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Found 38 results

  1. So this has happened to me twice this last week both times in BBs, once in Preussen and now in Musashi. The first time it happened I assumed it was a fluke as I've had detonations happen in BBs before all be it they are extremely rare and for me they happened on low tier BBs (maybe 2 twice in 3 years as a BB main). But twice in one week? and both times by sub launched torps? one from a tier 8? Is this a new mechanic or is RNG just unhappy with me? Both of those ships are very well protected. Musahi having a 55 Percent torp damage reduction in my build and the magazines are in both cases fully protected by the belt armor and torpedo defense So I'm having a hard time seeing how it's possible. Can anyone shed some light on that?
  2. Ronin69

    Sub Nerfed Again?

    I've enjoyed the subs, but with 11.4 they are nerfing the subs again. Apparently, the BBs cried as they couldn't just sit in the rear and snipe, not that they were any good at it, most of the time they missed. I remember when CVs came out and they kept crying about that. Resulting in a max of two CVs and countless revisions to lower their combat ability. The same is occurring with subs.
  3. I'm not sure if I hit a setting wrong, but I cannot get the air strike hit box to show up as normal. Does anyone have an idea for why this is occurring?
  4. Nassim10718

    Submarine Ideas

    Hey Now I know subs are not very popular among players, but i think they're good. So no sub bashing in here. Here, i want to hear what subs would you want to see in the game, premium or not, and for which nation. My proposition goes for the french crusier submarine Surcouf, which was equipped with 2 203mm (!) guns and ah hydroplane, as well as torps. I would see it as a premium. What about you guys?
  5. I have two recommendations regarding submarines: 1. create a continuous readout for "depth under the keel." On approaching an island or restricted water, the player could see the water depth starting to decrease before getting that "crunch - all back full" feeling. 2. add snorkel consumable to recharge batteries while at periscope depth. The offset may be greater detectability when snorkeling. Question: Does the detectability of a submarine increase when the sub speed increases? And conversly, if a sub is DIW does detectability decrease? This would be more real world. Spock: "Live long and Perspire!"
  6. After observing, and playing roughly 200 matches in them, submarines since they came back, I don't really see any reason to even include these types of ships, at least in randoms. I personally think they are way too strong. Even if we 'adapt' to them as we have radar ships and cv's, they're still far too strong to toss into matches that either A: Matter such as ranked or clan battles. or B: Randoms. I do have a few suggestions on them, and hope they would be taken into consideration, or at least looked through. Randoms: If you're going to keep submarines in randoms, I would suggest the following. Raise the depletion of battery power by ten percent. They can stay hidden for far too long as it is. 4 minutes is enough time to vanish from detection and sink several ships. Or maybe make it so each time you ping, you use a specific percentage of your battery. This would make submarines play a bit more cautiously because pinging multiple ships could cause them to drain their battery enough that they are forced to surface in the middle of a group of enemies. Another suggestion would be to get rid of the homing aspect of their torpedoes. As it is, even quick rudder, fast turning cruisers have problems dodging the torpedoes, let alone the cumbersome battleships. As a Kurfurst or Yamato, it's nearly impossible to dodge submarine torpedoes if you've been pinged. As a submarine captain, sure, this is great, but it feels cheap, and as the captain on the receiving end, you feel bullied, and don't enjoy the game by being attacked by something you have zero chance of dodging. It's a 99% guaranteed attack in a game that's based around RNG, so unless you're going to give every other ship a ping to allow their guns to be perfectly accurate for the same amount of time those torpedoes are, you're giving submarines a distinct advantage over every other ship in the game. There is no balance there, and unless it's removed, or a similar aspect is given to every other class of ship, then there can be no balance. If that's not an acceptable choice, then I would suggest drastically lowering the damage each torpedo can do. 12k damage on 4 torps that reload every 55 seconds which home in on you in such a way its nearly impossible to dodge... That's ludicrous. I would suggest dropping the damage down to CV rates or somewhere close. 2k - 4k damage max. That's still up to 16k per salvo. Pretty significant on ships that may have 30k health. And raising the reload. You've basically given them a torpedo machine gun. Maybe, also, make it so if you miss your second ping, the first ping breaks and the torpedoes stop homing, and you're unable to ping the same target again for say... a minute. Though, again, I think the better option would be remove the homing aspect, because it's heavily unbalanced right now. My other suggestion would be simply add in another type of battle that includes submarines, and keep them out of randoms. That way people can still play them as is, but they won't ruin random battles as they are doing right now. Yes, there are counters. Yes, they're easy to sink if they make a mistake and quite a few of them do. But they're still far overpowered for what their intent is. Most people I see aren't happy with them, specifically for the reasons I've brought up. Even those that have played them, such as I have, testing them out and understanding their function. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it.
  7. If you surface and a ship is close by trps should be an upgrade option to arm instanty captain skill or something
  8. I have been playing subs since they started . The hydroacoustic search assured sub detection needs modification seriously or people will stop playing subs. They have pretty much dialed them in except that the hydroacoustic search should not for sure pickup a sub at maximum depth at 2km. With low hp they die instantly. . Maybe alter depth charges from planes some? Suggestion #1 change- It should pickup sub upto 2km to say 40-45meters but not at at max depth a sub has to be able to escape away. With so many ships having hydro the team can keep a sub lit up constantly. Suggestion #2 change- also if a sub goes idle/silent (no engine or gears running -throttle stopped) then the hydro should stop picking them up at all except say maybe .5km if they are right below the other ship and hence the hydro man is hearing them. .
  9. Issue: This is where you should explain the problem that you're having. CV fighter planes can spot submarines at maximum depth when spawning if the drop point is placed above the sub. Expected Result: Tell us what should be happening. As per https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-again/, submarines are undetectable at maximum depth by air. Patrol fighters shouldn't be spotting submarines at maximum depth when spawning. How to Replicate: Give us examples on how to reproduce this bug. Sit at max depth with a submarine and have a CV drop their fighters on you. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: Screenshots and Replays go a long way, so having this ready to go will really help. Replay is attached, see 11:17. Note, the fighters show up after the torpedo planes that drop them leave. My camera wiggles in confusion at this point. 20220326_202049_PGSS108-U190_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  10. LastRemnant

