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Found 18 results

  1. So this has happened to me twice this last week both times in BBs, once in Preussen and now in Musashi. The first time it happened I assumed it was a fluke as I've had detonations happen in BBs before all be it they are extremely rare and for me they happened on low tier BBs (maybe 2 twice in 3 years as a BB main). But twice in one week? and both times by sub launched torps? one from a tier 8? Is this a new mechanic or is RNG just unhappy with me? Both of those ships are very well protected. Musahi having a 55 Percent torp damage reduction in my build and the magazines are in both cases fully protected by the belt armor and torpedo defense So I'm having a hard time seeing how it's possible. Can anyone shed some light on that?
  2. I just had a bunch of Randoms matches with nearly all including both CV's and Subs. As a BB player they were completely AWFUL. The last 2 had 2 Subs, 3 DD's and a CV per side so it was absolutely a disheartening lesson in frustration including a Torp-Detonation... ugh. Everything spams Fire, CV's keep everything spotted, Cap-Support is a dream, DC is perpetually on Cooldown, AA is a joke and ASW just makes splashes. Brawling ships have no place in this Randoms meta so please make one where we can actually PLAY against other ships, not just kite, mitigate and hope. If one thinks "But no BB/CR players will play the normal Randoms", then case-in-point. I'm certain to get a "mixed" reaction as CV/Sub players have a vested interest in keeping the Big Pinatas in their games, otherwise they'd have to fight eachother.
  3. TheArc

    AFK subs OP!

    AFK sub gets a secondary kill... That's a new one. Still though, subs OP! ;) I also bagged both CVs, but that's because Asashio's AA is soooo potent - and not at all OP. The sub got his kill pretty late in the match, if you care to watch I've uploaded the replay (caution supposedly there's some vulnerability with replays): 20220607_064439_PJSD598-Black-Asashio_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  4. when using hydroacustic search, the submarines could hear the ping of the enemy sonar, which tells them their position is revealed, it would add a touch of inmersion to the subs gameplay, it will be awesome to hear your enemy finding you also it could be added to destroyers or cruisers with the hydroacustic search but this last thing is just a , may be.
  5. DWT vs SUBS: Why Deep Water Torps can't hit a sub in Deep Water? That should be quite the opposite, i.e, a DWT should be able to hit SUBMERGED submarines, at Periscope and operations depth! And a sub should be safe from DWT when surfaced or at maximum depth! Currently, DWT can't hit subs at all, subs become just like DDs, no matter its depth. RATIONALE: The DWT fish swims at ~8...10m, while subs operating at periscope depth are ~9..10m deep. That should be a VALID TARGET, "hit-able' by DWT. While the same sub, while surfaced, have a draft smaller than 8m, so should be untouchable by DWT. Similar to maximum depth, as DWT are dumb, unguided. Probably in real life a sub at "operational depth", ~30m, should also be unreachable to DWT's. But I suggest this exception to reality favoring gameplay, so DWT can hit a sub at periscope and operational depths, but not while surface or at maximum depth.
  6. I met many submarines while playing, and among them, there were more unpleasant experiences than pleasant ones. Most submarines are too strong in 1:1 situations, and the way I want to hit them is either the submarine comes up and spot it,or I have to drop a depth charge exactly where it is, which is very difficult. I would like to make a suggestion here. First of all, even if a submarine enters the lowest depth, when it enters the minimum detection range, even a ship without a sonar should be able to determine the position of the submarine. And if the submarine is floating, I think it should be delayed until submerged. I think 30 to 60 seconds is adequate. Because in a 1:1 situation, the submarines come up briefly to secure visibility, and after checking the opponent, they wrap their torpedoes and go directly into the water. I don't think this is a good direction. I don't think unilateral violence can make a positive game.
  7. If you surface and a ship is close by trps should be an upgrade option to arm instanty captain skill or something
  8. I have been playing subs since they started . The hydroacoustic search assured sub detection needs modification seriously or people will stop playing subs. They have pretty much dialed them in except that the hydroacoustic search should not for sure pickup a sub at maximum depth at 2km. With low hp they die instantly. . Maybe alter depth charges from planes some? Suggestion #1 change- It should pickup sub upto 2km to say 40-45meters but not at at max depth a sub has to be able to escape away. With so many ships having hydro the team can keep a sub lit up constantly. Suggestion #2 change- also if a sub goes idle/silent (no engine or gears running -throttle stopped) then the hydro should stop picking them up at all except say maybe .5km if they are right below the other ship and hence the hydro man is hearing them. .
  9. CaptSpock

