic Secondary guns! ... Cool, yes we all know it is pretty useless but nice addition for "flavor" and memes My only remaining disagreement is the ping/homing mechanic, but in the light of all the other changes I'm OK on riding with it for the next test. I just hope a functional alternative to use ping/home is offered, in the form of viable "dumb" drops. Offering some torpedo type selection (at least 2 variants) and option to single fire tubes would be imo the final important modification needed. Very happy with the announced changes, keep up the good work guys.
  3. Soooo, uhhh... What's the deal with submarines? Is that still happening? If so, when? It's been a long time since the last testing.
  4. Now that subs are meant to spend a significant amount of time on the surface, would they be granted usage of their AA and Secondary guns? Now that subs are meant to spend a significant amount of time on the surface, careful positioning and maneuvering becomes more critical and time consuming... can we get rid of the stupid ping mechanic? How will underwater detection work? we know it is related to depth but will it be a fixed radius around the sub? How is it intended to work? Now that subs come into a "live" game mode, would they finally be granted their own particular slots in MM so the amount of surface ships remain at its expected value? Now that BBs and CAs have some sort of ASW resource, would CVs be granted the same consumable? Or there are plans for specialized ASW squadrons? What about a specific "Detected" Icon for being spotted by a submerged sub (using hydrophone I guess), to differentiate it from regular surface spotting. We already have special Icons for planes, consumables or proximity, a specific one for hydrophone should be adequate. Any clue or theory on the "new torpedo type"? Will we finally be getting rid of the stupid bulge piercing homing torpedo mechanic?
  5. cmjohnson207

    Nuclear Submarines?

    hi so nuclear Submarines... to be fair I have thought about this for a bit, now just remember that this is just an idea ONLY. so, what submarines should we do. well... I am thinking of a few First nuclear submarines US - USS Nautilus - worlds first nuclear submarine USSR - K19 - first USSR submarine Britain - Dreadnought (S101) (not to be confused with HMS Dreadnought Battleship) I also thought of a somewhat cool but kind of annoying feature of nuclear submarines. For instance. if the submarine's engine is knocked out, there would a percentage of a out of control nuclear "runaway" that can last for at least 30 sec in order to get the main core back online (with or without the engine being fixed so that this wont be a annoying problem to players), while the "temporary runaway" is on going, there would be some things that will happen to the submarine. green nuclear waste around the edges of the screen and slightly flickering and a Geiger counter going off a little, like as in a a few sound bits, this will affect the systems in the submarine such as longer torpedo reload time, worse steering handling and speed increase/decrease. so yea, this is probably not going into the game, but hey, just an idea going out, noting bad is gonna happen
  6. It doesn't show on my tech tree, but I the settings does, what is this?
  7. hangglide42

    Submarine Game Suggestions

    Hey All! - Hangglide42 here weighing in a bit now that Submarines are starting to be introduced into the game. Way back in 2017, during a time when WG was still saying subs will never be in the game, I posted an "April Fools Day" article that described how subs could possibly be introduced into the game as a kind of a jest, but also a nod to what was likely to come. Now that we've come thru a number of PTs and Subs have been introduced in its own game mode w/ 9.4 - concerns still remain due to certain issues that are problemmatic w/ this class which still make it a WIP for general introduction into the PvP mode of Random Battles. CCs, Youtubers & Streamers are commenting on these issues but in general, the largest problem areas are: Violation of the "any class can kill any other class" model so far inherent to WOWS - subs violate this in that historically, it was primarily DDs and CVs that were even equipped to do anything about subs. The WOWS implementation of subs limits active sub hunting when underwater to DDs & certain CLs - this leads to substantial gameplay problems if your active killers have died & are no longer able to kill the subs. A overworked DD class w/ a high skill bar already, will be tasked w/ an even larger task to learn how to hunt subs targeting friendlies w/ homing torps while trying not to get killed by the normal enemy surface vesseles -- in addition to the radar, hydro, CV threat w/ capping & spotting responsibilities. Keeping a 12v12 format w/ 2-3 possible subs on a team, will result in a reduction of targets for players in CAs, most CLs & BBs as they only have 9 or 10 viable targets The balancing issues for submarine performance vs. surface vessels could pose a much larger issue than balancing CVs. These problems potentially get worse as higher tier (i.e.) subs also get introduced into the game Having outlined this, I'd like to make a possible set of suggestions that could result in less risk to disrupting the existing game balance for current 4-surface ship class players, but also be well received by the PvE & PvP player base in addressing certain requests that have been made for a long time wrt to new game modes. Assuming the balancing issue for sub performance vs surface vessels (primarily hunting DDs) can be worked out thru more live testing, Submarines will be viable in Co-op and Scenario game modes. If it is found that trying to solve the other issues requires a very convoluted & risky disruption that could "break" the game balance mechanic - I'd like to propose another solution rather than trying to shoehorn Subs into the current Random Battle format. Submarine play may be best suited for a "Asymmetric Battle mode" - this would be a PvP mode that's tied to a form of Scenario or Mission Goal that is asymmetric for both sides. The easiest explanation will be thru examples of 4 possible Scenarios for starters: Convoy Protection - One team is comprised of DDs (+ possibly subs) who are tasked w/ escorting a convoy safely thru torpedo alley. The other team is comprised of Submarines who must kill the Convoy & take out the escorts, if needed. More points given to subs for getting the merchants (who are bots). Wolfpack vs. Hunter Killer Group - This is a full PvP melee game that is DDs (or CVs if WG changes it so CVs can damage subs) vs Subs - Task Force Picket Line - This one is similar to Convoy Protection except that the Submarines represent a picket line & must inflict as much damage to a Task Force of heavier ships (who are bots), & the screening DD force, if needed. More points given to subs for hitting the heavies rather than the escorts. This mode could also extend to non-ASW equipped ships instead of bots (i.e. u could play this one as a BB or CA) - if you want to experience what it's like (like the current limited test mode). Sub vs. Sub - Underwater battle of Subs only - given the current sub capabilities to kill their underwater counterpart, a viable game option. The advantages here are the following: The issue of "rock paper scissors" violation & the DD skill level issue can be consolidated as a potential issue - u will not have the problem of trying to balance ships which have no ASW capabilities w/ those that do or create disruptive balance compromises in the current Random Battle game format. DD players who want to test their skill, can play these modes w/o having to do so in a Random game w/ the increased skill burden. All players on both sides have a mission and no targets on the enemy team are excluded to them If this can be done w/ a PvP game mode, it should be possible to completely replace one of the sides w/ bots -- which lends itself to adaptation into a PvE game w/ non-player enemies. This will also address the clamoring of the PvE community for more Scenarios to a certain degree. I'd be interested in hearing your comments or thoughts - but please be constructive & don't use this thread as a vent session o7 Captains!
