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Found 3 results

  1. I've almost made this post several times over the past few days, and I know that a lot of people are just going to come in here and give me a hard time, but I have to get this off of my chest before I uninstall this game. Over the past two weeks I have lost 11 points of karma for playing carriers. For winning in carriers. For scoring in the top three on my team in carriers. If "Karma" (which is even named as some sort of point of worthiness) is supposed to be a measure of one's good conduct, and one conducts themselves well, helping the team, spotting, providing fighter cover, and getting important kills, then why the hell is it even possible to lose it when playing well? Why is my reputation at the mercy of morons that YOLO and team kill and then get salty? I know that karma is "meaningless," except that it isn't, and constantly getting crapped on by salty losers has really brought me to the point where I'm about to quit this game. Wargaming, do you want the money that I was planning on giving you for new ships? Because if you do, you will take this archaic, asinine system out of your game and stop letting trolls avenge their profound shortcomings on people who are just trying to play your freaking game and be decent members of your community. And no, I didn't shoot my mouth off in any of these games. I was congratulatory to my teammates and to my opponents when the situation warranted it. As someone who has been trying to make an effort to be a model citizen, getting dumped on for -11 "karma" is beyond insulting. Take it out of the game, automate for people that score particularly high or low compared to the match average, or hell, just remove downvoting. The system that exists now is pure trash, and only serves to make people feel like crap.
  2. monpetitloup

    savage mode is pathetic

    the mode is ridiculous thanks to sync dropping clans not shooting each other and picking off the non division players. wg why didnt you just make the new dd only available to purple clans instead of bothering to make the mode available to all players?
  3. Dear Wargaming, over the years i have probably given you a couple hundred of my real dollars in return for fun and engaging gameplay. BUt every 4-6 months i hate this game and your deceptive penny-ante tactics to squeeze just an extra buck or two out of each player It is deceptive and underhanded, and it is intentional. It is as unnecessary as it is enraging and it replaces every hour of enjoyment i have had playing with jut a general sense of being ripped off and taken advantage of, taken for granted... I'm not a player, i'm sheep. Of course i'm talking about your sneaky "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" tickbox in the consumables, camouflage and signals tabs. If there is a single player that intentionally chooses to burn doubloons this way, i will bet they also have a huge horn growing out of their forehead. Like 99.99% of your player base, this box is unchecked on every ship and in every tab it exists. In fact, the only time it is checked is after a patch, when Wargaming enables them all for me. I am pretty good about going through and unchecking it, but i am not perfect, i forget, i miss one... i see i have flags to spare so don't notice Until i look up and see my doubloon total is down 20, 50, 100 gold. THAT is when i realise my mistake, and that Wargaming has picked my pocket again. I open tickets, i complain, this should NEVER happen, and always the response is the same, Wargaming never reimburses doubloons you spend even if by mistake. Enough is enough. Even if i am the only player that gets suckered like this, it is something that i should never have to worry about. Fellow players, if this has happened to you, reply to this post, if you think its pretty crap way to reward players for spending real money, keep it on the front page. But this shouldn't happen, i should NEVER be out doubloons like this, I should never have to double check and see that the game clien t is going to steal from me. Whatever is patched or updated, My settings should never default to one that will cost me my E gold.