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Found 28 results

  1. Usually at the end of Christmas Events, WG has put out numbers like the total amount of coal, steel, presents, and premium ships gained through directives. I haven't seen any of this yet and it's coming up on a week since the new patch dropped. Any idea what the holdup is? I'm really curious to see how the results this year compares to previous years (especially the number of Gorizias and Puerto Ricos obtained via directives).
  2. Since the new set of resource/doubloon coupons are out, wondering what ships would be the best With coal I'm still stuck in the middle as if I should get the Thunderer or Georgia first. I already have Jean Bert and Smolensk For steel, is the flint a good enough ship to use or should I should wait to get more steel for a ship like the neustrashimy. I already have the Stalingrad as my first steel ship. Also what would be a good doubloon ship for 6500 that I can use the coupon on?
  3. So... someone at WG lost their mind multiplied the directive requirements by 10 or they don't want you to complete it; because the directives are insane, the directive number 7 is super insane and someone did the math and to complete Puerto Rico freely you'll need to complete every directive within 12 hours because remember of the 32 days of the event you will have 17-4 days of per minute construction points gain and after that you will need to pay points or cash to complete it..... so good luck?
  4. Ishizuchi


    So it looks like if we reach 35k as a community, we can decide what currency Hayate will be, what would you pick? Coal? Steel? FEXP? Research points?
  5. PR grind is insane and i don't even care about it the problem is that they keep saying that "there's so much content in this patch" and i agree they are right there's a lot of content in this patch problem being this content is locked behind either these damn "impossible" directives this stupid dockyard that raises the question if the dockyard continues in the game this madness will happen again and again and again.....(FYI a damn large cruiser costs +/- 50M points imagine what a BB would cost(also if a cruiser costs from 35k to 59k then...)) this downgraded snowflakes (last year was 50(T9), 100(T10) and 200(T8-10 prem) steel) now we're getting 50 steel for all T8-9 ships and for the T10s they are getting the worse box possible that you'll for sure get 4 camos (WG doesn't state the % chances(i mean they say it is a pretty good value wink wink nudge nudge)) i mean what they expected. if they did an opt in option to get last year snowflakes instead of this i didn't see it.... anyway a Merry Christmas for y'all.
  6. i_KON

    [D33P6] Deep Six!

    [D33P6] Deep Six! Looking for new members to beef up the roster! Selective recruiting. Looking for someone who wants to do clan battles & Has a headset with a microphone. It is a must for discord channel (Voice Comms).
  7. SAMPS stands for Salvos are my proven specialty. and we are a laid back clan in storm league looking for active players. we are a mix of young and old people that will help to work together in a team in a non stressful way while we get steel in clan battles. we have a discord to chat with many people doing random battles if your looking for a squad. Look us up in game or message on here if your interested! COME GET SOME STEEL!
  8. I was on the fence for playing on in ranked after I was stuck at rank 9. But since I would miss the Flint by 200 steel I gave it a try. The last battle not only got me to rank 8, I also got the missing 150 coal, from the daily mission, for the Smolensk. One battle, winning the two egg twins. And now some songs for the rest of the day And ofc for reaching finally the Flint
  9. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    USS Flint worth a pick up?

