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Found 1 result

  1. It has been while since I played CVs, now I remember why I quit them for a while.....STRAFING. Hey WG, not everyone has fast internet connections, and with the strafing the fastest connection speed wins. With strafing you turn a strategy CV game into a game of quick reflexes that is similar to the old Nintendo fighting game. The age of the average player of World of Warships is in the 40s? So, how is this mechanic easy for the young at heart? I enjoy playing CVs until I run into an expert strafer that flattens my air force in a blink of an eye. With strafing the skill gap is waaaay to big between those whom can strafe well vs. whom who can't. Another point against strafing....how in the [edited] is strafing a common world war two tactic? The only strafing mentioned historically is in old war footage and picture in history books where the planes strafed surface targets. WG, you already got rid of strafing at the lower levels.....hmmm. WG, you want to fix aircraft carriers? Get rid of strafing.