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Found 57 results

  1. something I noticed which creates a rigged game for the a.i. when using a sub, and submerged any planes automatically go to where the sub is undetected and fllow above it, making it impossible to surface to recharge. this creates a loss everytime... its unfair advantage for the a.i.....this happens when the sub is the last one left alive....

    I56 forget it

    i tried the I56 sub, and it is complete and total junk. 2 minutes max under water, no rear torps, handles poorly, easily detected, and all around complete waste of money. basically, its scrap. impossible to use.....this is the absolute worst wow ship that ahs ever been added to the game. stick with the German and American subs, theya re playable, although, once detected, youa re dead, as the detection stays on a very long time.
  3. Destroyer_OG_

    Submarines Extra XP?

    Is it just me or does it seem like subs get extra XP in games? Because I've been getting 160k+ DMG games in my smaland in ranked a lot of achievements but yet the subs on my team even when I know for a fact they didn't do much all game and got less than 60k DMG still get top place on the team. They're getting like 500+ XP than the next person. Feels like subs are getting special treatment when it comes to earning XP at the end of the games. This just doesn't seem fair since I lose the stars in ranked just because there's a sub on my team and they are on top of leader board and I keep receiving second place, I look at their profiles and they are all around 40% w/r but yet always stay on top somehow. Does anyone else having the same experiences? Its bad enough having subs in ranked now this.
  4. Vacation time! Went to Galveston Texas, to do a drydock tour of USS Texas, at Gulf Copper Shipyard. Here are some of my pictures, along with various comments, as well as some misc from other things I saw. Various pings; @Ensign_Cthulhu @Wolfswetpaws @Ahskance @ArIskandir @Khafni @oldblackdog @Gaelic_knight @PapaOoooPowPow @Navalpride33 @HamptonRoads @HazeGrayUnderway @Lord_Zath
  5. I was in a SUB and capping a base and proceeded to cap till it was at 50% but when I got bombed by enemy aircraft but I was still on the surface I lost the 25% of the cap. I thought as long as you were surfaced you gain cap points but obviously I was wrong on that. Why is their a difference as surface ships do can cap when they are crippled unless thats changed as well ??? Oh their were no enemy ships in the cap or near their just enemy planes
  6. It's French submarine time! Allrighty everyone... we're done here. ... OR, we could just, I don't know; ignore the funni meme bote for a while and see what France really can bring to the table. (Other than the funni haha meme bote of course) Of course the obvious question will be: What do French submarines bring to the table that's different from their Italian, Japanese, Russian or possibly LATAM counterparts? As we will yet again be seeing both large Cruiser submarines and the smaller coastal types be offered concurrently. Generally speaking, the handling of the boats will be somewhat duplicitous. Good on the surface with moderate stealth, speed and maneuverability and HP pools right in line with what we've been seeing up to this point. The downside however will be poor transition and underwater speeds as well as mediocre maneuverability. In spite of this the boats will also feature better than average DC as well. Firepower wise, the French were pretty judicious in their use of the external, traversable TT mount and is considered to be a French 'thing' if you will. So expect the boats to offer hefty torpedo firepower when compared to even other contemporary classes. So without further ado lets have a look at the line! Yes yes, I know that I said line not lines. Look, the fact of the matter is that France is basically in the same situation as Japan: they have great smaller boats that can easily create a full line but the big bois just peter out around tier VIII. And while the French do have perfectly suitable cruisers at tiers VI and VIII (the Requin and Redoutable classes respectively) they don't have a class that I could feel comfortable calling tier X. So what do they have? Well let's have a look! Tier VI: Ariane- class Considered by some to the the most successful of the 600 Series boats (most of which were pretty iterative to begin with), the Arianes are nonetheless quite striking boats with rather impressive torpedo armament for a submarine this size! A total of seven 550mm TTs, 2 foreward in the hull and 2 outside (like British submarines), one aft one the outside again and finally 2 more aft in a traversable mount. And then just for good measure, a nice French 75 to top it off. Moving on. Tier VIII: Aurore-class Now tobefaaaaair, this class does form the basis of the tier X that I have selected (more on that later.) These ships displaced 893/1170 tonnes and now had a 3.9" gun instead of the 75. Torpedo tubes consist of 4 forward and 2 aft in the hull plus a triple launcher for a total of 9 tubes. Pretty meaty if you ask me for a sub that still under 1000 tonnes dry. Sadly, these boats