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Found 26 results

  1. Ranked filter broken?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/get-riggidy-riggidy-ranked-son/ This says at rank 10 the ships are T10 but the ranked filter it saying T8 and the only ships lit up for choice are T8. If I manually try to select a T10 ship it won't let me join with it. I got the rewards for rank 10 but my icon shows rank 11. I can't join the game with both T8 and T10 ships and the BATTLE button will go from red to faded and not load anything. wth?
  2. So yeah I moved over to the island to avoid torps, and got stuck, for a moment I was able to move away from it, but then I got stuck on a invisible wall that prevented me from moving, no matter what I did, I couldn't get unstuck and I remaind like that for the rest of that match.
  3. Fix their damn maps and remove all the invisible get you stuck for no reason shallows and invisible extrusions from islands.
  4. Prinz Eugen is Too Fat

    Yea you heard me, I am fat shaming the Fresh Prinz. Just look at this: I was stuck like this for 5 minutes. Our poor Yamato fought and died honorably, but I could not save him. But I could however avenge him. 2 minutes after getting stuck, I unstick myself to face down a full HP Yamato, and I won. Fun times. Prinz Eugen, you may be chubby, but you will always be my special ship.
  5. Got stuck on a sandbar

    So during a match on Archipelago my ship ran aground while trying to dodge torps. However, I was unable to get free and my ship became glitched onto the sandbar, unable to do anything other then fire at enemy ships, was eventually sunk by the carrier while still stuck on the sandbar, was stuck for six minutes.
  6. Just got out of a Co-Op match where my Missouri got COMPLETELY stuck. Absolutely nothing I did (short of someone ramming me, which may have worked) could get me free of the island. I had to choose between hitting the island or eating a bunch of "friendly" torpedoes. Maybe I should've ate the torps, because I was stuck there for a good portion of the match until it's end. I had been trying to break free for the past couple of minutes before I took the screenshot. I'm just glad Mistress RNG took pity on me, because Bot Mo started going after me right after this shot. Nice n broadside to a T9 Bot BB... EDIT: Helps if I included map name: Haven
  7. We've all been there. You set up your boat.. Hit BATTLE... OH WAIT !!! I wanted to go Scenario, not Random !!!! Hit CANCEL....... waiting... waiting.... waiting.... waiting (30 seconds).. waiting .... -- Random Battle anyway. It happened again last night. Cleveland was set up for max AA for the scenario. Went Random instead.. Grumbled, kicked the desk. pounded my fist . BEST GAME I'VE HAD IN RECENT DAYS.. I was screwed -- no Hydro in a 5 DD/side battle, no CV. I thought I wouldn't last 4 minutes. Turns out I survived the whole 20 minutes to win on points. Seems my being ill equipped held me back enough to avoid being wiped out with the rest of my team. Barely squeeked out a win... but it was one hell of a battle to the end. But anyway... about the non-functional 'CANCEL' button at the bottom of the screen.... Could we look into this please? Edit -- ADD.. And can we have a way to reset the port music back to original? Pleeeeeeeeeeeze ???? Promise I'll buy another premium ship.
  8. After playing a match, that ship is forever suspended in battle.... Please fix, I have no more ships to play. I don't know how this can happen in 2017.
  9. Map Hotspot

    So let me begin with that I don't know if this was already mentioned by any one, if so, my apologies for that. Last game I was on the Hotspot map in the South. I was in my Missouri and the last couple of weeks I get the greatest spot to begin if I play one of my Battleships on Hotspot The red marker; my spot to start (H 4/5) with my Missouri. The blue marker; the spot I got stuck for almost 5 minutes Yeah I know; kinda dumb to get stuck but let me explain; We decided to go for A/B instead of B/C, so to get around on the island (yeah 12,2 km concealment range) was no option and gave it a try to go in front of it. I did have enough experience with go around as a full health BB and get on the other side with 3/4 or even worst. So I started to turn slowly to the left from the start and got stuck on the blue part.. Normally I would go backwards till I can make it to the left but I tried this for the first (and last) time. If we did go B/C it wouldn't be a problem. My suggestion to WG; Can you guys please make that spot only for Cruisers and Destroyers? It's annoying if you decide as a team to go one way but you need to reverse first and then take a left or go around it with the chance you will lose a lot of hit points. Kind regards, Lionel92
  10. PvE bug

    Played one successful PvE battle, it was great. Paid 20 doubloons to re-enable ship for another go, and got stuck on the loading screen. Can see team members and mission, but cannot exit to port or do anything. Still awaiting it to stop going to loading screen on game start. Also says "IDS_LOADING_TOOLTIP_15_15" where normally hints load in.
  11. Stuck Situation on Estuary

