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Found 3 results

  1. LcdrSwizzle

    Graf Spee main gun range

    I do think that the Graf Spee should have greater main battery range, and that it's secondaries have also been "nerfed" from what they could do in real life. However, I do realize that "game balance" is important. So, here's a thought about a change to that ship: Right now, it can only carry a Fighter. What about letting it carry a Spotter as well? Thanks for the upcoming discussion!
  2. cthuhulu

    Spotter plane bug?

    I generally use the hotkey to zoom in and out of binocular mode when engaging targets. I have noticed that when I am using the spotter plane and zoom in on my target my point of aim can be off by a lot requiring some effort to relocate my target. Has anybody else experienced this? My theory is that if I am not “locked on” when I hit the hotkey zoom that this is when the aiming issue arises.
  3. Has there been any kind of discussion regarding the shortening of the reload time for spotter planes? Right now I average of using this consumable twice a game unless I potato. I would even take a reduction in action time if it meant I could use this four times a game to get at vessels behind islands. And I do use the upgraded version for certain ships but reload times are still keep me from using this more than twice a game.