weren't built in any great numbers before France was overrun with only one completed hull actually managing to escape to Britain. However, there were plenty of partially completed hulls and parts that were never confiscated or scrapped which leads us to... Tier X: La Créole- sub-class (Aurore) These were the Aurore-class boats that either survived the war or were completed afterwards. As the French did end up using German U-boats in the immediate postwar period (including a type XXI), they became quite familiar with the latest developments in submarine design and technology, so these remaining Aurores were essentially GUPPY'd up with snorkels, new sails and other improvements. A few were even refitted with 88mm guns, though the ones that didn't actually received additional streamlining as seen below: Displacement rose to 970/1250 for the rebuilt boats and speed was also slightly increased. The TTs were also rearranged so instead of 9 they now had 10. Still 4 forward and 2 aft in the hull but now there were 4 more amidships externally. I don't know how the amidships TTs were arranged though. If some were pointed forward and some aft, all forward, did they traverse I'm not sure I still haven't found anything definitive on the design yet but still, 10 TTs is impressive for a boat this size. Now I know some of you Francophiles out there in forumland might go "What about Phénix-class or the Roland Morillot cruiser type? Don't they get a chance?" Eeeeh no. In both cases the boats were just iterative follow-ons to the previous classes. In the case of Phénix, she was basically just an embiggened Aurore that had more range and was tropicalized. As for the Roland Morillot, those were improved follow-ons to the last series of Redoutable-class Cruisers and again, offered little in terms of direct improvement that would matter in game terms. Theoretical refits aside, I simply chose the real steel over the what fight have been. So there you have it, France! Phew, we're almost done with all of these submarine posts! Onto the Commonwealth now, I guess. (Like we're ever going to get a Commonwealth line)
  7. One good match where everyone was treated to an intense and point-blank Destroyer versus Submarine fight! 😁 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDNCTcLnrVA&t=838s
  8. All right, we're rolling right through these! Next up is the Pan American (LATAM) line of submarines. And I promise there won't be any derivative, [edited] fanfic boats in sight! Which of course naturally means that WeeGee will use none of this and we'll end up with a Haitian Type VII Uboat and a Bolivian 611 Zulu or, something because why not? Ok enough whinging, what will LATAM subs be like? Well, there's the potential for two separate lines here; a medium line, similar to the British but made up of Italian SS's, or a cruiser line made of of a combination of British, Italian and American boats. Both are fairly unique but in the case of the former, we will have a problem with a top tier offering but more on that later. Therefore I will actually be showing both concurrently and let you dear reader, decide which one you'd like more. Tier VI (Cruiser): Humaitá (Brazil) / (Medium): Tupi-class (also Brazil) These two classes formed the entirety of the Brazilian submarine fleet throughout WWII and until the first G/B/T boats were delivered in the 1950s. Humaitá was a large cruiser submarine built in Italy based of the Balilla-class. (Remember that for when I finally get around to finishing Italy). The ship comes in at a healthy 1450/1884 tonnes displacement and is armed with six 21" TT, 4 forward and 2 aft. She also gets a nice big 4.7" gun up front in a shielded mount reminiscent of British subs as you can see above. She was also quite fast for a cruiser which surprised me, and I'd doubt she'd be able to mimic it in game terms since I'm putting it at tier VI. 18.5kts up top and 10 submerged is practically Japanese levels of speed. In game however, I look at these cruisers as offering less outright speed than the big Japanese subs but better stealth (marginally) and better maneuverability. The 'X' factor to all of this though is the Pan American gimmick; the Funni button. Given the fact this gimmick is based around consumable use I'd imagine that the boats would also be gimmicked up the wazoo just like their cruiser tree mates. Anyway, as for the Tupi's, these boats were based off the Auda-class submarines of the 600t series. These are going to be small, only 697/853 tonnes displacement and with an armament consisting of, once again six 21" TT in the usual 4 fore and 2 aft arrangement. She does have a beefy 100mm deck gun though (same OTO 100/47 guns that you see in the DP mounts on Italian surface ships). Expect this boat to play more like the U-class, relatively stealthy and darty with moderate but not great speed. Tier VIII (Cruiser): Capitan O'Brien-class (Chile) / (Medium): Santa Fe-class (Argentina) Despite being built in Britain, and around the same time as Humaitá, the O'Brien's represent a really strong linear development for our cruiser SS line. With a much healthier displacement of 1540/2020 tonnes, they were armed with 8 TT's now, 6 in