    Submarine Torpedo arming Distance

    Subj: what is it?
  10. In addition to the "8 Ways" post earlier, here with three More Ways to Make Subs Better: 1. provide subs with snorkel to maintain the battery at periscope depth. using snorkel makes sub more detectable 2. provide depth under keel marker so operator knows shallows are approaching 3. make deck guns available for subs so equipped DBF!
  11. I maxed out my base XP and have to stop until this mission re-cycles. I am not a fan of subs. I feel they have too many gimmicks to make them "work" in the game. They aren't surface combatants so stop trying to make them into one. The homing torp/ping mechanic is overpowered. The fact that they got this torp aiming capability instead of using what every other ship type uses highlights their lack of basic ability as a ship type. WG is trying to make their primary weapon as accurate as a surface ship's gun. Give them more powerful torps but get rid of the ping mechanic. Detection gimmick is unreal. I know this is an arcade game but hydroacoustic search works on everything but subs. As a type, they should be able to rely on stealth without the gimmick. They will die to fast without it, you say? That says a lot about how weak they are at a base level that you have to change the rules to make them survivable. They have low tonnage by design - unless WG sprinkles fairy dust and gives them DD leader health. Play a sub, take greater risks, get greater rewards. WG just needs to adjust the post battle rewards upwards. Speed! Another case where WG is taking a ship type that relied on stealth and prepositioning and make them able to participate in a "fleet action". Too much fairy dust here even for an arcade game. Subs outrun even the slowest (20knt) BB? Shouldn't happen. Spawn them closer to the center to "preposition" them for the battle. I don't hate subs. I just don't feel they belong in this game and they definitely won't be found in my port. I would really like to see WG give us all the ability to "opt out" of rental ships, subs, whatever. Put a setting in the game controls which flags your account and when rentals are available your account is bypassed.
  12. paradat

    Vermont Sub Hunter

    Fun vid from Notser:
  13. Like many solo-players who are tired of the salt and statistically-improbable consistency of utterly lop-sided teams in Randoms, I've taken to Co-Op for the peace and to grind missions in a happier (albeit slower) way. That said, I was just wondering if any other dedicated BB players (in Co-Op) are sick of no-Cap, no-Kill, Low-Damage, Low-Credit/XP matches because they are at best 1 of 3 ships on the board (often the only) with no torps and a speed at or under 30kts. Lately I've had countless matches where literally everything is Capped/Torped/DPM'd by teams 80%+ comprised of CL's/DD's/Subs and a CV or 2... it's not fun. Perhaps WG could balance the Co-Op MM ship-type distribution to ensure at least 3 BB's were on the map (even bots) so a decent earning match is possible for a BB player. Also, this would ensure at least a minimal enemy HP pool to make the match worth it for everyone. Thus far, Randoms continues to have some modicum of ship-type (if not Skill-Level) balance.
  14. The addition of subs is an interesting dynamic. However, as currently designed, subs have too much power against most DDs, at least in the mid-tier where I play, and this needs to be rebalanced before wide introduction. I'm sure this has been debated internally by your dev teams and throughout development in your test base. Let me throw my hat in the ring on the side of reducing the power of homing torpedoes. Subs are given homing torpedoes by default with effectively limitless ability to home. This is not only historically inaccurate, it is too powerful and is becoming worse as sub captains gain skill. One torpedo salvo of 2 is sufficient to take out even high HP DDs. There are few techniques that mitigate homing from a middle distance, even among the most agile DDs. No known ship-born counter exists. By analogy, DDs can smoke to counter visual detection and maneuver (accel/decel/turn) to counter ballistic weapons or "dumb" torpedoes and can prioritize sectors to improve AA effectiveness. Subs have very small detection radii when surfaced or submerged but can ping and home from quite a distance. Mid-tier DDs have no stock ability to spot subs when submerged until well within the homing kill radius. This adds to the imbalance. I suggest the following: Make homing torpedoes an option similar to AP and HE shells with the appropriate time penalty for switching torpedo types. Reduce the HP power of homing torpedoes by 25-40% from that of standard "dumb" torpedoes, similar to the way AP and HE act differently. Perhaps they cannot cause a detonation or they do less HP damage but have a high probability to cause flooding. Homing torpedoes should have some penalty to counter their accuracy Alternatively, make homing a consumable like radar or hydro search Give DDs some level of hydro search or ping triangulation by default. This is, of course, far more historically accurate than homing torpedoes. I suggest that the ping marking be much brighter and include a momentary "tail" pointing in the general direction of origin. I think this has been attempted by marking one side of the ship vs the other, but it misses the mark in terms of communicating useful information Alternatively, give DDs some skill or equipment option to mitigate homing torpedo effectiveness
  15. In light of the fire over CVs and Subs, as well as the lack of game modes, maybe a new game mode can be implemented as a random battle subcategory. You can choose to play regular random battle with all ship categories, or you can choose another random battle option that excludes, CVs, Subs, or even both. Then those who are willing to face CVs and Subs can play with them while those who wish not to play with CVs and Subs can play without them. This can bring back the old strategic gimmicks of WoWS pre-CV while still keeping CVs (and Subs) in the game. Thoughts?
  16. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine

    New Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine. If it builds upon the technologies of the Swedish Gotland Class Submarine, this will be a very amazing non-nuclear submarine for countries to purchase. (More info here) http://www.hisutton.com/A26.html
  17. DragonPatton


    My sub not list on tech tree
  18. I'm going to put this plainly as possible - if submarines are introduced to the game, will you keep playing or not? ------------------ Personally I will leave the game. In the past I've made my position on this quite strongly. Introducing submarines is a bad idea all around. Thoughts? Vote and let your opinion be known.