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Found 22 results

  1. Vent some general happenings in game that makes you go Hulk.
  2. Bom dia galera, Antes do ano novo estava jogando numa boa. Fui viajar e quando voltei não consigo mais iniciar o jogo. Clico pra jogar no Steam e simplesmente não acontece nada. Não gera erro. Nada. Antes de alguém me dá a solução de desinstalar, excluir pasta do jogo e etc. Já fiz tudo isso 3 vezes e nada até o momento. Alguém, por acaso, está tendo o mesmo problema ou conseguiu resolver de alguma forma?
  3. I invited 2 friends to join World of Warships this month, "unfortunately" not knowing better (both on their part as well as mine) they joined via Steam. Thus, they didn't get any of the "reward" ships (DIANA and TEXAS). (as it seems that Steam creates the account ect. and not via the "normal" sign up page) Also tried to gift one of them premium time, but it seems that a "normal" account cant send a gift to a steam account. Any ideas or suggestions how to get past these "obstacles" and that they can possibly get their ships?
  4. Hola Colegas Les comento que entre por Steam al WoWs y logre poner mi cuenta existente, todo esto lo hago para tratar de sacar la misión pero como veran en la foto siguiente, no cuenta los logros ni la misión ni nada. A menos que sea una cuenta nueva. Si alguien descubre como hacer que funcione con una cuenta vieja nos avisa y comparte la informacion. Muchas gracias espero se pude resolver. Saludos Aquí pueden ver como abro un contenedor y no me cuenta en Steam: Mision de Steam: Ganar 5 batallas. Destruir 5 barcos enemigos. Recompensa: 5 camuflajes de Steam Acumular 500 000 créditos Recompensa: 5 camuflajes de Steam En una batalla victoriosa, destruir un barco enemigo y causar 50 000 puntos de daño con el armamento principal. Recompensa: 5 contenedores de Steam ¡Una bandera conmemorativa con un logo! Solo se puede obtener una vez por cuenta. Los camuflajes de Steam ofrecen las siguientes recompensas: +75 % de XP por batalla +75 % de XP para el comandante por batalla +75 % de XP libre por batalla -3 % a la visibilidad de vuestro barco +4 % a la dispersión del barco enemigo cuando dispara a vuestro barco Contenedores de Steam: Los contenedores de Steam contienen de forma aleatoria tres de artículos de la siguiente lista: 250 doblones 5 camuflajes de Steam 5000 puntos de XP libre 1 día de cuenta premium Zulu Zulu Hotel Papa Papa Juliet Charlie November Foxtrot
  5. Steam Camo - Splitting Rewards

    So I noticed that WG has released steam Camo and containers that provide benefits, obviously..... So are we going to get a chance for these rewards or are we going to split the goodies where they get an extra edge over players who have a separate client from steam? Is that necessarily fair to do? reference http://steamcommunity.com/games/552990/announcements/detail/2383958596315294560
  6. Não consigo me CONECTAR no jogo pela STEAM

    Já faz 4 dias que o jogo está assim e não consigo me conectar. Sempre que inicio o World of Warships pela Steam e clico no botão "CONECTAR", aparece um aviso de que ocorreu um "Erro ao Conectar no Servidor". Link do print (com o Lightshot) da tela logo abaixo: https://prnt.sc/hlmxug
  7. [Ganador] Sorteo NT

