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Found 14 results

  1. Tank_Grrl

    New Spotting Ranges

    Game mechanics changes have been announced for 0.11.2 If all ships can now be spotted at new ranges, how will this affect concealment? Do I need to change my plans working up the Tech Tree? I've based my entire grind on finding ships that have low detectability ranges and high weapons range. How will these changes affect that? Also, when will the specific values be published? I've watched this old video 100 times. It's as clear as mud (and apparently now irrelevant?): How it Works: Spotting System
  2. I’m having multiple games where my ship shoots from smoke or when hidden, remains undetected, then moves into detection range after at least 5 seconds, and the bloom remains. According to the wiki, bloom should immediatly disappear if not spotted when shooting and if you go unspotted for 2 seconds, the bloom should disappear.
  3. homegrown_cowboy

    Missing ribbons

    What's missing in this picture? What's Missing? Here's a hint. Look at the first line under TEAM PLAY where it says 347 spotting damage. No spotted ribbon! Makes me wonder how many other ribbons failed to register.
  4. The idea that being spotted by one opponent means the rest have targeting-quality info, even from radar, is ridiculous. Particularly in smoke or from hydro. Other opponents should get lower quality information, at least a 15% additional dispersion of fire from non-spotting ships.
  5. https://youtu.be/WKG14IJDvPo It's been a while since I put out a video... enjoy! I bring up spotting, WG, and a few other topics...
  6. cthuhulu