  8. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT


    confirmed. short summary of Sub development as far as we know : Halloween 2018 event trialled basic concepts CV rework delayed progress and testing for one year Late Summer 2019 development resources formally allocated, along with a roadmap for sub rollout (Supertesting, Beta, Finalization) see detailed summary for in depth information. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships detailed summary (in progress, regular updates) : October 2018 halloween is being used to test the concept of submarines if it works, tech trees will be produced and historical subs modelled. depth charges for destroyers submarines, submerged or surfaced, can be hit by torpedos. but initial development is focussed on submarine gameplay, counters to submarines, by player commanded surface ships, will follow later. submarines will not have horns. submarines will have an oxygen consumeable, to limit their time completely submerged. submarines will have three modes of operation, surfaced, snorkel, dived. torps can be launched from snorkel (periscope) and surfaced modes. normal dmg mechanics apply to submarines, including fire and floods. Deep water torps will not affect subs. cv rework is priority When will we see subs in random battles? 2019 maybe. underwater content/obstacles are already modelled Submarine speeds are artificially accelerated for the game Submarines will be able to cap, somehow periscope depth will be optimal for torpedo attacks submarines will be detectable by hydroacoustic equipped ships submarines will have a guaranteed acquisition distance, like all surface ships. MrConway, (EU), says "Don't be mad. it will be fun" Flamu (well known CC youtube ranter) "What in WG's name am I watching?" no UnterSeeZeppelin tier 8 premium with control alt sink ability has been confirmed, yet. According to Sub_Octavian (reddit comment July 2019) Submarines are not being conceived of as a CV counter (that's my pet theory sunk!) FLASH INFO 15 August 2019 Closed testing of Submarines begins August 2019 All players will have access to the new Sub gameplay, 1stly on an alternative (test?) server, later in a Live game alternative game mode for debug and balancing purposes Several months later Submariners will be full integrated into WOWS Launch date for Submarines as fully playable in random battles has not yet been revealed, but we can now make a safe estimate for December 2019/January 2020 American and German submarines will be the initial release playable tech trees. gmd3 leak 19 August 2019 American submarine models that appear to be ready for testing : Cachalot, Salmon, Balao, Gato. German submarine models that appear to be ready for testing : U-69 (VIIc), U-190 (IXC/40), U-2501 (XXI), U-4501 (XXVIW) Some Soviet submarine models appear to be ready, and are present in 0.8.7 pts game files. (S class, Leninets, S-189 (currently a museum ship), K class) Reddit Leak 21 August 2019 (In German, mistranslation of some details is possible) DDs will autofire depth charges when in range of submarines last known position Torpedos will be launched in the direction of the enemy, but the Submarine commander will be able to finetune torpedo direction at the final approach by use of sonar pings. We await more details. "Torpedos function like an AIM-7 sparrow. You launch it unguided. You can ping the target (bow or stern) and the torpedo will home to the bow or stern (I presume there will be a chance to maneuver it away). If you ping twice, the torpedo will do more damage. (speedy translation from German thanks to @Daniel_Allan_Clark)" Sub concealment is "normal" on, the surface, 50% at snorkel/periscope depth, visible at 2 km only to enemy subs at fully submerged below periscope depth (presumably invisible to surface ships). Speed of subs on the surface = 25 knots+ Speed of subs at periscope or deeper =/ 8 knots. 21st August 2019 Web Portal Announcement, "Submarines are here" https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-announcement/ tier 6 USN Cachalot, tier 8 USN Salmon, tier 10 USN Gato tier 6 KM U-69, tier 8 KM U-190, tier 10 KM U-2501 followed by Soviet submarines, and then later on, Japanese submarines as the 3rd and 4th tech trees respectively. A great mystery has clouded this announcement, Gato and U-4501 appear to have sunk without trace, despite being present in the game files. are currently expected to be tier10 premiums. A model of Imperial Japanese Navy I-58 Kaiten has been revealed, flagged with premium status (tier unclear), & VMF S-189 (expected at tier VIII). 12 September 2019 Waterline video announces supertesting to be almost complete. Beta testing will follow, shortly. The compilation of sources below is constantly growing, be sure to check the datestamps of each. I will try to keep the most recent official announcements in the top spoiler. Waterline Q&A September 2019 Latest : World of Warships Twitch Channel ! Devblog : Reddit commentary : non exhaustive list of past Submarine suggestions/discussions to be added here (if you find one that is missing from this list, please do add a link in comments) : Compilation of CC reactions : 1. Flamu 2. Aetam 3. iChase : 4. NoZoupForYou : 5. The Mighty Jingles : Other reliable sources of info : devblog interview gameplay
  9. Played about 20 sub games so far......most in a Budy or Gaede....was fun. Tried the Warspite and realized how utterly defenseless I was against subs. I watched the red subs just wander around early and mid game. Got down to my team with two BBs and a CV and they had 2 subs. One sub disappeared....the other one sank all three of us. It appears at first glance that most BBs will be worthless late game against subs. Is that the intention? And if it is....why on earth would anyone play a BB regularly in games that feature CVs and subs?