    There's a spot on Estuary where you can beach, then become unable to move backwards to escape. Shortly after I discovered this, some nice enemy battleships got me out of the spot with a few citadels. My upside down hull indicates the spot.
  12. Hi, my buddy and I were playing some nice division games yesterday afternoon when the game kinda, sorta crashed. It was just stuck at a screen and we restarted our computers. Since then we have not been able to create divisions. A fellow gamer tried to invite us and told us that we show 'still in division'. So, I guess the crash locked us in that division. Is there a fix for this? A cache that can be cleared or such? We'd really like to toon again. Thx!
  13. I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue? My Kongo and my Kamikaze have been stuck "In Battle" for over 24 hours and they have not come out of it. Closed in down and re started yet they are STILL showing in battle. I am at a loss on how to fix and resolve this issue. Is there anyone else who has gone through this or has advice on how to get them out of "battle". Unless there is some sort of tech issues going on with the game right now, that is keeping them like that. But that doesn't explain why none of my other vessels are going through the same issues. Just the two Japanese ships.
  14. Tirpitz Lockup WoW Public Test

    I have had multiple games where using Tirpitz gets stuck on screens entering and leaving games. I have had to use task manager to close WoW. When I use Tirpitz ships disappear in close quarters then don't reappear when firing right away. There are substantial delays during screen changes with this ship. I notice this issue happens after the game has been running for awhile.
  15. Locked into Free Look

    I just had a game where I was locked into Free Look mode at match start, and my ship was automatically shooting. It seems the game thought both of my mouse buttons were held down. With a bit of mashing mouse buttons and keyboard buttons like ctrl, shift, and alt, as well as alt-tabbing out and back, I managed to get my ship to stop firing. My game was still stuck in Free Look mode, so I couldn't aim at all. I tried changing mice mid-game, but that did nothing. The solution that eventually worked was that I went into task manager and ended the Warships process, then booted the game back up to re-enter the match. This is the first time that I've ever seen this happen, and the forum seems to be pretty devoid of other cases of being stuck in Free Look. This might be related to any other cases of keys being jammed at game start.
  16. Just played a game and my Molotov got stuck in another ship, as in my model was in his/her model. Neither of us could control our ships. I have a replay.
  17. BUG - Enhance your ship screen

    I got stuck on the "Enhance your ship" screen with no way to exit back to port. Had to exit the game and re-enter.
  18. Fighters are still glitching out and going unresponsive. The most recent case is that my Essex fighters locked on to an allied float plane and were then nonfunctional to any orders the rest of the match. Any ETA on any sort of fix for this?
  19. Hey, Reporting a glitch on the map "Fault Line". It was a Ranked Battle, I was in my Cleveland and hugging the south side of an Island at E4 coordinates.. I was steaming parallel with the shore but got stuck and was completely unable to manuever forward or back. Obviously I was a sitting duck and was killed quickly. Thanks!
  20. I tried to deploy torpedoes from my torpedo planes however i was to close to an island to complete that command. As a result the torpedo planes tried to continuously follow that command even though it couldn't complete it for the rest of the match. There was nothing i could do to stop the planes from attempting to execute that command. Even if i told them to go back to the ship it would only add it to the command list like using shift+click.
  21. Alright pretty much the title. I got stuck on the edge of a island and couldn't move afterwards. Forward, reverse, left, right it didn't matter. I stayed in same place essentially turning into free XP for enemy team. It was rather infuriating....I was destroyed some 2 minutes later.
  22. I cant join the Battle/Stuck at the screen

    Since the new update today, now when i try enter in battle, at any mode or map, i got stuck in the main screen and i cant enter in the battle, even if the list of members show me "Ok" or Ready to enter. Sometimes the cursor is still over there and even if is off cant enter. I need to restart the whole game to leave from there.
  23. Stuck

    So i put in my information and hit connect and it gets stuck there (picture) Help?
  24. Stuck in Battle

    The game crashed hard on me when i was playing my Omaha. I had to do a cold reboot. After I got back into the game, my Omaha is now locked in battle (over 1 hr now) also, I did a match in my Isakaze and at the end of it, I got no match results. It's like that match didn't even count. This is not the first instance of this bug I have seen posted here.
  25. I have seen this in early phases of closed beta, and heard of it in Alpha. But I still find ship gets completely stuck after a collision on certain maps. I have a collision with the land, and when using reverse and reverse and rudder control, nothing happens. Ship just site there! If I am lucky and there isnt anything around shooting at me, after about nearly 4-5 minutes of wiggling the ship back and fourth side-to-side, the ship finally decides to come out. I have been seeing and experiencing it a lot more recently then ever before. Next time I will grab a screen shot and map name and locations for bug reporting. Anyone else experiencing this, or is it my lousy naval ship sailing skills?