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Found 1 result

  1. Don't feel like your playing Cantan yet? Or maybe pretending to play the Market in "Current events" class? Don't worry, they got ya covered... 1. Tin Farming citadels on USN CAs. 5 cits=1 tin can What do we get? 500: Albany 5000 Hotlanta 500000 Salem 2. Tea How do we get it? Doing damage with RN BBs...AP only. 1000 damage= 10 tea bags What do we get? 5000 "Keep calm and carry on" camo 10000 Campbeltown 1000000 Warspite 100000000 Belfast 10000000000 Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERER HOOOOOOOO!!! 3. Salt: This one is hooked to the Kama system Get reported or report someone get a ton of salt. Black list is 10 tons of salt Chat ban is 20 tons of salt. What do ya get? 100000 tons: Salt shaker flag 100000 Salty dog camo 100000000 "Legendary upgrade" that make any ship that gets near you get "melt damage" as long as they are within 10km of your bad self. 4. Wood. Taking fire damage in a French BB. Every 10000 points of fire damage gets you a plank of wood. 10 planks and you get a park bench. 10000 benches: De Grasse 10000000 Gas can 5. Potatoes They just show up like magic... 10000000000000 1 year Premium 6. Gasoline XP in the USS TEXAS!!! Go Mad Max baby! 1000 xp= gallon of go juice 100000 Gusher camo 10000000 HE shells with 100% fire starting rate. 100000000 Spotter plane that has a gas tank bigger than a scooter that can stay up still its shot down. 7. Vodka XP in the Krispy Kreme You need a stout liver for this one Comrade. 1000 xp= gallon of potato juice 10000 "Why me?" camo 100000 "Closing time flag" 100000000 Gremyashchy 10000000000 The vodka powered death machine that is the IMPERATOR NIKOLI!!! 8. Bamboo "Beautiful deaths" in IJN DDs Every 5 deaths gets you a ton of Bamboo. You can buy camos at ton a flag, or gamble by buying a container... So whats in the container? 90% "Kick me!" Flag 2% Old Shima Torps. 2% Kamikaze 2% Admiral Yamamoto 2% Legendary upgrade: Romulan cloaking device 2% Iwaki Alpha AKA The pickle of DOOM! I'm sure these minor changes will make for more "Fun and engaging" gameplay soon...I for one can't wait. Now...who will swap me 10 wood for 50 Vodka?