    Sub Nerfs Make Me Sad

    Yup subs are useless now I cant wait for wargaming to put a yellow arrow pointing at subs telling everyone constantly where subs are at
  11. ImGunLock

    Subs now worthless. WG on its way

    Lets see here. Every time you do something with the subs you make it worse. Now you have made the airstrike reloads faster.. Here is a suggestion for you WG, Since you have just put the final bullet in the gun yourself on the matter of subs. Why don't you just remove them all together.. I was the biggest supporter for these things but you absolutely ruined them and wasted everybody's time that played them. You really know how to take something that could have been good for the game and made it an easy target for everyone. Not that it was never an easy target because it was. Can't get any worse for the sub player but I'm sure you will find a way. You have wasted your money and our time !
  12. orchestrasvn090


    I can't wait for the submarines to become a permanent ship type of the game so that they can develop and release more historical submarines for us to play - I know I said something about it in the past, but I want to bring it up again so that it doesn't get lost to the developers: when you're FINALLY ready to release the submarines to us, please develop and release USS Cod into the game; it's the one submarine that I've been longing to play with in the game since you first sent out testing for the ship type.
  13. CaptSpock

    Submarine Torpedo arming Distance

    Subj: what is it?
  14. BliNkingg

    Some REAL Pan-Asian blueprints

    I found some blueprints for submarines, destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers designed by other countries for the Kuomintang. The National Archives of Taiwan opened these drawings for viewing at the beginning of this year. Submarine: Destroyer: Cruiser: Aircraft carrier: I also found a Thai light cruiser designed by Italy: Taksin-class light cruiser The current Pan-Asian cruiser branch, to be honest, is disappointing. :(
  15. Alright folks, I tried this yesterday, but because I am crap, the poll was riddled with issues, some small, and one potentially devastating. But all that is fixed now, and I present to you a pair of polls, the last polls on subs that we may ever need... unless there are good suggestions, or the data leads to new questions or whatever. But this should cover everything. The links below will take you to the polls. The first poll is for people who have played submarines, the second poll is for surface ship players. You will have to sign in to a Google account, but I assume that everyone has one of those. This poll does not collect emails, don't worry about that. POLL CLOSED. Thanks for participating! I will share stats once we get 100 participants total, or tomorrow afternoon, whichever is first.
  16. The most effective way to balance submarine in random battle: 1. Limit the maximum number of underwater torpedoes launched (torpedo tubes need high-pressure air to be flattened and filled with water, the higher the depth, the higher the air consumption, and when high-pressure air run out, sub can’t float up) 2. add the torpedo launch speed limit (the torpedo launching at a speed exceeding 10+kts has a chance to cause the torpedo tube to be damaged or even blow up) 3. Change torpedo guidance to wire-guided(submarine's large-scale maneuvering will have wire-lost, and the torpedo cannot be guided after wire-lost)
  17. The addition of subs is an interesting dynamic. However, as currently designed, subs have too much power against most DDs, at least in the mid-tier where I play, and this needs to be rebalanced before wide introduction. I'm sure this has been debated internally by your dev teams and throughout development in your test base. Let me throw my hat in the ring on the side of reducing the power of homing torpedoes. Subs are given homing torpedoes by default with effectively limitless ability to home. This is not only historically inaccurate, it is too powerful and is becoming worse as sub captains gain skill. One torpedo salvo of 2 is sufficient to take out even high HP DDs. There are