  10. Hi All! - Hangglide42 here w/ a quick convenience update - Over the past year, I've published a number of forum articles in the "WOWS Enjoyment" series which were intended to assist newer players w/ various aspects of the game. These included items such as describing the currency model (to earn enough silver to play higher tiers), flagging in-game challenges so a player can have suitable ships in their port to reap the rewards - to strategic articles that outline what to do w/ various cap strategies and why - and tactical articles on shooting and maneuvering. Over time, these articles have spread down the forum article list so this is a compilation of links to all of these articles so new users can have a single summary link page to any of this info, if desired. Recently, I've also added helpful links to Youtube vids and other posters who have very good insight on various topics for newer players. I've also now added a Table of Contents since the number of links & articles have grown tremendously - browse this to see which article may be of interest, then the link section gives a quick summary of the article in greater detail. Table of Contents General Progressing Faster Currency Model Changing # of Replays to save (As of 7.0 - training rooms now auto-enabled & accessible from the In-Game UI. Since 8.X Replays are autoenabled & defaulted to 30) Happiness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud" WOWS - Great Mix of History as an Arcade Shooter Clans - Why Join One? Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion but here's what the math says...) YouTubers List Instructional/Advanced Advanced Gameplay/Informational/Entertaining Ship Reviews Game Heads Up (What's upcoming - so you can prepare) Knowing WG's Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate! PSA - Opportunities for December 2017 Puerto Rico... 2020 - Dates/Events to be aware of (i.e. overview of what to expect, when) Game Optimizations - Achieving In-Game Goals Faster When Lines Split.... (having the right ships affected by a line split earns you free ships as compensation) Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards Ships to have in port to Participate in In-Game Goodies [ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags & Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection (Principles apply to XP and Commanders XP as well) Accelerating Captains Training - Getting More 19 pt. Captains Quicker Evolving Your Captains Skills Getting more XP per Game Strategies for a Campaign (How to more efficiently earn game Rewards) Becoming a "Legend" Faster Game Tactics/Mechanics Skills to Learn as you start the game and move thru the Tiers Ships and Shooting Shooting at Angled Targets DD Guns - When to use HE & AP & Why Maneuvering Tactics (Using Cover, Masking Turns, Flanking, Kiting) Advantages of a Retreating Fight & Why Maneuvering your Cruiser for survivability Brawling 101 [ Link from iChaseGaming ] Captains Academy #41 - Definitive Guide to Dispersion [ Link from Notser ] Shells - Penetration Mechanics & Formulas [ Links from Flamu ] Advanced Tactics - Flamu's Tactical Analysis Series of Videos Critiquing Games from his Subscribers [ Stuntman9630 ] 0.8.0 CV Rework - Premium CV Summaries (as of last Public Test sequence) [ Links from Farazelleth ] Fara Carrier Guide Series/Ship Configs - (Must video section for Aspirational CV Players) Game Strategy Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains Lanchesters Law & its implication on WOWS Strategies Tech Tree Progression Assessments Which IJN Tech Tree DD Sub-Line? Go down one line or many simultaneously? Bugs Replay Bug - Replays don't play & are stuck in the login screen forever Just for Fun... April Fools!....(Subs)... Suggestions for Submarines (overcoming the restricted ASW capability issue) General WOWS Enjoyment - Progressing Faster Currency Model New players will find (depending on their skill threshold and whether they hold a Premium account) that the higher tier gameplay becomes "silver earnings negative". This article explains the WOWS currency model and strategies of working around this so you can afford playing your Tier Xs. WOWS Enjoyment - Increasing the number of Replays to Save [ Update: As of Release 7.0, Training Rooms are autoenabled and accessible thru the in-game UI and the configuration procedure described in the article is no longer necessary. As of Release 8.X the XML Configuration file structure has changed and replays are defaulted to capture up to 30 replays - this article now reflects how to change the number of saved Replays to a larger number ] One of the most common requests for newer players - how to increase the number of Replays to save (so I can send my fantastic battle to my favorite YouTuber or post it for viewing) and how do I enable Training Rooms (so I can practice where to shoot what, or play practice Co-op games I construct or work w/ my Clan/Division). WOWS Enjoyment - Happinness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud" This is a self-assessment article meant to match up those unhappy w/ their results in WOWS w/ articles and vids which, hopefully can raise the bar on any parts of your game which you'd like to see improvement on to help you achieve your WOWS goals. WOWS Enjoyment - Great Mix of History as an Arcade Shooter General article describing the nature of how WOWS balances being a compelling arcade shooter w/ a respectful nod to actual history (and generating interest for it). WOWS Enjoyment - Clans - Why Join One? Outlines some of the benefits of the new Clan feature - the Naval Port. This is presented in a "Why I Joined My Clan PROJX" reasoning since there are a plethora of new clans which have been formed due to the 6.11 feature. It also touches on the Clan Application process which may intimidate some, but if you find the right match for a clan w/ your play priorities and needs, it can be easy and enjoyable. WOWS Enjoyment - Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion, but here's what the math says...) Many players have a least an opinion on WG's Matchmaking (MM) algorithms. They range from "it's fine" to "this is some broken MM!". This article describes the math behind the current state and some of the reasons for the MM algorithms as they are today. It also explains some of the implications of trade-offs that would need to be made for some of the forum suggestions for "Improved MM" to be implemented. Some Youtubers/Twitch streamers who may be of interest to you: A number of these YouTubers also have Twitch streams and are occasionally supported by Patreon contributions. This is by no means a full list of popular YouTubers, but just a few that I've found most entertaining/useful if you're interested in WOWS. Instructional/Advanced Femennenly (NA), Farazelleth (EU) - Very good CV instructional & entertaining Flamu (most servers, but primarily EU) - Advanced Tactical/Instructional/entertaining iChase (NA) - KnowYourShip series, Game Mechanics Analysis Aerroon (EU) - CV gameplay, overall entertaining/instructional Stuntman 9630 (EU) - Comparative ship stats analysis, What the Ship? series, Ship Trial series Flambass (EU) - Entertaining videos but w/ advanced tactics particularly evident in his "SPESHUL" video series Advanced