    Hey All! I got a decent amount of steel, but am now stuck as to what to get with it... the options Im looking at is either the Flint, or the Nuestrashimy. I have an Atlanta, and have a CRAZY amount of games played in it. I love the ship to death, along with worcester. However i've been told that the flint isn't really worth getting if I have a Atlanta already. I do love my grozovoi, so hence why im looking at the shimy. However I have no where near the same amount of fun and games played in the Atlanta. Can someone give me some good info to make my decision?
  10. Has anyone received steel/coal rewards for cross server CB testing? cheers
  11. KAG is "Keep America Great!": Top 50, Level 9, Competitive - Join one of the fastest growing clans on the server! Why Join? We are an active, competitive clan with a great community of members playing with and against each other daily. We seek to improve our members through active training and feedback. Our port is continuously upgraded to provide the best possible benefits to our players. You will have guaranteed opportunities to play Clan Wars and other competitive team modes. Get more valuable resources like Steel and Coal. Receive rewards for self-improvement and contribution to the Clan. And, most importantly, have LOTS OF FUN with a bunch of awesome teammates! Requirements: These are the standards that we expect our members to attain. You should match or be close to a few of these to be considered - Average Damage per battle of 50,000+ (D/B) 50%+ Win Rate (W/R) .95 Frags per battle (F/B) 1,200 Average Experience per battle (E/B) Must be active on Discord Again, this is our standard for an excellent candidate and if your statistics are close to these then we welcome your application! Summary: If you're looking for an awesome clan to improve your game experience and have fun while playing then we are the one for you! As stated before we are very active and you'll always be able to ask questions, give advice, and div-up and sync-drop. For example the clan was started just five months ago and we have already reached Typhoon League and Level 9 ratings! Our player base is conservative-minded with several being Military and Law Enforcement members so conversations on current events are commonplace. If you have questions or would like to apply then message @Ivan_Namirettov on the Forums or in-game.
  12. I know they were around for the release of the Cadenza special but if the High School Fleet is getting a season two then why not make the ARP ships available again? I started after the event for them ended which was the main reason i had started playing so for them to be completely out on availability had me bummed out. Put in Japanese cruisers since a fair amount are Japanese cruisers.
  13. Gardie

    Which steel ship?

    I have enough steel to get USS Black today. Would like your opinions wherever I should get it or save for Stalingrad or Bourgogne.
  14. AdmiralBabylon

