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Found 3 results

  1. PapaOoooPowPow

    The Curse Of Center Spawn!

    In Co-Op I have been perpetually plagued by Center Spawn for over a week (well over 50 matches with about 80% Center, at best)... it's really beyond the "normal" distribution I've experienced so I posted. Theoretically there's a 33.3rep chance of getting any of the 3 Spawn Positions but I have literally been plagued by Center, meaning Flanked by Teamates (little chance for damage) and/or Flanked by Bots (more difficult to evade and not give broadside unless low-damage/reward Bowtanking) and little chance of getting a Cap as you're spotted by everything and reset until match-end. Co-Op is essentially a (hopefully) polite race against teammates for damage/XP opportunities, with the current Meta having DD's and High DPM CL's usually eating the buffet and leaving the mint. So, if one spawns Center it's even harder to rack-up XP/Creds (at least it is for me). Having chatted with a few teammates experiencing the same phenomenon I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue... hope it didn't have anything to do with my unfavourable post on CV's/Subs though it did correspond. (lol I hope)
  2. okay i like many remember the awesome days of cbt where you could load into a match before 20 seconds on the match timer pretty reliably. as the test went on and more people joined we saw that load times kept creeping further...well some of us that is. that some of us happened to be people who werent using SSDs. after thinking on this and noticing that i cant handle a 4 minute + load time that increasingly gets worse with each patch. i remembered something many of us dont want to remember. i probably needed to defrag my harddrive. so i went to my harddrive properties and tools and analyzed my game hard drive and you know what i found. thats right people i found it was 35% fragmented. so i started defrag and 9 passes later i found that while load times werent as fast as cbt they were tolerable with me loading in about the time i see everyone connecting to the match. so with that said it may not be a complete fix but 10 second wait time is better then 4 minutes and your unexplained load times on a computer that isnt a potato could be explained by fragmented data.
  3. Might want to fix the spawn for this map, as is, Battleships get spotted right away on spawn at game start, Battleships are screwed and lose 1/3 of their hit points before they can effectively maneuver to avoid this flaw. Game mode was capture the flag.