few techniques that mitigate homing from a middle distance, even among the most agile DDs. No known ship-born counter exists. By analogy, DDs can smoke to counter visual detection and maneuver (accel/decel/turn) to counter ballistic weapons or "dumb" torpedoes and can prioritize sectors to improve AA effectiveness. Subs have very small detection radii when surfaced or submerged but can ping and home from quite a distance. Mid-tier DDs have no stock ability to spot subs when submerged until well within the homing kill radius. This adds to the imbalance. I suggest the following: Make homing torpedoes an option similar to AP and HE shells with the appropriate time penalty for switching torpedo types. Reduce the HP power of homing torpedoes by 25-40% from that of standard "dumb" torpedoes, similar to the way AP and HE act differently. Perhaps they cannot cause a detonation or they do less HP damage but have a high probability to cause flooding. Homing torpedoes should have some penalty to counter their accuracy Alternatively, make homing a consumable like radar or hydro search Give DDs some level of hydro search or ping triangulation by default. This is, of course, far more historically accurate than homing torpedoes. I suggest that the ping marking be much brighter and include a momentary "tail" pointing in the general direction of origin. I think this has been attempted by marking one side of the ship vs the other, but it misses the mark in terms of communicating useful information Alternatively, give DDs some skill or equipment option to mitigate homing torpedo effectiveness
  18. In light of the fire over CVs and Subs, as well as the lack of game modes, maybe a new game mode can be implemented as a random battle subcategory. You can choose to play regular random battle with all ship categories, or you can choose another random battle option that excludes, CVs, Subs, or even both. Then those who are willing to face CVs and Subs can play with them while those who wish not to play with CVs and Subs can play without them. This can bring back the old strategic gimmicks of WoWS pre-CV while still keeping CVs (and Subs) in the game. Thoughts?
  19. Sold to be a museum ship in 200, placed on EBAY in 2008, permits to build the museum not approved 2016. Now in danger of sinking. https://transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety/newsroom/emergency-direction-ex-hmas-otama-submarine-listing
  20. Capt_Charr

    Missing Indonesian submarine

    Missing Indonesian submarine: US, Australia help search for 53 crew members running low on oxygen. I hope for the best to all on board. Read latest news here
  21. anonym_rvW3VUytbRup

    Submarine Tech Question

    Two quick questions: 1) what are the first nations to have subs whenever they are released? I think its USA, IJN, & KM? What about RN? 2) how will the teirs be structured? will they have subs at T3-T10 like BBs or will they be like CVS with a T4, T6, T8, and T10?
  22. anonym_rvW3VUytbRup

    Submarine Tech Question

    Two quick questions: 1) what are the first nations to have subs whenever they are released? I think its USA, IJN, & KM? What about RN? 2) how will the teirs be structured? will they have subs at T3-T10 like BBs or will they be like CVS with a T4, T6, T8, and T10?
  23. Played about 20 sub games so far......most in a Budy or Gaede....was fun. Tried the Warspite and realized how utterly defenseless I was against subs. I watched the red subs just wander around early and mid game. Got down to my team with two BBs and a CV and they had 2 subs. One sub disappeared....the other one sank all three of us. It appears at first glance that most BBs will be worthless late game against subs. Is that the intention? And if it is....why on earth would anyone play a BB regularly in games that feature CVs and subs?
  24. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine

    New Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine. If it builds upon the technologies of the Swedish Gotland Class Submarine, this will be a very amazing non-nuclear submarine for countries to purchase. (More info here) http://www.hisutton.com/A26.html