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Found 17 results

  1. IrritatedRhino

    What's up with the API?

    I like to track my stats with 3rd party sites, but apparently, the API hasn't been keeping up with the changes... Are there any plans on updating the API?
  2. I don't mod this game. Someone mentioned that there is a mod that effectively bypasses the player's privacy setting on their statistics. Is this true? If it is true, isn't this a problem for players like me who hide their stats to avoid in-game chat trolling about stats? What's the point of making one's stats private if WG allows this mod to operate?
  3. I can no longer access my own stat pages by clicking on this menu: But World of Warplanes works just fine.
  4. IrritatedRhino

    Public API

    Are there any plans to update, work on the public API? It seems that many of the newer features are not reflected. It seems to not have been updated in some time. Is this important to anybody else, or just me? Let me know what you guys think, or if I am missing something. Cheers!
  5. The Upgrade "Secondary Battery Modification 1" gives "-20% Maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells" -- but I fail to see anywhere, including on the Wiki and in the API where secondary dispersion is mentioned, let alone listed. Also, the Commander skill "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament" lists "Maximum dispersion of shells for the secondary armament of Tier A-B ships: -15% or -60%". Wargaming: how can this stat for the upgrade be applied if there's nothing to apply it to? Either the stats is not being applied to anything and it's meaningless, or you've forgotten to show that stat in the game (ship inspector -> Artillery -> Secondary Armament / Secondary battery), on the Wiki (eg <https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Arkansas_Beta> -> Arkansas Beta (right panel) -> Secondary Armament #1, and in the API (same as the Wiki, because this is where you're pulling the Wiki data from). You do list the dispersion for the Main Battery (again, for the AB: "Maximum Dispersion: 203 m.") - so... what's going on here?
  6. Commanders! This morning we released an update to the portal that has fixed the ability to display stats for individual warships in the player profile. Please let us know if you encounter further issues!
  7. _Rule_Britannia

    them Stats tho

    Edited for content
  8. In the article, I discuss the highly debated topic about Stats in World of Warships. What do you all think? The real reason for stats in World of Warships (firstdayadmiral.com)
  9. Pepperidge Farm remembers: It still boggles my mind that WG somehow broke this API around (or right after) OBT, and never bothered to fix it -- in a game, where a sizeable portion of the user base is keenly interested in stats. @Hapa_Fodder Could you please ask the devs why didn't this ever get fixed?
  10. Noticing a big uptick in stat shaming on folks because someone doesn't like their ideas and attempt to taint their thoughts by how their stats on in game. This is what made me give up on WOT due to XVM causing people to suicide if they didn't like the numbers or intentionally bail on the game as well. My biggest recommendation to people that are experiencing this, is to go hide your stats. It was something I and others pushed hard for. So that people who want to use stat based mods and then shame someone for their stats can go pound sand. The more people hiding their stats the less this will be a thing, and the more it will cause those that try to shame or taint your thoughts by stats, will be forced to actually think or reply to the issue. Don't let WoWs be torn up like WOT was for many people who didn't have the same option to turn them off.
  11. Observe this example. what happened here, I carry, but once dead those left alive having spent all match hiding behind A come out to die. then check stats after 36 percent win rate over 61 games. fps mm is clearly screwing someone, cause these guys are actively playing for the other team.
  12. Anyone know what webiste does the ranked leaderboards by server now? Shipcomrade looks to be dead.
  13. As per usual - small samples - only garnered through opt in Ship stats are not representative of a change in meta or game play or enjoyment levels. Tier IV Less damage then before win rate about the same but nothing to yell about Experience amounts staying the same Plane kills nowhere near what they were but given no fighters , understandable US most preferred Tier VI Damage normal Win rates noting special Experience Averages 20% more then pre 8.0 Plane kills going up with amount of planes in the air - good for tier US most preferred but has less damage, frags & win rate Ryujo is the most used Japanese CV Tier VIII Average damages very good for the tier Win rates creeping up into the statistically significantly different category Premium ships get premium on results Exp Averages - premium CVs are top 3 for ALL of Tier VIII - 6 of top 10 - about 25% above pre 8.0 Plane damage remains good for tier but no significant increase over tier VI Enterprise kills more planes Lexington most used new CV in the game Uptake on the Implacable but not used as much as the older premiums Tier X Average damages about same within tier Win rate below average for the tier Exp averages about 12-15% more then rest of tier Hakuryu better exp gainer Midway kills more planes but not as good as Hakuryu in rest of stats
  14. I've only started tracking since 20 Feb but the Haku is falling way behind in games played as of 26 Feb. The nerf to it was pretty significant in the first hotfix. Current Haku games played: 36542 Current Miday games played: 50537 That is a difference of 13995 or 38% more games in favor of Midway. On 20 Feb games played were relatively close at 32520 for Haku and 37957 for Midway. It seems maybe the nerf was too much for Haku as CV drivers are playing the Midway at an accelerated rate. I think things will only get worse for the Haku when the Audacious goes live.
  15. So Ive basically been playing warships since release, and frankly, Ive never enjoyed or played a game more in my life. Ive got a lot of time and money invested in my account, and Im always striving to improve and get better each day. First off, Im by no means an "excellent" player. I have I guess been competent enough to keep my overall stats in the green on warships today, but Im far from a unicum nor am I trying to become one. Basically, I should soon have my w/r at 52%, but Im ultimately wanting to get it up to over 53% "preferably 54% before I will be content." My damage average should also be pushing 57k "which is the best in my clan", but I really want to get it at or over 60k before I will be content with it. That being said, my w/r at t10 is quite atrocious and I typically don't play my 10s unless Im in divs with my clan mates, which greatly increases chances of better games. When playing solo, I tend to stay between t5-t8 where my win rate is much better, which has gotten me from 50%to 52% and bumped my dmg average up by about 20k over the last year. However, Ive been noticing a trend. It seems I can get a lot of pretty good games Monday through Thursday night. Some times Ive even had 10 plus game wining streaks. On the weekends however, I tend to get a decent amount of losing streaks. It also seems the quality of gameplay and players really goes down the toilet Friday through sunday regardless of what tier or type of ship I play. These streaks are very frustrating as they ruin all the work I put in doctoring stats during the week. That being said, would it be a good idea to keep weekend playing to a minimum while Im trying to stat boost? If so that would suck since my job often sees to me not having play time during the week, but if it works, Im open to trying it. Any advice is appreciated!
  16. Pardon the post in the general forum, but for the life of me I don't know where to even post this to begin with, being it is a bit odd. Does anyone know how to ping data off of the servers to use in an excel spread sheet? Paragon
  17. GhostOfTheCommentSection

    Looking For Advice

    The reason I made this post is to ask for advice and information. I've reached a point where I consider myself relatively skilled at the game overall, and so I want to know where I stand compared to most players. I started playing WoWs 80 days ago. In 912 random battles across 195 total hours spent in-game I have reached one line's T10 (Minotaur), one line's T9 (Lion), one line's T8 (Kagero), three lines' T6 (Ryujo, Aoba and Nurnberg), two lines' T5 (Omaha and Jianwei) and one line's T4 (Myogi). 251 of those battles were in premium ships and I have a 47% win rate and a 0.9 destruction ratio. Most of those battles were with a premium account, I'd guess about 850 of them. I have played 15 ranked battles, all of them in the Massachusetts, and I have a 60% win rate and a 2.78 destruction ratio in them. At the time of making this post, this is what my profile summary looks like for random battles: Is there a way for me to compare my performance and progress to the average, and if so, how? Where do I stand compared to the average player, and apart from in-game settings is there anything I should be using/changing? (IE mods/add-ons)