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Found 1 result

  1. My god this is the worse its been in a long while, I played all through the clan battles and didn't have 1 problem, I take a 2 hours or so break from the game turn everything off then come back and the lag is over the place. Spent over a hour in Coop hoping things would settle down so I would not ruin the games for my fellow team mates when finally think its safe first game in and the ms ping or whatever its called up and down like a yoyo running as high as 4000 plus then dropping to - 35, my ships are rubber banding all-over the place or there stuck to the spot, then when they move I find I have lost half my health. I get one reasonable game in then I finished and get bumped to another server because maintenance, play a game then lag hits again, finish that game and get another bump to another server, Christ 4 times in the space 5 games I get bumped from servers for maintenance. You fire at ship it takes 10 seconds to actually fire and when it does the shells fly miles from the target, you turn your ship and buy the time you get back control your doing figure 8's on the map. And before anyone posts its not the game and its my internet mine is fine its work well. Its more like the hamsters are running amuck on the WG servers or this unwanted crap that they have added that's messing up everything. I cant play anymore tonight don't want to let teams down in games Its been well on 3 possible 4 hours constantly playing. YO @Radar_X or @Gneisenau013 can you check the hamsters running the servers I don't think they have been fed. regards