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Found 6 results

  1. monpetitloup

    Question New Ranked

    so are we supposted to stay in bronze? someone said the rewards were better if we do. yet the darn thing is asking me to qualify, so what's the best strategy? the info on the wg webpage is incomprehensible...
  2. OseanTanker

    Dear WarGaming

    Dear WG, As a player who hasn't been playing much lately due to HE spam,carriers and has had their clan die, I just wanted to say that that this 3v3 ranked sprint was the most fun I have ever had in the game. My friend and I were laughing our asses off even on the games we lost. I can only hope that modes like this will become more common as the two of us were genuinely having fun for the first time in a long while. So WG, please, learn from this. This sprint has got to be one of the most loved, popular events you've done since the 1v1 sprint and the space torp beat event. Sincerely, A player who has had some faith restored in the game
  3. Just like Randoms, my experience in the current Ranked Sprint has been a mix of happy battles, horrible matches, fun victories, frustrating teammates, devastating strikes, and dumb moves. Positioning, mutual support, focus fire, destroyers who maximize their concealment, cruisers who stagger their radars, BBs who deliver citadel hits from more than 20 kilometers away—all of that plus the most crucial aspect that victories depend on: capturing and holding the Key Area. On the flip side: destroyers who YOLO to the center to seize a buff, only to be deleted by a Minotaur (who still has not used his smoke consumable), or a Des Moines who went out in the open only to be sunk by a single enemy salvo, or a Republique who used Engine Boost to go East, only to be sunk by reds already in position. Worse of all was when a full health Kurfurst, a Des Moines, and a Smolensk all chased a single Yamato right to the edge of the map, leaving us the remaining few players trying to contest the Key Area totally unsupported. wth. I know it can be utterly frustrating to be paired with players who won't properly play, but at the end of the day, I still like Arms Race. 12 players per team, and with buffs that allow for interesting and exciting possibilities. For the next implementation, I hope they will make Arms Race available on other Tiers, like Tier VII.
  4. I started playing ranked on Thursday. Got 1 win away from rank 1. Then started losing. On Friday I lost 10 games in a row. Saturday 10 losses in a row again, then a tie, then another loss.I am right around 50% win rate in randoms. The odds of a 50% player losing this many games in a row is less than 1%. Less than 1%. (0.005859375 to be exact). I even hit top three in a number of them. Did not matter, still lost. This is not a valid distribution. There is something else going on. I am convinced of it. Is anyone else seeing this? What could be causing it? I didn't suddenly turn into a terrible player, unable to win even 5% of my matches when I magically hit rank 2 and then turn into a terrible player. Even a terrible player would have won at least a couple of games. Hell even an AFK player would have. This kind of thing makes me hate the game and not want to play. It's like the odds are being intentionally stacked against me, no matter how well I play or what ship I take into the sprint.
  5. paradat

    Any Spartan Racers here?

    Hello all, Any folks who have done any of the Spartan races? I will be doing a Spartan trifecta weekend. Beast on Saturday and Super and Sprint on a Sunday. This is totally insane of course. Training like a crazy person right now. Any insights on your experiences would be welcome. Cheers.
  6. Hello fellow captains, Just wanted to share some thoughts regarding this sprint. I usually play battleships or destroyers. I even started the season in this trend running a few games in battleships (5) Mutsu, Arizona, and Warspite. I was able to rank out in a single afternoon after 24 games and a 62.5 percent win rate. I only lost one star in the nine losses, saving the star eight times. The Graf Spee carried me this season, it was fun to play, and quite honestly has the perfect tool set for ranked play, save one area of concern. The strengths were overwhelming, good Hydro, punchy guns, and a very nice base health pool. Throw in a heal and 8km torpedoes and the Graf Spee is quite the catch. Spee's areas of concern are a lack of AA and a fast rate of fire to deal with destroyers. Since CVs are few the AA concern is minimal. Conversely, I only had one match in 24 that did not have a destroyer. Therefore, I prioritized the cruisers in game first and was consistently rewarded with citadel hits on them. This then freed my destroyers to push in and be aggressive. Overall Graf Spee was a solid choice. I even took Survivability Expert for the extra health, pushing me over 40k (I know most would question this choice). The ship is strong and can take punishment. With all the battleship guns that already overran all the other t6 battleships, I opted for a faster rate of fire and decent torps to gain the edge. What ships have you found successful this season? Note: Only two of my matches were done in a division.