Gameplay/Informational/Entertaining Jingles (EU), NoZoupforYou (NA), Notser (NA), Yuro (SEA), Mejash (NA), Qckslvrslash (NA), HughJass (NA), PointyHairedJedi (EU) Ship Reviews LittleWhiteMouse (NA) - (Technically not a Youtuber, but a forum poster) - Hands down in a league of her own wrt comprehensive reviews of a specific ship in WOWS Stuntman 9630 (EU) - When a new ship is released, posts videos which compares its stats on a 1-to-1 basis w/ other ships in its Tier Game Heads Ups These postings give you a heads up in what may be coming down the pike so you can execute missions to gather XP, FreeXP, silver or doubloons/cash for purchase opportinities or chances at free ships, etc. WOWS Enjoyment - Knowing WG Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate! If you've ever kicked yourself because you didn't have the right ships in port, enough FreeXP, not enough ports, etc. to participate in WOWS Missions/Campaigns and nice promos when they arrive - this article outlines what to expect and look for in the near future and going forward into 2018 so the next time, you'll be enjoying your reward ship for completing that mission! (or having enough FreeXP to purchase it)! WOWS Enjoyment - PSA - Opportunities for December 2017 December 2017 offers opportunies to boost FreeXP collection (for the early 2018 FXP Ship release), certain desired promos and ship sales. WOWS Enjoyment - Puerto Rico The controversial Dec 2019 Mission to build this ship - explains the "trick" to get the Puerto Rico + Gorizia for the price of a T8 Premium, under a achievable mission structure...and still have a normal Holiday w/ your friends & family. 2020 - What to expect - WG's General Release/Promo patterns How do you not miss out on events/swag? Here is a general pattern of WGs release patterns and events throughout the year so you can get a heads of of what will likely be offered and the approximate timeframe based on past historical WG business patterns. If you want to have an idea of what will happen during what month and when you can restock your supply of flags/camos or get Premium ships or when lines drop - Game Optimizations - Achieving Goals Faster In-Game WOWS Enjoyment - When Lines Split... WG has a very Player-friendly policy when a Tech Tree Line splits. Players are generously compensated new ships depending on what ships they have in port at the time of the split. This article explains the mechanics of what happens as of the 1st 2 line splits that occurred and what is anticipated for the 2018 USN Cruiser Line split in specific detail. If you want to know what ships to have in your port to net some free ships w/o the grind, this post is for you. (This post will be kept current re: WG Policy as to what happens.) WOWS Enjoyment - Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards General overview of what Missions, Campaigns and other in-game challenges require so you can position yourself w/ the right mix of ships in your port to be able to participate in these and reap the rewards. Also outlines what WG typically does when lines are split so that you can position yourself for some (potentially) free ships in the tech tree when this happens. WOWS Enjoyment - Ships to Have in Port to Participate in In-Game Goodies Expands on the previous article going into specifics regarding Missions, Campaigns, Challenges and Scenarios and the type of task activities required. Knowing this allows you to have the right types of ships in your port to more efficiently achieve the task rewards while minimizing the number of games played. [ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags and Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection Edgecase provides a fantastic explanation of how stacking of your flags and cammos work in WOWS. If you're trying to collect your remaining Free XP to purchase the Missouri before it's removed, this is the article for you. The posting describes both the mechanism and the moving pieces that allow you to earn the maximum Free XP per game. This mechanism/strategy can also be applied to the following situations (by just changing the flags and cammos to the other bonus types): If you want to speed up the XP grind for your next ship in the tech tree (substitute the XP flags and Cammos w/ XP bonuses) If you wan to speed up 19-pt Commander Training or Elite Commander XP farming (substitute the Commander XP flags and Cammos w/ Commander XP bonuses) WOWS Enjoyment - Accelerating Captains Training (Getting More 19 pt Capts Quicker) Getting a 19 pt. captain seems daunting - but if you set up your ships & play strategy efficiently, once you get one, you'll find you can get more much faster - here's how. WOWS Enjoyment - Evolving Your Captain's Skills As you gain more experience in the game, you'll find you may want to change your Captain's skills to maximize the advantage of your Ship/Commander pairing. This article goes over the opportunies WG gives you to respec your Commander's skills and a general overview of a "before and after" experience of what a typical skill progression may be for each ship type and why. WOWS Enjoyment - Getting More XP per Game If you've ever had trouble getting past the threshold for Campaign Tasks & Missions of the nature "Earn X Base XP in one Game" (the number is usually 1500/1600), this article explains the XP scoring sources. Understanding this can help boost the amount of XP you earn for these types of missions and turn them from a challenge to a piece-of-cake. There is also one source of XP that is generally not recognized that, if acted upon, can help address many forum complaints about static play and back-of-the map sniping BB tactics (and help you earn more XP as well)! WOWS Enjoyment - Strategies for a Campaign (How to More Efficiently Earn Game Rewards) Uses the "Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign as an example showing step-by-step the way to overlap tasks, choose the most efficient tasks and pick the right ships in your port to execute the tasks to minimize game time to reap the campaign rewards (since all of us have other priorities as well)! Also covers the general odds and strategies re: collectibles and chances for receiving them in game (for RNG container based collections) - the strategy for skill based collections as in the Anniversary Collection will follow the principles used to chose your campaign tasks if you want to find the minimal game strategy to get your collection finished. WOWS Enjoyment - Becoming a "Legend" Faster (how to minimize games needed to get your Legendary Upgrade Modules) Legendary Modules are highly specialized upgrade modules for 20 of your T10 vessels (Daring & Harugumo don't yet have them). The missions to obtain these modules are roughly equivalent to doing a Tier grind at T10 in your ship. Because the Mission Sequence can be very long and grindy (and expensive since you're doing them in your T10 ships), the following suggestions are meant to help you get thru them in the fewest games possible. Game Tactics WOWS Enjoyment - Skills to Learn as you Start the Game & Move thru the Tiers WOWS has a phased introduction of ship/game capabilities that you get exposed to as you play different ship types, from different nations, as you progress up thru the tiers. This is a short summary (as the