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Found 17 results

  1. How do you access PTS? Can I have a PTS account separate from my Steam account without any issues? Thanks for any info.
  2. Hello Friends, I have been playing "World of Warships" on Steam for few months. But last week when I was going to play this game from Steam, I could not open this game. May I need to verify the integrity of game file? I am a bit confused getting the issue. Can someone help here? Thank you,
  3. People I know running WoW on Linux through Steam are having the game hang up on 'logging in' screen with the circling circle frozen. Eventually timing out with WoW not responding message. I'm running Linux Mint and others reported running PoP and Steamdeck.
  4. i can log into steam on their official launcher and it works just fine but when i log in with the steam it says for me to create a new account never had this trouble yesterday
  5. How do I get the Additional Game instance if I'm playing on steam, anyone know?
  6. So, as title, Steam is giving for free their Starter pack for WoWs. Might be worth picking it up if you got a Steam account as it doesn't seem to need you to be a newbie. Even if you got Ishizuchi it's 1k free dubs so there's that. And welp, can't really argue with free. https://store.steampowered.com/app/844890/World_of_Warships__Exclusive_Starter_Pack/ Oh and before I forget. This DLC is not compatible with an account created outside of Steam.
  7. Boa tarde! Estou com um probleminha desde o mês passado, eu recebi 1 container no mês passado(junho) e ao clickar e depois entrar no jogo não aparecia o container e depois no fim do mês sumiu. Este mês(julho) apareceu um esta semana e também não acontecia nada ao clickar no 'clique aqui' e estava com uma outra data....hoje apareceu mais um container e os 2 tem 02/ago como vencimento(o que já tinha no inventário mudou a data que estava antes). Só queria receber meu containerzinho :(
  8. I uninstalled the game oh, sometime last November. Subs are close now, so I think it's about time to install the game once more. Has there been any change to using Steam for accounts created long before Steam came along? I sure as heck am not in the mood to screw up my account, lose any of my ships, etc. just to use Steam. Anyone know for sure if installing from Steam will oink my account? tyia
  9. As per title, if any kind soul would be willing to send me these two files I would be grateful. I am using the Steam version of the game with a WG account via a workaround that stopped working this patch thus restricting my access. I would like these two files in their updated form in order to try fixing the issue so I can avoid having to download WGC. In case anyone is worrying about data theft, I am almost certain these files do not store any personal data, they are just part of the launching process. Thanks for reading, hoping someone can help me .
  10. Why is the Steam WG client different than the WG Client? If you open it via Steam, it forces you to create a new account. This has implications for Geforce NOW users who are streaming as the Geforce Now Forums were flooded with requests for the Geforce admin engineers to update the WG Client on their cloud machines once every lil patch goes live. They have taken 4 days for Update and taken 36 hours for Update While this may be a GeForce Now issue and has been discussed in their forums, people has noticed the Steam client is immediately updated but given the log in screen (shown above) is locked to creating a new account, it prevents people from immediately accessing an updated version. Can WG allow the Steam client to have a login screen that doesn't only allow new account creations? See the number of posts that were on the Geforce Now forums regarding the slow WG client upgrade. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/343404/there-is-again-a-new-update-for-world-of-warsh/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/343838/3-days-and-counting-for-world-of-warships-update-l/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/342323/world-of-warships-update/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/343679/world-of-warships-needs-updating-to-0911/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/342266/world-of-warships-needs-to-be-updated/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/343519/please-update-world-of-warships-again-its-at-911/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-tech-support/46/343501/world-of-warships/
  11. I am extremely let down by the fact that my account that was on steam with 515 hours, with the Azure Lane commanders unlocked and my VI and Battleship Texas that I got are now just in the ether. I transferred my account to the EU to play with friends and when I come back from winter break and play a few matches my account cannot be accessed. I have been working with EU support now going on 2 weeks trying to fix this issue. Now, I just want my account back on steam with everything I had. is this possible or not?
  12. Is there a way for me to use my current account instead of my steam account through the steam client? Did it get changed recently? I did the thing with renaming the steam.dll file and it didn't fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Ok, I've been a Linux user for years, and I really do not want to switch to Windows to just play world of warships, to this day, since 2015, it's been my comfort game of choice. Anyway, earlier i got a warning through email about using modified software, and I think it's related to the Steam version of the WoWs client. The latest update is no longer using 32 bit architecture, instead, it's using 64 bit, before this update, in order to use my WG account, I renamed the steam_api.dll file to something and it would work. Yesterday I changed all the "steam_api.dll" files to something else (5 or 6 files in total) and still wouldn't log in. I found there is a steam_api64.dll file, and renaming that it let me log in to WoWs, and what i think it is the reason of the warning I would like, before being banned for using Steam to play WoWs, to please add an option to be able to use our WG account when using Steam OR help me import my WG account into my Steam WOWs account OR do a linux client that uses proton I will be upset for a few hours if i'm banned from WoWs, but hell, I moved on from far more toxic things in my life, leaving you guys behind is not going to kill me. So there, please help me, help you avoid using "modified software" in order to play I'm certain i'm not the only one affected by this. Thanks for your time.
  14. I run the steam version of WoWS on the NA server. I had a friend attempt to join the game but in their haste they started their account on the EU server. As it is new, we don't care about losing any ships associated with the EU account, but even after we uninstall and reinstall, the steam version will autoload the EU server and username automatically, bypassing any login screen. We would like to be able to use a steam version but just create a new username (same email address) on the NA server. I imagine there is a way to do a "clean install" where it prompts us to login or create a new account and choose servers again, but it is escaping me as to how this is done. I also imagine there is a cookie or file created in the game folder that contains the autologin info; and if we can delete that it will allow us to set it up right without uninstall ING. I remember an error after an update where the login screen came up on its own. I'm hoping someone out there has accounts on different servers and may know how best to resolve this. We don't necessarily need to ever switch back and forth, just need to make the move once. WoWS support continues to confuse this issue for a want to take an account from one server to another. We don't care about the EU account at all. We just want to log into the NA server and a team's autologin prevents this.
  15. T2 USN DD Smith and T2 IJN DD Tachibana Lima are on sale as Steam DLCs for 99¢ each. Each includes a port slot, a permanent camo, and a bote. No captain. Still, a fair deal. I have TL and enjoy him. A fair trainer for IJN DD captains, too. Just bought the Smith Pak as a trainer, and as a unique little DD -- she has 3 individual torpedo tubes with an insane 11 second reload! (Also five guns with 3.5 sec. reload.) Should be fun. Note: These two deals are also available in the WG Premium Shop (not in the in-game Premium Shop). As is Texas for $10.
  16. Fenixchile96