the bow and still 2 astern. That gun up front is still a 4.7" weapon but is sightly better than the preceding one which is, great? It should be noted that the speed of these boats weren't as impressive as Humaitá IRL, but again she was the exception not the rule. As for the Santa Fe's, they were also Italian, based on another coastal (but in reality large sea-going but not ocean-going) class the Settembrini. With a displacement of 935/1155 they are a fair bit larger than the diminutive 600 tonners but are only moderately better armed. In typical Italian fashion, they featured 8 TT's with a symmetrical 4 forward and 4 aft layout. And in keeping up with the whole "oh this deck gun is actually kind of useful" trope, a 4" deck gun. So far, both of the lines look really good! And you'd be hard pressed to choose one particular line over the other... until you get to tier X, then it all falls apart. Tier X: Gato/Balao/Tench-class (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela) (Note the boat depicted here is Chilean submarine Simpson) I don't think The G/B/T boats really need any introduction here. We all know what they are, what they can do, etc. No the question you need to ask (other than "Is there nothing else?") is which line would this go? Logic would dictate that given the overall size and displacement of the G/B/T's and in the specific case of the above boat still having it's deck gun (Fun fact, Simpson was one of the last submarines in the world to still have one) we'd put it in with the cruisers. Even without a gun, it'd still work much like the American line Balao but I personally don't want to be that derivative. "But wait!" I hear you mewl, "If this is the only other option left, then why can't it also go into the medium line?" To which I say, of course it could! These boats can just as easily end up in our other line but that is still an overly large and awkward jump in size. Especially if you were to consider the stealth advantage those smaller boats would have versus a big ol' Balao the size of a WWII destroyer. So again, the question is asked; is there nothing else? Well... Abato/ Lobo-class (Peru) These fascinating submarines were the first "Modern" submarines acquired by the Peruvian Navy starting in 1954 (though they'd eventually get some Balao's as well). Built by Electric Boat, they were essentially updated versions of the older Mackerel-class boats that were commissioned just before the war. They were experimental types that were meant to test new modular construction techniques for submarines and pretty much spent their entire lives as training and test boats. They were small for an American sub and were envisaged as an American equivalent to the British S-class. Coming in at 838/1422 tonnes they were modestly armed with only 6 TT's, 4 fore and 2 aft and the standard 3" pop gun. The main differences to the Abato's were the engines, sonar and radars, a snorkel, streamlined sail and, for 2 of the 4 subs at least a 5"/25 deck gun. (The other 2 subs had no gun at all). One final fun fact about these boats; until the recent AUKUS deal to sell Virginia-class SSN's to Australia, these were the last American submarines ever built for export. So that's all well and good, but... that doesn't really sound like tier X material. And I personally agree with that assessment. While it might be possible to use this as an alternate tier X for our medium line, you'd really have to up the torpedo alpha or gimmick the hell out of this thing for it to make sense. Instead, I'd offer that the Abato (and specifically the Abato) be made into a tier VIII premium, along the same conceptual lines as the British A-class; boats that were designed during the war, but are generally associated with post-war submarine classes. (The S-189, a 613 Whiskey also fits this mold too.) And just like both of those boats, this one's a museum piece as well! So there you have it, the LATAM submarine line (or lines!) Let me know what you think the line should look like: go with the big cruisers or the smol Italians? Next up, I head back to Europe to for a line I've been tiptoeing around for far too long: Italy. Stay tuned! UPDATE!!! Thanks again to @COLDOWN for his (and the rest of the LATAM team's) tireless work on theory crafting Pan American ship lines, it appears that we may have a proper tier X for our 'Medium' line after all. Say hello to Project 2086, a variant of the Dutch Dolfijn-class boats that I mentioned in my earlier thread about Dutch Submarines. These boats were being offered specifically to Brazil around 1952 (the date of the blueprint) and the only discernable difference I can see that matters in game terms was the addition of a 4.1 (105mm) deck gun (most likely Swedish.) This does flow quite nicely with the rest of the line as the sub has the same symmetrical 8 TT layout of the earlier Santa Fe's, just a much more updated design. So, once again there you have it. Two complete lines of Pan American submarines with a little something for everyone. Which one do you prefer? The Cruiser line of Humaitá --> Capitan O'Brien --> Simpson? Or the Medium line of Tupy --> Santa Fe --> Project 2086? Let me know what you think!
