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Found 7 results

  1. These Mugs... Pls sell them WG

    Every time I go to the website for news I see this picture in the forum tab with these steel (or spun aluminum ) coffee mugs and think, "Why don't they sell those?" Well?
  2. Cannot Gift a Ship

    Hello, I'm trying to gift my buddy the USS Texas but when I click on the Visa option, the icon will spin for a couple of seconds and then nothing will happen. This happens with the PayPal and any other option too. If I try to buy the ship for myself, it takes me to the right screen. Is anyone else having this issue? If it helps, my buddy's account is level 13 and he's only been playing for a couple of weeks now. Thank you!
  3. hey guys cant seem to buy anything the website just hangs real bad when trying to purchase on the prem store anyone else having this
  4. Store not working

    Okay so i tired getting a ship off the Premium shop and i keep getting an error. Yes i have the money the card works fine, i put a ticket in but its sitting in limbo as they do. Am i the only one with issues here or is this on WG's side? Edit: so it seems it might be from my banks "International blocking". The charge goes out of the US and my bank has a flag on that. Still i have been hearing the store is not working right. Edit 2: It was the International blocking. Called and got it fixed, i now have a new ship all is well. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  5. As the title says. It's really the only premium I'm looking to buy, but, because it's a reward ship, I think it will never be made available for any type of regular purchase. Am I likely right? I hope not, but it seems like it won't ever be. Thanks.
  6. Problems with 'Dubloons' Purchase - Anyone?

    Just curious if anyone else had issues purchasing Dubloons. I was charged 3 times for the one purchase. 2 failed attempts on the store with Credit Card, resorted to PayPal, PayPal was successful, purchased Dubloons (1x Purchased amount) credited only after a battle. Next day I check my bank account, I had been charged the same ammount 3x. only ever (to this point in time) credited for the one purchase. I opened a ticket and awaiting the response for the requested refund, will keep this post updated with the way this issue is handled. Please let me know if you had similar issues.
  7. The Tennessee, laid down in 1917, was a heavy modification of the previous New Mexico class Battleship.The main differences are the upgrade from a 15 degree gun elevation to a 30 degree gun elevation, giving it a maximum range 9 km (10,000 yards) longer than the New Mexico and a max of 33,600 m (36,800 yards). Also, the Tennessee class received increased armor along the belt and bulge to better protect against torpedoes. The pre-1943 specs of the Tennessee are (as listed on Wikipedia): "Displacement: 33,190 Long Tons Length: 180 m (600 ft) at waterline 190 m (624 ft) overall Beam: 29.69 m (97 ft 5 in) Draft: 9.19 m (30 ft 2 in) Propulsion: Turbo-electric transmission, 4 screws, 26,800 hp Speed: 21 Knots Armament: 12 - 14 in/50 caliber guns (4 turrets with 3 barrels) 25 - 5 in/51 caliber guns 2 - 21 in Torpedo Tubes (Mk 15 Torpedo, max range 5,500 m at speed 83 km/h) 4- 3in/50 caliber AA guns Armor: Belt: 203-343 mm (8-13.5 in) Barbettes 330 mm (13 in) Turret Face: 457 mm (18 in) Turret Sides: 229-254 mm (9-10 in) Turret Top: 127 mm (5 in) Turret Rear: 229 mm (9 in) Conning Tower: 292 mm (11.5 in) Decks: 89 mm (3.5 in) After Reconstruction the displacement was increased to 40,950 long tons, the beam increased to 35 m (114 ft), horsepower increased to 29,000), secondaries reduced to 14 - 5in/51 caliber guns, 16 - 5 in/ 38 caliber mk 12 guns were added, 40 - 40 mm AA cannons added, 41 - Oerlikon 20 mm AA cannons added." Does anyone else believe it is worthy or different enough to warrant inclusion?