    [Ganador] Sorteo NT

    Felicitamos al ganador y agradecemos a todos los jugadores que participaron en el SorteoNT 2017. El próximo año traeremos iniciativas aún mejores para mejorar la experiencia de la comunidad en Chile y Latinoamérica.
  17. anonym_auUiRfWCi1jI

    French Battleship Napoleon

    http://www.cityofart...leon_toulon.jpg (French Battleship Napoleon, 1852 portrait) The first purpose-built steam-powered battleship in the world, also known as "ships of the line", or commonly the "line of battle" would eventually be abridged to the now familiar "battleship". Severely frightened, the British Admiralty responded with major building of their own battleship to answer the French innovations. Career: Namesake: Napoleon I of France Ordered: 1847 Builder: Toulon Laid down: 1848 Launched: 1850 Commissioned: 1852 Struck: 1876 Specifications: Length: 234'5" Beam: 64'1" Draft: 24'6" Displacement: 5,120 tons Armament: 56 x 30-pdr 8 x 8.7" 14 x 6.4" muzzle-loading guns Hull construction: Pine and oaken plank on oak frame Iron bracing and transverse fasteners Propulsion: 2-cyl Indret geared engine (574 ihp) Shafted single screw Sale rig: Full 3-mast ship rig Maximum speed: 12.1 kts. Crew: 392 Endurance: 3 months worth of food 9 days worth of coal at full-speed Additional Ships: 8 more were built between 1851 and 1861. Steam Engines in a Wooden Battleship? The cutaway plan (Below) depicts how machinery was distributed in the bowels of a huge man-o'-war in the early days of steam. Those manning these boilers, known as engine room "monkeys" remained at the bottom of the shipboard hierarchy well into the 20th century. The Black Gang formed a kind of under-class in naval ships in those days, even the engineering officers being encouraged to form fraternities of their own and not to mingle with the deck officers. http://www.cityofart...r_louis_xiv.jpg