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  1. Any thoughts on clan building strategies? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/ There are new buildings in clan base, and it seems clans will have oil refunded, so we can build structures from scratch (except for Headquarters, if previously build). Which resources are more valuable, for new and veteran players? Coal, steel, free xp, regular xp, commander xp, credit discount in buying ships, discount in service, clan size? Any ideas to give a clan leader that started the game in july/2018?
  2. Ok, so I'm one month in, currently on a Leander cruiser (V). Spent a lot of battles getting sunk, then observing the rest of the play. Hoping to upgrade to a Fiji soon. So I'm noticing (please comment because I need your input): 1. Never go up the middle if you are a DD or Cruiser. Danger from three sides usually awaits there. Moving around the left or the right flank usually ends up better. 2. I never can tell if my Spotter plane helps spot enemy forces. And why does it fly around my ship for :30 before getting out front? 3. Some groups never chat, not one word or Wilco during the entire battle. 4. I get the impression that most people, when they get sunk exit the game and switch to a new ship to get back into a battle soonest? I tend to stay around and watch the action. 5. They need a "just wipe out the enemy carrier" button when it's the last vessel. Would save everyone a lot of time! Thanks for reading!
  3. Clan Battles Season 3 Review

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to ExplodingPeach's Clan Battles Season 3 Review Since I have yet to see someone post a review of the clan battles season, I have decided to do it myself. This is going to be a review of the lower side of Clan Battles, as a caller for an entry level clan, we did not make it past Storm league. Future season reviews will provide higher league insight. First, I will introduce myself, I am a veteran Wargaming player having spent the largest amount of my time in World of Tanks. As tanks began to bore me I turned to warships and found that my expertise as a tank commander has given me the skills to become a proficient Captain. Unfortunately, I cannot boast the stats of a superunicum player, but I am proficient. While my experience playing warships has been over many years, I have less battles than expected so it will be up to you if you want to trust my teachings. The community I am a member of is STW, specifically their Dead Sea Fleet as I was a recruit and refining my calling process. Many members in STW-D had tier 10 ships, however it was not uncommon for rental ships to be used. My opinion on rentals: unless you’re very good at that ship they’re a massive waste, a few kilometers of concealment makes a difference in competitive play. So, avoiding rentals was always my first move. Before I go into which line ups you should be using, the strategy that you want to use is important. The easiest way to win is to take two caps and defend them from a distance. This allows you to earn points while being a hard target to sink in the process. Everyone knows this, and all maps have a home cap and a contest cap, so how do you beat an enemy who’s probably doing the same thing you are? Well first it’s all about scouting, if you know where their ships are, you can put yourself in the best possible positions to vanquish your enemies. Destroyers are the most important ship in the game, they cap for you, spot for you, kill other destroyers, and if they’re good, some torpedo hits. The longer they’re alive, the better chance you have at winning, so don’t always try to get cap circles early and over expose your destroyers. The best thing you can do at the beginning of the battle is to find a destroyer and kill them. Early DD kills critically wound any team. My favorite and most successful way of killing destroyers was catching them in the cap circle with radar. I’d always put at least one cruiser within radar range, and other cruisers in a position to shoot the DD. Either he is going to run, and you can have your DD take the cap circle behind him, or you’re going to kill him. So, my fellow destroyer players out there…make sure you know where the radar is before capping, otherwise you’re in for a world of pain. After taking cap circles or preventing the enemy from taking the cap circle, find open ocean to give your team vision. Spot as many ships as you can without being spotted. You can’t shoot what you can’t see. Battleship: Two things a good battleship player should do; take hits and deal hits. You want him in a position that gives him the ability to dish out pain when there is an opportunity but also enough protection that he isn’t getting torpedoed to death, I found that as a caller I had lots of success with my battleship going bow in to the enemy BB and near the cruisers to help screen for torpedoes. There is not much complications when it comes to be a BB player when it comes to clan battles, picking a good position, stay with friends, and have good accuracy. The latter is probably one of the most important aspects, having a BB with terrible accuracy means less hits, less kills, and more pain for the rest of the team. Cruisers, my second favorite class of ships (sorry I just love playing DDs) are much more difficult to place as they depend on the type and how many you bring. The cruiser is the ship that is most flexible, boasting respectable DPM (damage per minute), concealment, armor, and maneuverability. Some cruisers are better at these than others. Hindenburg and Moskva are good ships for long range combat, while the Hindenburg is an excellent brawling ship, she excels at a distance. Both ships have good, accurate guns, that are effective at all ranges. Use them wisely, not pushing them too hard or sitting back and never brawling. Islands are helpful, but the high velocity of their guns make it difficult to use islands effectively. My advice is to initially keep them at a distance with your battleship, yet be prepared to push them went the opportunity presents itself. Use their good armor at range to your advantage. Note: Hindenburg pushes much better than Moskva The Americans; Des Moines, Salem, Worcester. Des Moines and Salem are better armored but even cruisers can citadel if you’re not angled well enough. Worcester is a Minotaur with HE and without smoke. Americans do their best when using islands to radar cap circles, fire over islands with their high arcs, and remain undetected. When spotted, they tend to melt quickly when focused. So, put your American captains in safe places where they can shoot over an island and they’ll have a happy battle. Henri IV: honestly, I hardly ever see this ship and if you just look at her statistics, it’s not surprising. The Henri is quick, decent armor, but has a terrible reload time, dispersion that is laughable, and a concealment rating that makes the thought of using this ship made me fall out of my chair. Higher fire chance than the Zao but without a fourth turret she’s useless. Zao: “meh” armor, very sneaky, fast and maneuverable, hard hitting torps, her reload is not great, fire chance is wonderful. A Zao’s biggest advantage is stealth, especially with a concealment module, the only ship that can out spot her is a Minotaur and destroyers. I’ve seen Zao’s have great games and bad games, largely because it requires a skilled player to know when it is the right time to fire the guns. This ship gives me mixed feelings; some games a Zao is an easy kill, others she’s the scariest ship on the map. Minotaur: a floating citadel, a cruiser will sometimes pen the citadel of this ship when its bow on. It is one of the easiest kills in the game, if you don’t let her stealth up. British ships have super heals, combined with the +20% flag it is like printing a new ship. Very few captains are successful in this ship at lower levels of clan battles but if you’ve got big enough balls you’ll want her just outside of radar range or behind an island firing that ridiculous DPM. Recap: Hindy and Moskva are your tanks and long range damage dealers. Americans are your radar and close range DPM who like to stay hidden. Henri and Mino are bad ideas at lower levels, Zao is a ship of opportunity and stealth. Use these ideas and if you don’t broadside a battleship you’ll survive longer. Next, what line up gives your team the best chance to win? I will go over multiple line ups that I used and saw win games and explain their strengths and weaknesses. PB&J Line-Up 1. Gearing 2. Gearing 3. Hindenburg 4. Hindenburg 5. Des Moines 6. Des Moines 7. Montana Gearings are not the stealthiest, but they’re the best overall DD in the game. The Yue Yang is comparable and in many cases, can be used effectively, but the gearing gets more HP, better accuracy, and longer smoke. The torpedoes are good enough to make someone hesitate, and can/will beat any other destroyer providing you don’t get close to a Khabarovsk. Again, I cannot iterate enough, your DD players should be the best you can get, the ship can help you, but skill almost always wins DD fights. Hindenburg is a hard ship to kill, her versatility and survivability make her one of my favorites and most teams have at least one. I prefer two so that if I want to kite a part of the map and slow down the enemy, the Hindenburg is the best for the job and having two give me flexibility. Des Memes are important because of radar and their ridiculous DPM. While one could be substituted for another American or a camping Moskva I prefer two DMs in this comp. Stealth Line-up 1. Yue Yang (or gearing) 2. Yue Yang (or gearing) 3. Hindenburg 4. Zao 5. Des Moines (Worcester) 6. Des Moines 7. Montana Not a strategy I got to use much since we did not have a lot of players with the flexibility, but very effective in the hands of a competent Zao captain. The idea is to take two caps, and use your vision advantage that the two DDs and Zao give you for long range shooting, the DMs for radar and close-range prevention. You don’t have to take two cap circles right away, but at the very least make sure the reds don’t take it or have it for very long. This line up requires more skill, but creates the ability to constantly spot your enemies while actively trying to conceal yourself. The Worcester can be substituted, but only in the hands of a good player. The Worcester is a devastating ship at closer ranges but easy to kill so make sure you have a player that knows how to use islands and disappear. It’s Shima Time 1. Gearing (or YY) 2. Shima 3. Hindenburg 4. Hindenburg 5. Des Moines (or Moskva) 6. Des Moines 7. Montana This was a strategy that was used often largely due to ship availability. This only works with a Shima player who knows how to spot and survive. What would happen a lot is the shima and Hindy would take the offside cap and the Hindy would kite away to defend. The shima must live to spot targets for the Hindy otherwise this strategy is a waste. If the rest of your team can take or contest the other cap circle, the tough armor and good guns of the Hindy, the torps and concealment of the Shima will hold your cap circle from the offside push. NOTE: make sure your shima has concealment and radio location so he knows where the closest ship is, this makes survival much easier on a shima. Other Line-ups could work for your team, these are just the ones I noticed had a much smoother time winning games. A big thing I noticed was many teams took two destroyers, while in Season 2 I often took one, this season required the flexibility and vision of two destroyers. The only viable exception I could see is a Zao instead of a DD. If you have other suggestions feel free to add comments. Conclusion: No rentals – they’re just a bad idea Be Patient – take the easy cap, and contest the other, no need to push aggressively Kills are more important than cap circles Vision is how you win or lose games – pick good DD players that can stay alive Taking two caps is great, but survival is better Learn from your mistakes and continuously get better Leave a comment: what you do or don’t like about my review, things I missed, places to improve. I will be making reviews for future seasons and would love to improve and provide better information and insight to clan battles. Special thanks to my clan STW-D and the Sun Tzu Warriors community for giving me the opportunity to learn and teach during the clan battles season. Thanks, -ExplodingPeach
  4. This will be the guide I wish I read before embarking on a career as a destroyer driver. For simplicity I'm going to recommend that you use an Isokaze with a 10pt captain to learn how to use torpedos effectively. If you like guns then battleships or cruisers might be a better career path for you. {TL;DR:- CHOOSE ONE NATION AND ONE SHIP TYPE, GRIND IT UNTIL YOU HAVE A TIER 10 SHIP AND A 19PT CAPTAIN IN IT. Choosing one ship type means destroyers, OR cruisers, OR battleships. Jumping around will leave you inexpert at everything.} Setting Your Intent: This is the most vital part of this guide. The other more technical aspects of the game are well covered by other posts, but i'll review them quickly. My own intent is to a) Get at least one kill per battle; b) Win the battle: c) Survive the battle. All three of those things are measured in your statistics in your profile. Take a moment to read the team list and review your intent BEFORE EACH BATTLE. Hold Alt to see the team list. Have a look for overpowered ships, names you recognize, hydro or radar ships, Is it destroyer heavy/cruiser heavy and are there 4 carriers in the match ... this will vastly affect how you can approach the match. Rookies don't do this, smart players do. How to achieve it? 'Defend10' means that you must stay alive for 10 minutes, so that you become an epic free agent roaming freely across a landscape of confused, wounded, frightened battleships and perhaps no destroyers left; the carrier fighters have been shot down and it's position is known, nobody knows where you are or where you will appear next, in fact the whole map will have thinned down a lot by this point. At this point, your power DOUBLES. The cruisers that remain will likely have taken some damage; if they know where you might be, and if they are smart, they'll come looking for you. Don't be there. When you launch torpedos at this stage of the game, they are much less likely to hit freindlies. Opposing battleships will have no way to spot you, unless you make a mistake. If they have no destroyers and cruisers close by, you can let them spot you while you are working into a sure-fire range of around 4km or less. Too many winnable games are lost because a destroyer died in the first 3minutes, contesting a cap or some other pointless nonsense like trying to gun-duel because someone said so in a forum. There is an ancient fact of war; who-sees-whom first generally decides who is victorious. You want to have the following situation: You know where they all are, particularly the battleships. The cruisers are wounded, sunk or on the other side of the map. GreenTeam® has the advantage in destroyer numbers. You know where the battleships are and you plan to take them down one by one. They don't know where you are, they rightfully fear you and they're praying that you're a new player who doesn't know what to do. Your torp range is out to 7.0km, more if you account for the ship moving toward you or into the edge of your range circle. (Only potatos drive in a straight line for that long, yet it happens a lot.) Optionally you can sit in smoke and wait for the battleships to approach; they kinda have to run down the dd's at this stage since there is nobody left to gun you down. You can fire 3 torp volleys every 38seconds - yes that is a lot of torps. Fire two at the oncoming battleship, use the 3rd group as backup when he turns or passes you and presents his broadside. Cruisers are able to fire torpedos back at you and should be treated with extra caution at close range. When torpedos pass behind the target: It's likely because the battleship accelerated. The white guidance line only calculates using the current speed of the bb, so you must put your first torps long; 2nd group on the white line; and 3rd group can be held off a little bit while you wait to see how the battleship responds. However. The Isokaze will reload torps in 38 seconds - you can afford to spam them. Guns and gunship destroyers: which destroyer is the best gunship for gunning down enemy destroyers? Is it the US close range guns, the USSR longer range beast mode guns? A: None of them. Here's why; Let's say you're in Gaede and you gunfight with Akizuki. You do really well, and win the gunfight. How does that look? It looks like you still lost 50% of your hitpoints and the RedTeam® knew exactly where you where for 2 minutes or so, plus you risked receiving torpedos which would have ended you. When you see another destroyer up close, do the following sequence: 1. Decelerate and turn, creating a torpedo launching opportunity. Try to not be spotted at all, ever. Your torps can get you a kill per game consistently; your Tier 4 Japanese (read: little) guns can get you a kill every 10 games or so ... maybe. Being exposed for 20s after firing pathetic artillery is not worth it. 2. "F3 The Target" which means point your reticle at them and press f3 on the keyboard; let your team fire at the dd. 3. Fire up your smoke if you were seen. Point directly towards/away from the destroyer who may have launched torps at you. 4. Keep turning away from the dd, once you launched your torps; DO NOT EVER sit still, sideways on, in smoke. 