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Found 6 results

  1. For players who have dl'd the new STEAM wows client and were unable to log in with their existing account, here is a fast and easy solution. 1. dl the STEAM World of warships client. http://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/ 2. run the application once, when you get to the login screen...DO NOTHING! exit the application completely by hitting the little "X" in the top right hand corner of the window. 3. go to your WoWs folder in STEAM. Example: local disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>STEAM>steamapps>common>World of Warships 4. In that folder, there will be an application extension file that should be called "steam_api.dll". Right click on that file, click "rename", and put a "2" in front of the name (2steam_api.dll) press "enter. 5. Close folder. Restart your game from STEAM. And now you should have the option to log in with your existing account. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU WHO HAVE HAD PROBLEMS. DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY NEED TO BE REPEATED AFTER PATCHES. ALSO, if you do not want to bother with the client through steam, but would like to add your game to steam, just use the "add non steam game" option on the steam client. Use the path to your existing world of warships .exe file to add it.
  2. SuperComm4

    Steam Version login question

    I run the steam version of WoWS on the NA server. I had a friend attempt to join the game but in their haste they started their account on the EU server. As it is new, we don't care about losing any ships associated with the EU account, but even after we uninstall and reinstall, the steam version will autoload the EU server and username automatically, bypassing any login screen. We would like to be able to use a steam version but just create a new username (same email address) on the NA server. I imagine there is a way to do a "clean install" where it prompts us to login or create a new account and choose servers again, but it is escaping me as to how this is done. I also imagine there is a cookie or file created in the game folder that contains the autologin info; and if we can delete that it will allow us to set it up right without uninstall ING. I remember an error after an update where the login screen came up on its own. I'm hoping someone out there has accounts on different servers and may know how best to resolve this. We don't necessarily need to ever switch back and forth, just need to make the move once. WoWS support continues to confuse this issue for a want to take an account from one server to another. We don't care about the EU account at all. We just want to log into the NA server and a team's autologin prevents this.
  3. So I am a player from steam and just joined WG forum recently. Was curious if anyone from steam got their coupon?
  4. Hello All! I've noticed that with the introduction of the steam client many premium ships are continuously added to the dlc list, at the time of posting this the total cost of dlc is heading to $300 USD Any experienced player would know that these are optional purchases (some not even worth it) that do not alter the core gameplay, however I am addressing this from a new player's perspective. The steam store is big marketing tool for games, and the front page tells new players a lot about what to expect, and this hefty price tag is not appealing to someone who wants to try the game out. Currently, World Of Warships is #10 in top selling F2P games on steam, which means lots of people are likely to click on it. I'm not ignoring the fact that there are many paid elements reaching the hundreds in this game (because there are!), however this is advertising the fact that there are hundreds of dollars of purchases right underneath the download button. This could be easily steering new players away from trying the game out. Yes the premiums have some nice sales on steam, but its tilting towards a p2w looking game from an outsider perspective (in some WG balance cases i suppose so). I'm just saying maybe WG should consider slowing down with adding more steam dlc or remove it completely and stick to the in-game store. That's my opinion anyway. I just want new people to try out the game and make up their mind on whether they enjoy it or not, instead of being turned off immediately on the store page.
  5. T2 USN DD Smith and T2 IJN DD Tachibana Lima are on sale as Steam DLCs for 99¢ each. Each includes a port slot, a permanent camo, and a bote. No captain. Still, a fair deal. I have TL and enjoy him. A fair trainer for IJN DD captains, too. Just bought the Smith Pak as a trainer, and as a unique little DD -- she has 3 individual torpedo tubes with an insane 11 second reload! (Also five guns with 3.5 sec. reload.) Should be fun. Note: These two deals are also available in the WG Premium Shop (not in the in-game Premium Shop). As is Texas for $10.
  6. For those that have a Steam account $10 Admiral Graf Spee, Tier VI German Cruiser 1 Port Slot Doubloons: 500 1 Commander with 6 skill points https://store.steampowered.com/app/845010/World_of_Warships__Admiral_Graf_Spee_Pack/ $10 Anshan, Tier VI Pan-Asian Destroyer 1 Port Slot Doubloons: 1,500 1 Commander with 6 skill points https://store.steampowered.com/app/845020/World_of_Warships__Anshan_Pack/ $5 Ishizuchi, Tier IV Japanese Battleship 1 Port Slot 1 Commander with 6 skill points Main Armaments Mod I Damage Control System mod I 5x Steam containers: Exclusive boxes that grant three random items from the list below: - 250 Doubloons - 5х Steam camouflage -5000 Free XP - Premium account for 1 day - Combat Signals (Zulu, Zulu Hotel, Papa Papa, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot) 25x Steam camouflages +75% to ship XP per battle +75% to Сommander XP per battle +75% to free XP per battle -3% to detectability range by sea +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship Steam flag https://store.steampowered.com/app/844890/World_of_Warships__Exclusive_Starter_Pack/