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Found 1 result

  1. I think Submarines are not properly balanced along the tiers in order to get a consistent experience, at least in terms of play difficulty and complexity, currently being T10 a step down in difficulty and complexity. Let's start at T6. This is as expected an introductory tier with simpler game play, Submarines feel on the higher end of the performance spectrum given that they have very limited counters... There's no Radar nor long range Hydro at this tier, and the Subs get better comparative concealment in relation to same tier DDs. The greatest problem counter is presented by CVs (spotting) coupled with Airstrikes, which at this tier are comparatively powerful in relation to the Sub's HP pool. The advantages in survivability are somewhat balanced by the lackluster torpedo performance, being generally unreliable and not too difficult to dodge when accounting the lower torp speed and diminutive turning circles of ships at this tier. Overall, the Submarine experience feels easy for the veteran but accounting for this being an introductory tier, I think balance is acceptable, even more considering this tier WILL be matched against Radar once released on Randoms, considerably increasing the difficulty of the experience. At T8 there's a significant increase in difficulty by the introduction of Radar and long range Hydro and the improvement in DD concealment, Subs can be outspotted by a significant number of popular DDs at this tier. This translates into a much higher chance of being detected (and suffering Airstrike/Shell fire retaliation) with the consequent increased attrition to HP pool. Torpedo speeds get increased but for the most part this is offset by the increased speed of targets at this tier. Torpedo hit reliability remains low, particularly for German subs with their lower torp speed. Overall, the Submarine experience at this tier feels challenging enough, it is a struggle to remain relevant in matches against comps with CV, Radar, plenty of Airstrike able BBs and a bunch of sub 5.8km concealment DDs. IMO, this is the hardest it can get as a Submarine. IMO the difficulty balance is spot on, depending a lot on the enemy comp which can make games very varied and overall enjoyable. Finally at T10 things get significantly easier. There's no new threat when compared to T8, still the same Radar and Hydro ranges, CVs, airstrikes and DDs with comparatively worse concealment. On top of that, the targets are now bigger and much clumsier, coupled with significantly faster torpedo speeds makes for a much reliable hit rate for torps. Torps are longer ranged, faster and there are more of them, it becomes much easier to deal damage. Submarines also get an increase in underwater mobility, which translates positively to their survival chances and threat level. To offset all these comparative improvement, the only "penalty" is the increased time to reach Max Depth from the Surface, Max depth stance goes "deeper" which is odd since counter intuitively the ability to dive deeper becomes more of a penalty than an advantage. Overall, the Submarine experience at T10 feels as a "downgrade" in terms of difficulty and complexity when compared to the T8 experience, Submarines become much more lethal and comparatively OP which I consider a net negative for the game. At T10 I consider the Submarines to be too powerful and not difficult enough to play, for start they really don't need the increase in torpedo speed as the increase in range and number of torps would be more than enough as an upgrade. Summing up: T6 work as an introductory tier, balance is Ok T8 balance is spot on T10 is too easy and Subs are overperforming. There's no significant upgrade to the experience when compared to T8, just easier which shouldn't be the objective for increased engagement. Cheers