    [HOT] Clan Looking for Members

    CLAN RECRUITING [HOT] HOOKS ON TARGET We are a clan on the NA server looking for new members to play in clan battles with us, and help make this clan into a force that players fear and respect upon hearing our name. We are an accepting clan and we do not judge each other harshly, but instead work together to try and improve our gameplay experience. We will be playing clan battles on every available day that they are being held as long as there are enough people online. We will also be conducting training exercises to prepare us to play as a team to get aquainted with each other's play styles. We use discord as a communication platform, so if you dont already use it, you will need to download it, and create an account with the same ussrname you use in WOWS. Let me know if you are interested. My wows username is AdmiralBabylon, and i am the clan commander, if you have any questions, id be more than happy to answer them for you. Message me and let's get you on board as a member of the [HOT] Hooks On Target crew.
  15. This ship is great fun. I'm not even a BB player, but I feel right at home in it. Imagine a 38 knot Hinden with more HP disguised as a Battleship. The disguise makes it so the 'unaware' players think you aren't going to reload in 10s with booster and try to turn away from you, exposing that tender citadel. Slap on a propulsion mod and play like a Dunkerque, but instead your ship is actually good. If you think the HP is just too low for a BB, think again. A nice and low citadel shaped hindenish and you can sidescrape and troll with your propulsion, you wont be missing that HP. If you happen to find yourself with some steel, do yourself a favor and skip that boringgrad. Buy yourself a shiny Bourgape and terrorize the randoms. Do your friends a favor and tell them the good news too.
  16. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0712/ Our latest issue of the Developer Bulletin is here to give you an overview of what you can expect. The forthcoming update kicks off our New Year celebrations, and is set to bring you plenty of cool stuff in the run up to 2019! With Update 0.7.12 you get "Snowflakes", an event called "In the Name of His Highness", a "Belle Époque" collection, two new campaigns, and much more! IMPORTANT! Because the update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time it goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be accurate after the release of the update. In the Name of His Highness! ● The "Belle Époque" Collection ● The "Mighty Prinz" Campaign ● The "Steel Monsters" Campaign ● Snowflakes! ● Ranked Sprint ● Warships Premium Account ● Balance ● Other Changes In the Name of His Highness! The incoming update welcomes you with an in-game event called "In the Name of His Highness!" Its focus is the glorious epoch when the armor-plated ships of the early 20th century ruled the seas. Expect the rules of this five-week event to be similar to the rules of the "Royal Navy" campaign. The event contains one Stage and four Directives scheduled to arrive once per week, each of which contains 10 to 11 Combat Missions. While the fifth week won’t offer a new Directive, you'll be able to continue with those already made available. Each completed Directive or Combat Mission brings rewards including: camouflage patterns, signals, New Year containers and Steel. The successful completion of the fourth Directive brings you the brand new German Premium Tier VI battleship—Prinz Eitel Friedrich! Accomplish all Directives of the Stage and fight for a place of honor in the updated Hall of Fame. Please note: During the Public Test, the conditions of the Event may differ from its final version. For example, by completing the first Directive of the "In the Name of His Highness!" event you get Japanese Tier VI destroyer Shinonome. The ship is a key to the subsequent missions of the Public Test. The "Belle Époque" Collection New Year containers issued for accomplishing Combat Missions and Directives bring you items from the "Belle Époque" collection. The collection will provide the rich background of the glory days of the armor-plated warships of the early 20th century. It comprises Coats of Arms, mail stamps, New Year cards, and elements of the exterior decor of ships. The new collection consists of 16 elements, thematically divided into 4 sections. Elements of the collection can be obtained from the relevant dedicated containers onl The reward for completing the collection includes a commemorative flag, Secret Santa container and Pickelhelm patch. The "Mighty Prinz" Campaign By a good New Year's tradition, we'll continue partying by rolling out a new temporary campaign that will be available for owners of battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich. As you progress through the campaign, you'll get containers from the New Year's "Belle Époque" collection. The final missions of the campaign will bring you researchable Tier VI ships with beautiful New Year-themed camouflages. Your ultimate reward for accomplishing the entire campaign will be a permanent camouflage for Prinz Eitel Friedrich. During the Public Test, the first mission can only be completed with Shinonome. The "Steel Monsters" Campaign The second campaign is dedicated to the construction of the heavily armored ships from the beginning of the 20th century. It will be available for purchase through the Premium Shop. This campaign is a great way to stock up on camo, signals, Secret Santa containers and Steel—a valuable resource for use in the Arsenal. Access to the campaign will open during the second round of the Public Test, once you have completed the "Mighty Prinz" campaign. Please note that during the Public Test it will be noticeably easier to pass the new campaign when compared to the effort that will be required once it moves to the live servers. Also, please bear in mind that the conditions of various tasks and the attached rewards for completing them, may differ substantially. Snowflakes! New Year: a time of miracles! And what could be more perfect for the New Year's festivities than a gift that can make you smile? That's where “Snowflakes” comes into play! It’s a new festive special event that’s set to last throughout Update 0.7.12. You are probably well aware by now that your first win of the day with each ship scores an XP bonus, right? “Snowflakes” is a bonus you can claim the same way, but only once per update. To knock a Snowflake off a ship, you need to win a battle of any type, except for Clan and Training Battles. The reward for knocking them off is resources for use in the Arsenal: Coal and Steel. During the Public Test, a victorious battle with Tier VI-VII ships brings you Coal while ships of Tier VIII-X will receive Steel. We understand that Steel is a valuable resource that is "mined" in Clan and Ranked Battles in order to get rare ships. But since adding it to the game, we have received many requests to make it more accessible, as not all players have the opportunity to play in the competitive modes efficiently enough or on a regular basis. The events we mentioned above are designed to fire up the New Year celebrations and give you a chance to obtain valuable rewards—and Steel! However, it doesn't mean we are planning to offer such specials on a regular basis. Please note that the attached rewards and conditions for "collected Snowflakes" during the Public Test may differ substantially compared to the live servers. Ranked Sprint Ranked Sprint is back! We are grateful to your for you participation in the first seasons, and we’re happy to announce that we have two more for you! This time, two teams will clash against each other in a 5x5 (7x7) format with Tier VI ships. As usual, a total of 10 ranks will be split across two leagues: the first spanning Rank 10 through Rank 6, and the second from Rank 5 through Rank 1. Divisions consisting of maximum two players will be allowed. Show 'em what you've got! Join efforts with friends—and rule the seas! Warships Premium Account We're happy to launch a brand new feature: Warships Premium Account. It gives you an extra 15% experience compared to the pre-existing Premium Account (PA), but it’s exclusively for World of Warships. Despite the increased XP yield, the cost of the Warships PA is equal to the cost of the general PA. At the end of a battle, the Premium Account with the highest modifier will be used to calculate your XP bonus. When the Warships PA is added, players with the active general PA will also get the Warships PA for the same duration. They will be able to try the new feature out at no extra charge. This feature has been developed in mind for those players who mainly play World of Warships and prefer to receive an increased bonus in one game in exchange for the removal of bonuses in others. Balance In the upcoming version we will buff the characteristics of researchable US battleships from tier III to IX: they will receive decreased rudder shift time and increased efficiency of their Repair Party. The consumable will now restore 0,66% HP per second. The tier IX German battleship Friedrich der Große will also get an increase to the effectiveness of her secondary and main battery guns: the 105-mm secondary guns will now penetrate 26-mm armor, while the reload time of 406-mm and 420-mm guns will be decreased down to 26 and 29 seconds respectively. The gameplay of Japanese battleships Myogi (tier IV) and Izumo (tier IX) will become more comfortable in Update 0.7.12 due to an increase in armor penetration of their AP shells, while the main guns on Myogi will receive a buff to their reload time - it will be decreased down to 28 seconds. Other Changes We changed the height and location of islands of the Okinawa map, while keeping the overall landscape of the offshore area unchanged. This is designed to make the map more comfortable for ships of all types. From Update 0.7.12, your progress in the Service Record will be based on the number of battles played rather than on the amount of XP earned. This will help to make Service Record progression easier to pick up for novice players. In the Arsenal, you will now also be able to exchange doubloons for various in-game goodies. During the Public Test, the "Ships" section will offer you all Tier X ships. Play several battles of any type, earn the required amount of resources, and exchange them for any top-tier ship you like! Tier X's will be available in the Arsenal for the duration of the Public test only! On the live server, the choice of ships in the Arsenal will be different. TLDR regarding Steel and other hijinks (thanks mr Lovebote for pointing it out); Please note that during the Public Test it will be noticeably easier to pass the new campaign when compared to the effort that will be required once it moves to the live servers. Also, please bear in mind that the conditions of various tasks and the attached rewards for completing them, may differ substantially. To knock a Snowflake off a ship, you need to win a battle of any type, except for Clan and Training Battles. The reward for knocking them off is resources for use in the Arsenal: Coal and Steel. During the Public Test, a victorious battle with Tier VI-VII ships brings you Coal while ships of Tier VIII-X will receive Steel. We understand that Steel is a valuable resource that is "mined" in Clan and Ranked Battles in order to get rare ships. But since adding it to the game, we have received many requests to make it more accessible, as not all players have the opportunity to play in the competitive modes efficiently enough or on a regular basis. The events we mentioned above are designed to fire up the New Year celebrations and give you a chance to obtain valuable rewards—and Steel! However, it doesn't mean we are planning to offer such specials on a regular basis. Please note that the attached rewards and conditions for "collected Snowflakes" during the Public Test may differ substantially compared to the live servers. In the Arsenal, you will now also be able to exchange doubloons for various in-game goodies. I'm curious to see whether the "leak" will be confirmed by the amounts of Steel you will be able to earn on PTS, quite a few people were saying this.
