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Found 43 results

  1. admiralsexybeast

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    So I found myself in a pickle this morning. I looked up Sevastopol on youtube to see if we had any updates on her. To my disappointment, I learned via Potatoe Quality, that she will be going in the RB instead of steel, which was my original prediction. This is a Delima for me in this way. When the new patch drops, I will be whaling the PR again since I already have her, sorry if someone takes offense to my job blessing me with disposable income. That being said, I'll be getting the PR coupon so I can pick to get the 33k steel or 63k rp. I would not recommend using it for coal or doubloons since you can buy doubloons anytime and you get coal just for playing the game. If my clan was still highly active in CBs, I would get the RP, but since they're not, and likely won't play this season much since it's not T10, getting the steel would actually make good sense in my case. I don't have much trouble getting steel in ranked, since I almost play ranked exclusively now, but it takes a long time. I also badly want Incomparable, and being a BB main, my instinct of course is to use this PR coupon to get her now. Plus, this would have me at 55k steel, so I would already be able to get another steel ship in just a few months, if one that comes out piques my interest. However, I think the Sevastopol has the potential to be a real game changer in competitive, similar to Stalingrad, so in that regard, I really want to get her for competitive. I think she would also be well worth it as I love Stalingrad and I think her unique bag of gimmicks will make her equally powerful in her own way. Whichever one I don't get this patch, I will end up getting within the next 2 months. Even as much as I've spent on this game over the years, I can't bring myself to spend nearly 1000 dollars on the game all at one time. I want them both badly, but I can't decide which one I want to get now, and which one I can wait a little while on. I want to hear what you all think! Should I use the PR coupon to get RP for Sevastopol now, or get the Steel and get Incomparable and have enough steel in reserve, ready to go when they release the next steel ship I want?
  2. Pretty_Rkless

    Help! Mecklenburg or Incomparable?

    With 47,000 steel, and a coupon Saturday I will be buying one of them. Primarily will be for Clan Battles and randoms. Which ship would you choose and why? All help appreciated.
  3. I am finally approaching enough steel to get my first ship for steel purchase, looking for ideas. Also my second RB ship is coming up (first was OHIO). Appreciate suggestions on these two choices!
  4. What happened to the daily base exp bonuses? @Ahskance
  5. I have never gotten much steel but am close now with coupon to getting a second steel ship. What's the fastest way to accumulate steel? thanks
  6. With the Steel Ship Coupon resetting soon, I’m trying to figure which one is the best option. The following are the ships I’m most interested in: Shikishima, Ragnar, Stalingrad, and Austin. Any suggestions on what ship I should aim for this time around?
  7. I have almost enough Steel for any steel ship, and enough coal for any Coal ship too. I am looking for advice & recommendations; Feel free to review stats and my play style info is below: Battleships - I like hard hitting ships like Amagi / Izmail / Iowa, even if they aren’t the most durable, as I can maneuver well. I dislike not moving, so full speed over bow-tanking generally. Cruisers - Love rapid fire, and kiting, but need a bit more durability. I’m decent with Smolensk / Worcester / Roon / Mogami, not so much with British CLs. I like Alaska, but seem to never want to play it. Same with the German CAs. Destroyers - I really enjoy the IJN torpedo line, and Tashkent. I am horrible with other smokeless DDs though, like the French line. Aircraft Carriers - I hate them and am a miserable pilot, but can usually get strikes in and am rarely deplaned. I typically am not a huge damage dealer, and may play CVs more in Coop, I don’t have any T10 CVs either. For Steel: I have Bourgogne as my first Steel ship, so I am thinking about Shikishima or FDR. FDR looks like a lot of fun, 6 guns on Shikishima makes me nervous (I have Musashi, but not Yamato so far). For Coal: Max Immelman intrigues me, as does Neustrashimy or Napoli. Do I get Max and Shiki, FDR and Napoli, mix in Pommern, or some other combination?
  8. Question is same as the title. I have 1.1mil free XP now, not really sure what to spend it on. I did just unlock the Research Bureau, and I'm probably going to try for the Siegfried first, possibly followed by Paolo Emilio and then Ohio? With four currencies to keep track of (RB points, Free XP, Steel and Coal) that involve ships that aren't directly for sale I've got a lot to keep track of. Right now my resource priorities look something like this: Free XP: ???? Steel: Burgogne or Shikashima Coal: Carnot or Napoli (honestly this one is the hardest one to pick from, there's actually enough variety.) RB: Siegfried, always wanted it. I know it's not meta anymore, but I still want it. So I'm just looking for peoples' opinions on what's worth going for. For any and all of the currencies. I know we've got some new ships in development (like Kearsarge) that might be worth it, but I truly don't know what to do.
  9. I constantly found myself going into the armory to check the cost of a ship with the 25% off coupon, and eventually, I just wrote them all down and made a spreadsheet. I figured I'd share it here for anyone else that might find it useful. Here's the link to the Google Sheets page. If you have any suggestions for improvements, like links to reviews or something, let me know. I plan on adding links to the wiki page for each, but as for reviews, I don't believe LWM has a review for every one of them, and I feel like linking to various reviews would be a bit odd. If anyone else finds this useful and has some suggestions, please let me know. Would a sheet with Doubloon ships be useful? I don't know.
  10. HaruSket