response to a new player questions) of the type of skills that will help you become a better player as you encounter them as you move up thru the tiers. This is why it's not often recommended to hop into a T8 Premium, if you haven't yet been playing at T8 in the Tech Tree (i.e. the reason the Tirpitz got it's unflattering nickname). WOWS Enjoyment - Ships & Shooting Ever wonder how a weaker tier ship can take on a higher tier? A DD or CL/CA kill a BB? This tutorial covers Captains Skills & Ship Upgrades to specific shooting strategies. Also includes detailed sections on what to shoot in what circumstances and where to aim and why, to inflict increased damage on your enemy. WOWS Enjoyment - Shooting at Angled Targets When you have to shoot at angled targets, here are some quick tips to adjust your lead properly to increase your changes of hitting. WOWS Enjoyment - DD Guns - When to use HE & AP Describes the situations when using HE or AP for DD caliber guns is preferrable and why. WOWS Enjoyment - Maneuvering Many newer players run into problems once they initially engage an enemy and can't safely cover themselves as they need to turn away. This article covers various maneuvering strategies and cover strategies to mask turns. It also describes various strategies such as bow-tanking, kiting, flanking and other maneuver related strategies and counter strategies. WOWS Enjoyment - Advantages of a Retreating Fight (and Why) A common tactic for Fire Spamming Cruisers is to "kite" away from an opponent (often a BB or BB Group - while burning them down). Here's why you have an advantage in a retreating fight and why this tactic gives you an edge even in a 1 vs. 1 even matchup. (Note: this is not to advocate always using a retreating tactic. You should always prioritize the actual tactical situation to determine how you play your ship - but if you have to survive and inflict more pain than received on your chasers, here's why this tactic works). Maneuvering Your Cruiser for Survivability to Influence a Game Uses a game replay to illustrate techniques in kiting & shell dodging and using maneuverability to aid in turret traverse (what may look like chain fire in this video is actually maneuvering to align guns for a ship w/ slow turret rotation). Cruisers don't have BB armor, but w/ the right maneuver tactics of kiting, baiting shots & dodging - you can survive & even bring your team back from a 3-8 ship deficit [ Thanks to Notser for posting my game & providing commentary ]. WOWS Enjoyment - Brawling 101 Q: If you're a German BB (w/ secondary build) and are attacked by a DD, CA, BB on 3 sides of you, what do you do? A: Point your nose (slightly offset) at the BB, put your Secondaries on the DD & 1 or 2 salvo the CA 1st before addressing the BB & DD This article is answers how to do this and why you are doing this to successfully Brawl and the tactics to come out of this type of fight successfully. [ Link from iChaseGaming ] Captains Academy #41 - Definitive Guide to Dispersion iChase provides a detailed explaination of the differences between Horizontal and Vertical dispersion and Sigma and how this affects your aim and shell hit results. Understanding this clearly will help you get more hits on your intended targets on your target ship. [ Link from Notser ] Shells - Penetration Mechanics & Formulas Notser presents an easy to understand overview of the formulas WG uses to calculate penetration for AP & HE shell types. These are the simple rules that are needed to be applied when you determine which parts of an enemy ship you want to shoot to inflict maximum damage from your salvo. The damage types (citadels, penetration, over-pen and bounces) are also covered and the damage formulas to apply for each type. [ Links to Flamu YouTube Videos ] Advanced Tactics - Flamu Tactical Analysis Videos This section contains links to a YouTube Video Series recently started (Dec 2017) by the EU Unicum & CC Flamu that analyzes and comments on tactics improvements for games submitted by his subscribers. More advanced tactical and strategic concepts such as better/best ship positioning (for safety & firing angles), map awareness, efficient/timely consumable usage, optimizing/anticipating gun direction, firing into smoke, leveraging ship strength/weakness are revealed during actual gameplay to illustrate how to use/captain your ship better. Flamu - Replay Analysis #1 - Minotaur, Akizuki, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst Flamu - Replay Analysis #2 - Hipper, Des Moines, Kagero, Missouri Flamu - Replay Analysis #3 - Missouri, Charles Martel, Atago (includes Ranked Game) Flamu - Replay Analysis #4 - Chappayev, North Carolina, Lo Yang, Amagi, North Carolina (includes Ranked Games) Flamu - Replay Analysis #5 - Amagi, Atago, Akizuki, Amagi (Ranked Games) Flamu - Replay Analysis #6 - Yamato, Leningrad, Izumo Flamu - Replay Analysis #6A - Hindenburg, GroBer Kurfurst Flamu - Replay Analysis #7 - North Carolina, Hindenburg, Akatsuki, Grozovoi Flamu - Replay Analysis #8 - Hindenburg, Fletcher, Harekaze Flamu - Replay Analysis #9 - Maass, Pensacola, Monarch, La Galissonniere Flamu - Replay Analysis #10 - Clan Battles Flamu - Replay Analysis #11 - Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Zao 0.8.0 CV Rework - Premium CV Summaries (as of last Public Test sequence) Stuntman9630 is a CC who recently posted a series of vids on the 4 Prems & what the changes are under the CV rework - Those who own these CVs and want a feel for the new play mechanics on your specific premium, attack group sizes, consummables, etc. may find this useful to get a quick heads up on what's in store for your Premiums. Be aware, it is still a week prior to the CV Rework Drop and there is one more test cycle in progress - so treat this as a Work in Progress subject to possible last minute change. [ Links to Farazelleth YouTube Videos ] Fara's CV Guides - CV Configuration and Play [ Release 0.8.0 will result in a complete rework of CV gameplay into a new 1st person meta - these article links should be considered legacied after the release 0.8.0 ] For those interested in CV Gameplay - this section contains links to very detailed instructional and informational videos from the EU Unicum CV Player Farazelleth's YouTube Series Fara Carrier Guide. This series explains tactics and strategies when playing CVs which will help you get the most out of your CV (including gameplay examples). Farazelleth has also posted a Configure Your CV series which covers each CV in the Tech Tree including: Ship Upgrade Recommended Progression Module Upgrades Captains Skills Overall ship playstyle and information Play examples in Random Battles The links below represent a sampler of basic CV information contained on his channel - if you find the information useful, please consider subscribing to his channel. Fara Carrier Guides Series What Makes a Good CV? Introduction Ep 1 - General CV Information Ep 2 - Commander Skills Overview Ep 3 pt1 - IJN Commander Setup Ep 3 pt2 - USN Commander Setup Ep 4 - Basic Tactics Ep 5 - Plane Control Ep 6 pt1 - Advanced Bombing Ep 6 pt2 - Neutralizing Enemy AA Ep 6 pt3 - Advanced Fighter Control Ep 6 pt4 - Advanced Scouting Ep 6 pt5 - Flight Deck Management Ep 6 pt6 - Carrier Sniping Ep 6 pt7 - Dealing w/ Air Superiority Ep 6 pt8 - Dealing w/ Being Bottom Tier Ep 6 pt9 - What to do when everything goes bad Ep 7 - Differences betwenn Random, Ranked & Competitive Gameplay IJN CVs Hosho (T4) - Starter CV Zuiho (T5) - Limited to Auto-drops and Click Engagements - May encounter enemy T6 CVs that have access to Strafe and Manual Drop mechanics Ryujo (T6) - 1st CV that permits Manual Drops and Strafes Hiryu (T7) Shokaku (T8) Taiho (T9) Hakuryu (T10) USN CVs Langley (T4) - Starter CV Bogue (T5) - Limited to Auto-drops and Click Engagements - May encouter enemy T6 CVs that have access to Strafe and Manual Drop mechanics Independence (T6) - 1st CV that permits Manual Drops and Strafes Ranger (T7) Lexington (T8) Essex (T9) Midway (T10) Premiums Kaga (T7) - Features strong Strike Groups Saipan (T7) - Features T9 Aircraft Enterprise (T8) - Features strong (numerically) Fighter Presence Game Strategy [ Stay tuned! - There is a new series of articles planned for this section that will be added to it throughout 2018! Due to recent updates that are in-progress w/ many of the maps (some significant modifications), this Map Strategies section will be delayed until the map changes have been rolled out ] WOWS Enjoyment - Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains Explains the primary cap strategies one finds in game, the overall strategic intent for each, expected goals/actions, your responsibilities to your team for each strategy and why. Also covers the concept of Lemming trains, their serious risks and responsibilities if you engage in this tactic (including fallback upon failure). WOWS Enjoyment - Lanchester's Laws & WOWS Strategies Expands on the previous article (tho a precursor) by introducing an actual series of Military Studies which resulted in Lanchester's (Square) Law which has solid implications in strategies you use in WOWS. The base concept is explained and how it factors into specific suggestions for tactics you can use in WOWS to be more successful and win more games. Map Strategies [ Currently Under Construction ] A Map-by-Map breakdown of specific strategies that are useful or will be encountered on specific maps and modes in WOWS. Will include a general overview of the strategic elements presented by the maps for various ship types including: General strategic overview of map - generally good vs bad strategic moves and why Illustrated tactics and strategies of specific map features Firing arc opportunities Radar Cruiser Hiding Places Maneuvering turn points General contest point & cover points DD tactics and counters on the map Tech Tree Progression Assessments IJN DD Main Line vs. Alternate Line (post-Split) If you're trying to make a decision on which IJN DD line to go up from the T5 split, this response offers a brief summary of each ship in the IJN DD lines from T5-T10 (T8 in Alternate line). Play points, strengths and weaknesses of each ship are noted to help you make your decision. Play One Line/Ship Type or Many? This article gives you the pros and cons of whether you may want to play only a single line of ships to T10 before going on to the next or multiple lines/ship types simultaneously. Since this question is one of how you allocate valuable free time for gaming - the summary gives you an idea of tradeoffs you make to participated in game events, missions, develop your skills faster, etc. Bugs Replay Bug - Attempts to run a replay result in being stuck in the login screen forever & the replay never plays WG hasn't yet caught up w/ this bug w/ a fix so here is a summary of what gets you into hitting this bug & a workaround if you do so you don't lose the ability to run your replays. Just for Fun... WOWS Enjoyment - April Fools! (Subs!) Meant as an April Fools thought exercise (for fun!) re: how potentially Submarines could be introduced into the game mechanic. Not all responders took it as such and there is a passionate and vehement response every time Subs are mentioned as an in-game vehicle! WOWS Enjoyment - Submarine Game Mode Suggestion Now that Submarines are starting to come into the game -- suggestions to avoid some of the game balance pitfalls of trying to introducing them into Random Battles (by not doing so - here is the suggestion -- covers a way to get a better Submarine experience, PvP game mode and PvP game modes out of this.
  11. Hello. To those who don't know me, I spent a lot of time trying to get WGs attention about CV problems, during their release, to get them to improve the balance of the game. Some of those things were successful, and others were not. With Subs on the horizon, and my opinion of their inclusion in their current state being questionable at best, I will do the same with them. If you're looking for a guide with no opinions, this isn't for you. Most of this is not numbers, but an opinion on the workings of the class. As we deep dive into how this class interacts with others, you will learn how to become better at them. It is my hope that with this knowledge you will improve, and shed further light on their issues, in the hopes that a better product is given. I will provide highlights of matches when discussing each sub type below (2 for each). These were taken from a 2-hour stream. I do not think this is indicative of what each battle would look like, as there are bots in the midst and players are still adjusting. Despite that, I don't think the evidence of sub strength is any less meaningful as it is displayed. I pulled the best game I had, and an average game I had for each nations sub. If any Wargaming people read this, I want to say I disagree with whatever decisions led to not allowing subs to be brought into training room. I think this makes it harder for people to test the limits and interactions with other ships, which would have best been done in a closed environment. The Battle mode already has bots in them anyway, and you allowed carriers to be used in the training room during their PTS session last year. I am happy about your reserved pace in introducing subs to us, but it would be nice to try these in other modes as well. A podcast I was in talking about submarines. https://anchor.fm/the-new-guys/episodes/Episode-024-Making-Sense-of-Submarines-with-07s-Pulicat-ef1vrc I have spoiler'd everything below so you can find quickly and read only what you are interested in, or tackle the read in chunks. This is about 4000 words. Submarine Gameplay Submarine Consumables Nation Submarine Strength & Weaknesses Subs Interacting With Subs Destroyers Interacting With Subs Cruisers With Charges Interacting With Subs Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers Interacting With Subs Mechanics that should be added for this class to function better. General thoughts
  12. Estimated_Prophet

    Yeah, not seeing that 'fun' so much... (subs)

    Yeah, not really seeing that fun. Five games tonight. Can't take any more of this. Pretty much all like this. One game a low health DD rammed me and it died. https://replayswows.com/replay/94291#stats Other than that, nothing of any real note happened. Next to impossible to control depth; next to impossible to keep oriented when trying to ping, versus which way your topedoes are pointing; no 'excitement;' plenty of frustration. @Pulicat, @Antean, not really seeing why that frustration is worth dealing with.
