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Found 2 results

  1. L1qwid


    Let me start by saying I've installed warships on other computers in the past. For this problem, when you download the executable and run it, it does not allow you to designate an installation directory before it starts trying to allocate space and install. my problem is that I have 3 drives available to me, my c drive has 53Gb in total. my other two have ample room to house the game when fully installed. I've read that you can move the installed game outside of the original drive, but that will not do in my case. Any help is appreciated. Best - Wired.
  2. Game updated. Went to play a game by clicking on the red 'BATTLE' button. Splash screen opened but didn't go into battle - just stayed at the splash screen. I could see the progress of my teams ships in the Battle splash screen (mission tab)! Restarted the game a few times hoping it would fix it. Nope. Restarted Game. Dialogue Box > Settings > Check Game Integrity, which started a 4GB download. Restart game to find I have a 6 game penalty for leaving the game. There was no game!