5. Fire your torps at the dd on a wide spread, ahead of him or into the smoke. If they smoke up the white line will be misleading (because the ship will decelerate hard, to stay within it's smoke). 6. Go re-engage the enemy somewhere else; that ship and it's torps are coming after you. *Re-engaging the enemy somewhere else is called kiting. It can be extremely valuable and effective to use. Theory and Math: Your exposure is only 5.3km, that's about as low as it gets in this game. Your torp range is 7.0km which is excellent, although they are a little slow but still sufficient for the Tier 4 Tier 5 ships you'll be aiming for. This is the math you need to learn about every destroyer you operate. In this guide we are still talking about the Isokaze; In the hands of a good player it is pretty OVERPOWERED for this tier. I've seen bb drivers threaten to ragequit cos of "Torps out of Nowhere!!!!!!!!" Which brings me to my next point: Your main targets are battleships. Ideally, they are new to the game and think that staying close to Islands provides them with cover. World of Warships has a 'circle of life', like a "Paper, Scissors, Rock" scenario which operates like this: Battleships>Cruisers>Destroyers>Battleships. Battleship guns can melt cruisers, but are not accurate enough to target dds unless they're lucky and you are really close. They have no torps, their tank is a huge hitpool; but everyone can see them. Cruiser guns can target destroyers and will melt you fast. They can easily tolerate your gunfire and are nimble enough to try to dodge your torps - they have their own torpedos too, forgetting that fact will cost you your ship. Cruisers will come hunting you. Their tank is medium mobility and medium hitpool. Do not rely on them (friendlies) to fire on the destroyer you just F3'd, they will often be so far down the back that islands will be in the way of their line of sight and their dispersal will be epic, and don't forget 73seconds in the air can affect accuracy. Destroyers can only set the larger ships on fire; which actually does help wear them down over time as they use up their damage control consumable and then burn down. But focus on putting torpedos into battleships is your main game for now. Your tank is being invisible and very nimble. When escaping the enemy 'WASD hax' should be done with your acceleration boost on, cease firing so that your Concealment Expert (CE) kicks in, and plan your direction of escape - a nearby island can hide you or keep you in the open if you run into it. *The Concealment Expert skill brings your detection range down by 10% on any destroyer and with camo it's 5.3km which is why I emphasize using a 10pt captain. *"Bow tanking" battleships: It can be fun, if you like cheap thrills and GreenTeam® is looking at a safe win, to try driving right up to a battleship before launching torpedos at her. Get right in there and get it done, Captain! -They hate that- Carriers: UGH Just hope that yours are better than theirs. DO use smoke to hide from their planes; many CV players know what a serious risk a loose destroyer can be. YES they will send 3 torpedo bomber squads against you to eliminate the risk. Avoid the section of the map that they are focusing on; stay in the part of the map near your own CV since that is probably where all the GreenTeam® planes will be. Stay nearby to your own cruisers and bbs to be a part of the "AA Bubble". Bonus strategy against CV's:- Fire your HE shells at the deck until it ignites; their planes cannot take off or land while it's on fire. (Sinking the whole bloody thing is better of course.) DO ask your own CV politely for help in locating the red CV; he may not be able to, but you can still watch the minimap to see where the red planes are coming/going to. Potato's: Are everywhere. If the West side of map gets crushed and your CV is sitting in it's starting position, DO take a sec to double click him on the map and suggest he move to the East side, something to that effect. A note about destroyers; It is not the way to have an easy life. For instance an average match might have 2 destroyers and 5 cruisers each side - so your natural predator outnumbers you 2:1 in most games. CV's are worse as they spot you with planes, you've never got enough AA to deal with it and the CV can just keep sending planes after you. If an enemy dd gets through to the CV, you will be blamed. If you called F3 on it repeatedly, it won't matter. If you take the cap and die, you contributed to the loss; if you don't take the cap someone may shoot/ram you. Tier 1 to 5 can be fun, from tier 6 you have to keep all of your existing skills plus learn how to deal with radar and not die plus learn that your smoke might well do precisely nothing at all to help you. *To be fair, there's only about 3 or 4 radar ships per side per tier 8 match these days as it has settled down a little. If cruisers are in range of your location they won't necessarily be able to get a line on your target, or they may simply choose to keep firing at a battleship for 2minutes as they are 'farming damage' instead of helping you out, So that you can sink the bb and the next one and the next. An Atlanta on the RedTeam® will be an epic demi-Unicum from hell, your Atlanta will be the squishiest potato you ever saw. Many low Tier cruisers will never consider sitting back at medium gunnery range when instead, they can be driving in front of your torps, costing you a ship kill plus a teamkill penalty; cruisers with their own torps won't understand you complaining about them firing torpedos up your [edited]. It's a lot to think about. I recently sighted the RedTeam®'s Atlanta captain on shore leave: Firing from smoke: The following things happen after you launch smoke; Everyone sees the smoke. People shoot into the smoke. They fire torpedos into the smoke. Cruisers and destroyers drive into the smoke with Hydroacoustic search on, so that they can hunt you down. So, Use your smoke to LEAVE AN ENGAGEMENT or to Hide your teammates. But mainly smoke is there for you to be able to GTFO safely. That is the pro-tip. Consumables: Always upgrade them and set to purchase using silver not doubloons. Containers: Always choose the signals and flags; you can buy the other stuff with 'currency' in the game. Super Containers (SC) are too unreliable. Silver: is [edited] (I mean that it is not fungible, not exchangable for goods and services and therefore not currency) and can only be used for buying a couple of things, and almost everything you have is not sellable for silver. Doubloons: means spending money from RL to get free XP (FXP) and should only be used for upgrading your captain until one of them is 19pts; then he will generate FXP quite rapidly. FOCUS ON GETTING A CAPTAIN TO 19 POINTS. Making money in the game: is not the point. If you grind your destroyers up tier by tier you'll have enough silver for the next ship, including fitout. If you are short on silver then perhaps you are simply not doing enough damage to get paid. Survive each battle until the end, get at least one red ribbon. High tiers and large vessels seem to have more issues with silver, I haven't yet had an issue with it perhaps because I don't play battleships/cruisers much at all. Concentrating: If there are idiots in the chat channel use your CTRL+Mouse button to click on the chat box and turn off chat. If someone is spamming the function keys (you can't stop them) you can report them for misconduct in chat. AFK players can be reported but also remember; if some player (it'll be a cruiser) refuses to push and does not help the team at all; he can be reported for 'Unsporting Conduct' instead. If you still can't concentrate then turn off the radio or whatever is distracting you; or just get sufficient sleep to concentrate properly. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PLAY SOMEONE ELSE'S GAME. Remember that if you have a superior grasp of strategy, then by definition he/she won't understand what you are doing. Reporting and Complimenting: (definitely worth it's own post.) I DO COMPLIMENT a player who gets 3 kills, even if he's a tool/[edited]/doughboy or anything else. I DO NOT usually report a player who has made a kill which helps the team. oh and the teamkill/teamdamage system is a joke so don't waste your energy on it. (A battleships shoots me with main guns. He turns pink. Ouch.) That system has multiple failures so it isn't worth much of your time. Spotting: happens automatically so you don't need to think about 'how do I spot", but a team player will be thinking "Where do I need to spot?" and it's fairly simple: put yourself in front of your team and in spotting range of the RedTeam®, such that your battleships have something to shoot at when you spot them. Taking Caps: Is a privilege you get for winning the game; winning the game means sinking enemy ships. The caps distract many players from their jobs so they get out of position, ignore the flanks, or sit in the 'B' cap in the centre of the map and imagine that the entire RedTeam® won't melt them down. This explains why so many teams are winning on points but then lose the battle; the opposition has spent it's time owning 3/4 of the map and can't be eliminated as they come around the corner in massive numbers; the team "defending the cap" is immobile, highly visible, and gave the RedTeam® a lot of time to choose the terms of engagement. The team with numbers can continue chasing down ship after ship; the caps will be taken accidentally as various ships run across the map to find new targets. In the picture below, Green team has sunk one more ship than RedTeam® and surrounds the enemy. Capping will be irrelevant in this battle. Taking the extra cap did not result in sinking an extra enemy ship, but the reverse may be true. Notice the upgraded consumables. Also notice the clock reads 6 minutes remaining - The Fubuki gets a nice position for a volley on the bb thanks to surviving well into the 2nd half of the match. GreenTeam® has more caps, RedTeam® has more ships. Which side would you like to be on. Team strategy: The 'Attacking/Aggressive Strategy':- an example of attacking strategy is, for example; Blob goes to A, a few go to B, and a spotter goes to C since that vessel may have landed close to C at the outset of the match. *But you wouldn't actually sail straight into that 2x2 grid square would you ... why give away your location for free? When it goes red, launch torps down it. If the other team also plays aggressively, you will have quite a battle on your hands. If you're lucky, they play the defensive strategy. An aggressive strategy usually includes having someone stay behind to watch the cap you already hold. This is very different from 'The Defensive Strategy'. The 'Defensive Strategy': There is no such thing. It's just a bunch of people sitting around waiting to be murdered. Allow me to labour the point: The defenders give away mobility. They don't support their own attacking players who went out to prosecute the RedTeam®. (It's rare to find all 12players on a team so stupid as to agree to this idea. ) They lose a couple flanking ships. They give away Intel in the form of their present location, with the result the aggressive team attacks when where and how they like, and each vessel can remain unseen until they fire the first volley. The bb's come around the corner together, and focus fire (aka focus down) one ship at a time. The opposing destroyers spot you before you spot them, simply because they choose to remain unseen and usually the 'defensive' destroyers get mown down by superior numbers. The defending team never, ever focuses fire on attacking ships coming around from both flanks or in numbers. Or, the West side of the map is lost and the defenders try to hold one cap, making certain that the aggressive team can choose the best angle of attack while remaining covered, wether covered by landscape or covered within the blob of 4, 5 or 6 ships. I have never seen this strategy work in any game. "Yo Cletus!" "Wut!" "There goes them thar cruiser out West!" "Cawl 'im back!" "Wha?" "We want thum thar RedTeam® ta know where ALL dem Green ships is!" If your team goes defensive you might be able to do a) Gain a kill but probably not b) Winning or c) Surviving. ***** THERES A TON OF STUFF I HAVEN'T COVERED. This guide is already too long. I haven't covered U.S. and USSR destroyer gunship strategy because I don't play that way, however many players do so and they do very well out of it. This is not that guide. ***** Use the following captain skills on Isokaze to obtain the numbers I have used: Bonus Material: Managing your winrate: Here is the excellent guide from LWM :- Getting 19pt captains, and why bother? Keep this link bookmarked once you get into a Tier 6 destroyer and write it down or memorize it (the section pertaining to radar). http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables /surveillance radar. PS, Kronshtadt is missing from that list. Yes I learnt that the hard way. Revolution. Shibby.
  5. Haida offensive build

    I bought the Haida recently; played a few games and; I suck. The current captains skills layout was taken directly from the littlewhitemouse review, and I couldn't make it work. I have now gone with an offensive build instead: Firstly I am not getting torp hits, not at close range in caps as destroyers move; and nothing at all at 6-8km's. I can lose the range in favour of getting some hits. So the first new item is TA. It would be nice to have the faster reload, but there still won't be a high number of torps spewing from the deck tubes even if I installed TAE. And the guns are anemic; they aren't getting kills on dd's in a short time and don't have any noteworthy effect on cruisers and battleships. Being a destroyer, I really wanted Last stand but i'm just going to have to be careful. Also concealment expert is notably absent; however in a Tier8 matchup your only worthwhile concealment is an island. Once I start shooting, i'm going to be seen. CE will come with the next 4 points, eventually, but this vessel needs to be close to get kills; RedTeam® know i'm there either because i'm firing, or because of radar/hydro which should be considered ubiquitous for simplicity sake. The upcoming and desirable skills are LS, CE, and SE but I will have to earn those. The smoke will allow me to exit engagements but it's not magic; with a small area of smoke there are various ships willing to spam the smoke ring and get the occasional hit ... bad news for me doing 1/4 speed. Then radar anyway. Yes I get hunted in this ship. Therefore I want to kill destroyers quickly, therefore BFT and IFHE (German dd's made me a spoilt brat for firepower). Quick kills so I can leave; it's got to be kills or it's a pointless exercise. Taking 99% of the hp of someone is not an achievement that helps the team. Expert Marksman cos I want to have shots down-range first. Let the fun begin.