  9. Rolling right along with these submarine threads, today we look at Pan Asia or as I call it, the other other Soviet submarine tree. Mmmm yes, much power, very ship. Wow! Such communism. Comrades forever! (This poster brought to you by the Peoples Ministry of Friendship. c.1960) Anyway, what was I on about? Oh right this is a videogame. So the boats are (with one notable exception) going to be Russian more or less and that means that they're not going to differ much from the existing boats either in game now or coming soon. In fact, we're going to have 3 vessels that are largely identical to what we have now. So, in typical Pan Asian fashion it's going to come down to gimmicks insofar as playstyle is concerned. And, I'm going to be honest, I don't know what an equivalent to DWT's subs can get? Maybe they get a choice between guided and unguided but the dumfires are DWT? I don't know but WeeGee will have to think of something? Anyway onto the boats. Tier VI: S-class (Changcheng 401) HAY WAITA MINUT!!! Yup, copypasta. And a boat that, at time of writing, still isn't even ready for pre-release. Four of the IX-bis and bis2 series boats were handed over to the PLAN beginning in 1954 and were the first ocean going submarines commissioned. Useful for training crews until they got their hands on the more capable Whiskey boats and they apparently hung around until the 1970s. If you'd like to see the stats, check out the Devblog post. Tier VIII: Project 613 'Whiskey'/ Changcheng 119/ Tjakra-class Oh yes, not only will the premium SS become a techline boat, we'll actually have our first "tri-national" ship of any kind in game. These subs were first and foremost, the first submarines built (but not designed and really just 'assembled' from KD kits shipped in from Russia) in the PRC and formed the backbone of their submarine fleet for over 20 years. They were also the first submarines commissioned into the Indonesian Navy as well as Best North Korea! Yes, we could play with a KPAN vessel now. Really there's no discernable difference between what they received in the 50's and 60's to what you see with S-189 above. Other than whatever gimmicks they decide to give it, the only real difference is what WeeGee ends up calling it. Personally I'd go with the Indonesian boat, mainly because it's A) a name, and B) the worlds only other preserved 613 is KRI Pasopati in Surabaya. If anything, just give us some national flags to stick on or some fun permacamos to make it look like a Chinese or Korean boat and call it a day. Tier X: Type 033 'Romeo'-class (Changcheng 126) OR Hai Shih-class (Ex Tench-class) So here at tier X we have a choice, and it's really going to come down to how advanced the 033 is perceived. Those boats were truly the first built in the PRC (and later in North Korea). Still a copy of the 633 Romeo, the Chinese produced them for many years superseding the Whiskeys as the backbone of the submarine fleet. Some are still in service to this day with updated sensors and equipment but mostly relegated to training purposes. Displacement is 1319 /1712 tonnes and have eight 21" TT's, 6 in the bow and 2 in the stern. On the surface (heh) it would seem like an obvious candidate for a tier X but again, the 633 is very much a 50's/ 60's boat so we must ask ourselves "how new is too new" for this game? OTOH, we have Hai Shih, a ship that's just a GUPPY'd up Tench-class boat which we already kinda have in the game with Balao. The boats were handed over to the ROCN in 1973 HOWEVER, before the subs were transferred the torpedo tubes were sealed as it was expected that the submarines would only be used for training and not combat. Taiwan then proceeded to do none of that and restored the torpedo capability but got modern Italian wire guided torpedoes in the 1970's. So now we must ask the question again; is that too new for the game? Personally, I don't see a way to not make the 033 the tier X in this case but I would like to think that with some fudging (which, given the state of the Pan Asian TT, is practically a given at this point) Hai Shih would make a pretty cool premium. After all, it is the worlds oldest submarine in service! Well that was fun. Next up, I'm going to do the other, other other Pan Line, where we'll have even more G/B/T top tier shenanigans, so stay tuned!
