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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, long time player but I am beginning to have issues with my machine running WoWs. I am having frame rate drops from the 60s down to the 20s and sometimes below. Now it seems to mostly happen when I am aimed at a group of ships actively firing or several destroyers popping smoke, which I know is not unusual. However I am getting these drops even when I lower my settings down to low. I can run other games just fine with high graphics at least, but warships has always given me issues. I am running off of a laptop, please don't judge, and I know that the graphics cards on them can be neutered compared to their desktop versions, but my card isn't too terribly old and I was running the game on an old GeForce GTX 460m and having similar performance levels. Currently I am running with this: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU at 2.6GHz 8GB of RAM Current settings are set to medium for the game. I keep the drivers updated, reboot the machine every other night, and overall do my best to make sure that it runs properly. Overall it doesn't have performance issues, it's just this game. Mind you I can't really run a pretty version of Just Cause 4 on the game, but it can regularly run Company of Heroes 2, Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto, and other games in high graphics with ease. I tried several threads on optimizing the settings for the game and all tend to boost the rate higher to upwards of 80fps, but I still get those massive drops. Any guidance is appreciated.
  2. SteelShadow105

    Modeling Takao?

    Hi, I'm planning on trying to scratch build Takao and was wondering if anyone could give some help. I've tried to look online to get better ideas on her measurements and dimensions, but I'm left with just the general measurements of just the ship. I would just try to just wing it, but I'd like to make it realistic. If anyone could send me links or recommend books that can give me measurements of everything I'd appreciate it. I'm open to any advice about scratchbuilding it!