  6. Welcome to KnightWatch Academy! We are a clan dedicated to helping newer players learn the ropes and providing a community to both veteran and new players to improve their captaining skills. We only have one requirement that is to be active at least once a week. If you are interested you can apply in game most of the core members are pretty active and are available to answer any questions! You don’t have to join the clan to become part of the community we do welcome players from other clans without any commitments other than to be mature and appropriate on our Discord Channel. To get onto our Discord Channel use this link: https://discord.gg/Hy9bZUA We also have a Facebook page for news about World of Warships as well as tips and tricks for the game at: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights
  7. The Russian line of destroyers appears to be pretty awful so far. I bought the Aurora duo bundle which gives me a terrible cruiser and a great captain, the immediate 10pt bump is mainly what I was after. Oh, and something to look at on the bridge of course. I built her into a Brawler captain and dropped her into a Gnevny; this will help me with generating a 19pt captain over time. My usual strategy boils down to hide-and-fire-torps however this is precisely Not Possible in a Russian dd; it requires a very different style of play. Which i'm still working out. My plan for this ship is to; hide at good range away from close contact with the enemy. Set fire to stuff. Plan to Target dds for kills since i have the right cannon to hit them, and getting kills on battleships and cruisers will be difficult with a 4km torp range. This was a plan that worked overall, then I had to move due to air cover and i'd been stationary too long, plus a friendly battleship pushed me out of the way ... it led me into the face of a battleship which I sunk ... and he returned thefavour. What an excellent hiding spot this turned out to be ... now I know what the Cleve's must feel like. Good concealment until i'm firing at someone. Notice good gun range, awful detectability (blue dotted line) and terribad torp range. I did eventually have to move, and found a battleship in range of a corner. Below is the most beautiful picture a destroyer captain gets to see ... only exaggurating a little. The gun bloom and the gun range are the same distance :-( Note that gunfire has achieved sweet f.a. during the battle. Spotting over the centre of the map probably helped the team more than anything else up to this point. How glad I am that 3 points went into survivability expert ... brawler build or I would not have been able to launch torps :) Theres the other most beautiful picture in the world ... i'm sending her money for a plane ticket as we speak!
  8. I'll just post the replay and say nothing, except that ... it may represent the way I do business from now on. Success Asashio_Neighbors.wowsreplay Come and feast.
  9. How to Republique (Tier X French Battleship) Cutoff Date: 25 May 2018 The Republique is the rapier of Tier X battleships. It is not a medieval instrument of savagery such as a claymore, but a precise thrusting weapon, designed to punch holes in the enemy fleet formations and strategies, enabling exploitation by other fleet vessels. Like the rapier, the Republique is a light and nimble weapon, fast and agile, delivering pinpoint but critically damaging blows consistently. However, much like the rapier, it is about finesse and less about brawn, and in such instances can be easily broken. The Republique is a unique ship when compared to other Tier X battleships. It has a relatively smaller health pool (well Conqueror has it beat), less guns, and worse still, the guns it does possess are not even the largest caliber in the game. Yet for all of this, it has strengths in accuracy, a strong rate of fire, and speed. When I think about what the Republique should be targeting, I am convinced that the top priority is cruisers. This ship was designed to punish cruisers who like to maneuver and get greedy in between shots against battleships. The faster reload (21 seconds) often catches cruisers in mid-turn and leads to citadels and penetrations. This punishment is enough that even Zao’s in excess of 15km do not relish an engagement with a Republique. The Republique really is the answering the high explosive spamming heavy cruisers that dominate the higher tiers. That said, the guns are accurate enough to inflict heavy damage to destroyers and battleships as well, and broadside ships beware, the velocity of these guns can and will reach even the most hardened of citadels. Definitions and Notes: Early Game is the first six minutes of the game and/or when less than five ships have been eliminated from the enemy fleet. The Mid-Game is described as the period between 13:59 and 6:00 minutes remaining in the game and/or 8 to 4 ships remaining on the enemy team. The late game is the final 5:59 remaining in the game and/or the last three ships remain on the enemy team. I normally only write these up after 100 games of play, however in this instance I am making an exception due to real life work that is impacting my timeline for write-up and production. Early Game: I am by trade an aggressive player. Give me a ship with a lot of speed, good health, and fast firing guns, and I will be right in the fray, on the flank of course. As soon as possible, mash the W key to full speed and start vectoring to one of the caps on the edges in (Domination) or to the flank (Standard). If you spawn in the middle, do not stay there. Given your relatively weaker side armor, you will not be able to sustain an assault from two flanks. You will eat pens and sink early. As you move forward, hopefully, others will gravitate towards your movement. A top tier BB moving with a sense of purpose, tends to pull in support, because folks tend to gravitate to players who have an idea of what they want to accomplish early. One of the added benefits of having the BB moving early and with the fleet is that they provide muscle to any planned push and can also be the first sign, when a push needs to turn into a kite. I found that being on the flank, I would move quickly and engage targets as they popped up, often dealing critical early damage (with AP). As soon as I fired and was detected/targeted by 1 ship, I would engage the Engine Boost, and start my push. If I encountered unfavorable numbers, I would turn and kite. Amazingly, I would draw a lot of early cruiser and battleship fire, which often resulted in my own cruisers avoiding those deadly barrages. Furthermore, the closing speed of the Republique allowed the battleship to get closer to cruisers than they want before they could afford to turn out. Suddenly, they would be faced with the turn of doom, it rarely ended well. Another great advantage is that you often can get to positions before the enemy fleet can get to hardened areas (islands and channels) and in doing so could catch them as they were slowing into their cozy spot. Numerous Des Moines and Neptune/Minotaur’s were severely damaged and subsequently eliminated by this early aggression. However, in the early game you need to remember two key points, know when to turn around (because torpedoes) and understand your Damage Control and Damage Repair abilities. Damage Control is used when you have got two plus fires and Damage Repair is used when you have about 8-10k (or more) healable damage. If used together with the build I have described below, and kiting away, you will almost always survive the barrage, buy time, hurt some cruisers, and live to fight to the mid-game. As a rule, a destroyer inside of 10km should draw your fire, if your secondary batteries are popping off on a destroyer, your main battery should be following suit. A couple of pens can eliminate half health destroyers early from the match. Mid-Game: The mid-game is one of the most crucial points for the battle with the Republique. A good captain will read the mini-map and take stock of how the battle is progressing around the map. You as the Republique have a unique ability to flex to areas on the map, no other battleship can. For example, many battleships can flex their guns to the other side of the map at a moment of crisis, but only the Republique can boot scoot boogie to the area offering its health pool in addition to the gunnery. Continued management of damage repair and damage control parties is important. Also, if in a push that is going well, detaching to help the soft flank is not a terrible idea, many battles have been won from this. This is the point in the game where the Republique should stand alone, shine, and farm pushing enemy ships and hammer others unaware of its presence in the flank at mid-range. The key is to keep moving, keep the enemy off balance. Additionally, this is a great spot to isolate an individual battleship, hunt him down, and eliminate it. The Republique is strong in solo battleship play. Its guns, can deal quality armor piercing and high explosive alpha damage and this is backed by a nasty array of secondary batteries that can ignite decks, putting enemy battleship captains in the tough spot of choosing between the damage over time and the possible premature use of damage control. It should be noted, this is usually the point in the game where I use the most high explosive, as ships angle to my threat, I simply switch it up and burn them to the waterline. At this point, continued focus on enemy cruisers is still a priority, but battleships are also a priority. Obviously, a destroyer inside of 10km remains a critical concern. Late Game: At this point in the game, you need to be able to carry your team. Grabbing remaining enemy battleships by the belt buckle is great. Your secondary’s and powerful armor piercing in a brawl is second to none and your faster reload almost always guarantees you will get the first strike. So many battleships have succumbed because of the glorious reload, which by this point, if played correctly, should be even faster because of Adrenaline Rush. If the destroyers are eliminated push. If they are not, push. Your torpedo belt is solid and you can afford a torpedo or two (as long as you have 30k health left). Late game aggression often carries. Obviously manage the caps, points, and clock. If you do not have to risk your ship, let the caps do the work and simply make the enemy make the move by going to the area where you are strongest. Funneling an enemy fleet to the least desired approach (a narrow) where a friendly cruiser or destroyer can torpedo is ideal and sets up conditions for victory, especially if you are using high explosives to set fires. Strengths: The following are an assessment of the real strengths of the Republique; Rate of Fire – With Main Armaments Modification 3 you can attain a 21 second reload. Throw in Adrenaline Rush and you have created the Scharnhorst of Tier X battleships. However, the difference is that this AP is a lot more powerful than that of the Scharnhorst. The rate of fire is great for catching ships trying to turn out and punishing them mid-maneuver. Most players enjoy the Scharnhorst because of the availability of ammo when you want to have it. The same goes for the Republique as the ammo is more readily available than it’s near peer counterparts, and this allows for more opportunities to punish mistakes. Throw in the high velocity, and it’s almost certain to hurt where you want it to. Speed – Give me a battleship with speed boost and a healthy base speed of over 31 knots. Throw in the proper signal and you can easily dash from one side of the map to the other. You can run down other heavy cruisers as well, poor Hindenbergs. Accuracy – This is almost a must have. If you only have eight barrels, those eight barrels need to be consistently hitting the intended target. For me, the ability to drop over half of your shells onto a target at 18km is a nice change. Velocity – At 840m per a second, the shells move with a purpose. It is also important to note that both the high explosive and armor piercing shells move at the same speed, so no extra guessing when shooting at a target and estimating your lead. High Explosive Ammunition – People seem to not understand that the high explosive shells coming from this battleship are almost as bad what the Conqueror dishes out. The base value is 6,300 damage and the fire chance is equal to that of Conqueror at 48 percent. When a battleship noses in, protecting the health pool of the ship, it is time to sling fire, and every 20 seconds, the other player can expect at least one. I am still baffled as to how the Conqueror draws such ire and the Republique quietly assumes a similar role when it wants to bully. Armor Piercing Damage – At 14,500 damage per a shell, a hit to the citadel on cruisers can be back breaking early in the match. The Republique boasts the highest damage per citadel hit, right along with Yamato and Musashi. The armor piercing shells combined with the velocity have great penetration on ships, even those with lowered citadels. I have found success on more than a few occasions against angled battleships who supposedly do not have a citadel…and yet I will land one. These shells are heavy at 1321kg, and hit hard. Weaknesses: Like any other ship, there are weaknesses to even the mighty Republique. Below are my thoughts on the ships limitations; Two Turrets and Eight Barrels total – If I am engaging another Republique and we are moving to the brawling phase (inside of 10km), I tend to aim higher on the belt as they angle in and target the forward turret. Ships like the Grosser Kurfurst or Montana can fire enough shells to incapacitate the front turret. In doing so, the Republique becomes extremely handicapped and anemic in the damage it can put out. Furthermore, it must expose more broadside to bring the rear turret into play. For this reason, the lack of turrets is a factor, as one incapacitation will knock out 50 percent of the main firepower. Susceptible to High Explosive Shell Damage – The 32mm armor surrounding most of the ship makes it highly susceptible to 203mm and 150mm plus Inertial Fuse High Explosive ammunitions. Ship eats Armor Piercing Penetrations – The lower armor on the Republique makes it eat a ton of penetrations in angles that I have not experienced while playing other battleships. I make this comment to the exclusion of Yamato and Musashi, and really can compare its superstructure to having similar qualities of that found in the Grosser Kurfurst. Because of this, I have seen the Republique eat 10 to 20k armor piercing salvoes despite all efforts to provide an appropriately angled armor scheme. Inability to Fully Exploit Vulnerable Ships – I expand on this further in the achievements portion of the write-up. The Republique can and will punish ships that start turns due to itshigher than normal rate of fire. The problem I found is that punishment is often hit and miss. In a Montana, a cruiser turning broadside is usually punished more effectively (devastating strike) than that of Republique, because all too often you will only manage a single citadel hit. The Montana you will likely realize two or even three citadels. While the punishment is still there and likely more regularly, do not expect to take guns out of play every time a ship goes broadside. The punch just is not as potent and because of this, many will get to limp away to fight another day. I have seen this a lot when dealing with British CLs and American CAs such as the Des Moines. Throw in a damage repair party for higher tier cruisers and the citadel hit is survivable. The early mass disruption of early play, by removing key cruisers is not realized in ways that Montana or Grosser Kurfurst can in the removal of these ships. That said, I have seen numerous times where I can land multiple citadels on several different cruisers as they maneuver to reach their island parking spots, which generally makes their cruiser force far more cautious overall. There is a significant trade off here. General Lack of Tankiness – Well, during my playtime with the Republique, I found that on average, I was tanking between 1.2 and 2.2 million potential damage and usually getting a dreadnaught when I survived. When I compared that to other battleships such as the Yamato or Grosser Kurfurst, I found the ability to sponge up potential damage to be a bit wanting. In many respects, the Republique is much like that of the Conqueror, looks good on paper, but eats penetrations galore and therefore struggles to maintain health over the course of a battle. Anti-Air is Susceptible to Damage – If you are taking high