  13. For me the two most irritating things about submarines are a) how they are able to shift between the 6 m immunity zone with startling speed and b) how they are at times able to survive more than 20 depth charge hits. In reality any submarine that takes that many hits would more likely resemble a piece of metal Swiss cheese than a submarine. The purpose of these changes is to promote a more realistic and skill-based interaction between submarines and asw ships. Thus, I propose the following for ASW: Depth charges should not be a consumable, but instead a type of ammunition with varying reloads and load outs depending on class/nation. The reload should be reduced to something like 15 seconds (or 20 seconds at most), and load-outs can vary from 3x3, 9x1, or anything else (similar to different torpedo firing arrangements on torpedo-carrying surface ships). Depth charges should be able to be aimed. Whenever the depth charge consumable is selected, the captain of the asw ship should be able to select the depth that a single salvo (or perhaps for certain nations individual depth charges) can be dropped, perhaps in a top-down view (like a CV) or an underwater view (like a submarine but without showing said submarine unless detected by hydro or something). For example, a ship with a 3x3 load out can drop depth charges at 10 m, 50 m, and 30 m, while a ship with a 9x1 load out can drop charges at 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m, etc. The reticle can be something similar to a surface targeting reticle. Depth charge hit ribbons should only show up if either the submarine targeted is sunk or already detected. If a submarine is already detected or dies because of depth charge attacks, then the ribbons should appear on the asw ship's score sheet on the right-hand corner. However, if a submarine is not detected, then there is a different way of judging hits. Visual cues should aid with asw accuracy: historically a common trick of submarine captains is to eject oil/random parts to make it appear that a submarine is already sunk. Thus instead of ribbons, successful hits on a submarine should cause oil or parts to float up to the surface. These bits of debris should either be highlighted or easily noticeable whenever they surface so that in the heat of battle they may be used to judge the success of an asw attack (especially if an asw ship is looking for them), but also not highlighted so that it is possible for an asw ship that's inattentive to miss these signs. I also suggest the following for submarines: For the 6 m divide between vulnerable/immune to surface fire, implement a 10 second cool down every time submarine surfaces/dives across this line. This way, a prepared surface ship at a reasonably close range will be able to get off some hits (not all ships, but honestly if you're trying to do something like hit a submarine 5.9 m below with an Atlanta 11 m away, you're probably doing something wrong) Going deeper and slowing down in a submarine should increase depth charge dispersion and detection but not damage. In this way an asw ship that is only guessing your submarine's depth (given the above aim mechanic) would not inflict as much damage as an asw ship that has you pinned down and knows your location and depth, and gives the submarine captain time to get away with minimal damage should they be able to evade detection said asw attack. It also adds an interesting question for submarines: should they try and speed out of the depth charge zone at risk of being detected and pursued or hunker down and hope to slowly creep out of the firing line of the asw ship? Submarines should have an eject debris consumable. Corresponding to said visual cue for asw warfare above, submarines should be able to eject debris (oil, metal parts, etc.) with a 1 minute or so cool down between each use. This debris floats to the surface and is indistinguishable from actual debris caused by successful depth charge attacks. This allows submarines to perhaps fool an asw ship into ceasing or misjudging their attack or cause a smarter asw captain to realize that a submarine is not dead and continue their attack. This consumable can thus be a double-edged sword as it was in real life if used improperly.
  14. I finally got around to playing some sub battles as other classes since my luck with random bundles is trash. And I do want subs in this game, but I just can't understand some of the decisions made in this version of them. I get that some ships did and didn't have depth charges, but limiting their use to ONLY DDs and CLs when ships of other types had them makes no sense to me. Especially when they are visible in the ship's model. You could just blanket give everyone depth charges for balance sake (DDs 3 charges, CLs 2, everything else 1) but this would probably make a lot of history nerds mad. But why not at the very least give everyone a hydrophone, even if its less effective depending on ship type? Subs vs BB SHOULD be a lopsided matchup , but having literally zero counterplay options until they surface is just a bad design choice.
  15. Just spent three minutes evading torpedoes trying to stop red subs from completing a cap. Couldn't see a single sub surfaced. Only one that showed up was at 15m down, so immune to my Pensacola. What don't I understand is that while I've driving around my own cap, and they're submerged, the needle doesn't move as far as their control of the cap? If I'm there, and they're not surfaced, shouldn't control swing back towards my side? Help please if someone understands this better than I do?
  16. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    What is a good graphic setting for Submarines?

    Trying our submarine gameplay in Submarine Battles, I noticed that it can be sometimes difficult to see enemy targets (or threats) while underwater. I figured that this could be because my graphics settings are on low, so I wanted to ask: What graphics setting do you think is best to improve submarine gameplay while also not causing any extra lag?
  17. khestergk

    Subs good and bad

    Subs are balanced around Destroyers and cruisers with strong attacks against BB's and CV's. While cruisers are equal to subs in most matters a destroyer is exceptionally strong against subs as they can dodge your torpedos and provide almost an inexhaustible amount of depth chargers against you. I foresee DD's with hydrophone being the new radar. The Bad: There are some definite problems with destroyers against submarines if you are caught by a destroyer your chances of survival are extremely low at close to 2%. What's worse is that destroyer depth charges don't affect friendly subs which a little weird considering that all other weapons affect allies' depth charges should be no different. Destroyers and cruisers seem to have a never-ending reload of depth charges will no cooldown making it impossible to escape a DD which quite literally destroys your sub if the player is half decent. Further, damage of the depth charges shows up on their hits even when a sub is hidden so they can go around dropping depth charges and see what pops up for the damage and drop them again. The depth of the sub seems to have little to no effect at tier 6, with what I want to say is a 15% damage reduction. Smokescreen works underwater: yeah its weird but smoke screen shields subs from seeing targets even if you're submerged. Really Bad: Playing a battleship is even worse now than before, the game is completely unbalanced against them as a single sub salvo as with a DD salvo can destroy even the hardiest of BB's. I fear many players will resign to the fact that the BB is dead.