    Steel sale

    Hi guys, I know that many will not like this, and I also know that WG did this a long time ago, but I also know that there are many of the old players who do not have much time to play, not everyone has the time to play or at CW or Ranked, WG with so many dumb containers they have, it should still sell some steel. This at least to be able to get boats that I am more than sure will put them there. which will be very difficult to obtain, I know that more than some do not like the idea because of the effort and blah blah blah, but come on, we don't all have the time. I read his opinions.
  11. I just managed to claw my way up to 20,250 steel on the day the coal/steel coupon refreshed, and it costs exactly that to get the Plymouth. It's been quite the climb, given that I haven't played any significant ranked and no Clan Battles at all since I got the Black, about 18 months ago (just before it was announced she was being pulled). It's all been done with dailies and snowflakes. I could get her right now. On the other hand, I recently bought the Tiger '59, which should at least temporarily sate my itch for a smoke-radar ship to hunt bots with. You see, a few weeks ago I watched THIS: ...and while I don't see eye to eye with PQ on many issues, I had to admit that he has a point. The major question I have to ask with respect to my French captains is... does the Bourgogne really do what it does that much better than the Jean Bart? (The fact that they are at different tiers is not as relevant to me as to others.) And do I need a premium Super-Alsace when I already have a premium Alsace, albeit in another nation (pan-Asian Wujing)? So now I'm going to do my best to sit on my hands until snowflake season in the hope of broadening my options. Substantially. Meanwhile, I know that if WG decides to yank the Plymouth, I can bite the bullet and get her if I really feel the itch.
  12. hello forumers and players of the WoWs community, I am nearing to having enough steel resources enough to purchase one of the ships for steel, I was originally gunning for the Austin but I then realised its a heavily gimped colbert which then had me confused on what to get now. things that can help you help me decide on what steel ship Playstyle: im more orientated to playing cruisers and Battleships out of the 4 soon to be 5 ship types, my playstyle is a passive-aggressive kiter/flanker, I excel most well in the french cruisers most notably the Henri IV with the lighthouse build where I would angle/kite away throwing shells at mostly BBs or bow in radar cruisers chaining up fires through im willing to move in during mid or late game and change my priority to hunting DDs. I do similar strategy in my french BBs too but I look for broadside targets with AP. With all french BBs and Cruisers if target is close and is expected to be spotted for a while I'll activate mbrb on angled ships if they damacon a fire and try and get another fire going or punish broadsides. French DDs I do them pretty well especially in ranked than randoms. What I do when I boot up the WoWs client: usually im mostly in a 2 man division playing at tiers 5 and operations as break from the high tiers and tier 8 and 10 where we run our favourite ships. the ships I run at these tiers are the following, tier 5: Sirocco Operations: Ark Royal, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Dunkerque, Agile, Strasbourg, Nelson and Atlanta(sometimes) tier 8: Bayard, Le Terrible tier 10: Colbert, Henri IV other notes: - me and my divmate would do a disgusting Mino Colbert meme divison, its my favourite thing to do in ships. - I have Bourgogne already If you read up to here, thank you! I look forward to reading your suggestions and recommendation of what steel ship is best for me within the next few days, or at least watch the vote poll number spew up.
  13. This Holiday Update has a massive amount of content. I run through the details of the opportunities in this update to help you decide how to get the most from your gaming time this season. I hope this helps!
  14. captain_fearless

    Musashi coming back?

    Are they ever gonna bring back the Musashi as a steel, coal, or premium shop ship? I lowkey wanna get it Also, what coal and steel ships do you guys think is gonna come in the future? I hoping for the California to come soon but last I heard the ship isn’t very good anymore
  15. I don't know if this has been address probably already but I don't like the way you get steel this season. More of a headache and takes the fun out of CBs. What is everyone else's thoughts on the season.
  16. I'm rather confused why we got another Steel battleship when you can only use one per team. I feel that another Steel cruiser would have been far more in demand. With that in mind, my suggestion is a Goliath variant. Options for this variant could be: Radar(The Goliath is the only heavy line to not mirror the radar of the light line). An additional heal and/or separation between the AA and hydro consumable. I know the Goliath was tested and several versions ended nerfed as being too powerful but perhaps a steel version could fit the bill to justify that bit of power-creep. I don't expect most people to be behind a Steel version of the Goliath, but there has to be support for more steel cruisers. Feel free to add your suggestions here.
  17. Go4U

