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Found 8 results

  1. Xidax_Gamer

    Your outlook on stats?

    I'm a total potato, and I know it without the need for a spread sheet. I never even look at my own stats, much less anybody else's. You can't stat-shame someone who doesn't GAF. On the other hand, a lot of gamers live and die for status, bragging rights, etc. That's cool, if that's what floats your boat. Then there are the analysts, scrutinizing the minutia for arcane wisdom. How do you feel about it?
  2. I belong to the clan of the author of Asia server, and I am writing it under the request from the author. I would introduce a xvm like stats tool named "wows-stats-plus" reprinted from WG Asia forum as follows. Hey guys, Since I have finished developing about my stats tool with multi-language support and multi-region server, I would introduce my real-time viewing stats tool named "wows-stats-plus" to you. Screenshot of English viewing. This tool shows detailed matching players & ships score automatically on your web browser when battle matching is determined. This tool provides you detailed stats information and a "Combat power(Fighting Power)" of each ships instantly like as the scouter of Dragon-Ball anime. :p Note: "Combat power" is calculated as follows. CP = av. damage × kill/dead rate × av. experience × coefficient of tier and ship class Yes, now this tool does not refer the win rate. But high CP ships usually sink many ships and get high result score in fact. The origin of this tool is "wows-stats" by "rubycrow". And after a Japanese wows user "negi" modified viewing of wows- stats, I customized his tool. ◆Features Show stats information of all matching players and ships on the random battle. Show ships list with (maybe) same order as matching list of game client Show value of "Fighting Power(Combat power)" , player's rank of latest season and the clan tag in addition. You can take a screenshot image and save it to local PC as a png file by click "Capture" button. Each player's row is colored like as xvm. You can disabled showing all player's name to post the screenshot as public. Support multi-language viewing by preparing translate json file. (Now I provide translate json files only for Japanese, English, Chinese(zh-tw) and Russian.) You can use this tool for multi-region server. You can view xvm screen by external device's browser via local or internet like http://[IP address of PC]:8080 Support directly loading replay file by drag&drop .wowsreplay file to view_chrome.bat. ◆Envirinments OS: Windows 7(32bit/64bit) or later. Web browser: Google Chrome(recommended), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more browser which is incorporated Javascript V8 engine. Warning - Internet Explorer is not supported!! Dependency: Need to install Node.js and original "wows-stats" from GitHub before installing my tool. ◆Support The latest version is provided on the topic in Japanese forum or my blog site (you can use Google Translate widget). ◆Cooperation Because of my poor linguistic ability, please touch up translate text for English and Russian with editing lang_en.json/lang_ru.json/lang_zh-tw file under "wows-stats-master/static/js/language/". And please report it to bundle release package. And also please try to create json file for the other language like Thai(th) and more! I hope this tool is useful for your tactical playing. But, be careful! You should not shrink your play motivation before the starting battle with huge CP enemy ships or low CP own team ships. XD Thanks.
  3. So Ive basically been playing warships since release, and frankly, Ive never enjoyed or played a game more in my life. Ive got a lot of time and money invested in my account, and Im always striving to improve and get better each day. First off, Im by no means an "excellent" player. I have I guess been competent enough to keep my overall stats in the green on warships today, but Im far from a unicum nor am I trying to become one. Basically, I should soon have my w/r at 52%, but Im ultimately wanting to get it up to over 53% "preferably 54% before I will be content." My damage average should also be pushing 57k "which is the best in my clan", but I really want to get it at or over 60k before I will be content with it. That being said, my w/r at t10 is quite atrocious and I typically don't play my 10s unless Im in divs with my clan mates, which greatly increases chances of better games. When playing solo, I tend to stay between t5-t8 where my win rate is much better, which has gotten me from 50%to 52% and bumped my dmg average up by about 20k over the last year. However, Ive been noticing a trend. It seems I can get a lot of pretty good games Monday through Thursday night. Some times Ive even had 10 plus game wining streaks. On the weekends however, I tend to get a decent amount of losing streaks. It also seems the quality of gameplay and players really goes down the toilet Friday through sunday regardless of what tier or type of ship I play. These streaks are very frustrating as they ruin all the work I put in doctoring stats during the week. That being said, would it be a good idea to keep weekend playing to a minimum while Im trying to stat boost? If so that would suck since my job often sees to me not having play time during the week, but if it works, Im open to trying it. Any advice is appreciated!
  4. Pardon the post in the general forum, but for the life of me I don't know where to even post this to begin with, being it is a bit odd. Does anyone know how to ping data off of the servers to use in an excel spread sheet? Paragon
  5. TaintedMiracle