    Felicitamos al ganador y agradecemos a todos los jugadores que participaron en el SorteoNT 2017. El próximo año traeremos iniciativas aún mejores para mejorar la experiencia de la comunidad en Chile y Latinoamérica.
  8. For players who have dl'd the new STEAM wows client and were unable to log in with their existing account, here is a fast and easy solution. 1. dl the STEAM World of warships client. http://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/ 2. run the application once, when you get to the login screen...DO NOTHING! exit the application completely by hitting the little "X" in the top right hand corner of the window. 3. go to your WoWs folder in STEAM. Example: local disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>STEAM>steamapps>common>World of Warships 4. In that folder, there will be an application extension file that should be called "steam_api.dll". Right click on that file, click "rename", and put a "2" in front of the name (2steam_api.dll) press "enter. 5. Close folder. Restart your game from STEAM. And now you should have the option to log in with your existing account. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU WHO HAVE HAD PROBLEMS. DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY NEED TO BE REPEATED AFTER PATCHES. ALSO, if you do not want to bother with the client through steam, but would like to add your game to steam, just use the "add non steam game" option on the steam client. Use the path to your existing world of warships .exe file to add it.
  9. If your Steam and WG accounts are a match, what happens when you run the Steam version of WoWs? i logged into this site using my Steam login...which surprised me that it worked.
  10. steam vs wargaming Wow`s?

    steam version is different somehow to wargaming`s one? i uninstalled the game twice before because i got bored...the game used to get worse as i grew up in tier...and by the time i reached tier 8, i was playing 15 minutes to shoot 2 or 3 salvos and then die(cruiser were always the main target of bbs cause 50% dmg in one shoot /more easier to get the kill for the others cruisers too)...the matches were awfull by playing cruisser and i want to know if some balance or some stuff changed since 3 months ago, because lot of people started playing in steam and i want to give it one more try...so...its worthy to play a cruisser or is the same boring/useless/zero-impact on the game as before? ty, no mean to offense anyone by my tone.
  11. The Sharks Are Circling

    I convinced my friend tonight that we should play one Tier 3 match, see what that looked like now. Wow! Lots of divisions and clan players. There was one Phoenix that just sat there, shooting and getting shot, burning from end to end. Look out, Steam players, LOL.
  12. Steam "Version" Implementation

    As with a number of other players, I was immensely glad to see that World of Warships was finally getting a Steam release. Not only would this make keeping track of downloads and updates easier, this would also share World of Warships to a host of new players who would join and populate the game. However, I must say that the actual implementation of this release seems a bit shoddy. Numerous other titles with separate launchers and clients have full Steam integration with purchases included. War Thunder and Paladins are good examples. To lack a full integration of the game and Steam seems like a major failing of a Steam launch, and hopefully this will be rectified quickly. I can only see WG losing money in the long run if they don't allow integration of Steam with normal game accounts. There are plenty of players who have existing Steam accounts with funds that they'd be willing to spend on WOWS if they only could, and to integrate the client without integrating accounts and purchases only loses WG the cash of such players. All that being said, World of Warships is a great game (and one of the only options for a recent multiplayer naval game), so I'll keep playing it for a long time to come. Perhaps full integration would be difficult, but as I mentioned above there are a number of other titles that have done so successfully and made a good deal of money from it.
  13. **Disclaimer**: I don't really use the forum often, but I hope this is the right section. So... This was a real bummer, I had high hopes for this steam release, like converting my pubg crates into ships to make loads of money but... This has to be one of the worst releases I have ever seen or heard of. Like, seriously WeeGee? Just a big "NO"? Not even:"oh, we are working on solutions to integrate old users on steam" or "maybe one day" just a straight nope, not gonna happen, I'm trying to gib you ma money WeeGee, but you're not helping.
  14. WoWs Steam release

    Seeing how WoWs is now out on Steam, we should get together and start helping those guys out. How should we do this?
  15. Steam Achievements Merger

    So I was looking at all the negative reviews on steam which were related to account merger. Hopefully WG changes their opinion to allow some kind of compatibility. The second gripe was having to do the achievements all over again. I am curious what the possibility is to allow steam to recognize that we did the achievements from our independent accounts. Like it ports our profile achievements to steam, not downloading the game with our main account. Then we get them unlocked. If that happened I would be less disappointed. If it hasn't been considered, it would be nice if it was. At least show my friends that i've played the game. I really don't want to start all over with a second account when i've done about 7K and unlocked 15 tier Xs. It's a very big turn off but it isn't as worse as the EA Star Wars disaster, SAD!
  16. Say Something Nice on Steam

