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Found 2 results

  1. Tl;dw version: NA and EU are healthy with a steady increase, RU and SEA in decline. Everything is good, aside from a pandemic driving people at their homes. Players that complain about a decline are salty and want the game to fail for some reason according to him. Negative communities in Forums and social media. Atmosphere has changed a "little bit", maybe due to Wargaming, but blaming Wargaming would be unfair. The fact that indeed loads of content is pumped out is proof the game is healthy. Because there's no such thing as powercreep. I remember when I watched Zoup's videos for his educational content; now for his comedic and entertainment value. I guess because forums were always critical of his positions when he posted we are the baddies too.
  2. An old WOT freind told me about a ship game in closed beta a long time ago. With trepidation, I bought the 3 ships to get access to closed beta. Being able to play with friends, zipping around the high seas and blowing ships up... oh what fun we had. Suddenly a lowely tier 3 destroyer could kill a tier 6 battleship! Tanks this was not... Graphics have improved by leaps and bounds. IJN torp soup is less as effective now. My poor Bliss never got to experience OWSF... The first Halloween event excitement. Destroyers doing 80km! Subs! The carrier rework, sad but true... .... This game has evolved. HE spam and OP ships. Oh the Kutizov was a terror. .... The first time sinking a Yammy in my Fubuki.... A double strike and CQ medal with my Kieve... Trying to get a free premium ship with just 2 torpedoe hits left, only to end up with 8 kills, oh my the Kamikaze is a dream. Roma going toe-to-toe with a Yammy at under 2 km bouncing her shells and sinking her.... .... Murmansgate. Alabama outcry. Wargaming listening and realizing they love this game as much as I do. .... Clan wars. Clan Brawls. Ranked sprint. .... Sure this isn't an easy game to master. Sure it seems like Randoms are blow-outs. But I have seen, and done, a determined fight to the end and became victorious. . .. We all have the Chance to rise to glory, otherwise why do hit battle? .... The one curse and addiction I suffer from is that sound you hear when you kill an enemy ship. Why do I seek that sound? Wargaming you have made me do the one thing I said I never would.... Enjoy French destroyers, curse you.... .... May you all enjoy your time at sea. I can't wait for my 16,000 battle, it has been a joy.