explosive damage from shells or even airstrikes, your Anti-Air will be vulnerable. Even the larger caliber guns seem to break rather easily. Because of this, your ability to sustain a strong bubble of protection around your ship, is usually mute by the mid-point of the game. Recommended Ship Modules: These are my recommended ship modules. I did play around with the modules and found that steering gears are inferior to damage control because of the way this ship eats high explosive damage and fires. Main Armaments Modification 1 – I recommend this skill because it helps protect your main turrets, of which you only have two. You lose your main batteries, and your game will become frustrating very quickly. Damage Control System Modification 1 – The Republique tends to burn rather well because of its 32mm armor around the ship. Because of this, I recommend DCSM1 because it will offer you a lower percentage chance to turn into burning balsa wood. Aiming Systems Modification 1 – My thought process for taking this module is simple, maximum shells on target. You have eight barrels maximum, and to make the guns have maximum benefit, I found the seven percent improvement to dispersion a great boon for landing shells on targets. Damage Control System Modification 2 – When I initially started playing the Republique, I was running Steering Gears Modification in this slot. After getting cooked to a crisp over and over, I elected to switch the module out for DCSM2, which turned out to be a significant improvement. I tended to survive more battles and I was able to have a higher average damage per battle because I was in the fight longer. Concealment System Modification 1 – In conjunction with the captain skill Concealment Expert, you can get the Republique’sdetection down to 13.2km, which for a battleship is solid. You are on par with heavy cruisers of equivalent tier and other tier X battleships, save the Conqueror, because it is perfectly balanced and working as intended. Main Battery Modification 3 – With MBM3, the Republique can reduce the base rate of fire down to 21 seconds. This effectively turns the Republique into the Scharnhorst of battleships, but now it’s a tier X monster. As I will reiterate, the biggest difference between the two is that the Scharnhorst has a much smaller caliber gun than that of Republique, which can punch even larger angled ships in ways the Scharnhorst could never replicate at its tier. After some early damage, the rate of fire will fall below 20 seconds when working in conjunction with Adrenaline Rush, and three salvos a minute is a deadly prospect for a battleship captain to have and be able to tap into. Recommended Captain Build: This is based off a 19 point captain build, which should be a requirement for those aspiring to sail in a Tier X ship. (1pt) Priority Target – As I have stated in the past, knowing how many barrels might be looking at my ship at once is important because I know whether or not I need to turn away, hit the engine boost or go dark and live to fight another day. This single skill point is so underappreciated, and all too often by BB mains. (2pt) Adrenaline Rush – So, you already have a 21 seconds reload. Why not shave another second or two off of that while you are in the midst of battle. The faster that reload, the more dangerous this ship becomes to everything around it. I can specifically recall being low health and baiting two cruisers to yolo me. Neither of them survived and I was able to pull off a ram on a third enemy BB, cleaning up the flank for our team and securing victory from the jaws of defeat. This skill is a must have. (2pt) Expert Marksman – You will be turning and maneuvering wildly to avoid incoming fire. Because of this, every extra degree of turning on your guns you can get, the better. This is especially important as your rate of fire and limited number of barrels all need to be hot, all the time. Wasted shots because of slow turning turrets is how games are lost. (3pt) Basics of Survivability – So, when I first started playing the Republique, I had Superintendent instead of Basics of Survivability. Problem was, I kept dying before I could ever get to my extra heal charge. Solution, take BoS over Superintendent. It worked. I have been able to reduce damage over time (fires/flooding) and this has saved my ship numerous times. French battleships burn easy and anything that reduces even a few ticks of burning should be given considerable thought for use and implementation. (3pt) Basic Firing Training – This skill selection served two purposes. In a knife fight, your secondary’s get the extra buff they need, and look rather impressive given the rate of fire. Secondly, your Anti Air gets a 10 percent bonus to damage, which never hurts, especially once you start losing a few mounts to high explosive damage. (4pt) Advanced Firing Training – The bonus to secondary and anti-air battery damage is huge. You can reach ships in excess of 10km, and your AA bubble extends to 6.2km. The larger these bubbles, the less likely DDs and CVs will be foolish enough to test the defenses. This skill has been a boon when kiting enemy BBs who are pushing and just letting them get tagged and lit with fires. The moment they use damage control, you load up the HE and give them another permanent fire. (4pt) Concealment Expert – So under-appreciated, but so crucial in reducing the Republique’s profile. Being able to creep to the 1 or 2 and 9 or 10 lines undetected is critical (unless you chose to engage sooner) to having a strong flanking position. Additionally, the bonus to dispersion from enemy fire is also helpful in dodging the mid to long range shots. Recommended Signals: (In order of priority for the Republique); India Delta, Sierra Mike, November Foxtrot, India Yankee, Mike Yankee Soxsix, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, and November Echo Setteseven. Health and speed, then consumables and weapons improvements. Bonuses to AA are last and I usually just used the last two slots for commander experience and free experience flag farming in lieu of the above. Map Strategy: With my map strategy, you will quickly notice a theme, and this is in large part because if you look at the Warships Wiki page for the Republique, the player who wrote up the Republique playstyle and my own are in agreement. Normally, I use images to help enhance my thoughts on this, but my space on the forums is just about used up and I am using a work computer, so this will be limited to words only as I cannot access Imgur. Basically, never go mid early. Islands of Ice – As for the islands of Ice, I cannot stress enough that Republique is strongest going to the edge of the C can and then after pushing through the edge and flanking, going back to the middle of C. The ship is also adequate going to the edge of A, but can be bottled up, because the island structures. Haven – This might be the strongest map in the game for Republique. The gun arcs can clear most islands and the ships speed allows it to get around easily on this smaller map. Again, start by going north or south of the caps in the mid, and then sweep through using the speed to crush through in a push or kite away as necessary. I have kept entire groups of ships engaged almost single handedly, while the rest of the fleet exploits the smaller forces on the opposite side. The openings in the islands around the caps also make for great shooting spots (sometimes even undetected) against destroyers and cruisers making perilous movements. Two Brothers – You guessed it, the Republique operates best on the 1/2 or the 9/10 line of the map. Pushing or kiting as necessary. Tears of the Desert, Warrior’s Path, Mountain Range, Ocean, Hotspot, Trap, Land of Fire – Just to sum up the rest of these and not to sound redundant, go to the edge, dominant and ideally push through. Then return to the middle of the map and mop up/farm as necessary. Moving through the objectives and clearing the edge should be complete by about the 14:00 to 10:00 mark remaining in the game. This gives you ample time to get back to the middle of the map, and then crush remaining forces. At this point, being in the middle of the map should not be a worry as the potential for cross fire should be greatly minimized by the loss of enemy ships on the flank you have just pushed through. Remember, if you are kiting on a map, you are trying to wear your attacker down, so that at some point, you can turn around and become the aggressor. Constant kiting should never be your goal…and if you are stuck in this situation it is because the enemy is overextending and focusing solely on your position, and therefore giving up invaluable strategic advantages elsewhere on the map. Common Achievements: For me, almost every time I survived in this ship, I came away with a Dreadnaught Achievement. Due to the ship’s less than desirable armor durability, you tend to soak up a lot of damage. Because of this, when you do survive, you will earn Dreadnaught, which is always nice, but it feeds this ship’s need for larger heals. The second most common achievement I earned was Confederate. Because of your faster than normal rate of fire, you tend to spread your damage out over a game across a wide variety of targets. This nets a lot of hits and chunk damage over the course of a game, which tends to lead to Confederate achievements. This helps to continue to fuel commander XP, especially on weekends like the one we had over the Memorial Day weekend. The third most common achievement I observed was High Caliber. Again, much like Confederate, the damage was all over the place and stacks up quickly, allowing for easy High Caliber earnings. The fourth most common I saw was First Blood. For me, First Blood achievements are usually earned from being at the front of the fight and in the thick of it early. Sure enough, give a battleship a high rate of speed, engine boost, accurate guns with a fast reload…and it played like it should be, this achievement should be commonplace. That said, early passive play will not be rewarded and maximum range shooting will rarely net you these kinds of rewards. Uncommon Achievements: As for uncommon achievements, the first that comes to mind for me is Devastating Strike. Yep, I said it and will stand by it. I say this because of the lack of barrels the Republique brings to the fight. You have eight of them, and while that is sufficient to score citadel hits (trust me, you can average four to six a game no problem), they usually come once a salvo. When I say this, I am talking the mid ranges for BB play, the 9km-15km range, where you can usually achieve some sort of surprise on your target, and they have no expectation of someone targeting their broadside. Inside of this range, I found most cruisers tend to go blap, splat, and other from these guns as does the squishy cheek of Yamato. Another uncommon achievement was Fireproof. Alas, you burn a lot, but maybe a bit too easy. However, I did manage to pull a few off by surviving the fight to the bitter end. Another set of Achievements I earned goes back to my aforementioned conversation about the undervalued High Explosive ammunition. Arsonist and Witherer Achievements are possible, and I earned several of them during the course of my 100 games with this ship. Think about it, you got nearly 50 percent fire chance per a shell…every 20 seconds. If you want to slow cook your opponents because they are a bow tanking Yamato, by all means, farm away. Is it the most efficient source of damage? No, I still prefer the AP, but when the enemy stops giving you his side, fires tend to be the next step to victory. Rare Achievements: I have yet to see anything close to a Clear Skies achievement in this ship. The Anti Air is very strong, but the ship is highly susceptible to HE and the AA mounts quickly melt away, even the larger caliber ones. This leaves you with less than mediocre AA by the mid to late game, and thus and inability to answer CV air attacks, even Tier VIIIs. Because of this, the closest I came to clear skies was around 15 aircraft. Another rare achievement was Kraken. The lack of Krakens was probably more due to play style than efficiency of the ship, although Kraken is a difficult achievement to earn in its own right. The Republique is good for chunk damage, but I often found it was sort of in the middle on A) not being able to devastate a ship like a Montana or Grosser, but also B) not having a fast enough rate of fire after crippling a cruiser to finish it. This led to less kills, despite a high number of my games having 200k plus damage. Shoot, even my 330k damage game only netted four kills, in a game with a balanced deployment of ships of all types (no CV). I never experienced an opportunity for Unsinkable, this is probably more due to smart management of repair and damage control resources. As your heal charges do not rise to that of the Conqueror’s, attempting to farm Unsinkable Achievements is not recommended. Conclusion: The Republique is strong on the flank supporting a primary objective. It is great at punishing cruisers and consistently providing aggressive (high damage per a minute) fire support. The rate of fire is consistent with games well in excess of 300k, much like that found in the Hindenburg. 200k games can be commonplace in the right hands. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as well as a smart build, is key to survival to the late game, where you can overcome anyone else, given your rate of fire and secondary damage. It is my feeling that the Republique is the best battleship at tier X, when compared to counterparts (to include Conqueror) because the of the rate of Fire and ability to remain dynamic throughout the battle. You may not get a Kraken, but smart team mates will easily clean up what you maim throughout the battle! As always, I look forward to other thoughts and considerations regarding the Republique. If you have a different build or playstyle, please share, as this is here for community improvement. If you have a different configuration for clan battles, feel free to share as I mostly focused on the random (PvP) 12 versus 12 playstyle.
  10. Firstly, I haven't played all the battleships so forgive me if I treat the Missouri as a unique case. This post is a reminder to myself and anyone else, that despite the Asahi's small detectability range, you're still not invisible to radar. I recently learnt the hard way that the Missouri has radar out to 9.45k range. I can't go and test this ship myself, for instance how much can it see around islands? Does the captains reduced detection skill affect it? Regardless of the answers to those questions, two facts remain: Asashio is going to come up against this premium ship frequently due to the game matching mechanics, and Asashio's special torpedo setup. The Missouri can sit in Caps, confident that it can see the surrounding destroyers if they are in a realistic torp range. At the time I thought he was making a mistake ... lol. **The Missouri radar likely picks up torpedos at some distance, so firing from outside 9.45km is only partially a solution. (edit) Radar does not detect torpedos. Here is me, planning a nice torpedo broadside at a silly bb sitting in cap. You can see where i was planning to hide, in between the two small islands. Release smoke, Pop out, fire torps, hit reverse and be invisible, back in my cosy tunnel. Things started to unravel, when the (Premium, expensive) ship detects me well before I had in mind. I could still have charged in and got the kill; after all seeing a destroyer doesn't mean evading his torps successfully. But I hoped for smoke and rock to conceal me ... it didn't. In short order, I carried out my plan but it was rushed; Missouri evaded the torps and I end up dead very quickly. I believe he had immediate detection of my torps in the water. In future, if in the same situation I'll sacrifice myself to take out this dominant ship. It is starting to feel like USN ships are the only viable option in the game; everyone else is playing catch up, and destroyers just got nerfed. All of them.
  11. Scharnhorst replay with commentary

    Feedback please. Much love ;D
  12. Homogeneity

    At the end of the video they talk about introducing 8v8 in clan battles and allowing 2 battleships. Here's my question: Does this not simply turn clan battle strategy almost universally into send a bb, a dd, and two ca's to their respective flanks to see what happens? Does this homogenize CB strategy even more than it already was? Or am I simply not being imaginative enough? (PS: I do really like the idea of global clan battles btw.)
