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Found 4 results

  1. lordholland4293

    Premium Ship Removal

    I was wondering if anyone had speculations on ships that are felt to be OP and could be remove? For me I would say Belfast 43 and Chkalov? Maybe Hornet but hornet is balanced to a point due to its other planes being weak.
  2. Hello All, Hope everyone that participated in the recent Musashi auction had fun. I know I did and found it particularly reassuring that Wargaming decided to give back doubloons and credits to those user bids that lost at the auction and users that overbid above the winning bid. Now that this auction event is over, a lot of people are guessing that the next auction ship could be American. Im thinking that the next one could be USS Enterprise. Anyone agree?
  3. Hi all I think it is about time to start discussing something else besides Cv’s. Per a recent dev log announcement or should I say developer corner we know that a version of a modernized Azuma will be placed at Tier 10 which I will call Yoshino in this thread and that the original Azuma will be Tier 9 with Tier balance adjustments. With that out of the way let’s talk about what we know for certain. 1. Added torpedo launchers 2. Strengthened AA 3. Hopes to be tested live in 3-4 updates per the reddit thread on the Azuma downtiering from @Sub_Octavian himself. Now the real questions are 1. 310mm guns or 356mm guns? 2. Armor all around? 3. Torpedo type? 4.how strong of an AA platform? 5. Coal or steel ? 6. Any other questions that are brought up etc... let the speculation begin on Yoshino
  4. I have seen posts on both topics now I find it would be good to discuss what would be ideal first. So let’s have some fun speculation which is coming first let’s say late 2019 or early 2020.