  10. NO! Put that body pillow away, this is serious time for serious talk about a game that can't be taken seriously anymore. So yeah, Japanese submarine time. But first, some context. IJN SS's are, well to put it lightly weird. The IJN had two distinct classes of submarine during this time; 1st Class submarines of which the I-56 is one. These were the large, cruiser type submarines designed for ultra-long range patrol and scouting (like a cruiser would!) Then you have the 2nd Class subs, which are the coastal submarines meant to defend home waters and patrol around the South and East China seas. With I-56 being the only IJN SS in the game up to this point, I naturally assumed that this line will consist of 1st Class cruisers to start. Almost immediately I began to run into problems with this: 1) most of the designs were iterative and would need to be weeded out to find the best and most tier appropriate examples and 2) separating the aircraft carrying submarines (yes, plural) from the non aircraft carrying ones. Quick sidebar; because of the proliferation of carrier submarines with Japan, I strongly believe that this tree will be the first in the game with two distinct SS branches. More so that Pan-Europe, way more so than even the Soviet Union. Anyway, eventually I was able to cobble up a suitable tier VI Cruiser SS (Kaidai V series I-65-class) and even find a strong candidate for tier VIII (Hei-Gata C1 series, I-16-class) but then I ran into problem number 3: finding a suitable tier X. Other than several mentions of an "E series" submarine that was supposed to standardize and replace the now cancelled but slated for construction B and C types, I didn't find much and even then, nothing other than some very general information on this new cruiser sub. Now the aircraft carrying versions are a whole other story, and if anyone wants to see what that line could look like, let me know in the comments! But with the non aircraft carrying cruisers coming to a dead-end, I turned my attention to the 2nd class SS's, and was met with much more luck (and IMO more interesting subs!) Therefore the IJN boats of this line will have the following traits: medium to large-ish displacement offering good HP pools (though nowhere near what comparable cruiser SS's like I-56 have). Torpedo armament, like I-56 will be all forward and will also be rather modest with only 4-6 TTs in total. The tradeoff though is they are still Japanese torps; sooper high damage per fish but with moderate speed and crappy stealth. Finally they will be fast, like fastest SS's in the game fast. Like every WoWs-tuber will rage that this is breaking/ killing the game once and for all fast. BUT! This will be mitigated somewhat by having only mediocre mobility and transition speeds, as well as average stealth at best. Essentially summing up their gameplay in one word: Tier VI: Type L4, RO-60-class These boats started out as licensed copies of the British L-class submarines from Vickers, itself a larger development of the WWI era E-class boats. Further successive development of the base design lead to the L4 series in the late 1920s. Despite being considered "2nd Class" or a coastal boat, these were still fairly heavy and large compared to their European counterparts with ~1000/1322 tonnes displacement and an armament consisting of 6 21" TTs, all forward. Now some of you may look at that and think oooh, that's a lotta alpha from a tier VI SS, but fear not as this submarine was using 6th Year type torpedoes rather than the newer and heavier type 95 (essentially submarine compatible Long Lances). 6th Year torps are the same as on the tier IV Isokaze, hence the two extra tubes to compensate. Oh and it has a little 3" gun up top for... funsies I guess? Tier VIII: Kaichū VI (or VII)/ Sen-Chū series, RO-35-class The Kaichū series were a class of boats that were built concurrently along the L series starting from the late nineteen-teens to the early 20's. Licensed from an older French design, the first 5 series were mostly the same and eventually superseded by the later L series boats. However, this proved to be rather nearsighted by the mid 1930's as nearly all the older WWI vintage 2nd class boats were becoming rapidly obsolete. So a crash program was initiated to begin building new, replacement 2nd class submarines and the Kaichū series was chosen as the starting point. the RO-35-class boats were the final iteration of this long lineage. Displacement comes in at 975/1470 tonnes and this thing is fast. Even IRL it was capable of nearly 20kts on the surface (so make of that what you will in game terms) and a not best but still respectable 8kts underwater. They were also fitted with