  13. Countering Asashio

    Despite the pleas of pretty much everyone, Asashio is coming. It's now up to us to figure out how to deal with it. Just like the Conqueror thread I made, this thread is ONLY for discussing counterplay tactics against a ship that hard counters battleships, rather than the merits of deep water torps or the BB vs DD meta. Let's start by noting some key stats about our enemy's hull. (Stats are from the wiki as of 4/4/18) 5.6km surface detection when upgraded with Concealment Modification 1 and Concealment Expert. Air spotted at 3km. 15,100 HP (17,900 w/ Survivability Expert.) 35 knots base speed. And now the torpedo system, in greater detail. (The gun systems are of little interest to us.) 2 Quad Torpedo launchers. 100 second reload with Torpedo Armament Expertise, as low as 81 seconds with Adrenaline Rush. Torpedo Reload Booster II always equipped, drops reload to 8 seconds, with 240 second cooldown. Type 93 "Long Lance" deep water torpedoes configured to only strike BBs and CVs. Default torpedoes 67 knots, 20km range, with .9km surface detectability without Target Acquisition Mod 1 or Vigilance. Accelerated torpedoes 72 knots, 16km range .9km. Reaction times <5 seconds. (Essentially non-existent.) Counter play will inevitably be similar to that against the Conqueror. in that solo-countering is not feasible. I'm throwing out some tactics that worked somewhat well during the worst days of pre-nerf Shimakaze torpedo soup just to get us started. Use terrain to frustrate attacks from the other side of the map. Try to keep islands between your ship and safe havens for DDs like channels and harbors. (Think "A" cap on Sleeping Giant.) Position yourself abreast other ships to minimize the chance torpedoes will be able to pass without being noticed. (Obviously this won't work nearly as well as it does against the Shimakaze's torpedoes because of the Deep Water torps ) Position your stern towards the likely location of the Asashio before launching catapult aircraft. The AI that governs the aircraft flight patterns tends to send them behind you for whatever reason. (Why spotting aircraft don't fly ahead of you where they might actually spot enemy ships is beyond me...) Do not repair floods immediately after the first hit. For some (grossly unjustifiable) reason, Asashio gets to mount both TRB and smoke, meaning there is a strong possibility the first two racks of torpedoes will be followed by others shortly thereafter. Flooding is extremely annoying, but it's often better to flood for 30 seconds in anticipation of another set of torps than dying from the floods that last in excess of one minute. Naturally this SUCKS given the penalties to your maneuverability, but that sucker wants nothing more than for you to smash that DC button instantly. The longer you force him to hold off the "kill shot" the more time your spotters or friendly ships have to stymie his efforts. If the Asashio is spotted briefly, always mark it's position on the map and call it out in chat. The "Last Known Position" marker doesn't indicate what class of ship, which is extremely critical information for BB players when an Asashio lurks. If a full-HP Asashio appears at close range, do not bother trying to bother attempting to damage it with your secondary battery, especially if it fires USN 5"/38 spitballs. Destroyers hate battleship AP. So give them something to whine about on the forums and practice getting so-called "multi-compartment" overpenetrations in co-op when a DD points his bow or stern at you. Don't bother with HE. You run into the horrifying situation where it may strike a module for no damage, or deal only 1/2 damage against a "saturated" target. AP works every time. Also, disabling a module on a destroyer is essentially meaningless given the "super-power" available for only 2 captain points and the microscopic damage control reload times enjoyed by DDs. Team Play against the Asashio is critical. Constantly remind your friendly DDs that if they don't track down the Asashio early on, you cannot possibly protect the cruisers which are supposed to protect them. Remind your cruisers that if they don't aid the DDs with radar or rapid-fire HE in killing the Asashio you bear no responsibility for them being deleted by other battleships. And tell your carrier that if chooses to farm damage instead of monitoring an Asashio that he too, is vulnerable to those rotten Long Lances. (Anyone from WG is welcome to explain to me why a Saipan class escort carrier with a 28 ft draft is vulnerable to these torps despite a Moskva, which easily has a 30 ft draft in game, is wholly immune to them.) How do you plan to deal with this most unwelcome addition to the game? Again, please leave the "should it be nerfed" conversation out of it.
  14. I have been playing American low to mid-tier carriers and am pretty close (10k xp - about 2k free XP) to getting the ranger, but have fleet carrier experience from playing graf zeppelin and enterprise. I haven't, however, played Japanese carriers, and they look pretty appealing, especially when I found out that between the XP I have left over from the Myogi and free xp I have from premium chips I have enough to fully upgrade the hosio and research and halfway upgrade the zuhio. However, I only have a very basic idea of how they play, as my only experience I have playing Japanese carriers is three games in the hosio. That's it. I'd like to know how the first three carriers play in depth. Thanks, and I hope to see your excellent posts! Firebird 16
  15. Here is a list of favorite do not move your cv hiding spots Most CVs follow their fleet so start your search on the assumption its doing so. Atlantic: J-10 LINEàA Line Big Race: J-1/F-1àJ-10-J-6 Estuary: A line-usually 7-10àJ-line-1-5 and 10 Fault Line: I-4-5-7 and J line cornersàB-7/C2-C4 and A line Haven: A lineàJ line Hot Spot/Bees to Honey: A 5-6 90% of the timeàJ-1-5 or 6 Islands of Ice: 1 lineà10 lines. Follow enemy fleet direction of travel Land of Fire: B-7/C3 if not then A lineàJ line Loop: A lineàH5-J line Mountain Range: A4-B4/5àJ Line Neigbours: A4B3-4/C2-3àH-I-J 8 Line New Dawn: A6/B2-3àJ line-I-3-5/H7 North/Northen Lights: A line-C4àI3, G7-H8 J line Ocean-A lineàJ line corners usually both sides Okinawa: H-I-J 1 lineà10 line. Follow enemy fleet direction Sea of Fortune: A lineàJ line Shards: A lineàJ line/H,I,J 10 Shatter: A lineàJ line I missed a few maps but that's most of them happy cv insta delete hunting
  16. After seeing the numerous decisions in game that have led to early deaths or just wasted precious resources, I felt it was time to make a thread that addressed the importance of consumables. Players need to understand that you do not have infinite resources, and when you waste a consumable, you are putting your ship and your teammates ships at risk! I for one, hate losing, but too many players seem hell-bent on making a loss a reality no matter how hard other players try to carry them. Therefor, this thread is for those of you who have ships with consumables but may need some guidance on how and when to use them. This thread will not be explaining how the consumables work, there is already a wargaming wiki for that. What is the most important resource in the game of World of Warships? For me there is only one logical answer. That is time. The moment your battle starts, the clock is ticking and no matter what, after 20 minutes, the game will end. You have no control over it, no matter what you do, time is going to tick by. That leaves you with the next most important resource; information. Here is where you can start to have a personal impact on the game. Information is vital to the success of any game because without it, you will never know where the enemy is. A hidden enemy fleet is very difficult to kill. Information can be obtained in many ways, one of these ways is through the smart use of your consumables. Outside of information, consumables have a wide variety of other utilitarian uses. Health, repair, etc. Consumables cannot kill anything. They are however, key enablers that make your ship unique and offer you advantages perhaps not available on near peer ships. I think that consumables give you an edge, that doesn’t normally exist for ships of that type, line, etc. If you go to lower tier play you will quickly appreciate what I am trying to convey, as Heals don’t exist for cruisers, and Planes of any kind are rarities. But, consumables in many ways can effect a battle in your favor, whether through providing information or allowing you to remain in the fight (or escape it). These little bonuses are so important, yet many players seem to overlook what consumables to equip, when to use them, and fail to understand what the desired impact for using their consumable is. If you do not understand how to prosecute and adversary using your consumables, you might as well just leave them back at port! Types of Consumables: Damage Control Party – While this is more of a hybrid consumable, because it does have infinite uses (on almost all ships), you still need to manage the game and understand when and when not to use it. The biggest fouls on the use of this consumable seem to be with full health battleships at the mid-tier. They take an early fire and immediately put it out. Seconds later, they are covered with two to three new fires and are burning uncontrollably. I recommend playing by the two-fire rule, unless you are no longer engaged and/or do not anticipate seeing HE spam in the next 60 seconds. If you meet those requirements, then there is no need to take unnecessary damage. Needless to say, a full health BB with a single fire is not going to sink. Defensive AA Fire – The enemy CV is sending his planes your way, you get excited for the moment that you can wreck all his planes. He hits the edge of your AA and you immediately press the defensive fire button. The CV was feigning, trying to draw out your defensive AA, he pulls his planes back. You shoot down one or two bombers. 40 seconds later…you get torpedo and bomb dev struck and are sent back to port. Do not want it to end this way? Make him commit to an attack. Lets say you have AA out to 6km and Defensive Fire available. Let his planes get to within 4.5km before lighting them up. This ensures that even if he makes the decision to withdraw and not drop, that his planes are going to be in your window of death for some time. He is going to lose a lot more than he wanted to in a strike. DDs with defensive fire get caught in this quite a bit. Cruiser captains overly eager to farm planes are also taken by this CV tactic…and the consumable is often wasted with little benefit other than costing the CV about 30 to 45 seconds. Hydroacoustic Search – There was a DD last seen on the mini-map within 8km of your position. You turn a corner, eat torpedoes and die. You had the consumable available, you chose not to use it. If you have the resource and a DD was within 6-10km of your position, there is nothing wrong with popping it and letting it run for the duration. However, using it at the 19:00 minute mark in a match is also a waste, especially at high tier. Most DDs have a 90 second to 120 second re-arm cycle. At one minute into the game, their torpedoes are not even ready, much more, in the water. A cruiser in front of the BBs by about 2-4km and using hydro can effectively reduce the chance of torpedo hits significantly. Don’t sail behind or with your BBs, they cannot turn on a dime, and if you are with them, yes you will often avoid, but their rudder shift just isn’t enough to dodge in time from a torp detected 3 to 5km out. Catapult Fighter – This consumable is often underutilized. Many players avoid launching this plane when there is no CV in the match. Worse, others use them way to early. The catapult fighter can detect torpedoes, spot over islands, and when in a CV match, save your ship. When a CV sends planes, too often I see the fighter go up, when the planes are already within 2km of your ship. By then it is way too late to be effective, and you will get pummeled. I have found that the best time for ships to launch their planes in a CV match is when the attack group is 10km out for cruisers and 8km out for BBs. This gives the plane enough time to get in the air and take a defensive position to intercept the attack groups. The range is shorter for BBs because the fighter has a much shorter duration in the air as compared to a cruiser. In non-CV matches, launching your fighter in the first 2 minutes of the game is a waste of a consumable and then puts it on cool down when you might want it around the 17:30 to 16:00 minute mark, when torpedoes are in the water. I generally launch my fighter from the cruiser around the 18:00 minute mark unless one of the above requirements are met, such as a DD being within 10km of my position. Spotting Aircraft – Much the same as above, except that firing from maximum range the whole match and not tanking seem to be a common trend with battleships. At that range your dispersion is so horrendous you will fail to achieve real damage results and be less beneficial to your team. However, cruisers in smoke, destroyers in smoke, …well just about anything firing from smoke, this consumable is dynamite. Go to a training room and practice with a buddy…and learn how to waste smoke firing ships. Just to re-emphasize; launching your spotter plane in the first minute of the game is a waste of a consumable and then puts it on cool down when you might want it around the 17:30 to 16:00 minute mark. Surveillance Radar – Soap box time. Be a team player. You may not have a shot on a DD behind and island or in smoke. BUT, you do have the tool to remove the threat. Don’t be selfish, have map awareness, and help allies out. I see it all the time, Atlanta’s, Des Moines, Baltimore Captains either inattentive to the mini-map/battle or just being selfish and not providing radar support to quell a KNOWN threat. If someone has a shot, coordinate and make it happen. Get the DD dead and move on to the next target you can farm. That said, don’t prematurely pop your radar. Radar on a DD moving away at near maximum range is almost always a waste. Let him get comfortable…then annihilate him in his smoke. Repair Party – As a battleship driver, you need to be a clock watcher. The game lasts 20 minutes. If you think about it, you have X number of repairs. Take them, and then divide them in to the number of minutes into a game. So, on average, you should be using one repair every 4 to 5 minutes (depending on if you have Superintendent). (This applies to cruisers as well). If you are at the 11-minute mark, have all of your repairs and could heal 20k damage, you are doing yourself a disservice and risking your ship. Many will argue they like the benefits to adrenaline rush. I would argue that I would prefer that health in case I get into a scrap turning a corner. I often use heals while burning and help keep the health pool as high as possible, so I can get into a brawl and get out of it. So, be mindful of the clock, be liberal with your heals, especially if you have five of them, its what they are there for. Tanking and keeping you sustained in the fight. Smoke Generator – Premature smoke happens way too often. Change the command keys. Also, Destroyer captains, if you are not detected DON’T USE YOUR SMOKE (save a few key instances outlined below). Too often a DD charges into a cap, sets a small smokescreen, and waits for death from torpedoes. Your smoke screen will become a torpedo magnet. Don’t be caught broadside early in a cap with a torpedo. Also, don’t sit in your smoke, or if you do at least be moving and angled for a quick exit. The early smoke, when not spotted does not benefit your team. It blinds them and you to information and puts your entire push on that objective in jeopardy. Now, if not detected and leading a cruiser flotilla up against enemy BBs…lay that smoke screen. Save the citadel! You spot, they hide and shoot, and the BBs get torched. Engine Boost – There are few instances where this consumable needs to be used in the first minute of the game. Take your time, let the game develop, unless it is a DD heavy game and you are trying to set the edge. Your engine boost should be used to get you out of a fight. Or in the case of the Russians/French, give you that extra few knots to make you a harder target to hit. It can also be used to get to an area of crisis. But, the first two minutes of the game, should not be an area of crisis…no one is even firing yet. Torpedo Reload Booster – This is a dirty tool. In the right hands it can be devastating. I often see panic torps from spotted destroyers with this consumable. This should be used in a cunning and calculated way as to ensure maximum torpedo hits. Some torps are for area denial. The reload booster is meant for saturation and maximum destruction of enemy combatants. You want these torps to run their full course and you want them to be effective. Make sure you are setting up a solid strike, because it will be three minutes before you get to have the wall of skill at your fingertips again. Mounting Consumables on Ships: Bottom line, players need to be smart when mounting consumables on their ships. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Its like seeing a tier X battleship with Survivability Expert. It just makes you cringe when they are on your team…you rarely have to wonder about their skill level. A Cleveland is best with Defensive Fire, while a Roon might be best with the German Hydro. Obviously, there are reasons to switch to the non-conventional consumable, but in most instances, you want to play to your ships strengths, not its weaknesses. Looking at high tier DD play, I almost always take defensive fire…too many chances to see a CV…spreading those torps and bombs has saved my ship too many times to count. If you are confused about what is best for your ship, consider the environment. Is it a Sunday afternoon where CVs are more prevalent? Or a Tuesday evening where BBs seem more commonplace? Go with the consumable that will get you the most. You may not always be right, but at the end of the day, at least you made the most calculated and intelligent decision. When in doubt ask a team or clan mate and get their input. Many great players have learned not because of individual skill and merit, but from others…who knew what they were doing. Optimizing Consumable Usage: Smoke Generator Modification I – Perth, Huang He, and Pan Asian Destroyers seem to have benefited most from this modification. The rolling smoke gets a 30% boost and that allows you to have one helluva long party. Surveillance Radar Modification I – Mounted on the Des Moines, Baltimore, Donskoi or Moskva, this consumable seems to have found a nice niche. The Des Moines can go almost a minute, few DDs can survive the withering fire for that long. Especially if you pop it, while moving towards them, when they are at 7km or so. Spotting Aircraft Modification I – I have yet to see how this mod is useful and would be open to others providing examples on this one. I have yet to use it on a ship. Hydroacoustic Search Modification I – Well, this can be dirty on the right ships. These ships would be German DDs with hydro. So nasty, you can literally sit at the edge of your and your enemies smoke and pelt them to death. Too many good DD captains have become irate from this mechanic. Z-52 and this modification are a nightmare together. Engine Boost Modification I – French cruisers? Russian DDs? Yes, I love shooting an enemy for four minutes while moving at ungodly speeds. Who wouldn’t? Being Efficient with Consumables: Pay attention to your mini-map. This cannot be stressed enough. As noted above, time of use and when to use are paramount to a team win. Your guns will get you damage, for sure, but your consumables will get you tactical advantages to maximize what your team’s guns can accomplish. Be self-aware and team aware. You can greatly benefit your team. Know when your ally could end a pesky DD and understand how to communicate your intentions. Enhancing Consumables: One of the first things you can do to enhance consumables is to buy premium versions of consumables. Many players, especially cash strapped novices, often forgo this procedure, and often to their own demise. Too many times, they wish they still had a heal charge available. Or that cruiser that wishes they had one more defensive fire as the CVs aircraft circle overhead. Or that destroyer who is being ruthlessly hunted…regretting the shortage of that ever so critical extra smoke charge. I always recommend getting those premium consumables. The shorter duration between uses and extra charges almost always translates to longer game life. This can lead to more wins for your team. There are also Captain Skills to help enhance your consumables and these can be vital to mission success for the above reasons. There are Direction Center for Catapult Fighters a One Point Skill, Jack of All Trades a Two Point Skill, and Superintendent a Three Point Skill. Each impacts consumables in a unique way, by giving extra charges, shortening duration of using the consumable or doubling the fighters you can put in the air. Lastly, the Signal Flag November Foxtrot can reduce consumable time by 5 percent. Take defensive fire on a Cleveland for example, that 120 second premium version reload is now down to 114 seconds. Or, if using the normal version, that 180 seconds is now down to 171 seconds. This may not seem like much, but when considering a plane’s return to a CV, and reload period, those six seconds might be the difference between protecting your battleships and watching them head back to port. Combined with Jack of All Trades…well now you are cooking with gas. Avoiding the Fat Finger: We’ve all seen it. That premature smoke from a destroyer. Then for the next three minutes, that DD is near useless and extremely vulnerable. He can no longer contest caps…and is often gobbled up by savvy CV players who know he has absolutely no where to hide. My friends, do not be alarmed, for there is a solution to this problem. You simply go to your Settings in game, then click the Controls tab. Once there, go into the controls section and manually change your consumables to how you like to see them. This will save you and your team a lot of heart ache, and will help to ensure you hit the speed boost and not the smoke charge! The Odd Duck: Oktober Revolution – The Russian Tier V Battleship, Oktober Revolution does not get infinite Damage Control Party. I could see this as a staple of the Russian BB line. You must consider carefully when to use this consumable as it works much the same way a heal would. I would not be surprised if we see some sort of gimmick in the future related to Damage Control Party much the way we have seen it done for other consumables, being a trade off for some other benefit. Conclusion: In conclusion, I hope folks can find this a little helpful. I know other threads have been made in the past with similar comments concerning consumables, but I felt it was time to have an updated version. Take my rant and advice as you will, and good luck on the high seas fellow captains. I hope you enjoyed consuming the insights I have picked up in over 12,000 battles on this server. Note: If you are interested in learning more about consumables, the cool down periods, usage, etc. please visit the Warships, wiki page link at the following; http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables.
  17. Mini Video

    So I haven't uploaded anything in what feels like forever due to time limitations and the fact that I have a job. Considering we just went through Christmas and New Years, I would hope my amazing grand total of three subscribers will understand. So after playing with one of my friends in my new tier eight Benson, I got a fun little clip that I wanted to share! I hope y'all get a laugh out of it because I sure wasn't calm and collected that game; I was totally panicking at that point.
  18. I’m sure it sounds stupid, but even after covering all the upgrades for her and getting all her modules filled out, it just seems difficult to nail down a play style for Ibuki. I played Mogami exclusively with 155’s so I haven’t really settled on how I feel about the 203 setup. The closest I can tell is that I am playing a Myoko, but now it feels even squishier because the minute I get spotted my priority target marker goes up past 5 on a regular basis, and almost anyone with long range torps and battleship guns look at me like the upcoming appetizer. I can’t really fight DD’s well because my guns have a slow reload time, BB’s wipe me if they catch me within 15 km, and I just don’t seem very effective sniping at the edge of my range because of how long it takes my shells to get to my targets. Am I supposed to just sit back with the BB’s and support the group from the back or what?
  19. When the Pan Asian DD line was announced, I was very skeptical. From all appearances, we were getting another U.S. DD line with a few minor tweaks. Not to mention, this would be the premier of the Deep-Water torpedoes. Many on the forums and other areas argued that the whole line would be inferior and situational at best. To me, this was going to be another grind on already played out destroyer lines. Well, sufficive to say, I was greatly mistaken, and I can say that the Pan Asian DD line is unique enough to make it more enjoyable than I anticipated that it would be. Even more so, the top tier DDs can be fun to play, and can and will often carry a battle. Early Game: Unlike its cousin the Fletcher, I rarely go into a cap at the beginning of the game. Instead, I use my stealth to get into a torpedo lane (usually around a flank) and try to go after the big fish, the one’s backing up their destroyer going into a cap. There are two reasons I am not keen on entering a cap in the first five minutes of the game. First, in a knife fight with another destroyer, the best you can hope for from your torpedoes; “laugh the other guy to death…funny man.” That said, you do have decent guns. I will come back to those. The other reason you do not get into a cap is because when you do fire your torpedoes, which are your most precious asset, you want them to have an impact on the game. What sort of impact? Well if you fire them through a cap trafficked by a DD, the impact will be a short scare for a DD and then everyone else behind them, turning to avoid the incoming deluge of deep water torpedoes. I always try to send my torps at oncoming enemies…their speed and that of the torpedo…cut the time to react in half. If you fire them from an edge, usually not trafficked from a DD, you could send someone packing back to port rather quickly. Now a critical thinking question, can a Destroyer contest a cap without ever entering it and only having Deep Water Torpedoes? I would argue yes, but you must know what you are doing. If a DD, a CL, and 2 BBs are pushing a cap, you can effectively neutralize the enemy threat by taking out “the backfield” with your torpedoes. Once this is done, the cruiser will be friendless…and ruthlessly targeted. The DD…having no friends will flee. The Chung Mu promotes a reverse ideology on who to target first, but can have the same devastating effect early in the match. Attached you will find maps to help you with opening tactics. They all have a common theme...do not enter the cap. Mid-Game: This is where I consider caps, map movement, and where is the enemy concentrating. One battleship weaving about is a waste of ammo, two or more sailing towards a general objective is an opportunity. Make the most of your torpedoes. They will make or break the damage you deal in the game as well as help control objectives. This is also the time, you should really consider grabbing caps. You have dealt a rather solid amount of damage to the battlewagons on the enemy team and or cruisers. They have likely folded on the flank. Go in and contest the cap, now supported by your fleet, which can push because you have the concealment to spot the enemy DD and the cruisers to melt him once spotted. One on one knife fights are not recommended unless you know what you are doing and have more health than the opponent (no matter the DD). As a DD without backup, pushing into a DD with backup is very disconcerting. Now, back to those guns. You have fletcher guns, and those have a pretty solid performance record. Know when to bring them into play, and when to let an enemy pass. A destroyer inside of 7.5km and closing on your position is fair game. A DD turning away or sailing parallel at that range or greater, hold your fire. Also, be sure you can smoke up and continue to fire into the enemy destroyer as it approaches (especially if other allies are scouting.) One of the tricks I like to use is to not smoke, until they fire their guns. In doing so, they are blooming and giving away their position. This lets you continue to pummel them from smoke…all the while staying in cover. Late-Game: With few ships remaining and great stealth, you can help to push in on the enemy. Your deep-water torps finishing late game heroics from battleships who sniped for most of the game. You must still be cautious of any remaining cruisers or destroyers. If you see them on your map and in your area, kite away. There is no reason to give up a close match because you thought your concealment meant invincibility from a Khaba and a Des Moines Radar. As fewer and fewer ships remain, you can have a great impact in balancing the field. That full health battleship eats three to five of your torpedoes and the enemy comeback plan is now sabotaged. Strengths: Deep Water Torpedoes: Your torpedoes are NOT Fletcher torpedoes. They travel .5km farther (it matters – Des Moines and other cruiser Radar although Russian Cruisers will still get to you). They are also harder to see, by .6km. At .8km, your target pretty much gets to say, %$#@!!!, before eating some torpedoes. And that is always satisfying. Smoke Screen: One of the coolest and most unique features of this line. I think it really is what makes the line stand out. The smoke screen lasts for 27 seconds as you drag it along…either while you retreat, shield allies, or all the above. I love this. It makes you very hard to torpedo and predict. An unpredictable target is often a lot harder to kill. Main Battery: Fletcher guns. Yeah! These things can shred a lot of DDs, although Russian DDs will always be a threat and should only engage them from the safety of smoke or if there is no other option remaining. Stealth: 5.7km. It matters, that .1km, you render the enemy DD faster than they render you (Fletcher, Gearing, etc.) That is almost always going to lead to a first shot. Weaknesses: Anti-Aircraft: It sucks, pressing P alleviates you from having to get detected that much sooner. I do use it situationally, but for the most part, my AA remains in the off position. Deep Water Torpedoes: If you are a knife fighter, this ship will be a problem. Furthermore, your torpedoes will do diddly in helping give you an edge in a knife fight. Destroyer Meta: Currently, there are a lot of DDs in queue. If you see four or more DDs on an enemy team, your efforts just became that much more difficult. Utility: Not as useful against DDs and limited AA against CVs. This leaves you more selective in your targeting priorities. Captain Skills: The following skills are shown in order of priority; 1. Priority Target (1 point): Knowing how many guns are against you…good idea of when to tuck tail and run! 2. Last Stand (2 points): Steering, Propulsion a MUST have. 3. Survivability Expert (3 points): 3,150 health is a nice chunk. Gives you 20,250 total. I like this. 4. Concealment Expert (4 points): Gets you to the 5.7km detection. Nice. 5. Torpedo Armament Expert (3 points): -10% to those Deep-Water Torps reload time…makes you more lethal faster. 