    Warships is being released very soon on Steam, and if you love this game, you should let prospective Steam players know about it. Don't let the small minority of discontented ones dominate the discussion. There is a huge potential for new players, with the game going up on Steam. WoT gets way more promotion than WoWS, so we should do our part and talk about the game before the discussion gets buried by the usual collection of haters that all games have. One thing of note, existing accounts will not be added to Steam. I don't want my account added, but some others do. I consider Steam to be about mostly minor games, but here we go, jumping on the bandwagon. The comments and reviews can be brutal on there, so let's tell the gamers why we play it all the time.
  17. * More of a petition than a poll. * On November, 15th, World of Warships will be available on the Steam. But WG doesn't want to allow Steam integration. Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552990 Note: For the people asking, you aren't forced to play on Steam, it's optional (ex, like playing Ubisoft games on Steam). You can still use the WG client as normal how you've been playing before. This feature will improve and grow the existing community. ------- Edit 1) Over 200 people think WG needs this feature to be implemented. -
  18. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Hello Captains! Welp, it's no real secret that World of Warships is coming to Steam. Soon, we might have an influx of a large number of players. So here's a common thread I see for our current tutorial mode for World of Warships: - The mode doesn't teach players well enough about the game - More advanced mechanics should be taught - "The noobs keep torping allies" - Etc Alright then, YOU HAVE MY EAR. Here is a contest, I want to hear your ideas in order to teach new players about World of Warships. What are your ideas? How can we do better? -Now, I'm not exactly asking anyone to make a bunch of tutorial videos, but if you want to, go for it. -Do you want something like a mentor system? Tell me more about it. -Do you have a grouping of videos you suggest? -Etc So I legitimately want your constructive ideas. At the end of the contest I will submit your ideas up and work with the necessary teams to get it implemented (it doesn't even have to be development related). Your idea won't go unrewarded either. If I pick your idea, you will get: - Enterprise (or doubloon value if you have it) - Scharnhorst (or doubloon value if you have it) - One "Brand New Ship" that isn't released yet, but will be by Contest end - Three Port Slots - 20 x Sci-Fi Camo - The "Coo of Boom" Flag THE RULES Constructive Ideas only. I will personally hide your non-constructive ideas. No insulting other peoples ideas in this thread. That's a bad. You're better than that. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Sweepstakes Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I will be the sole picker of your idea (with some team input). This is hyper-subjective, so please understand that though your idea might be great, it might not be what I'm looking for at the time. DEADLINE: Friday 12/01 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. I await to hear how the veteran community will help make the new community GIT GUD.
  19. WoW's En Steam

    Como algunos saben llegara el juego completo de "World of Warships" a Steam, pero hay una complicación no podras usar tu cuenta principal para poder jugar en la misma plataforma en Steam. Una de las razones que se dio a entender es que simplemente no tienen intencion de habilitar una configuración para linkear las cuentas y quieren que lo jugadores de Steam empiecen de 0 ya que tendran una "Base de Datos" totalmente para Steam Puedes ver El juego en este Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/World_of_Warships/ Ver la publicacion de reddit aqui y sus respectivos comentarios: Y por último el resumen de lo que dicen los Admins de WoW: Pero... Esto se hicieron cambios en Worlf of Tanks donde se cambio el juego completo y dejaron que los jugadores del laucher se pudieran logear en Steam sin problemas.... Y por que WoW's no puede hacer lo mismo? Aqui la prueba que WoT puede conectarse con sus propias cuentas en Steam (tuve que descargarlo...)
  20. /rant

    NOTE: this is low tier rant, ok? People on the forums: OMG I just lost 12 games in a row this game sucks! Me: oh boy..... Just, why. What would make you think that it was the game's fault for that? What would make you think that it was the game's fault for your team not being very good or the enemy being better? Maybe, instead of yelling at the forums (irony) for probably your fault, how about you keep playing, take a break, or try to improve? Ok? We cool? We aigh bois? /low calibre rant over (XD that was fun)
  21. Saw this on Steam and...

  22. Steam Summer Sale Hype

    I think I should've put this in the suggestions thread, derp