a freon based air conditioning unit as they knew they'd be operating near the equator, which doesn't make any difference in game but I still thought that was pretty novel and worth sharing. Anywhoo, down to just 4 21" TT's now but they are the big, heavy bois so alpha should be strong. Oh and still that same 3" pop gun for good measure. Tier X: Sentaka type, I-201-class Here it is, fastest* submarines of WWII (depending on who you ask). Her IRL top speed was actually faster below water than above, with 15.8kts on the surface and a blistering 19kts submerged so again make of that what you will in in-game performance terms. Setting aside the speed, these boats were remarkably advanced for their time especially as Japan really didn't get to see much of the technology that went into the Type XXI U-boats that the west basically modeled their entire postwar submarine fleets around. It has significant hydrodynamic improvements, no deck gun ( though it did have 2 stowable 25mm AA cannons on pintle mounts), improved batteries, improvements to reduce noise and even a snorkel! Displacement comes in at 1290/1500 tonnes so it's a pretty solid boat HP wise and rounding out the armament with 4 forward TT's, same as before. Overall, I think this could be a really interesting high risk/ high reward ship who's only real defense is to run like hell if you get spotted or miss your torp run and hope you get out of the engagement range of ASW/ DCs (or focused down by aircraft). So there you have it, what the IJN 2nd class line could look like. Again, if you want to see what the hybrid carrier sub line could look like, let me know. For now we'll finish up in the far east with the Pan Asian subs, so stay tuned!
  11. ... Yeah, we're doing this now. I'm doing this now. I'm doing this and you can't stop me, just as you can't stop them. We might as well just get it over with, because I hate myself. And now you can too! Because... I don't hate submarines. So I'm going to start off this series with Pan Europe, partially because of another recent thread talking about Polish SS's, and also because Europe is simultaneously one of the easiest and most frustratingly difficult nation trees to do SS's for, and that's just for 3 ships (or 4 because, come on, we all know it's coming...) So lets start by getting the easy stuff out of the way. I can give you two guesses what nation we're starting with you'll only need one: The next question is, how are these SS's going to play versus the already established nations thus far. Generally speaking, Sweden is going to have very small submarines with increasingly fewer and fewer TTs the higher up you go. The trade off though is that the torpedoes will likely behave like all the other Pan Euro torps; high speed, low damage and long range with good-but-not-great stealth characteristics. The boats themselves will likely be veeeery stealthy, possibly the stealthiest in game thus far. This is because they will have very low HP pools and no deck guns at all for self defense (though some will have some AAA, if that ever becomes a thing.) So with that out of the way, lets have a look at them shall we? Tier VI: Sjölejonet-class These were the first subs that were completely designed in house for Sweden. With a displacement of only 590/770 tonnes, they will be small indeed! Main armament consists of 6 21" TTs: 3 foreword, 1 aft and a trainable twin mount on the rear of the ship. Wikipedia of all places actually has a good picture of what this looks like: Note it's quite streamlined and may have limited traversing angles? Maybe not? I'm not sure I haven't been able to find anything definitive on how far that mount can swing but maybe one of you wonderful people out there in forumland can tell me? Anywhoo, this is as good of a place as any to start should make for a cromulent tier VI. Moving on. Tier VIII: Neptun-class Based on the previous design and having a similar tonnage, these were minelaying subs. Main armament drops to just 5 21" TTs now, 3 forward and 2 aft. Now given the similarities it is possible that they could simply be flipped for balancing with this being the tier VI and the Sjölejonet becoming the VIII. Not to mention, despite the Neptuns being newer, both classes did serve simultaneously thought the 1940s and into the 50s so I guess it's just a matter of how best to balance them? Tier X: Hajen-class This submarine was Sweden's first postwar ship and was like so many others, based on the groundbreaking technology of the Type XXI U-boat. Sweden was :ahem: "Gifted" such a vessel (U3503 in fact) when the Germans scuttled it at the end of the war near the Swedish coast. Once they recovered it, practically overnight their