    Fog of War

    So putting up for discussion the idea of information provided to players in terms of enemy position and health. Maybe health of ships should not be readily available to enemy players. Also a change in spotting where another player’s ship spotting due line of sight, radar or planes will give a position in the minimap, but not render them on other player’s screen or allow a “weapon” lock if these are not visible under current spotting mechanics for the 3rd party player. I realize this is an arcade game and not a simulator but thought maybe this would help with several aspects of the game I see people complaining about. Not an endorsement per se but for discussion.
  7. First time post to the forum sry in advance if this is out of place. Like many I'm sure myself and my clan participated in clan season with tier 10 CV's included in the game and like most people we found it disappointing that the power of the aircraft carriers seems unbalanced. I can understand some people's feelings but I personally dislike the CV'S but I can understand their role in the battle, I'd like to put forward a alteration the could be implemented into the be game specifically for carriers. Carrier spotting could be modified to only show general locations of ships they come across as blips on the minimap alone much like foul weather mechanics already are implemented into the game, the Carrier would be able to spot for the team but the overwhelming firepower of the entire team could not be implemented apart from general locations and blind firing encouraging ships to push forward or retreat based on intel. I feel gameplay for carriers would not be drastically effected and better engagement for ships encouraged. Feel free to support or critique any points and we can hopefully improve the quality of the game for everyone.
  8. Just throwing this out there but what if CV Planes didn't spot ships to the point that they show up for surface ships to fire at directly... Sure planes can spot ships but that shouldn't give surface ships a direct firing solution. Spot them and have them show up on the mini-map but it's up to the optics and detection systems of the surface ships in order to fire directly at them.
  9. One of the often-overlooked changes in the recent-ish patches was the addition of a 6s a relay delay to radar, where anything spotted on radar takes 6s to be lit up to allies to shoot it. Meanwhile, one of the big common complaints with CVs is their ability to spot things easily and effectively, particularly DDs, which rely on stealth instead of health (CV complaint threads are easily more common than the next several most common threads, combined). The extension of this spotting delay to anything planes spot seems to be a logical step. As far as gameplay is concerned, this would give ships more time to react to being spotted, perhaps hiding a citadel a bit better, getting a chance to smoke up, or finding cover before fire starts pouring in. It would also mean the window for firing on targets during the opening spotting run will be less usable, since the CV would actually have to stay for a bit to get spotting damage. Any thoughts?
  10. Air squadrons <> Surface ships - if you can see, you can be seen. A suggestion to replace the current irrational and unintuitive concealment/spotting ratios of airpower / surfacepower in WOWS. Currently, we have a situation where, an airplane, can spot a 100 metre long dd at only 2.5 km on a clear day, yet that same 10 metre long airplane (probably shorter) can be spotted by a dd 10 km away/. This is an absurd necessity of gameplay enjoyment, yet by defying the laws of physics (and the speed of light which is supposed to be a constant, not a variable), makes my head spin and causes me some nausea (air sickness). My proposal is as follows. Airplanes and surface vessels, should, on a clear day, spot one another, simultaneously. The spotting distance should vary according to the displacement of the surface ship and the size (number of planes) of an airsquadron, to ensure some measure of fairness. (not wholly accurate physics wise, but I think, an improvement nonetheless). Spotting distance might, for example, be 5 km Asashio / Lex TBF Avenger Squadron, rising to a hard upper limit (to keep things reasonable) of 12 km for Yamato / Mid BTD squadron. Illustration (my drawing skills are noteworthy as you can see) The (simplified) idea is, if you can see a target, you can be seen, in return, at the same distance/time/ This seems fair and appropriate as a solution to the problem of vision and CVs. But is it enough to prevent CVs from easily spotting the entire map? No it isn't, I agree in advance with many of your protests in comments. So I havea further solution, clouds. Unlike smoke, clouds would not obstruct the vision/spotting of other ships, but clouds would temporarily hide surface ships from air squadrons, and in return, also hide air squadrons, from surface ships (though not necessarily from AA) Another magnificent illustration (the clouds are the squiggly bits) For the sake of tweeks, camouflage might give a surface ship a slight delay in being spotted, after spotting an air squadron. But a timed delay, not a distance delay. As for clouds, they would need to be dynamic, or at least scrolling across the map at a sufficient speed to prevent abuse by CVs and/or surface ships. Spotting and concealment would therefore be intermittent, limiting the amount of focus fire enabled by a CV which pursues, for example, a dd.
  11. I don't know if this has been addressed in any Q&A lately and I haven't seen the newest YouTube Q&A nor have I seen this suggested on the forums yet but I haven't seen every post So I apologies if this has been suggested before. Suggestion 1 So I have been thinking about the problem with Destroyers being over spotted with the new rework and was also thinking about how aircraft spotting most often worked during the time these aircraft existed. Most of the time the Aircraft relied on visually acquiring there target before they could make an attacking run. Sometimes this also resulted in the aircraft sometimes spotting a target and then losing sight of it and also resulted in not being fully sure where the target was while still knowing it was close until they got much closer. Now I don't want it to be that complicated in game but I think there is a simpler solution. So I suggest that while the destroyer has its AA turned off its spotting range by aircraft is almost 0km. I also suggest that this be based on the current spotting ranges of each destroyer so a shima will have a spotting range of say 0.1km and the Khaba would have a range that is closer to 0.6km while their AA is switched off (or any values that make them almost if not invisible to Aircraft flying directly over them). However, when their AA is switched on and is firing that range should bloom out to at least the current aircraft spotting ranges of these ships. When in smoke the system should work the same as it does now which is already fine. Despite not spotting the destroyer and making it visible I feel it should still have the week signal system used where the outline of the ship is shown on the map even though it isn't visually acquired (I don't mind if this isn't included for simplicity sake). This should change when the destroyer comes into its gun range or torpedo range of the carrier. At this point the planes would be assisted in spotting by the hull of the carrier which should mean that the planes spot the target and the hull confirms where they are and makes them visible. But basically it just means that once in gun or torpedo range then their aircraft spotting range become the size of their max main guns range so destroyers like shima can still get in close if not found by the aircraft squadron to launch their torps at the carrier hull. This is so the carrier can have a chance of defending itself from the destroyer if it manages to find it with the planes. A similar system for cruisers could also be employed so ships like Zao and others are harder to spot if balance needs it to be. Suggestion 2 The next part I am suggesting here is to do with the quick spotting Carriers can do at the beginning of the game making destroyers and cruisers lose a lot of experience and rewards from not being able to be the first ship to spot a target which is taking away from their role as scouts. This suggestion may be harder to implement but I feel it is the best solution. This solution should also not effect the previous suggestion I have made in this post. The aircraft squadrons spotting ability should be based on the range it is from the aircraft carrier. With this the aircraft should be able to spot and make visible the ships it encounters just as it does currently when it is within 15km (or any more balanced value) of the Carrier Hull. When it is outside this range it should spot the enemy ships the same way but the ships it spots should only be made visible to the aircraft squadron alone. To the rest of your fleet the enemy ships possible location is all that shows up on the map. Basically this would work the same way it does when a storm is happening and your visual range is reduced to 8km when an enemy ship is within 8km of your team mates ship but is not within your 8km range so it shows up as not filled in on the map and is not visible but still records last know location. This would result in the Carrier providing good intel to the team but not taking away from the direct spotting of destroyers and cruisers that are meant to act as scouts. This action of gathering intel by the carrier squadron should receive some rewards to encourage the carrier to do it but maybe only half what you would get for directly and fully spotting a target. Both of these suggestion should solve the problems of over spotting the carrier can currently do and the impact the carrier has on the ability of other ships roles. Thank you for reading to this point I know it was a wall of text I would like to know others thoughts on these suggestions and what else could be done to help the situation that does not include "delete CVs" or other silly suggestion.
  12. The_Black_Death_Whale


