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Found 2 results

  1. Feeling much better now, after my departure from controlled flight, yesterday. So, I realized I liked co-op much better than randoms. Why? The bots were nicer than the humans. If there is one thing that could I could change about WOWS, it would be a completely PVE mode. No other humans but me, at all. And, this isn't about my horrid stats: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1008799019,Ralph_Vargr/ Enjoy the good laugh. Helena seems to be my best all-around ship. It's pure guns, just like Charleston/STL. Torpedoes just get me into trouble. I spent five million on Ranger, and the gameplay was just like nails on a chalkboard. It's about enjoying the game, free of the humans. Closest now to that is co-op. Going above T7 isn't much fun for me. And, for me, the time and credit costs of running a higher tier ship don't return the utility that they should, in fun. I've spent enough money. You can't get the time, or the real cash, back. I'm just going to enjoy playing the game. Co-op is that place.
  2. It's far, far worse than I thought. Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Dog. The upside is that my CV play is Super Unicum. Maybe the Big Doggie In The Sky is trying to tell me something. Now that I know that truly suck, I can move on to acceptance, and greatly reduce grind. I have a ten-point captain for my upcoming Ranger.