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Found 3 results

  1. The upcoming skill rework looks interesting, and there are a lot of good things in it, but there is one huge question that hasn't been answered yet. What will the effect of the skill rework be on the static abilities of the special captains in the game? For my examples in this thread, I will confine myself to using US commanders and ships, even though these questions will also be valid for other nations. A new feature of the skill rework is that each captain will get seperate trees to train for each ship type, meaning that they can have up to 21 points in every ship type at once. The only restriction is that they can still only be specialized to one tech tree ships. This creates two effects. As an example, my William Halsey captain currently has 16 points and is strongest on the tech tree cruiser Des Moines. His current static skills are improved versions of Expert Marksman and Expert Loader. If he is still strongest on Des Moines after the rework, I can keep him on Des Moines as his primary ship, as well as still be highly effective on Alaska and Indianapolis. I can at the same time also have him be 16 points on a ship of a different type, for example, Enterprise, which is going to want to be slightly skill different from the tech tree Midway. The first effect is that we can use one of our top level captains as a specialized captain for a ship of a different type from their tech tree specialization. The second effect is that effectiveness of specialized premium ships will become for more improved because of this mechanic, especially when you consider the US tech tree currently is about to have 6 different lines requiring 6 top of the line captains. Another benefit is that we will be able to specialize some ships more than we already had. Currently, I also use Halsey on my Salem, but with the skill rework, I will be able to seperate my personal Salem playstyle from Des Moines even more, as now I will be able to take another captain, such as my 19 point Midway captain, and specialize him for an Anti Aircraft build Salem as well as make him a 19 point specialized captain for secondary intensive Massachusetts. Now the really fun question is, will Halsey get new specializations for CV? That would bring him far more in line with the historical William Halsey. Remember, this is only one nation I am talking about. These questions apply to many of the other nations as well. How long will it be until we hear about the changes to the special commanders as part of this rework?
  2. Avenge_December_7

    Where To Assign Special Captains?

    Scrolling through my captain reserves, I noticed that I have the following four captains still unassigned to any ship, some of which have been sitting in the reserves for close to a year now: Russian Alexander Ovechkin (enhanced Expert Marksman and Survivability Expert) American Alexander Ovechkin (enhanced Expert Marksman and Survivability Expert) Germany Franz von Jutland (enhanced Jack of all Trades and Vigilance) Russian Viktor Znamensky (enhanced Preventative Maintenance, Expert Marksman, and High Alert) Given their peculiar skill setups, the only one that I have a decent idea about is the Russian Alexander Ovechkin (who I'm probably going to put in Minsk, since it's a very good destroyer and I will soon have a perma-camo for her). For the rest, I am mystified, especially since I don't have a lot of premium ships like Belfast or Leningrad which these captains would be a great fit for). Granted, I wasn't particularly picky when I assigned Jack Dunkirk to be my primary British BB captain (as obviously smoke screen expert is useless on that line), but I still would like to waste as few skills as possible. Any suggestions on which ships I should assign these captains to? I prefer not to have these captains in mothball any longer.
  3. I've got Captain Ovechkin and: 1. considering his talents on the ice and his aggressive play style, 2. considering that Yakamoto Isoroku has special talents which require accomplishments of First Blood and Kraken Unleashed in order to activate the them, 3 considering that Admiral Halsey has special talents which require the Double Strike and Confederate achievements in order to activate his, I am totally surprised commander Ovechkin does not have 2 special talents activated by the accompanying achievements. A. Calculated Attack - whereby the main battery and secondary battery dispersion is reduced by 8% each time you score a hat trick by destroying 3 enemy ships (repeatable and cumulative until end of battle) (3 = -8%, 6 = -16%, etc). B. Accelerated Attack whereby the ships maximum speed is increased by 8%, and time to max speed is also reduced by 8%, and rudder shift time is reduced by 8% when the Devastating Strike achievement is earned. This change to his capabilities would add a fine dynamic to the game in keeping with his character and Great 8 nickname while not being overly powerful and add a huge incentive for players to purchase him from the premium shop. So how do you explain the change with the addition of the talents? Simple!!! You post a news release... "Ovechkin Goes Pro!" And for those who already have the American or Russian commander without the special talents, you can add a personal combat mission after playing him one time with the following requirements which may be completed simultaneously in Random, Ranked, Scenario, or Co Op Battles: 1 Score 8 Hat Tricks - Win 3 consecutive battles (8 times) over any number of battles (24 battles minimum). 2. Team Captain after the 2004 Draft - Earn 2004 Captain's XP in one Battle. 3. Golden Stick Award - Destroy 500 ships in any number of battles. 4. 2nd Golden Stick Award - Sore 500 main battery hits and 500 Secondary Battery hits in any number of battles.