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Found 3 results

  1. Those of you who played the recent CV test, surely saw that Ranger was a T6 instead of the usual T7. I read somewhere on the forum that the CV rework would also include re-balancing of ships. My theory is that they plan to do away with Bogue, "demote" Independence, Ranger and Lexington down one notch and then introduce Yorktown as the new T8. Thus: IV LANGLEY V INDEPENDENCE VI RANGER VII LEXINGTON VIII YORKTOWN IX ESSEX X MIDWAY And why stop there? IV HŌSHŌ V RYŪJŌ VI HIRYŪ VII AKAGI VIII SHŌKAKU IX TAIHŌ X HAKURYŪ I did my research of the real life specs of Akagi and Hiryu, and they are nearly identical, save for Hiryu's higher speed. My reason for placing Akagi in T7 (she was T8 during the game Alpha stage) is that, like Lexington, she was a converted battlecruiser. Also, Akagi on Tier 7 and Yorktown on Tier 8 match their premium sisters, Kaga and Enterprise, respectively. As for Wasp and Shinano, they could be released as Premiums, either for pay or for XP. So, what do you think? Plausible or laughable? ADDENDUM: What is the optimal color for all of this forum's modes? (Classic/White/Dark/Space)
  2. ...it's time to talk about first generation missile ships. At least for the Americans, these were slow enough to reload, the launchers slow enough to turn, and the missiles sufficiently unreliable on a per-shot basis, that they are arguably LESS effective at killing aircraft than a murder-boat like the Worcester. (IRL they were MUCH more effective than guns at high speed and high altitude, but those factors are not operative here - and trials against slow drones were so bad that JFK mandated the retrofitting of a token 5" gun armament to some of the all-missile ships.) Against ships, they would be like a heavy 12 inch HE shell with some huge fire chance, but again, the sea-clutter vulnerability of the early ones (and the increasing inaccuracy with range of the beam riders) would be a balancing factor.
  3. So this ends up being pure speculation, but with Gamescon and the brief mention of a CV rework coming soon (tm) I saw this image posted around a few discord channels. It comes from the "Pinup" music video around the 4:20 mark (har har) Note the plane on the right with the 6 bladed prop. I don't know planes very well but I'm confident that is some kind of Spitfire or Swordfish (correct me if you know what it is) And then it gets more interesting a few seconds later. Enhance! The planes on the aft of the carrier appear to be Blackburn Firebrands, which could carry a single 2000lb (910kg) bomb beneath each wing. The carrier itself appears to be of the Illustrious class. Whether or not WG decides to announce Royal Navy carriers in the possible upcoming CV rework information, or this is just a nod at something that is way further down the pipeline, seeing these in a video with cinematic-grade models is certainly something to be hopeful for. Thoughts?