submarine design plans had changed. The A7 program, which would have been Sweden's follow on submarine program (and sadly something I have very little information on) was cancelled and a new submarine incorporating the technologies of the Type XXI was initiated. Displacement comes in at 720/900 tonnes and is armed only with four 21" TTs, all in the bow. Overall I imagine this to be quite the sneaky boi. (Maybe a special bonus modifier when attacking American CVs ;) ? Huehuehue.) But wait there's more! As if that wasn't enough, we also have the option for a premium/ alternate line starter? Behold the tier VI Draken-class! A relatively large sub compared to her other techline brethren, this boat comes in at 667/850 tonnes displacement and is armed with four 21" TTs, 2 each fore and aft and an actual deck gun! A 105mm gun no less! But that torpedo power definitely takes a hit just to get that gun, so I certainly think that makes more sense as a premium especially since there are soooo many other tier VI subs to choose from to start multiple other SS lines for Pan Europe, but that's a discussion for another day. And I promise I will be back to this discussion because well, there's just a lot of submarines from a lot of different European nations on offer! However no nation other that Sweden can provide a coherent line of unique, indigenous submarines to quickly flesh out an initial line with. Next up, we'll be taking a look at the Dutch submarine offerings, so stay tuned!
  12. Ronin69

    Sub Nerfed Again?

    I've enjoyed the subs, but with 11.4 they are nerfing the subs again. Apparently, the BBs cried as they couldn't just sit in the rear and snipe, not that they were any good at it, most of the time they missed. I remember when CVs came out and they kept crying about that. Resulting in a max of two CVs and countless revisions to lower their combat ability. The same is occurring with subs.
  13. Now that it seems Submarines are here to stay...will you be making an Insignia Emblem such as those for DD's Cruisers, Battleships and CV's? (see attached) Also god forbid...adding Legendary mods?
  14. If I am zoomed in in a sub (currently in Salmon) and I dive while zoomed, I cant unzoom once underwater. I can zoom out once I resurface.
  15. Something has to be done about these 3 and 4 subs per team. Matches with 3-4 subs and 2 CVs are very common any more. A hard limit of 1 sub and 1 cv needs to come into the game ASAP. Both class have little to no way to interact with them or to do damage to them at while they can inflect damage to your ship.
  16. Tpaktop2_1

    Humor (Video) - Wrong time to be a sub

    I encountered this in WoWS. I had a hard time in gunnery hitting, however the mission got completed.
  17. Nassim10718

    Submarine Ideas

    Hey Now I know subs are not very popular among players, but i think they're good. So no sub bashing in here. Here, i want to hear what subs would you want to see in the game, premium or not, and for which nation. My proposition goes for the french crusier submarine Surcouf, which was equipped with 2 203mm (!) guns and ah hydroplane, as well as torps. I would see it as a premium. What about you guys?
  18. So this has happened to me twice this last week both times in BBs, once in Preussen and now in Musashi. The first time it happened I assumed it was a fluke as I've had detonations happen in BBs before all be it they are extremely rare and for me they happened on low tier BBs (maybe 2 twice in 3 years as a BB main). But twice in one week? and both times by sub launched torps? one from a tier 8? Is this a new mechanic or is RNG just unhappy with me? Both of those ships are very well protected. Musahi having a 55 Percent torp damage reduction in my build and the magazines are in both cases fully protected by the belt armor and torpedo defense So I'm having a hard time seeing how it's possible. Can anyone shed some light on that?
  19. I'm not sure if I hit a setting wrong, but I cannot get the air strike hit box to show up as normal. Does anyone have an idea for why this is occurring?
  20. I have two recommendations regarding submarines: 1. create a continuous readout for "depth under the keel." On approaching an island or restricted water, the player could see the water depth starting to decrease before getting that "crunch - all back full" feeling. 2. add snorkel consumable to recharge batteries while at periscope depth. The offset may be greater detectability when snorkeling. Question: Does the detectability of a submarine increase when the sub speed increases? And conversly, if a sub is DIW does detectability decrease? This would be more real world. Spock: "Live long and Perspire!"
