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Found 5 results

  1. Pretty_Rkless

    Mecklenburg. WG thanks!

    Thanks to WG for letting Top Tier show off this beast on YouTube before I pulled the trigger. I'm an average potato player who enjoys the game. This ship is such an animal when played properly. 109k damage on my Maiden Voyage.... Forgot to mention @Sea_Lord_Mountbatten and @MalteseKnightfor the video's that cemented my purchase over Shikishima and Incomparable.
  2. So With the finish of the most recent season of ranked, I am 1,680 steel away from being able to buy Ragnar or Plymouth with a resource coupon. does anyone reccomend a different ship? I main DDs and CLs, so primarily looking at Ragnar, Plymouth, and Austin The steel BBs interest me as well, but if I want a shiki-like ship I can just play satsuma FDR is a cv so that's a no-no since i care about my karma or I can be a dumb-dumb and buy steel permacamos Any and all advice appreciated! -Fox
  3. LowSpeed_US

    Steel Ship

    I am experiencing a moment of indecision. I am able to purchase aforementioned Steel Ships in the poll (Not interested in Tier X RN Cruiser) with a discount coupon. However, I am hesitant in pulling the trigger (another word stolen by the generation, insert joke here) on which ships to commit to. I have heard that the French battleship (Bourgogne) is a great option for credit earnings. The FDR for being for what it is. The Austin having the reload booster gimmick. Shikishima for her nuke cannons. Stalingrad for being the all time favourite amongst the CB participants of the past. Would you be as kind to suggest, inform, explain as to which ship you'd recommend for me. Thanks in advance.
  4. So after our CB session last Saturday, I had the pleasant surprise of having just enough steel to finally get my Bourgogne! Would've had her a lot sooner had I not been dumb and bought the Black about 6 months ago lol! Anyway, Ive basically been using my French legendary captain on her. He is trained on my Alsace and I figured his current build would be fine. However, I am curious if any other owners of this ship might have alternative suggestions? My main question is, would it be worth getting rid of AFT for Concealment expert? Im always open to new ideas and any advice is appreciated!
  5. So, I find myself with 31K steel and 3 cooper from ranked/snowflakes. i was considering the Stalingrad but my cruiser play still needs a lot of work and lord knows i get myself into bad positions with BBs. :P However, in general, how would you rank the steel ships in terms of relative power for a non-CB player?