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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Wargaming; Since the only access I had for soviet battleships were forums, videos, and in game observations, my opinion is rather objective. By the looks of Soviet Battleships, WG seemed to make it tanky yet not so tanky if misplayed. The T shape citadel will be punished hard when angled the wrong way or being cross-fired. 5 damage con seems to be enough in a regular game but the limited damage cons consumables and repair parties encourages players to prioritize their HE target onto Kreml so that it can be burned down ASAP, which I do not consider this as a healthy approach to counter this ship. This will make Kreml either die real fast in the early game or turtle at a distance where her gun can not be utilized before pushing in late game to conserve the limited consumables. Both gameplay aren’t so quite appealing. Some thought on what can be changed. “Remove the repair party consumables” ”Damage control can now regenerate 100% of damage afflicted by fire and flooding.” Still limited damage con, but remove the redundant Repair Party that was intended to weaken her survivability. So it encourage player to create a cross-fire situation to strip off HP from Kreml with a good salvo of AP instead of just non-stop HE spamming her. This also gives smart player a better experience when angling towards incoming fire than being focus to death by HE and fire regardless of how smart they played. It’s more rewarding. Of course all the numbers in including rate of regen and ship HP or armor can be easily tweaked since they are just data. I just wanna propose a way to grant the high tier(or lower) Soviet Battleship a more unique feature of its own instead of giving it a weird radar and limited survivability consumables. That’s all my thought. I have longed for a super test access or cc for long time. I do own a video channel in a weird Chinese weeb video site with 50k sub. I’m eager to make suggestions for WG to improve and willing to write reports and thoughts on new ships since hell I love this game. But unfortunately according to most of my friends who are STs, they reported constantly to me that all the proposal and reports they wrote was dumped into the trash bin and never been looked at. I sincerely hope that this game can be better, but not listening to players’ feedback is the the correct way to go. Sincerely; A Random Player (Well, that’s all I wanna say, what do you guys in the forum think of it)