6. Basic Firing Training (3 points): When you get into that knife fight, have that much more of a faster rate of fire. 7. Adrenaline Rush (2 points): The more damage you take, the nastier you become. Who wouldn’t take this skill? Now some may want it sooner, but this is the route I took, and it worked out. 8. Preventative Maintenance (1 point): -30% to the module destruction. Just makes a lot of sense for a destroyer with thinly armored turrets and torpedo tubes. Ship Modules: 1. Main Armaments Modification 1: Protect your turrets and your torpedo tubes. Keep your lethality in the fight. 2. Propulsion Modification 1: Engines are important to a DDs survival. 3. Smoke Generator Modification 1 or Aiming Systems Modification 1: I used the Smoke Generator Modification, that 30 seconds of smoke screen is nice when supporting a fleet. However, if you are lacking in the mod, go with Aiming Systems Modification 1 as it is beneficial to your torpedo tubes and gun accuracy. 4. Propulsion Modification 2: Being able to speed up just a bit has saved me from many of potential torpedo deaths while moving in my smoke. 5. Concealment System Modification 1: Critical for making your ship viable in sneaking up on those pesky Battleships, and sending them back to port. 6. Torpedo Tubes Modification 3: A reduction to your most lethal weapon system, a must. The time reduction is critical for getting you to destroy more enemies more quickly and get them out of the battle faster. Signal Flags: I would set signal flags in the order of priority as set below; 1. Juliet Whiskey Unaone: The +15% to flooding almost guarantees that no matter where the enemy ship takes the torpedo, there will be a flood. 2. Juliet Charlie: If you are using certain signals, it is important that you protect your investment. Ensuring your ship does not detonate seems like a good starting place. 3. Sierra Mike: +5 percent to your speed as I have said many times before, can be the difference maker between outrunning a radar cruiser or getting pummeled to death. With the amount of hydro and radar out there, I just assume, never leave port without this gem. 4. November Foxtrot: A 5 percent reduction in getting to your smoke charges is a nice perk. Especially given the already short duration between cooldowns. If the enemy has no radar, this can be brutal on a flank. 5. Victor Lima: More increase to flooding, and throw in half a percent to fire chance, just because. 6. India X-Ray: More fire chance, that extra +1 total between these two flags may be the difference between setting and not setting a ship on fire after it used damage control from your torpedo strike. 7. India Yankee: A -20% reduction to fire can be useful. Destroyers have the smallest health pool and you have no heal. Every point of health matters. I have finished several games with under 1k health, and this little signal was key for survival. 8. Zulu Hotel or Papa Papa: As I am always mining elite commander experience or free experience, these both seemed a good fit for this slot. Other Tips: Going Bow on to the guns of an Edinburgh, Neptune or Minotaur allowing you to deflect most of their shells. They will usually go broadside to exterminate you (because it’s what they excel at, killing DDs). When they do…switch to AP and citadel them back…while taking almost no damage in return. Always a good time frustrating the DD hunter with frontal armor! This is both effective for the Chung Mu, Yue Yang, Fletcher, and Gearing. While in a knife fight, you don’t fire your panic torpedoes first. You just use your guns. I think a lot of DD drivers could learn from this. When I am surprised in a knife fight, my guns are my go-to and the torpedoes come out as able and when tactically efficient. I see too many DD drivers waste 5 to 10 seconds firing their torpedoes in a knife fight and end up losing out on 3-4 salvos of main battery. This equates to about 4k-7k damage. They lose the knife fight and go back to port confused why they got wasted…of course, their torpedoes miss, because in a knife fight, the other DD is rarely predictable. Summary: Much of what I have written here applies to both the Chung Mu and the Yue Yang. However, some aspects could be applied to the Fletcher and or Gearing, although, they should be played very differently around the caps. Many people may still feel that the Chung Mu is not competitive and cannot carry a battle. I would beg to differ. My experience with the ship over the course of a hundred battles led me to an average of 83k per a game. Interestingly, my WTR in the Chung Mu is like that of my Fletcher, yet my Fletcher does a lot of things differently. Fine Print: Your individual results may vary, but this is just a bit of what this ship is capable of;
  20. I just saw the greatest play ever (yet)! I was, as is customary, bottom tier in a tier 9 ranked (aka match maker "doesn't have enough players") 7 on 7 cv battle. Everything is proceeding as normal, the top tier bb hangs back, cv's attempting to snipe each other. It was a pretty decent battle, going back and forth. The enemy team takes the lead killing our dd, I (in an Algie) manage to devastate a Taco who came round an island and follow it up by sinkng the Yug (thanks friendly cv for spotting him!). We're down by a couple hundred points, but the Neptune and I start to cap B and C. The cv burns down the KGV leaving only the USS Child, Miz and enemy CV and us still down by about 100pts. Great! we start chasing the cv (who only has a few hundred hp left) having all 4 caps in hand, low and behold right as our cv is torping him he does what? HE BOMBS HIMSELF! "Scuttles" his own ship!. This as it turns out denies us the points for his kill, thus preserving their lead. Our cv remained immobile behind a rock and their Miz bears down on him killing him and securing the cap. As the nep and I hunt the Child time expires and they win. This is by far the greatest play I have yet seen. Ok,ok, people lone warrioring 19 ships etc, but it was the impact of the play on the outcome and the complete surprise with which it took all of us. Imean who knew that killing yourself denied the points to the other side right? Your thoughts, feel free to share your experiences!
  21. What things significantly alter your plans at the beginning of the match. Is there anything that causes you to mix up your basic strats? Enemy type, presence of a CV, etc? thanks for your help this game is amazing
  22. Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan to learn higher level teamwork tactics and strategies and hopefully get to experience the competitive side of this game.
  23. Hi All! - Hangglide42 here w/ a quick convenience update - Over the past year, I've published a number of forum articles in the "WOWS Enjoyment" series which were intended to assist newer players w/ various aspects of the game. These included items such as describing the currency model (to earn enough silver to play higher tiers), flagging in-game challenges so a player can have suitable ships in their port to reap the rewards - to strategic articles that outline what to do w/ various cap strategies and why - and tactical articles on shooting and maneuvering. Over time, these articles have spread down the forum article list so this is a compilation of links to all of these articles so new users can have a single summary link page to any of this info, if desired. Recently, I've also added helpful links to Youtube vids and other posters who have very good insight on various topics for newer players. I've also now added a Table of Contents since the number of links & articles have grown tremendously - browse this to see which article may be of interest, then the link section gives a quick summary of the article in greater detail. Table of Contents General Progressing Faster Currency Model Enabling Replays & Training Rooms (As of 7.0 - training rooms now configurable from the In-Game UI) Happiness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud" WOWS - Great Mix of History as an Arcade Shooter Clans - Why Join One? Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion but here's what the math says...) YouTubers List Instructional/Advanced Advanced Gameplay/Informational/Entertaining Ship Reviews Game Heads Up (What's upcoming - so you can prepare) Knowing WG's Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate! PSA - Opportunities for December 2017 Game Optimizations - Achieving In-Game Goals Faster When Lines Split.... (having the right ships affected by a line split earns you free ships as compensation) Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards Ships to have in port to Participate in In-Game Goodies [ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags & Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection (Principles apply to XP and Commanders XP as well) Accelerating Captains Training - Getting More 19 pt. Captains Quicker Evolving Your Captains Skills Getting more XP per Game Strategies for a Campaign (How to more efficiently earn game Rewards) Game Tactics/Mechanics Skills to Learn as you start the game and move thru the Tiers Ships and Shooting Shooting at Angled Targets DD Guns - When to use HE & AP & Why Maneuvering Tactics (Using Cover, Masking Turns, Flanking, Kiting) Advantages of a Retreating Fight & Why Brawling 101 [ Link from iChaseGaming ] Captains Academy #41 - Definitive Guide to Dispersion [ Link from Notser ] Shells - Penetration Mechanics & Formulas [ Links from Flamu ] Advanced Tactics - Flamu's Tactical Analysis Series of Videos Critiquing Games from his Subscribers [ Links from Farazelleth ] Fara Carrier Guide Series/Ship Configs - (Must video section for Aspirational CV Players) Game Strategy Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains Lanchesters Law & its implication on WOWS Strategies Tech Tree Progression Assessments Which IJN Tech Tree DD Sub-Line? Go down one line or many simultaneously? Just for Fun... April Fools!....(Subs)... General WOWS Enjoyment - Progressing Faster Currency Model New players will find (depending on their skill threshold and whether they hold a Premium account) that the higher tier gameplay becomes "silver earnings negative". This article explains the WOWS currency model and strategies of working around this so you can afford playing your Tier Xs. WOWS Enjoyment - Enabling Replays and Training Rooms [ Update: As of Release 7.0, Training Rooms can be enabled thru the in-game UI and the configuration procedure described in the article is no longer necessary ] One of the most common requests for newer players - how to enable Replays (so I can send my fantastic battle to my favorite YouTuber or post it for viewing) and how do I enable Training Rooms (so I can practice where to shoot what, or play practice Co-op games I construct or work w/ my Clan/Division). WOWS Enjoyment - Happinness...the Hope of Rewards...and the Meaning of "Git Gud" This is a self-assessment article meant to match up those unhappy w/ their results in WOWS w/ articles and vids which, hopefully can raise the bar on any parts of your game which you'd like to see improvement on to help you achieve your WOWS goals. WOWS Enjoyment - Great Mix of History as an Arcade Shooter General article describing the nature of how WOWS balances being a compelling arcade shooter w/ a respectful nod to actual history (and generating interest for it). WOWS Enjoyment - Clans - Why Join One? Outlines some of the benefits of the new Clan feature - the Naval Port. This is presented in a "Why I Joined My Clan PROJX" reasoning since there are a plethora of new clans which have been formed due to the 6.11 feature. It also touches on the Clan Application process which may intimidate some, but if you find the right match for a clan w/ your play priorities and needs, it can be easy and enjoyable. WOWS Enjoyment - Matchmaking (Everyone has an opinion, but here's what the math says...) Many players have a least an opinion on WG's Matchmaking (MM) algorithms. They range from "it's fine" to "this is some broken MM!". This article describes the math behind the current state and some of the reasons for the MM algorithms as they are today. It also explains some of the implications of trade-offs that would need to be made for some of the forum suggestions for "Improved MM" to be implemented. Some Youtubers/Twitch streamers who may be of interest to you: A number of these YouTubers also have Twitch streams and are occasionally supported by Patreon contributions. This is by no means a full list of popular YouTubers, but just a few that I've found most entertaining/useful if you're interested in WOWS. Instructional/Advanced Femennenly (NA), Farazelleth (EU) - Very good CV instructional & entertaining Flamu (most servers, but primarily EU) - Advanced Tactical/Instructional/entertaining iChase (NA) - KnowYourShip series, Game Mechanics Analysis Aerroon (EU) - CV gameplay, overall entertaining/instructional Stuntman 9630 (EU) - Comparative ship stats analysis, What the Ship? series, Ship Trial series Flambass (EU) - Entertaining videos but w/ advanced tactics particularly evident in his "SPESHUL" video series Advanced Gameplay/Informational/Entertaining Jingles (EU), NoZoupforYou (NA), Notser (NA), Yuro (SEA), Mejash (NA), Qckslvrslash (NA), HughJass (NA), PointyHairedJedi (EU) Ship Reviews LittleWhiteMouse (NA) - (Technically not a Youtuber, but a forum poster) - Hands down in a league of her own wrt comprehensive reviews of a specific ship in WOWS Stuntman 9630 (EU) - When a new ship is released, posts videos which compares its stats on a 1-to-1 basis w/ other ships in its Tier Game Heads Ups These postings give you a heads up in what may be coming down the pike so you can execute missions to gather XP, FreeXP, silver or doubloons/cash for purchase opportinities or chances at free ships, etc. WOWS Enjoyment - Knowing WG Patterns/Promos Prepares You to Participate! If you've ever kicked yourself because you didn't have the right ships in port, enough FreeXP, not enough ports, etc. to participate in WOWS Missions/Campaigns and nice promos when they arrive - this article outlines what to expect and look for in the near future and going forward into 2018 so the next time, you'll be enjoying your reward ship for completing that mission! (or having enough FreeXP to purchase it)! WOWS Enjoyment - PSA - Opportunities for December 2017 December 2017 offers opportunies to boost FreeXP collection (for the early 2018 FXP Ship release), certain desired promos and ship sales. Game Optimizations - Achieving Goals Faster In-Game WOWS Enjoyment - When Lines Split... WG has a very Player-friendly policy when a Tech Tree Line splits. Players are generously compensated new ships depending on what ships they have in port at the time of the split. This article explains the mechanics of what happens as of the 1st 2 line splits that occurred and what is anticipated for the 2018 USN Cruiser Line split in specific detail. If you want to