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Found 1 result

  1. I'd love to hear some of everyone's favourite WOWS moments because I know there's people with 10k+ battles out there and if I've got some stories from my approx. 800, I can only imagine what you've seen. Entertaining blunders, exemplary teamwork, daring gambles, or a combination of all three. Anything goes! A couple from me to get started: I was playing the USN Nicholas last night in a game of Domination on Ring and scouted area B. I managed to outgun an enemy DD relatively quickly and wound up all alone in the cap. We won the first couple knife fights of the battle, capped A and C, and then all hell broke loose for the reds. A lone Okt. Revolutsiya made the bold if not questionable decision to straight-line into B completely unsupported. At 5km I hit the engine boost from behind an island and at 2.5km delivered a full broadside of torps from the left tubes, saw the PT indicator go up like a thermometer, and promptly popped smoke. His division-mate in a Pytor Velikiy then made the equally questionable decision to charge my smoke, also unsupported. That was the day we all learned discretion is the better part of valour, or in other words that a Nicholas has torpedo tubes on BOTH sides of the ship. The game didn't last much longer after that. Another good one happened in the Furutaka. It was the best game I ever played in it (although absolutely not how you're supposed to Furutaka) and it all began with me taking out a DD while supporting a cap at C on Fault Line. Not atypical, but it went so well that our DD and USN CA sailed right on through chasing down a retreating enemy CL. In all our glory it failed to occur to us that half the enemy fleet was still steaming full speed ahead towards C. We got caught with our pants down and the lead enemy BB (a Sinop) sent our CA running and shredded our DD. At this point I was 7km from it and on an intersect course. Knowing I was too close to run, I charged it, narrowly missed an accidental ram, and broadsided it with torps, sinking it. More or less the exact opposite of how you're supposed to play the Furutaka. Before the rest of the enemy fleet could get close enough I turned up towards B and our fleet and tried to redeem myself and play this ship properly. That lasted all of about 30 seconds before a German BB popped out from an island near the channel at C. With a combination of lousy KM dispersion and likely a nervous trigger finger it managed to miss an otherwise un-missable point blank salvo and, with all my guns pointing the wrong way, I did the only thing I could: turn and give it the other broadside of torps. By this point, a Pheonix had caught up with me on my left. My left-hand torps reloaded moments after I saw it drop fish in the water and, knowing it was the end, I fired the last broadside of torps, sinking both of us in the scuffle. So that's the story of my comedy of errors turned best game ever in the Furutaka, with 3 torp kills (out of 4), a "High Caliber", and a lot of bewildered teammates.