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Found 1 result

  1. Many of us forum regulars have noticed that the same old threads keep coming up, time and time again. Recently, I have become concerned that my responses to these regular themes are becoming shorter, sharper and less helpful. I am beginning to think that this is a bit unfair on those posters, who didnt see the 50 previous threads on this topic and study their responses in detail, instead they only see the current (unhelpful) responses like popcorn. So, I thought I'd preparing some standard responses to common WoWS General DIscussion forum threads that were, you know, helpful and positive. And then I thought: why just hoard such a resource just to myself? Hence, this thread - feel free to draw on these standard responses when the next threads are made, in addition to the popcorn. I will add/expand to them over time. Did I miss anything? Matchmaker - +/- 2 tiers is unfair/unfun Detonations Karma is re-tarded Missions - I hate do X and win requirements New Player - What do the various ship classes/types do? New Player - How to position to win the game? New Player - What is the best line for new players? Helstrem response