know what ships to have in your port to net some free ships w/o the grind, this post is for you. (This post will be kept current re: WG Policy as to what happens.) WOWS Enjoyment - Getting Ships/Captains to Maximize Rewards General overview of what Missions, Campaigns and other in-game challenges require so you can position yourself w/ the right mix of ships in your port to be able to participate in these and reap the rewards. Also outlines what WG typically does when lines are split so that you can position yourself for some (potentially) free ships in the tech tree when this happens. WOWS Enjoyment - Ships to Have in Port to Participate in In-Game Goodies Expands on the previous article going into specifics regarding Missions, Campaigns, Challenges and Scenarios and the type of task activities required. Knowing this allows you to have the right types of ships in your port to more efficiently achieve the task rewards while minimizing the number of games played. [ Posting from Edgecase ] Stacking Flags and Cammos to Maximize Free XP Collection Edgecase provides a fantastic explanation of how stacking of your flags and cammos work in WOWS. If you're trying to collect your remaining Free XP to purchase the Missouri before it's removed, this is the article for you. The posting describes both the mechanism and the moving pieces that allow you to earn the maximum Free XP per game. This mechanism/strategy can also be applied to the following situations (by just changing the flags and cammos to the other bonus types): If you want to speed up the XP grind for your next ship in the tech tree (substitute the XP flags and Cammos w/ XP bonuses) If you wan to speed up 19-pt Commander Training or Elite Commander XP farming (substitute the Commander XP flags and Cammos w/ Commander XP bonuses) WOWS Enjoyment - Accelerating Captains Training (Getting More 19 pt Capts Quicker) Getting a 19 pt. captain seems daunting - but if you set up your ships & play strategy efficiently, once you get one, you'll find you can get more much faster - here's how. WOWS Enjoyment - Evolving Your Captain's Skills As you gain more experience in the game, you'll find you may want to change your Captain's skills to maximize the advantage of your Ship/Commander pairing. This article goes over the opportunies WG gives you to respec your Commander's skills and a general overview of a "before and after" experience of what a typical skill progression may be for each ship type and why. WOWS Enjoyment - Getting More XP per Game If you've ever had trouble getting past the threshold for Campaign Tasks & Missions of the nature "Earn X Base XP in one Game" (the number is usually 1500/1600), this article explains the XP scoring sources. Understanding this can help boost the amount of XP you earn for these types of missions and turn them from a challenge to a piece-of-cake. There is also one source of XP that is generally not recognized that, if acted upon, can help address many forum complaints about static play and back-of-the map sniping BB tactics (and help you earn more XP as well)! WOWS Enjoyment - Strategies for a Campaign (How to More Efficiently Earn Game Rewards) Uses the "Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign as an example showing step-by-step the way to overlap tasks, choose the most efficient tasks and pick the right ships in your port to execute the tasks to minimize game time to reap the campaign rewards (since all of us have other priorities as well)! Also covers the general odds and strategies re: collectibles and chances for receiving them in game (for RNG container based collections) - the strategy for skill based collections as in the Anniversary Collection will follow the principles used to chose your campaign tasks if you want to find the minimal game strategy to get your collection finished. Game Tactics WOWS Enjoyment - Skills to Learn as you Start the Game & Move thru the Tiers WOWS has a phased introduction of ship/game capabilities that you get exposed to as you play different ship types, from different nations, as you progress up thru the tiers. This is a short summary (as the response to a new player questions) of the type of skills that will help you become a better player as you encounter them as you move up thru the tiers. This is why it's not often recommended to hop into a T8 Premium, if you haven't yet been playing at T8 in the Tech Tree (i.e. the reason the Tirpitz got it's unflattering nickname). WOWS Enjoyment - Ships & Shooting Ever wonder how a weaker tier ship can take on a higher tier? A DD or CL/CA kill a BB? This tutorial covers Captains Skills & Ship Upgrades to specific shooting strategies. Also includes detailed sections on what to shoot in what circumstances and where to aim and why, to inflict increased damage on your enemy. WOWS Enjoyment - Shooting at Angled Targets When you have to shoot at angled targets, here are some quick tips to adjust your lead properly to increase your changes of hitting. WOWS Enjoyment - DD Guns - When to use HE & AP Describes the situations when using HE or AP for DD caliber guns is preferrable and why. WOWS Enjoyment - Maneuvering Many newer players run into problems once they initially engage an enemy and can't safely cover themselves as they need to turn away. This article covers various maneuvering strategies and cover strategies to mask turns. It also describes various strategies such as bow-tanking, kiting, flanking and other maneuver related strategies and counter strategies. WOWS Enjoyment - Advantages of a Retreating Fight (and Why) A common tactic for Fire Spamming Cruisers is to "kite" away from an opponent (often a BB or BB Group - while burning them down). Here's why you have an advantage in a retreating fight and why this tactic gives you an edge even in a 1 vs. 1 even matchup. (Note: this is not to advocate always using a retreating tactic. You should always prioritize the actual tactical situation to determine how you play your ship - but if you have to survive and inflict more pain than received on your chasers, here's why this tactic works). WOWS Enjoyment - Brawling 101 Q: If you're a German BB (w/ secondary build) and are attacked by a DD, CA, BB on 3 sides of you, what do you do? A: Point your nose (slightly offset) at the BB, put your Secondaries on the DD & 1 or 2 salvo the CA 1st before addressing the BB & DD This article is answers how to do this and why you are doing this to successfully Brawl and the tactics to come out of this type of fight successfully. [ Link from iChaseGaming ] Captains Academy #41 - Definitive Guide to Dispersion iChase provides a detailed explaination of the differences between Horizontal and Vertical dispersion and Sigma and how this affects your aim and shell hit results. Understanding this clearly will help you get more hits on your intended targets on your target ship. [ Link from Notser ] Shells - Penetration Mechanics & Formulas Notser presents an easy to understand overview of the formulas WG uses to calculate penetration for AP & HE shell types. These are the simple rules that are needed to be applied when you determine which parts of an enemy ship you want to shoot to inflict maximum damage from your salvo. The damage types (citadels, penetration, over-pen and bounces) are also covered and the damage formulas to apply for each type. [ Links to Flamu YouTube Videos ] Advanced Tactics - Flamu Tactical Analysis Videos This section contains links to a YouTube Video Series recently started (Dec 2017) by the EU Unicum & CC Flamu that analyzes and comments on tactics improvements for games submitted by his subscribers. More advanced tactical and strategic concepts such as better/best ship positioning (for safety & firing angles), map awareness, efficient/timely consumable usage, optimizing/anticipating gun direction, firing into smoke, leveraging ship strength/weakness are revealed during actual gameplay to illustrate how to use/captain your ship better. Flamu - Replay Analysis #1 - Minotaur, Akizuki, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst Flamu - Replay Analysis #2 - Hipper, Des Moines, Kagero, Missouri Flamu - Replay Analysis #3 - Missouri, Charles Martel, Atago (includes Ranked Game) Flamu - Replay Analysis #4 - Chappayev, North Carolina, Lo Yang, Amagi, North Carolina (includes Ranked Games) Flamu - Replay Analysis #5 - Amagi, Atago, Akizuki, Amagi (Ranked Games) Flamu - Replay Analysis #6 - Yamato, Leningrad, Izumo Flamu - Replay Analysis #6A - Hindenburg, GroBer Kurfurst Flamu - Replay Analysis #7 - North Carolina, Hindenburg, Akatsuki, Grozovoi Flamu - Replay Analysis #8 - Hindenburg, Fletcher, Harekaze Flamu - Replay Analysis #9 - Maass, Pensacola, Monarch, La Galissonniere Flamu - Replay Analysis #10 - Clan Battles Flamu - Replay Analysis #11 - Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Zao [ Links to Farazelleth YouTube Videos ] Fara's CV Guides - CV Configuration and Play For those interested in CV Gameplay - this section contains links to very detailed instructional and informational videos from the EU Unicum CV Player Farazelleth's YouTube Series Fara Carrier Guide. This series explains tactics and strategies when playing CVs which will help you get the most out of your CV (including gameplay examples). Farazelleth has also posted a Configure Your CV series which covers each CV in the Tech Tree including: Ship Upgrade Recommended Progression Module Upgrades Captains Skills Overall ship playstyle and information Play examples in Random Battles The links below represent a sampler of basic CV information contained on his channel - if you find the information useful, please consider subscribing to his channel. Fara Carrier Guides Series What Makes a Good CV? Introduction Ep 1 - General CV Information Ep 2 - Commander Skills Overview Ep 3 pt1 - IJN Commander Setup Ep 3 pt2 - USN Commander Setup Ep 4 - Basic Tactics Ep 5 - Plane Control Ep 6 pt1 - Advanced Bombing Ep 6 pt2 - Neutralizing Enemy AA Ep 6 pt3 - Advanced Fighter Control Ep 6 pt4 - Advanced Scouting Ep 6 pt5 - Flight Deck Management Ep 6 pt6 - Carrier Sniping Ep 6 pt7 - Dealing w/ Air Superiority Ep 6 pt8 - Dealing w/ Being Bottom Tier Ep 6 pt9 - What to do when everything goes bad Ep 7 - Differences betwenn Random, Ranked & Competitive Gameplay IJN CVs Hosho (T4) - Starter CV Zuiho (T5) - Limited to Auto-drops and Click Engagements - May encounter enemy T6 CVs that have access to Strafe and Manual Drop mechanics Ryujo (T6) - 1st CV that permits Manual Drops and Strafes Hiryu (T7) Shokaku (T8) Taiho (T9) Hakuryu (T10) USN CVs Langley (T4) - Starter CV Bogue (T5) - Limited to Auto-drops and Click Engagements - May encouter enemy T6 CVs that have access to Strafe and Manual Drop mechanics Independence (T6) - 1st CV that permits Manual Drops and Strafes Ranger (T7) Lexington (T8) Essex (T9) Midway (T10) Premiums Kaga (T7) - Features strong Strike Groups Saipan (T7) - Features T9 Aircraft Enterprise (T8) - Features strong (numerically) Fighter Presence Game Strategy [ Stay tuned! - There is a new series of articles planned for this section that will be added to it throughout 2018! Due to recent updates that are in-progress w/ many of the maps (some significant modifications), this Map Strategies section will be delayed until the map changes have been rolled out ] WOWS Enjoyment - Cap Strategies & Lemming Trains Explains the primary cap strategies one finds in game, the overall strategic intent for each, expected goals/actions, your responsibilities to your team for each strategy and why. Also covers the concept of Lemming trains, their serious risks and responsibilities if you engage in this tactic (including fallback upon failure). WOWS Enjoyment - Lanchester's Laws & WOWS Strategies Expands on the previous article (tho a precursor) by introducing an actual series of Military Studies which resulted in Lanchester's (Square) Law which has solid implications in strategies you use in WOWS. The base concept is explained and how it factors into specific suggestions for tactics you can use in WOWS to be more successful and win more games. Map Strategies [ Currently Under Construction ] A Map-by-Map breakdown of specific strategies that are useful or will be encountered on specific maps and modes in WOWS. Will include a general overview of the strategic elements presented by the maps for various ship types including: General strategic overview of map - generally good vs bad strategic moves and why Illustrated tactics and strategies of specific map features Firing arc opportunities Radar Cruiser Hiding Places Maneuvering turn points General contest point & cover points DD tactics and counters on the map Tech Tree Progression Assessments IJN DD Main Line vs. Alternate Line (post-Split) If you're trying to make a decision on which IJN DD line to go up from the T5 split, this response offers a brief summary of each ship in the IJN DD lines from T5-T10 (T8 in Alternate line). Play points, strengths and weaknesses of each ship are noted to help you make your decision. Play One Line/Ship Type or Many? This article gives you the pros and cons of whether you may want to play only a single line of ships to T10 before going on to the next or multiple lines/ship types simultaneously. Since this question is one of how you allocate valuable free time for gaming - the summary gives you an idea of tradeoffs you make to participated in game events, missions, develop your skills faster, etc. Just for Fun... WOWS Enjoyment - April Fools! (Subs!) Meant as an April Fools thought exercise (for fun!) re: how potentially Submarines could be introduced into the game mechanic. Not all responders took it as such and there is a passionate and vehement response every time Subs are mentioned as an in-game vehicle!
  24. Location, Location, Location

    Once upon a time I tried to get a discussion of strategies going; today I was going to use this topic as a question for the unicum help desk, but the form wouldn't load in Firefox or work in IE, so oh well. But anyways, more and more (especially for the past six months compared to last year) I've been seeing lots of ships go haring off in counter-productive directions once they spawn into a match and work up speed. This is also something I still struggle with in matches, often finding myself too exposed at start or too far away during the middle, if not simply outranged & outclassed thanks to matchmaker giving me the ol' ''4Q''. So my question is, Positioning; - Are there any guidelines to determining good positioning habits versus bad positioning habits. - Which ships, or types of ships, should almost always go to support the nearest cap or flank (depending on mode). - When playing in division, how far a distance is it acceptable or effective to get from other div-mates or the team itself. - How often should a player not fire in order to try and conceal their ship moving into its most effective range, as damage=experience. - How much time is acceptable for a ship to take it's guns out of the fight, whether by range or terrain, to support a cap or flank (depending on mode). - What to do if players find themselves outnumbered on the weak side, because less than four or five ships bothered to support that cap or flank (depending on mode). - Is there anything that can be done if players find themselves in the path of a red push or outright lemming train, just because they spawned near that cap or flank (depending on mode). - How do players in low tier ships compensate for finding themselves spawned ahead of the team or out on a flank; in particular when detected early by a red DD before they can reposition out of being focused.