    Other way to earn "steel"

    I'm wondering is there is another way to earn "steel" resources instead of the Clan Wars. In my case, I'm not always can connect in time with my clan mates because my job or my free time. So... Besides "Clan Wars", is there is any other way to earn "steel"? Thank you for answering.
  18. I've been watching the resource ships and have been pondering something. Why can't we get a CV coal ship premium? It would be nice to see something like this added to the armory for people to work for! Please do take it into consideration and give us CV mains something to work for as well.
  19. I have a suggestion about earning steel. So since everyone basically says you lose credits in playing Tier X and there is basically no point unless you run a camo; why don't you award 10 steel per win for playing a Tier X. Basically that is the trade off, lose credits but you earn steel, at an incredibly slow pace. I am assuming most people don't play clan battles, and that is where you earn the chunk of steel. So players really don't get the opportunity to earn steel ships unless you play ranked; ranked is not always available, and the majority of people can't even get passed rank 5. I would love to play the steel ships but I don't think I really ever since getting steel is hard. Just a suggestion for those who don't have time for clan wars. In addition, I guess since there are bots in the game, award the 10 steel to the top 7 players on the winning team, just for extra measure. @Hapa_FodderI really hope this is something you guys will consider. It will give an extra reason for players to actually grind to tier X besides research Bureau. I would love you guys if you did implement something like this.
  20. admiralsexybeast

    Yashima or Stalingrad?

    So I found out today, via no zoup for you's video, that Yashima will be released as a steel ship. Obviously, I don't know how much she will cost at the moment. I do know however, that right now, in order to get the Stalingrad next patch, all I would have to do is hit rank 6 in ranked to get the 21k steel I would need "using my coupon." I've wanted the Stalingrad for awhile now, but opted to get the Bourgogne first, which I did three months ago since I primarily play BBs. Part of me wants to stick true to my original goal of getting the Stalingrad next. However, I've long wanted a super yamato class in the game, so part of me wants to work towards the Yashima instead. The Stalingrad has proven herself to just about everyone who owns her " my clanmates who own her included," that she is more than worth the investment, and they have all assured me I wouldn't regret adding the "balancedgrad" to my port. Yashima on the other hand is just a Yamato with fewer, albeit larger guns. More importantly 510mm doesn't hit any meaningful overmatch threshold in the game and you deal with a painful reload on 6 guns. Also, not enough players have gotten to sail her yet to determine if she is worth the investment or not. Despite all this, I'm still having trouble deciding. Any thoughts?
  21. Usually at the end of Christmas Events, WG has put out numbers like the total amount of coal, steel, presents, and premium ships gained through directives. I haven't seen any of this yet and it's coming up on a week since the new patch dropped. Any idea what the holdup is? I'm really curious to see how the results this year compares to previous years (especially the number of Gorizias and Puerto Ricos obtained via directives).
  22. Since the new set of resource/doubloon coupons are out, wondering what ships would be the best With coal I'm still stuck in the middle as if I should get the Thunderer or Georgia first. I already have Jean Bert and Smolensk For steel, is the flint a good enough ship to use or should I should wait to get more steel for a ship like the neustrashimy. I already have the Stalingrad as my first steel ship. Also what would be a good doubloon ship for 6500 that I can use the coupon on?
  23. So... someone at WG lost their mind multiplied the directive requirements by 10 or they don't want you to complete it; because the directives are insane, the directive number 7 is super insane and someone did the math and to complete Puerto Rico freely you'll need to complete every directive within 12 hours because remember of the 32 days of the event you will have 17-4 days of per minute construction points gain and after that you will need to pay points or cash to complete it..... so good luck?
  24. Ishizuchi


    So it looks like if we reach 35k as a community, we can decide what currency Hayate will be, what would you pick? Coal? Steel? FEXP? Research points?
  25. PR grind is insane and i don't even care about it the problem is that they keep saying that "there's so much content in this patch" and i agree they are right there's a lot of content in this patch problem being this content is locked behind either these damn "impossible" directives this stupid dockyard that raises the question if the dockyard continues in the game this madness will happen again and again and again.....(FYI a damn large cruiser costs +/- 50M points imagine what a BB would cost(also if a cruiser costs from 35k to 59k then...)) this downgraded snowflakes (last year was 50(T9), 100(T10) and 200(T8-10 prem) steel) now we're getting 50 steel for all T8-9 ships and for the T10s they are getting the worse box possible that you'll for sure get 4 camos (WG doesn't state the % chances(i mean they say it is a pretty good value wink wink nudge nudge)) i mean what they expected. if they did an opt in option to get last year snowflakes instead of this i didn't see it.... anyway a Merry Christmas for y'all.