  18. Some submarine players have adopted an anti-DD tactic where they wait just below the surface and wait for a DD to start dropping depth charges. When the DD starts the drop, they try to surface immediately next to the DD at full stop too close for the DD to use guns or torpedoes and avoiding all depth charge damage. The DD sails past and they fire all forward torpedoes into the DD at point blank range. Because the depth charges don't do any damage to a surfaced submarine, as long as they don't accidentally ram, they can kill the DD taking little to no damage, which completely undermines the intended game balance. Will need to be addressed ASAP, possibly by removing the immunity to depth charges on the surface. @Hapa_Fodder
  19. So I've been playing around in the submarines and so far it's a blast. My only problem with it is that for most of WWII submarines didn't participate in fleet actions. Usually, they sunk merchant shipping or vessels that had already been damaged in a larger fleet battle and had been detached to head home for repair. As a result piloting a sub in the middle of the action instead of on the flanks feels really weird. Now I know this game isn't a historical simulation, but I think submarine battles as they stand now sometimes get too chaotic and I think putting submarines in Random/Ranked/Clan Battles will be too disruptive to the gaming experience most of us have come to like. I want to have the option to play with or without submarines, as do I think most other players. So I have a proposal: "Convoy Battles". My idea is this: A new game mode that replaces Submarine Battles where each team starts with 3-5 capital ships (BB's or CV's) that are designated the "convoy" and controlled by players (no bots). These ships have the little target icon above them (that you sometimes see in operations) to denote which ships constitute the convoy so everyone can identify them. The convoy starts closer to the edge of the map than normal, and the destroyers, cruisers, and submarines are moved further forward than usual. This effectively makes them a fleet screen for the convoy. For DD's CL/CA's and Subs, this provides the challenge of safeguarding your convoy by not letting submarines get past you while also trying to help your own submarines break through enemy lines through to sink the enemy convoy. Theoretically you could still win by shelling the other team's convoy, but it seems like it would be ineffective compared to attacking them with submarines, thus putting the focus on the subs. Played on a large enough map, this could get very interesting. For BB's and CV's, this provides the challenge of finding a way to engage at range and bring your superior firepower to bear while still keeping your ship safe from submarine threats. The first team to lose the entire convoy, or the team who has lost the most convoy ships when time expires, loses. You could score it ship-by-ship, meaning teams would win in even numbers (i.e. a team wins 3-0 after sinking the entire enemy convoy with three of their ships remaining) or as a sliding scale of percentage of damage caused to the enemy team's convoy and whoever causes the most damage wins. My idea is that this becomes a new game mode that replaces Submarine Battles and feels a bit more realistic for submarine play, while leaving Random, Ranked, and other game modes untouched. It strikes a happy compromise between showcasing the "stealth assassin" type strengths of submarines, some semblance of historical accuracy, appeasing differing opinions in the player base, and broadening the scope of the game. I'd love to see this get into the hands of the devs, and if other players want to chime in and suggest improvements or new ideas for submarine game modes (I know there's already threads about balance/glitches, etc. out there) let's make this a place for it. Cheers and happy hunting!
  20. So I know this topic is very controversial as of the implementation of subs. But as of right now, the Subs don't exactly have many counters. Keeping in mind that submarines have been relatively scaled up to meet standards of the game, like destroyers being upscaled due to them being hard to hit. Submarines are fine in size, damage and range, where the problem is coming from is the "C-tapping", when players sit at 5.9m and simply tap C to sink when under fire, there is also the issue of Spotting enemy warships, but i'm here to talk about balancing the submarines, not the spotting issue. These are concept ideas so feel free to suggest better balancing or concept ideas; 1. Underwater mines (specific to submarines) for Heavy cruisers Or Battleships 2. EMP for magnetic torpedoes (disengages magnetic lock but lets the torps run smooth) 3. Depth charges should take no less than 3-6 seconds to recharge 4. Spotting a submarine should only be possible if they are >6m (As any Ship) 4.1. spotting a submarine as a submarine should be possible at any depth 4.2. spotting a ship as a submarine should only be possible at 6m+ 5. Depth charges should get a buff/nerf in damage (10-30%) 6. Submarine AA should be possible when surfaced at 0m 7. Torpedoes get sent all at once or with a 2 second interval as a submarine 8. AP should hit a submarine and flood it when 'surfaced' (regardless of range, it's a submarine, not a dd) In other regards, submarines are fine as is, nothing else (apart from spotting) needs to be changed. Again, feel free to criticize and reccomend ideas
  21. Shannon_Lindsey

    It's a shame...

    It's a shame submarine battles don't grant awards, because this battle was a KRAKEN UNLEASHED in the closest to literal sense. I love the submarines, but I understand they still have a long way to go before they can enter randoms.
  22. I wanted to take my subs into the training room yesterday evening to practice pinging and using the (not so) guided torpedoes. To my disappointment, I was not allowed to do this. Will this be added once everyone who wants one has a sub in their port?
  23. Herr_Reitz

    Carriers ASW Tips

    Hullo all, New to the whole sub thing. Somewhat familiar with carriers. I am finding, unless I catch a sub on the surface, my carriers have no offensive/defensive abilities for use against submarines. I must be missing something here, right? What tips do you have to sink 'em using your carrier, other than the possibility of ramming. TIA!
  24. I just completed 5 Submarine battles in my Tier VI battleships. The reward boosts were nice but I am not up for more aggravation. Five battles, five loses, and except for the submarines there was only 1 other live player TOTAL in all five games. I'm not sure how much more of this FUN I can stand.