  17. Hello i am still new here and these are my thoughts about the new economy system: My instincts are telling me that something isn't right with the Steel/Coal economy. See at the start "nobody" had steel or coal but at least you could get it on containers(supercontainers) i made this calculations if you get 2 coal containers and complete the first daily mission you get a minimum of 1000 coal so if you play every day you will get a minimum of 30000 coal per month. now lets say that you want a ship lets say the Musashi priced at 180000 coal; you can add a coupon and reduce the price to 120000 coal but that's at least 4 months of grind and thats a lot of grind now lets think about coal and pricing at the most in one day if you get very lucky you can get at a maximum 4000 coal so thats good but almost impossible of getting every day for 30 days straight. Now about coal ships pricing... One could say that their prices are very much in line with the regular ships: Musashi 180000 coal - Izumo 178000 xp Salem 240000 coal - Des Moines 237500 xp Black 14000 Steel/140000 coal(converted) - Fletcher 158000 xp these prices are about right until now. from now on we should see prices like these: Jean Bart 226000 coal - Alsace 190000 xp Bourgogne 30000 steel/ 300000 coal (converted) - Republique 260000 xp Stalingrad 28000 steel/ 280000 coal (converted) - Moskva 235000 xp Because before we had artificial scarcity and now people are starting to retain some coal, and these prices will continue to go up and yes i know you cant convert coal into steel (yet(they introduced 3 new rare metal categories, but for what you might ask...... hum? )) i do think that they will allow us to convert doubloons into steel rather than coal into steel but for that they would need to get their pricing right (and destroy/reprice the current grind shenanigans for coal and remove some ships cuz they would be to cheap for us to buy). lets discuss it below
  18. Mejash tonight released a video where he talked about how rare steel is and World of Warship's doing an event this winter where you will be able to receive steel for completing tasks or even maybe outright purchasing it. He made the point that steel is a hard resource to get and that the player base is upset about it being so hard to acquire. I personally have always understood that some resources would be harder to get then others so there would be ships I would not be able to get for quite awhile or never; ie Stalingrad. He brought up the idea where WoWs could have a ship of the month that you would be able to buy for the resources you have or save up the resources if you knew it was going to released for that month, Kinda how they announced that the IJN Musashi and the CCCP Kronshtadt. I personally think it would be an alright idea if they did that but I am also okay with them keeping rare or hard to get ships that way. Thoughs? Here is a link to the video:
  19. Good news, on the EU forum the following has been published by a forum member claiming this to be a leak (so not official). Many will note that such ships as Flint will be easily obtainable by lazy undeserving sods like me, while others might decide a tier 10 premium without the high skill and committment of clan battles is an attractive route, Brokengrad for the masses. of course, a minority will be unhappy, those who earned these ships the hard way. What do you think? Steel events : + In The Name Of His Highness! : max 8k steel (4 stages with 4 directives each, 500 per directive) The new game event «In the Name of His Highness!» is dedicated to the heyday of armored ships of the early 20th century. It will last 4 weeks. There are 4 stages of the event. Each stage consists of 4 directives. Each Directive contains 10 to 11 tasks. There is a corresponding reward of camouflage, signals, Christmas containers and even steel. And continuing our new year's tradition, the main prize will be a new premium tier VI German battleship - Prinz Eitel Friedrich! Rules for completing directives are similar to the Royal Navy event. After the completion of all directives, access to the Hall of Fame is unlocked, for which points can be earned in co-op, random, ranked, clan, scenario or special battles. + Steel Giants : max 6k steel (5 stages, 750-750-1000-1500-2000), doable in Co-op and Operation battles It will be available for purchase in the premium store. The campaign is dedicated to the construction of ships in the early 20th century. By completing its tasks and missions, you can get camouflage, signals, «Secret Santa» containers and steel. + Snowflakes : max 100 steel per tech tree T9/T10 ship, max 200 coal per tech tree T5-T8 ship including premiums Snowflakes are a one-time new year bonus, which is active as part of update 0.7.12. The bonus will work on tech-tree ships from tiers V to X and premium and promo ships from tiers II to X. To "blow off a snowflake" from the ship, you need to go into battle in any mode except Training room and win. For this you will receive resources for the Arsenal: coal and steel. The higher the level - the more resources you get. The bonus may be “blown off” only once for each ship during the event. This means that the more ships you have in the port, the more resources you can get for the Arsenal. original discussion here : https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/56433-discussion-thread-for-some-interesting-info-around-the-world/?page=505&tab=comments#comment-2743249 reddit thread here : https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/a0iz3m/steel_calculations_for_upcoming_events/
  20. I am beating a dead horse but a World of Tanks style, based on the war bonds system in world of warships gives you steel instead of bonds what do yo think?
  21. ViirtualSenpai