    Looking For Advice

    The reason I made this post is to ask for advice and information. I've reached a point where I consider myself relatively skilled at the game overall, and so I want to know where I stand compared to most players. I started playing WoWs 80 days ago. In 912 random battles across 195 total hours spent in-game I have reached one line's T10 (Minotaur), one line's T9 (Lion), one line's T8 (Kagero), three lines' T6 (Ryujo, Aoba and Nurnberg), two lines' T5 (Omaha and Jianwei) and one line's T4 (Myogi). 251 of those battles were in premium ships and I have a 47% win rate and a 0.9 destruction ratio. Most of those battles were with a premium account, I'd guess about 850 of them. I have played 15 ranked battles, all of them in the Massachusetts, and I have a 60% win rate and a 2.78 destruction ratio in them. At the time of making this post, this is what my profile summary looks like for random battles: Is there a way for me to compare my performance and progress to the average, and if so, how? Where do I stand compared to the average player, and apart from in-game settings is there anything I should be using/changing? (IE mods/add-ons)
  6. Disclaimer: I posted this in another topic a couple weeks ago, but, since I'm a sucker for polls and numbers, I figured I'd post it here to see what my peers think. --- My opinion. Many people think all classes/types should be equally playable. I fundamentally disagree with that. I think some classes/types should be easier and others should be harder. This keeps the game engaging for players of all skill levels. Here's a visual example. In the first image, all ships are equally playable for all skill ranges. Server averages in terms of win rate, damage, etcetera will be similar. In the next example, each class/type has a different skill floor and ceiling. This means that Average Joe will perform well in classes A and B, but he will perform poorly in classes C and D. It also means that a high skilled player will perform better in classes C and D than he will in A and B because he is able to maximize their potential. Buffing class C or D such that the skill floor is lower means that the skill ceiling will also increase, making the game "too easy" for higher skilled individuals. Making changes such that the floor is lower while the ceiling remains static is extremely difficult, and it usually involves tampering with the core mechanics of the game. People often cite the server averages for different classes/types as evidence for buffs or nerfs. Unfortunately, this is extremely shortsighted. It's important to keep in mind what the ships can do in the hands of an average player and what they can do in the hands of a good player. Game balance is a complicated and unenviable job. Here's an example of server statistics often cited for DD survivability buffs. Ships which utilize concealment as their primary means of survival will ALWAYS have a lower average survival rate because utilizing concealment takes a deeper understanding of the game. Armor and HP are generally more forgiving to newcomers, inexperienced players, or average players. Destroyers are the most reliant on concealment, followed by cruisers, and then battleships. The survival % follows this trend. When I look at graphs like this, I see that the game is working exactly as designed. Cheers, KW EDIT: There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you're "average". If you're enjoying the game, you're playing it exactly as it's meant to be played, for fun. The game needs ALL the players in this game... the good, the bad, and the average. This game wouldn't exist if only the top 1% played it.
  7. I have been in a little over 1750 battles. All Co-op. What is considered to be a average win record percentage? Are these average or am I just another potato...
  8. So I'm fairly junior when it comes to posting on this forum though I have been gathering information from here for quite some time. Hence why my win percentage and WTR has increased, general stats, and overall enjoyment of the game since the beginning... Which seems fairly long ago but no where near some of you veterans. I like to think of myself as an average player. You win some you lose some, but for the most part I have fun and enjoy the game as I'm sure most of you do. But what feels like the last week now I have been literally completely unable to catch a break it seems in the losing streak that has manifested itself into my MOJO... So I guess my first question is, is there any website or anywhere in the game where I can look at my recent history of win/losses? WarshipsToday and WoWs Numbers seem to not want to give something so specific as a week or a few days. This is mostly to show you guys how bad this has been... like think really terrible then think worse. Next question would be, has anyone else been experiencing this as of late? This to me would indicate maybe a meta change that is catching a bunch of people out including myself. Though the reason I tend to not drift this way in thought is cause I've been still doing well damage, kills, and team XP rank so it contradicts that I have a complete lack of ability to deal with the meta change. I do feel that I have been doing well in my American CL and Russian DD while this has been happening so that does seem like somewhat meta change to me. Another note to make is that I'm in the stage of having a lot of T8 ships. I'm progressing through every line there is and we all know how things tend to slow down around T8 just due to the currency production vs ship servicing. Just for reference I have 4 T10's, 2 T9's, 8 T8's, 3 T7's, and 1 T6. This doesn't include premiums though I don't play them an immense amount due to trying to progress the lines. Alabama is the only consistent player which I use for grinding coin. So any help guys? Just have a look at my stats if you need to and I'd appreciate if there is something that I'm chronically doing incorrectly. Any help is appreciated. I really don't want to hate the game as much as I do right now... lol