    DD's need the ability to switch off Radio/Spotting similar to AA For the love of god , if you play in a BB or a CA PAY ATTENTION Stop shooting vessels that have [edited]dozen torps CLEARLY about to hit!! I am so sick of getting kill after kill stolen away from greedy savages shooting at ships that will be dead in <10 seconds There are SOOOOOOOOOOO many other ships to shoot at PLEASE STOP SHOOTING AT ONES THAT ARE ALREADY DEAD Radar is bad enough and this is yet another contributing factor as to why such few will play DD at high Tier WHY is this so hard to understand?????
  13. My background and specialty is in scenario and campaign development for Eastern Front battles from 1941-1944 and Western Front Cold war to present. I also spend quite a bit of time analyzing WW2 and modern force structures. I do need to state all my experiences are geared towards creating realistic simulations for the specific periods above. These 2 are not needed. Remove Concealment Expert Remove Concealment Module What propose is a much more realistic system which would be fairer and significantly improve game play. Baseline Spotting Range BB-18KM CA-15KM DD-12KM Introduce 3 Camo Levels Camo 1à 6% modifierà 10,000 dubloons Camo 2à 9% modifierà 25,000 dubloons Camo 3à 12% modifierà 40,000 dubloons Weather Effects Concealment Modifier Introduce random visibility to game TO ALL MAPS and ALL BATTLES 1-Introduce Random Squalls with a VARIABLE DURATION of 2-5 minutes and remove storms 2-Introduce Random Fog Banks with a VARIABLE DURATION of 2-5 minutes 3-Introduce Night battles (Full Moon only) to Randoms à Add 50% Concealment Modifiers Weather Visibility Concealment Modifier Excellent Visibility 0% modifier to concealment Good Visibility 3% modifier to concealment Average Visibility 6% modifier to concealment Poor Visibility 9% modifier to concealment
  14. Was attempting a DD sneak attack on the CV in Raptor Rescue earlier. I wasn't detected, and I arrived before Haoto CV spawned in. I spotted the group and was moving in to attack, the Kuma immediately dropped smoke once it spawned in and the CV's planes immediately converged on my position without me being detected. Does the AI in the Ops cheat? Because the way it converged seems very unnatural if it were a search pattern, it was a straight B-line towards me.