    Stalingrad: Hot or Not?

    Keep it civil, I want to see what the public thinks of this new Balans Bote. Remember, we're all entitled to our opinions. But if you have one, back it up with proof. Thanks guys!
  22. Hello everyone, I have just left a wonderful clan called only oil (can't recommend it enough for solo play) because I want to try my hand at competitive play. I am a good team player willing to follow orders. I have a 51% win rate. My biggest flaw is that I can be over aggressive in battles and push too hard too fast (I am a BB main that does not believe in camping as a primary method) Also need the clan to be casual since I have a lot going on in life. And I hate to disappoint people. Thank you in advance for reading this
  23. As 0.7.6 came out with new economy system, "Coal" and "Steel" are new currency that you can earn by playing game. You can earn coal via set of missions and containers while steel you need to be competitive to be able to earn it at the moment, which only good and experienced player can get (as it should be). However, some player cannot participate into competitive mode like "Ranked" or "Clan Battle" for whatever reasons they are quite "off" from earning a steel, thus solution I proposed here is making steel earnable through achievements in random mode (still require you to "get good" and working on it) with much less amount of steel. You still need to work for very long time compared to fighting through either ranked or clan battles Right now, we had a good amount of achievements in this game and I shall rate of steel drop as such. let me begin! Achievement will be earned every time you earn it "First Blood": 1 "Devastating Strike": 1 "Die Hard": 2 "Fireproof": 2 "Unsinkable": 2 "Close Quarter Expert": 2 "Arsonist": 3 "Liquidator": 3 "Double strike": 3 "It's Just A Flesh wound": 3 "High Caliber": 5 "Confederate": 5 "Witherer": 5 "AA Defense Expert" or "King of the Air": 5 "Dreadnought": 5 "Kraken Unleashed": 10 "Solo Warrior": 20 And Each achievement that specially earned via campaign in special occasion should be rewarded as coal or steel as WG devs see fit Also, to prevent sealclubbing as top player may go down toward low tier and farm those achievements from "less skillful playerbase" and "I'm new here", Steel through Achievements can only be earned from T5 and above. With this, It will allow playerbase to be able to work their way earning steel without getting into competitive scene but much longer time commitments than those who participate in such a competitive mode. And we shall meet again
  24. The_Really_Good_Man

    Coal And Steel Economics

    I noticed now that in this clan war season, gold is no longer offered as a reward for reaching higher divisions. But to compensate, they seem to be very generous with their steel distribution, though reaching typhoon, there is only enough steel for some of the lower tiered premiums. Is this a new tiered economics where gold is still the top followed by coal/steel with credits on the bottom? Will steel/coal ever become the middle man between gold and credit?
  25. How about now that you have your new economy in place... you allow us to sell ships for coal instead of coins... even better, steel? Yah, sounds like a winning solution for all of us, yup yup yup. There would need to be some type of mechanism to prevent us from rolling ships over and over... perhaps you get only a one-time shot, per ship, of getting coal//steel for the sale. One time only, per ship. Yeah, I'd like that... Only complication is the rule on recalling a ship you sold... if you sold it for coal//steel, you'd have to have the amount awarded on your account before you get it restored. Yea, you're right... too complicated.