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Found 2 results

  1. I thought that they would reconsider but.... If you have Moskva you'll lose around 240k XP and around 20M credits, if you have Type 20 you'll lose 5000 doubloons. Now that's the weird part that most don't understand this isn't a complaint against people who don't have the Type 20 getting it for free it's quite the opposite, WG is gifting it to all people EXEPT people who already have it. Now if you buy a camo that you already have you get a doubloon compensation so this explains why they are shafting customers(or soon to be ex-customers) by don't giving them the camo like everybody else.... what i don't get is why they don't like money, their notion of monetization is very wacky i don't think that their sales department has any real life experience but i'll digress. And to think that from now on this will be the norm. Everybody knows that WG thinks that the Soviets should be the strongest, most prolific nation in game, and they'll stop at nothing to give it the strongest paper navy; and to think that every year you'll need to regrind ships because of their eminent removal and this situation all over again. P.S. And now they are selling steel (probably every semester)
  2. I'm aware for many obvious reasons that any RNBB split is going to be a ways off, but i had some fun thoughts to throw out that might in the long term address some of the frustration factors of facing RN BB's in the process. What your not going to see is sweeping changes to shell characteristics, i'm gonna suggest a couple, but the majority are based of IRL features of the shells, they're not open to serious modification without give and take. That said as several people, (LWM in another thread was what got this idea ball rolling in fact), have pointed out a lot of RN HE's reputation is genuinely overblown. The real reason you see so many firing it is that on most RN BB's the AP is highly suspect at best, and downright awful at worst. Lion and Conqueror are the only one's that really break that and by then way too many players have been conditioned to fire nothing but HE. Global changes for both lines: HE shells lose their 1/4 pen and become 1/6th pen. Honestly some edge cases against cruiser citadels aside the pen change makes no real difference. But it should make a nice placebo effect, (which is why i think it was set to 1/4 in the first place), to encourage people to fire moe AP. AP Shell have their fuse timers set back to normal BB values. The reduced timers might in theory make them better vs cruisers but the advantage is small and it hurts them more against BB's than it helps vs cruisers IMO, which plays a big factor in pushing down AP usage also. Iron Duke at T5 becomes a Coal premium and is replaced by Repulse in her as sunk configuration. She receives the same quick repair party, (see below), of the A Line. Likely a slightly a-historical reload and high sigma would be required. 54 second turret rotation to match Warspite and the new QE. Main purpose is to put a ship with passabble AP in a bit earlier, (Orion's AP is actually ok for her tier TBH, but you could give her Iron Duke's slightly better AP to push that), Note i am not including post Refit Renown, she's a real dammed oddity with her 35 knot top speed, (Oh to see tat with french cruisers 20% sped boost and RN CL/DD turn speed loss), and torpedoes. A Line: This is the most in line with the current main line. Aside from the global changes the main characteristic of this line is the enhanced repair party. This is the same quick cooldown 1 less charge repair party found on Massachusetts and Jean Bart currently. A Line ships (with any changes noted): T6: Queen Elizabeth, other than the new repair part the only other change is her turret rotation time is reduced from 7 to 54 seconds. This should help bring her performance up on par with her tiermates. T7: Monarch, the current T8. Again only change would be the repair party consumable. The drop in tier and slightly improved repair party should make her AP very viable and she should overall be strongly competitive, though sigma/reload may need tweaking a little for balance. T8: HMS Temeraire, As Lion but with the quick repair instead of super heal and only 406mm Guns, and reduced AAA fit, (like 6 barreled bofors to quads and reduce twins for STAAG to MK V's) T9: HMS Lion, but with 419mm only, Super repair remains from T9+ T10: HMS Conqueror, again as current but restricted to 419mm again. B Line: Cruiser Lite type. No repair party till T8, (standard BB repair from their), but cruiser DCP, 45 second fire duration and gets two cruiser like consumables. A long lasting Hydro, (Cruiser range, RNDD duration/cooldown), and a long Llsting, (CV duration/coolodwon), disruption only, (no damage multiplier), defensive fire. T6: KGV. Consumable changes aside the only other changs would likely be tweaking for final balance to sigma/reload. The fact is KGV AP only has the same pen as QE/Mutsu. There no way that's ever going to be workable at T7 to the degree we want with this split so downtiering her is the only option to make her work. T7: Rebuilt Admiral class with 8x2 4.5" Queen Elizabeth type DP mounts. Fictional upgrade to Mk II 15" guns as found on Monarch. Probably HMS Beatty T8: HMS Trafalgar Slightly modified Vanguard design with 15" MK II guns with super charges, (so Monarch guns plus aout 30m/s muzzle velocity), and uniform 373mm belt. Receives a standard BB Repair party. Took the name from the lead vessel of the same class of the post war Nuclear attack subs. T9: HMS Thunderer 18" Armed Conqueror with standard repair party and DP armament revised to 10x2 4.5" mounts, improved type, same as used on Neptune and Daring. T10: I'm a bit low on idea's at this point TBH. It's the one gap i couldn't fill. Maybe a stretched COnqueror with 4x3 18" turrets would work, the lower Hp and standard repair compensation for the enormous punch they'd have. Not ure on a name, maybe go with HMS Turbulent to go with my allready established trick of cribbing names off the RN's post war nuclear attack subs. Overall this improves the average penetration and fusing performance of RN BB AP at all tiers in both lines other than 9/10 which receive just the improved fusing and retain all but one of the existing ships.