  21. After observing, and playing roughly 200 matches in them, submarines since they came back, I don't really see any reason to even include these types of ships, at least in randoms. I personally think they are way too strong. Even if we 'adapt' to them as we have radar ships and cv's, they're still far too strong to toss into matches that either A: Matter such as ranked or clan battles. or B: Randoms. I do have a few suggestions on them, and hope they would be taken into consideration, or at least looked through. Randoms: If you're going to keep submarines in randoms, I would suggest the following. Raise the depletion of battery power by ten percent. They can stay hidden for far too long as it is. 4 minutes is enough time to vanish from detection and sink several ships. Or maybe make it so each time you ping, you use a specific percentage of your battery. This would make submarines play a bit more cautiously because pinging multiple ships could cause them to drain their battery enough that they are forced to surface in the middle of a group of enemies. Another suggestion would be to get rid of the homing aspect of their torpedoes. As it is, even quick rudder, fast turning cruisers have problems dodging the torpedoes, let alone the cumbersome battleships. As a Kurfurst or Yamato, it's nearly impossible to dodge submarine torpedoes if you've been pinged. As a submarine captain, sure, this is great, but it feels cheap, and as the captain on the receiving end, you feel bullied, and don't enjoy the game by being attacked by something you have zero chance of dodging. It's a 99% guaranteed attack in a game that's based around RNG, so unless you're going to give every other ship a ping to allow their guns to be perfectly accurate for the same amount of time those torpedoes are, you're giving submarines a distinct advantage over every other ship in the game. There is no balance there, and unless it's removed, or a similar aspect is given to every other class of ship, then there can be no balance. If that's not an acceptable choice, then I would suggest drastically lowering the damage each torpedo can do. 12k damage on 4 torps that reload every 55 seconds which home in on you in such a way its nearly impossible to dodge... That's ludicrous. I would suggest dropping the damage down to CV rates or somewhere close. 2k - 4k damage max. That's still up to 16k per salvo. Pretty significant on ships that may have 30k health. And raising the reload. You've basically given them a torpedo machine gun. Maybe, also, make it so if you miss your second ping, the first ping breaks and the torpedoes stop homing, and you're unable to ping the same target again for say... a minute. Though, again, I think the better option would be remove the homing aspect, because it's heavily unbalanced right now. My other suggestion would be simply add in another type of battle that includes submarines, and keep them out of randoms. That way people can still play them as is, but they won't ruin random battles as they are doing right now. Yes, there are counters. Yes, they're easy to sink if they make a mistake and quite a few of them do. But they're still far overpowered for what their intent is. Most people I see aren't happy with them, specifically for the reasons I've brought up. Even those that have played them, such as I have, testing them out and understanding their function. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it.
  22. If you surface and a ship is close by trps should be an upgrade option to arm instanty captain skill or something
  23. I have been playing subs since they started . The hydroacoustic search assured sub detection needs modification seriously or people will stop playing subs. They have pretty much dialed them in except that the hydroacoustic search should not for sure pickup a sub at maximum depth at 2km. With low hp they die instantly. . Maybe alter depth charges from planes some? Suggestion #1 change- It should pickup sub upto 2km to say 40-45meters but not at at max depth a sub has to be able to escape away. With so many ships having hydro the team can keep a sub lit up constantly. Suggestion #2 change- also if a sub goes idle/silent (no engine or gears running -throttle stopped) then the hydro should stop picking them up at all except say maybe .5km if they are right below the other ship and hence the hydro man is hearing them. .
  24. Issue: This is where you should explain the problem that you're having. CV fighter planes can spot submarines at maximum depth when spawning if the drop point is placed above the sub. Expected Result: Tell us what should be happening. As per https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-again/, submarines are undetectable at maximum depth by air. Patrol fighters shouldn't be spotting submarines at maximum depth when spawning. How to Replicate: Give us examples on how to reproduce this bug. Sit at max depth with a submarine and have a CV drop their fighters on you. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: Screenshots and Replays go a long way, so having this ready to go will really help. Replay is attached, see 11:17. Note, the fighters show up after the torpedo planes that drop them leave. My camera wiggles in confusion at this point. 20220326_202049_PGSS108-U190_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay